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Apple Is Serious About Doing Mobile Payments, But Don’t Expect Anything Soon

We’ve known that Apple has been interested in mobile payments for some time. Now the company is interviewing potential candidates to lead the initiative, according to a new report from Re/code. Apple’s head of e-commerce, Jennifer Bailey, has reportedly been meeting… Read more ›

Mailbox 2.0 Goes Live In App Store With Auto-Swipe And Tighter Dropbox Integration

As promised, Mailbox has added its intelligent Auto-swipe feature in a new update. Tighter integration with Dropbox, the app’s parent company, has also been added to sync preferences across devices. Auto-swipe is essentially like a more intelligent version of Gmail’s… Read more ›

Apple/Google Truce? Apple Allows (Limited) Texts On Google Glass

Google Glass wearers who also use an iPhone will get a convenient update later this week. As per a new post on the Google+ page for the device, the update will let iPhone users see text messages directly on Glass… Read more ›

Resize Photos from iPhone the Roundabout Way with Mail

The Photos app of on the iPhone and iPad is lacking a direct resize tool for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t resize pictures from iOS. While there are a variety of third party apps out there to complete the task, another simple option is to just rely on the photo reducing tools that … Read More

Leonardo DiCaprio and Director Danny Boyle Approached For Sony’s Steve Jobs Movie

Now that David Fincher isn’t in the running to direct Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, Christian Bale probably won’t star. As Sony searches for someone else to helm the project, another director and star actor combo have been added to the… Read more ›

Fend Off Swarms Of Crazy Critters In Swamp Attack [Video Review]

Murky water and alligators may not exactly be something you see everyday. While some may live the swamp-life, others can get an entertaining feel of it in the new app Swamp Attack. Protect your home with your trusty weapons, tapping… Read more ›

Apple Goes Behind The Scenes Of Its New Spaceship Campus [Video]

An unreleased video detailing the creation of Apple Campus 2 was posted on YouTube this morning featuring glimpses of the Spaceship’s architectural achievements in natural ventilation, renewable energy, trees regrowth, and other revolutionary tech that’s will make it one of… Read more ›

How To Enter Extensions For Conference Rooms In Contacts App [iOS Tips]

We’ve all had to do it: make those conference calls to services that require you to enter in a code, or a room number, or what have you. If you call these numbers frequently and want to save a little… Read more ›

The History Channel, Lifetime And A&E Are Now On Apple TV

Duck Dynasty fans rejoice, you can now binge on all the splendors America’s favorite hillbilly family has to offer from your Apple TV, but you’ll still need a cable subscription. An Apple TV update this morning added new channels for… Read more ›

How To Enable And Customize Video Subtitles [OS X Tips]

Many videos that you purchase these days via iTunes or other sources have subtitles, those little words beneath the screen that were created to help caption videos. These can be useful for someone with a hearing impairment, or who reads… Read more ›