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1970s PanAm Life Rafts Repurposed As iPhone Cases

Last seen wrapping the iPhone in chopped-up fire hoses, the folks at Station Supply Co have expanded (pun most definitely intended) into recycled airliner life rafts. That’s right: now you can cover your iPhone or iPad with a swatch snipped from a genuine 1970s-era PanAm life raft.

Things were different on commercial airlines back in the 70s. Flight attendants were called stewardesses, men could smoke, and instead of video screens, seat backs contained  [Read More…]

The Atrio case, a Kickstarter project from Craftwerk USA, is an aluminum bumper that’ll cost you a crazy $ 90 (less for early-bird pitchers). But the clever twist here is that the box it comes in doublers as a stylish – and matching – iPhone stand.

One of the secret shames of the gadget indutry is packaging. On a busy day, I can fill a trashcan twice over with the packaging from the  [Read More…]

One of the coolest features of Photoshop for iOS is the “Scribble Select” tool. You draw a fat green line around any object you want to keep, and scribble some red into the parts you want to delete. Hit “OK” and a few moments later you have your subject, neatly cut out from the background, better than you could have managed on even the best desktop machine of a few years back.

But what  [Read More…]

How Google Will Pwn the Gaming Market


I used to mock Apple years ago because they advertised Apple as the fun alternative to stodgy, boring Windows.

The idea that Apple was fun and Microsoft was not was a misdirection at best. Windows was the biggest games platform and Xbox was the best console game (in my opinion). Apple had no games to speak of.

Five years ago, all that changed: Apple launched the iOS App Store, and  [Read More…]

CoM - Mega Design Bundle 2

Are you a designer? Do you want to become a designer? Have you ever thought about bringing out the creative in you? Now is a great opportunity for you to stack up on some high quality design resources so you can tackle any design wishes you may have thanks to The Mega Design Bundle and Cult of Mac Deals!

This bundle contains more than 2.5 GB of  [Read More…]

So thin, so light, so...easy to fill with cruft.

So thin, so light, so…easy to fill with cruft.

Saving space on your Mac’s hard drive is more important than ever, especially if you use one with a faster but smaller solid state drive in it, like my Macbook Air. Being able to manage your space wisely is the key here, and once you’ve done the obvious things, like pare down your Applications folder  [Read More…]

Why Apple Can’t Be Trusted with the App Store

Nigella for iPad_screenThe eBook publishing price-fixing scandal raised its fugly head again this week when the US Justice Department filed documents in advance of the June 3 trial in New York.

Among those documents was a series of emails and documents in which eBook pricing strategy and tactics are discussed.

An email from late founder and CEO Steve Jobs to New Corporation’s James Murdoch got all the attention. (The email itself  [Read More…]

How to Save Web Pages as PDF Files on the iPad & iPhone

PDF icon One little feature that iOS really needs is the ability to natively “print to PDF” directly on the iPad and iPhone, a popular trick on the Mac and in the PC world that allows you to digitally print anything and, in this case, save the contents of any web document or web page as a self-contained PDF document, allowing it to be read later, printed, or used for whatever other  [Read More…]

CoM - Toast 11

It’s not often that a product stands the test of time, making adjustments when needed to keep up with the speed of the changes that directly impact its use. Roxio Toast 11 Titanium has done just that, and this latest version has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium features a new user interface that’s up-to-date, innovative, and intuitive. With newly refined workflows, built-in video  [Read More…]