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Facebreak was updated by the support for iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1

Facebreak is a mobile extension that allows FaceTime calls over 3G and it was updated with support for iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1

Enable FaceTime over 3G ! With 1 click and no setup, you can get FaceTime running over 3G and use it anywhere you want. No more looking up for nearby WiFi connection to use FaceTime. – Just install and Respring. FaceTime will now also work when on 3G! Note – If for some  [Read More…]

Remove ‘Store’ Button in Music App on iOS 5 with NoStoreButton

Remove the “Store” button in the Music application so you never accidentally tap it. Ever. Again.

The jailbreak community is great place of innovation as well as a hub for tweaks to fix all the pet peeves people have. Of all the pet peeves I can think of personally, my most annoying is the “Store” button in the Music application. A new addition to iOS 5, this button causes me amongst many others more annoyance than  [Read More…]

Apple’s Siri vs Microsoft’s TellMe [Video]

In the last few days ,there was a strong challenge between Apple and Microsoft .Microsoft declared that Apple’s siri application was stollen from Microsoft’s voice command feature which was released in Windows Phone since long time

� Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie was interviewed few days ago and about siri he said� “Apple’s Siri isn’t new technology, and that Apple had focused on it due to the iPhone 4S’s lack of  [Read More…]

[Review] SmoothCoverFlow: Make iOS 5’s Cover Flow Stop Lagging!

iPod Touch 4G (no SmoothCoverFlow) and iPhone 4 (with SmoothCoverFlow). See the difference!

SmoothCoverFlow is a new jailbreak tweak available for free in Cydia by the developer deVbug. SmoothCoverFlow is your solution to the laggy cover flow in iOS 5. Since the release of iOS 5, users have been complaining about how laggy the cover flow is. It seems like Apple just didn’t care about it too much. They haven’t released any updates since the iOS 5 beta to  [Read More…]

PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 5 Available Now

Enhance iOS 5 album functionality in the with PhotoAlbums+.

Prior to iOS 5’s incorporation of albums in Photos, PhotoAlbums+ was the only way of creating folders and organizing your pictures directly from your iOS device (available only for jailbroken devices). Now that iOS 5 is public and folder creation is available for free, many may question the validity or relevance of PhotoAlbums+. The SpiritOfLogic didn’t take this issue as a setback and enhanced PhotoAlbums+ to  [Read More…]

Translate Any Application in Real-Time with Auto AppTranslate

Translate any application on your SpringBoard into any specified language (or based upon global settings) on the fly.

Developers are not always keen or capable of translating each and every component of their application(s) into the many different languages out there. Unless they have access to language translations or know the language(s) off-hand, it’s not an easy task! Auto AppTranslate gives you the capability to do it yourself; the jailbreak community saves the day!

Located on  [Read More…]

External Monitor & Display Deals for Black Friday 2011

External monitor

In the market for an external monitor this Holiday season? These Amazon deals are active now and some are up to 50% off, while the in-store deals start on Black Friday itself and offer huge discounts on other brands if you don�t mind a busy visit to the stores. Whether some of the discounts are worth battling the hoards of shoppers is your call, but here�s a good selection of some of the  [Read More…]

noOTA Badge Lets You Clear Your iOS 5 Update Badge

noOTA Badge will clear that pesky badge.

iOS 5 users who have been waiting patiently on iOS 5.0 for the untethered jailbreak have been speaking out over and over about how annoying the over-the-air update badge for iOS 5.0.1 is. I was one of them. Eventually I got in contact with John Heaton and used BadgeClear, a 99� tweak that allows you to clear any badge off of any icon in iOS. But, why should you  [Read More…]

Want to Manage Your iPhone’s Media Files Over Wi-Fi?

iMedia lets you manage your media files over Wi-Fi (Audio, Video, and Photo).

iMedia is a new application made by�Kaveh Eshkofti�that allows you to manage all of your iDevice’s media files over a wireless connection without needing iTunes or a USB connection. Usually when you take a photo or video or record audio on your iDevice, you need to connect it to your computer via a USB connection and drag them over to your computer manually.  [Read More…]

Want to Take Photos Inconspicuously?

This jailbreak tweak will let you take photos without being noticed.

Sometimes the curious mind could lead us in the direction of wanting to take a photo without being seen doing so. Thanks to developer,�Itay Brenner, we can now do just that with the help of a jailbreak tweak called SpyPhoto. It lets you take a photo without triggering any noises, flash, or even needing to have the Camera app open. What you do is you  [Read More…]