UntilAppleannounces the release ofiPhone 5, there will be daily rumors about the launching. The latest rumors -coming from aChinese-Language site– says that the reason of this delay is the A5 chip overheating.
The site claims that is the reason ofApplepushing back the nextiPhonelaunch from the usual June-July timeframe into the late August-early September timeframe, And the site also claims thatApple‘s silicon team is facing problems keeping the dual-core A5 Chip cool in theiPhone 5slim casing.
The site also said thatApplewill postpone the launching of theiPhone 5to 2012, And Keep the world busy with the alternateiPhone 4Swith some changes in the screen and processor speed. There is also news about a microprocessor A6. NewiPhone 4Smay feature 8-Mega Pixel Camera and4G-Connectivity.
At the end it’s all rumors and there is nothing for sure yet, so let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings.
Via |9to5Mac

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