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iPhone 4S And iPad 3 To Be Released Late October

According to Macotakara, Apple will introduce the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 early next month. And the devices to be available late October. The source didn�t mention the iPhone 5. This comes against all previous rumors that suggests that Apple will release iPhone 5 and a Low Cost version of the iPhone 4.


According  [Read More…]

Media Player 0.7 Released For Apple TV By FireCore

Just Today, FireCore has announced the release of Media Player 0.7 For Apple TV

media player 0.7

New Features In This Version:

? Added new playback menu (hold select during playback) ? Added support for .srt subtitles ? Added support for multiple audio tracks ? Added support for chapters ? Added support for  [Read More…]

Mr.Coffee : new App from App Store allow your iPhone to make some coffee and more [Video]

Mr. Coffee is a new app from App Store, that will allow your iPhone to make some coffee, and more like : Espresso, American coffee, cappuccino and tea with a 3D graphics and a liquid handling never seen before. iPhone Screenshot 3


In addition, through the section that contains COFFEE TIPS (professional video), you will learn to make great coffee just like the professionists You can choose the following CUP: – 7 cups for espresso coffee –  [Read More…]

More Than 22 Fake Apple Stores Found In Kunming, China

Reuters reported that the Chinese authorities have discovered 22 fake Apple Stores in the southwestern city of Kunming. These stores were prevented from using Apple�s Logo after Apple filing a complain for its registered trademarks.


China which is famous for faking nearly every thing are now faking more than iPhones and iPads but Apple  [Read More…]

Protect Your Facebook Profile From The November 5th Attack.

As we previously reported, Anonymous the famous online hacker group has announced that they will destroy Facebook on November 5th. So what should we do to protect our profiles? Check the answer after the jump. anonymous Although the success of the attack isn�t confirmed but we shouldn�t overlook it. So the safest way to preserve your  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Specs [Rumors Round Up]

Almost every day there is a rumor about the iPhone 5 specifications and features. Some of this rumors are confirmed, some is logical and some isn�t. So a people at have created an amazing infographic that collects all the rumors about the iPhone 5.

So the iPhone 5 Specs / Features which is the nearest to be true:

1.4GHz A5 dual core processor 1GB of RAM 32GB/64GB Storage Memory 4-inch OLED screen 960 X 640  [Read More…]

Report: Apple A6 will not be ready before the second quarter of 2012

The rumors are going crazy. There is talk of big news coming this autumn: some argue that this will be a new model of the iPhone, others speak of a phantom economy version of the iPhone today, others suggest the launch of a new iPad addressed to professional users . What is certain, however, is that none of these devices will mount the ‘ Apple A6 , the next processor model in production at companies of Cupertino.   [Read More…]

LockGestures, Perform Tasks Using Gestures On Your Lockscreen

LockGestures is a new Cydia tweak developed by by Akhil Tolani that allows you� perform tasks by making gestures on the Lock screen of your iOS device.


By Using LockGestures, you can perform your tasks by just performing gestures like double tapping on the lock screen, pinch on the lock screen , swipe upwards  [Read More…]

Fake Apple Stores Changed Their Name To Smart Stores

As we reported there was more that 22 fake Apple Stores in Kunming China that have been using Apple�s name and logo to their benefit which was later prevented from using Apple�s trademarks. Now these fake Apple Stores have changed their names to �Smart Store�.

smart store 01

Most of the fake Apple  [Read More…]

Free Music D/L Plus For iPhone and iPad

Yesterday, Free Music D/L Plus has been released by Apps2be. The App downloads free music, audio books and music videos from free sites. And it�s completely Legal.


Free Music D/L Features: ? Web browser – Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari – Tap and hold to force download – Full screen  [Read More…]