Until�Apple�announces the release of�iPhone 5, there will be daily rumors about the launching. The latest rumors -coming from a�Chinese-Language site– says that the reason of this delay is the A5 chip overheating.

The site
claims that is the reason of�Apple�pushing back the
next�iPhone�launch from the usual June-July timeframe
into the late August-early September timeframe, And the site also claims that�Apple‘s
silicon team is facing problems keeping the dual-core A5 Chip cool in the�iPhone
slim casing.
The site
also said that�Apple�will postpone the launching of the�iPhone
�to 2012, And Keep the world busy with the alternate�iPhone
�with some changes in the screen and processor speed. There is
also news about a microprocessor A6. New�iPhone 4S�may
feature 8-Mega Pixel Camera and�4G-Connectivity.
At the end it’s all
rumors and there is nothing for sure yet, so let’s wait and see what tomorrow

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