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CoM - NYOP Design

We’re back with another “name your own price†offer here for our Cult of Mac Deals.

That’s right. We’ve partnered with 9 of the world’s finest designers to bring you The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle! You pay what you want for 3 different designer assets and if you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive all 10!

We’ve chosen three charities that we believe make a significant,  [Read More...]

How Facebook Home Screws Apple


How low will Apple go?

First, Apple CEO Tim Cook was forced to grovel and kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party over their obviously false and politically motivated claims about Apple’s warranty.

Now, Apple is being publicly insulted and used by Facebook.

There is no way Steve Jobs would have put up with this kind of humiliating abuse.

Here’s what’s going on.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week new Android  [Read More...]

Swipe, tap, repeat.

Swipe, tap, repeat.

The iPhone and iPad are magical devices because of one thing: the well-designed hardware and software works in conjunction to make everything just work. The iOS operating system is a thing of beauty, not least of which because there is so much to explore and learn about.

As a touch-based platform, iOS uses gestures like swipes and taps to let you control things with intuitive ease. However,  [Read More...]

CoM - onlinebackup3

Cult of Mac Deals is ffering you a great deal on a service that makes backing up easy. With SOS Online Backup you can backup 100 GB of your files for three years – and you can do it in a secure online backup application so you can share, access, and maintain all of your important files right in one place. This award winning automatic backup web application that will  [Read More...]


Evernote Hello, the iPhone app that makes it easy to remember the people you meet, has been updated with a number of new features. The app now has a passcode lock option, making it more secure, and a number of improvements have been made to business card scanning, including the ability to control your camera’s flash.

For those unfamiliar with the app, Evernote Hello is like an advanced address book. It’s designed  [Read More...]

Ulysses 3, A Text Editor From The Future [Review]


Ulysses 3 by Soulmen Category: Text Editor Works With: Mac Price: $ 40

Ulysses 3 is a superstar text editor which takes a whole new approach to, well, to editing text. I love it – it’s my favorite new piece of software in a long time – but there are one or two gotchas which could stop me using it full-time to write posts for the web.

Want to know more?

  [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 15.34.13

Apple is reportedly gearing up to make big changes to iOS 7, changes so big that it’s had to pull engineers away from OS X 10.9 development to help get it finished for its release later this year. I’m just hoping that the Cupertino company adds some of the features included in the latest iOS 7 concept video below.

Designed by Federico Bianco, the concept adds almost every feature  [Read More...]

Looks good, right?

Looks good, right? Just wait.

I’ve spent some time in Evoland, today, and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s more story than game, though there are all the trappings (pun intended) of the games many of us grew with baked right in. It’s a delight to play through, mostly because many of the older game mechanics, like turn-based fighting and random map encounters, don’t last too long.

It’s like  [Read More...]


Apple has been forced to change the way in which its VPN On Demand feature works on iOS devices following a patent lawsuit it lost last November. The Cupertino company has published a new knowledge base article to explain to users how the change will affect their devices.

The article reads:

Due to a lawsuit by VirnetX, Apple will be changing the behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS devices using iOS  [Read More...]



Sergey Brin is an odd dude. He’s also filthy rich, which allows him to embrace all that oddness by working on crazy projects like Google Glass. Brin also thinks that using a smartphone is weird and totally “emasculating.” But you know what’s not emasculating at all? Driving around in a pink batmobile Telsa with Chrome logos on your chrome hubcaps.

Ryan Mac posted this picture of the Google co-founder rolling around LinkedIn HQ  [Read More...]