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As the job market gets tougher, your resumé had better be doing the same. To help give you the edge in getting an interview, we’ve collected five certification courses that’ll maximize your marketability, all going for a fraction of the usual price. From learning the ins and outs of servers, to the secrets of wall […]

You just missed your chance to buy cheap Apple stock

Apple’s stock price fell off a cliff this morning, trading below $ 100 a share for the first time all year. The best time to buy AAPL shares all year was this morning at 9:30AM when the stock opened 94.87 before Tim Cook intervened. If you didn’t buy shares this morning, you’ve already missed your chance […] [Read More…]

If you want to feel old, consider the fact that Windows 95 launched 20 years ago today, on Thursday, August 24, 1995. Although the O.S. was a major success for Microsoft, it also had an enormous impact on Apple — both good and bad. Here’s how Cupertino responded at the time: Despite the fact that the scales were firmly […]

Photoflow, a beautiful Instagram client for the Mac

Instagram is great on the iPhone. It kind of sucks on the iPad. And it’s non-existent on the Mac. But Photoflow aims to change the latter. It’s a beautiful new Instagram client, just for the Mac. And while it won’t ever replace Instagram on your iPhone, it does supplement a lot of its features for […]

It’s not a good start to the week for Apple, as shares fell below the $ 100 mark even before the market opened. Seeing investors panicking, Tim Cook shared a few thoughts with CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer — particularly reassuring him about Apple’s continued success in China, which Cook continues to be bullish on due […] [Read More…]

Apple has had its problems with sapphire manufacturers before, but not with its latest supplier, which not only stands as the largest sapphire manufacturer in the world and one of the few that are showing any kind of operating profit — but also just churned out the world’s first 300lb synthetic sapphire crystal. The company […]

This app makes Android Wear look like the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn’t work with Android smartphones, and probably never will. That means if you’re an Android fan who loves the Apple Watch’s Bubble UI, you’ve got two choices: get an iPhone, or install this new launcher that will turn your Android smartwatch into a virtual clone of the Apple Watch’s launch screen. It’s […]

An incredibly sketchy rumor claims Apple has plans to build a new 5-inch iPhone which, size-wise, would slot between the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus. The 5-inch iPhone would reportedly sport an 8 MP camera, dual-LED flash, full HD display and A9 processor. So what’s the evidence for it? A sketch shared […]

Suckers slowly pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. Pros saber it off, exploding bubbly everywhere. But what do you do when you don’t have a sword? You pull out your iPhone. In this video for Business Insider Singapore, you’ll see how to saber off the cork of a bottle of bubbly with just […]

Qualcomm will be providing 100 percent of the modem chips for Apple’s iPhone 6s, but Apple may ditch it in favor of Intel for future handsets, claims a new report. Qualcomm is said to have teamed-up with TSMC to build the modem chips for the iPhone 6s, using TSMC’s 20nm process. For later iPhones, however, Apple is […]