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AT&T is Preparing for iPhone 5 Launch This September, But Has It Had Confirmation from Apple? [Rumor]

It’s looking increasingly likely as the weeks go on that Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will launch this September, and strengthening all that speculation is a new report that claims AT&T is now beginning to communicate launch plans to its staff. According to a report from Boy Genius Report, who has a “proven source,” AT&T is informing its staff to be ready for a busy September: We have been told that AT&T has begun  [Read More…]

How to Nuke Lion’s Launchpad and Start Over

One of the hallmark user features in OS X Lion is the iOS-like Launchpad. From the Launchpad, you can view, open, organize, and manage all of your Mac apps just like the iPhone and iPad. While some may love Launchpad, many have voiced complaints over the confusing nature of how Launchpad handles Mac apps. In this post, we’ll show you how to completely clean out your Launchpad and start over. When you delete  [Read More…]

Get Ready to Shred: Griffin’s StompBox Finally Ships

Ever since we drooled over Griffin’s StompBox at CES, the more musically intrigued members of our gang have been eagerly waiting for the jazzed-up, four-switch pedal box to actually arrive (I’m pretty sure our Lonnie Lazar has been sitting there, forlorn and imploring, like some lost, guitar-wielding puppy). Wait’s over, Lonnie — it’s here.   We haven’t spent time with the StompBox yet (beyond a brief introduction at the show),  [Read More…]

Germans Enter iPhone Universal Remote Ring with New VooMote One

Judging by the name “VooMote One” — the name German-based came up with for its just-launched VooMote One app-enhanced universal remote for iPhone — German words sometimes don’t translate too well into English. Hopefully its super-customizable app will do all the talking.   Unlike many other iPhone universal remote hardware, the $ 99 VooMote One (visions of the alpha bull in a herd of red-eyed electronic bovines flash through  [Read More…]

Developers Can Begin Syncing iCloud Data Now With OS X Lion 10.7.2

Screen Shot 2011 07 24 at 3 34 09 PM 500x386 Developers running iOS 5 on their Apple mobile devices have been able to fiddle with iCloud since shortly after it was announced at WWDC in June. However, without iCloud on their Mac as well, they to sync your bookmarks, calendars, photo stream, and documents. Until now!   Apple’s has now begun seeding OS X 10.7.2 to its registered developers. The release appears to  [Read More…]

Apple Kicks Google Books Off App Store, Is Amazon’s Kindle App Next?

Apple has just seemingly banned its first big name app for not playing along with Apple’s revised In-App Purchase rules, as Google’s official Google Books app, which contained a prominent web link to an outside e-store, has disappeared from the App Store. If it has happened to Google, will Amazon’s Kindle app be the next app to disappear?   Introduced in December last year, Google’s Google Books app allowed users  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Will Only Support Two Fingers To The iPad’s Ten

Two fingers are enough for many tasks – a Boy Scout’s salute or a Peace Sign – but it may not be enough for tablet users. Unless you are Amazon looking for ways to undercut the iPad price by offering cheap touchscreen displays. The Internet retailer’s foray into tablets starts with a device limited to just two fingers — enough to give a one-fingered sign of displeasure. Apparently, Amazon plans to  [Read More…]

A Closer Look at Apple’s Beautiful New Store in Grand Central Station

Following over a year of rumors and anticipation, Apple is finally set to build its largest retail location ever right in the heart of Grand Central Station, New York. In classic Apple retail tradition, the new store is expected to be a crown jewel among architectural achievements. A beautiful rendering of “Apple Store, Grand Central” shows just how incredible the new flagship store will be for Apple and Grand Central commuters alike.   This render  [Read More…]

RIM Axes 2,000 Workers and Swap Deck Chairs on Smartphone Titanic

Photo by Quang Minh (YILKA) –

Research in Motion is axing 2,000 employees, or 10.5 percent of its workers. RIM also rearranged its management, the Canadian company announced. Now that the iPad is trouncing RIM’s PlayBook gamble, how long can the beleaguered company keep its head above water?   Today’s layoff numbers follow a June announcement of planned cuts. RIM said reducing its workforce was part of a “cost optimizing  [Read More…]

Turn Off Mail Animations in OS X Lion [How To]

disable-new-window-animation-os-x-lion.jpg Editor’s note: This code in this post has been updated from the original to reflect a more targeted animation-disabling conmand line defaults write string.  Thanks to reader Phillip Ridlin for the alert. Are you running Lion on your desktop and finding the new window animation functionality in annoying? You’re not alone, apparently. Thanks to the torrent of tech chatter on Google+ these days, in many cases led by our colleague Mike Elgan,  [Read More…]