Beloved developer, Yllier, is having a sale on some of his tweaks until Saturday, November 26, at midnight. Yllier has awestruck us before with his ability to make tweaks that not only look good, but offer high aspects of functionality that we want to use on our iDevices. Yllier is responsible for FullScreen for SafariAdBlockerScreenDimmerFirewall iP, and Brightness Switcher which we have reviewed and given away here on Modmyi before. Some of these tweaks are going on sale for the next two days, and I recommend that anyone looking to do more with their iDevice takes a good look at Yllier’s tweak lineup! The tweaks that will be going on sale (with their sale prices) are below:
  • AdBlocker: $1.49
  • Firewall iP: $2.99
  • FullScreen for Safari: $1.49
  • FullScreen for iPad: $1.49 (not iOS 5-ready yet; Yllier’s iPad 2 is unjailbreakable on iOS 5 at this time)
  • ScreenDimmer: $1.49
The prices are slashed a little from the original prices which you can see below:
  • AdBlocker: $2.19
  • Firewall iP: $4.49
  • FullScreen for Safari: $2.19
  • FullScreen for iPad: $2.19
  • ScreenDimmer: $2.19
For those who are unaware of what the tweaks do, AdBlocker blocks most Web Page-based ads from your view. Firewall iP is a mobile outgoing firewall for iOS. FullScreen for Safari will let you enable full screen browsing on your iPhone or iPod touch by double tapping the Web Page and it also gives you browsing gestures like on Mac OS X Lion’s Safari. FullScreen for iPad does that same thing as FullScreen for Safari except that it’s for the iPad and not for iPhone or iPod touch. Last but not least, ScreenDimmer allows you to have more control over when your screen dims itself and offers a myriad of customization settings to make it more convenient for you. For even more in-depth information about these tweaks, check out the links in the first paragraph. Will you be taking advantage of Yllier’s limited time sale? Share in the comments below! Sources: Yllier  

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