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Repeat Alerts

One of the wacky things you may notice if you’ve just gotten a new iPhone is the default double alert whenever you get a text message, whether iMessage or SMS. Why Apple has this as the default, I’m not sure, but it kept freaking me out before I figured out how to turn it off.

However, I’m willing to see that you might want the double alert, or more (shudder), and  [Read More...]

Apple Looking To Open An R&D Center In Beijing


Even though Apple’s headquartered in Cupertino, they’ve got operations all across the globe, and we don’t mean just retail stores. There have been rumors that Apple is opening up an R&D center in Israel, but according to a new rumor, that’s not the only place they’re considering.

Tim Cook recently talked to the mayor of Beijing, Wang Ashun, about the possibility of Apple opening an R&D center in Beijing.

A story  [Read More...]

Looks good, doesn't it? I'm voting Purple.

I’m voting for purple.

The folks behind this already-fully funded Kickstarter project for the ultra-thin AL13 iPhone 5 bumper case want you to help them reach and then spend their stretch goal money. They’re looking for you to hop onto their project page and leave a comment with your vote for your favorite color from the choices of Purple, Fuschia, Blue, White, and Gunmetal. The winning  [Read More...]

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Graph Search to the world this morning at his company's California headquarters.

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Graph Search to the world this morning at Facebook’s HQ.

Amidst rumors of a mysterious smartphone and new iPad apps, Facebook held a big press event today at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The topic was search, or more specifically, social search. It’s a new feature Facebook is calling “Graph Search,” and the beta  [Read More...]


You may not know Spicy Horse, but you’re sure to have heard of American McGee, its CEO, from his long association with critically acclaimed video games stretching back to Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, and (of course) American McGee’s Alice. He subsequently built a game studio in Shanghai called Spicy Horse, which has just been given the greenlight on Steam for its new game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

Steam Greenlight is a system that  [Read More...]


Jerry McDougal (right) outside of an Apple Store in 2004.

The recent departure of John Browett has left Apple searching for a new senior executive to lead its retail division. Internally, Apple has had a couple of execs who could fit the bill. One of the top contenders, retail VP Jerry McDougal, has now left Apple for personal reasons.

McDougal’s replacement will be VP of Finance Jim Bean, according to an official statement provided  [Read More...]

Brett Terpstra, the hardest working nerd on the internet, has come up with yet another super-useful single-serve utility. It’s called Clip Text File, and it grabs the contents of a plain text file and copies it to your clipboard, all without opening the file.

Why? Because text files are great places to store oft-used words, and opening them is a pain. Clip Text File is a system service (it shows up in the Services menu  [Read More...]

Remember the Braeburn Dock? It was a hefty, beautifully-crafted iPhone 5 dock hewn from a single block of aluminum, and incorporating special channels which boosted the sound from the speaker and to the mic.

Now it has been joined by the Braeburn HD, which is the exact same thing, only made to hold your iPhone in landscape orientation for watching movies. Or docking it on very tall desks which leave almost no clearance between their surface  [Read More...]

Faster iPhone email

Have you noticed that it can sometimes take a while to get an email notification on to the iPhone? The time it takes to check for new emails from mail servers is actually a simple settings option for some email providers, and this means it’s easy to speed up if you want to get alerts sooner and closer to the time the message was actually received.

To clarify, this  [Read More...]

We’re still waiting for iPhone 5 Lightning-compatible battery cases, but at least we’re finally getting some product teasers and (vague) launch dates. The latest comes from everybody’s favorite crapware vendor Brando, and costs a mere $ 35. And it even closes up like a book.

The External Power Pack, as it is called, clocks in at an acceptable 2,200mAh. Since the iPhone 5’s battery is rated at 1,440mAh, you should get around a charge and  [Read More...]