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Auxo, a popular jailbreak tweak that supercharges your multitasking tray, has been updated to version 1.4-2. The latest release adds a number of new toggles, including one for Do Not Disturb, and makes improvements to the flashlight and respring toggles. It also carries a number of bug fixes.

After installing the update, you’ll find three new toggles in Auxo’s configuration settings for Do Not Disturb, auto-lock, and a Settings app shortcut. These  [Read More...]



The iPhone 5 is set to launch on T-Mobile this Friday along side T-Mobile’s new “uncarrier” no contract strategy. Not wanting to get left behind, Virgin Mobile is planning to win over T-Mobile’s pre-paid customers by offering them $ 100 to switch sides.

In a new ad campaign called “Retain Your Brain” Virgin is offering $ 100 to T-Mobile customers to move their number over to one of its unlimited plans  [Read More...]


Even though Apple has included Thunderbolt ports on its Mac line since 2011, the technology hasn’t really taken off yet as a go-to connection for accessory makers. Despite that, Intel is making Thunderbolt even better by doubling its data-transfer rate.

This morning at NAB, Intel announced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface. The new Thunderbolt will clock in with 20 Gbps transfer-speeds in both directions and support 4k video.

If  [Read More...]

CoM - NextIssue

The tablet has become an indispensible reading device, and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to give you access to your favorite magazines right from your tablet…for free!

That’s right, Next Issue offers all-you-can-read access to over 80 of today’s most popular magazines on your tablet and thanks to Cult of Mac Deals now you can test it out with 2 free unlimited months of use. That’s a  [Read More...]

CoM - Dragon

I have done a lot writing in my day, and there are times when I want to just let the words fly freely faster than I can possibly type them. When I’ve worked on my talks for seminars or wanted to work out some thoughts on a major piece of writing, I have given the reins to Dragon Dictate.

This Cult of Mac Deals offer has a huge savings on  [Read More...]


If you use Google Drive for iOS, you’ve probably discovered the lack of landscape support when editing a document on your iPhone. Fortunately, that’s no longer an issue, thanks to the app’s latest update — which is available in the App Store now.

Google Drive 1.3.0 was released this morning, and it finally allows you to flip your iPhone on its side while editing a Google Docs documents and get a better  [Read More...]


PopAGraph is Yet Another iPhone Photo Editing App (YAIPEA), but it brings a slick interface and a nice new gimmick to the game. The idea is that you create quick masks for your photos, and then apply effects to the masked (and unmasked) sections. Then – and here’s where the name comes from – you can frame the picture so that the subject pops out over the edge.

The example picture of  [Read More...]


A few months back, I spent far too many hours trying to find an app which would scan a page of text and turn into actual, editable text. I found none. Or rather, I found nothing good. There are plenty of OCR (optical character recognition) apps in the store, but they were either inaccurate, or ugly, or (most often) both.

And while Evernote is excellent at letting you search on scanned pages  [Read More...]

This post is brought to you by Bee Square, creator of Run Sheldon.

Once upon a time, the Tortoise famously beat the Hare in a running race. Now you can help him do it again — against an entire gang of hares.

Run Sheldon is a free ($ 0.00) running / action game for iPad / iPod touch / iPhone optimized for iPhone 5. You are Sheldon, the legendary Tortoise who beat  [Read More...]


Concert Vault is a neat new iPad app which lets you watch and listen to music concerts. The free app has a slick interface which lets you search on your favorite bands and stream their gigs. It’s a deep catalog, too, going way back in time as well as offering newer content.

The app comes with a seven-day trial, after which you’ll need to by a $ 40 membership which’ll last  [Read More...]