A week ago a document surfaced on Apple’s website which said that the company planned on releasing a Mac OS X software update in the next couple of days to automatically detect and remove MacDefender, a popular malware that has infected Mac machines at large.Well Apple did release the latest Mac OS X security update, but a new version of MacDefender is already out defeating the security update and still infecting Macs. This latest version of MacDefender is said to be identical to all previous versions of this malware. Mac users are tricked in to believing that their Mac machine is infected with malware and that MacDefender is the anti-malware tool to be used for their removal. Little do unsuspecting users know that MacDefender itself is the malware that they are installing on their Macs.
However, the disturbing part is that Apple’s new Mac OS X security update doesn’t stop this new MacDefender version. It is still continuing to infect Mac machines at large and it looks like Apple needs to pull up its socks and release one such security update that will put end to the MacDefender fiasco once and for all.
Till then, we advise you to be sure about what you’re downloading from the internet, especially if it claims to remove any sort of spyware / malware from your computer.

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