And another iPhone 5 concept was sent to AppAdvice by one of it’s readers, Kris Groen, let’s check it out and tell us what do you think of Kris’s idea.
Big display, Thinner body, 2 Side home buttons, Faster processor all with one hand grip !
A lot of people like what Kris has done with the bigger screen display because that’s what all iPhone fans were waiting for in the iPhone 4S so i think it would be a great idea considering it in the Next iPhone 5 concept,�2 Side home buttons, most of the iPhone 5 concepts were having the point that they don’t want a home button anymore but putting a home button in the side, will be making some troubles for pressing the 2 in the same time and it will be a little bit hard to enter the phone DFU Mode.
Faster Processor, obviously it will be the A6 Processor Chip making faster Apps switching and faster graphics.
In my own opinion, i think it’s a little bit similar to the Galaxy Note Concept. So What do you think ?
Kris Thanks for the concept and the video,
Via | AppAdvice

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