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Procreate 2 Update Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

Procreate is pretty much my favorite drawing and painting app for the iPad, and v2.0 blows the metaphorical, Cockney-accented doors off the previous version. Yes, it’s now iOS 7-ready, but it’s also now an absurdly powerful images editor, with a… Read more ›     

Thinking of making the jump between platforms? Well, Google chairman Eric Schmidt is happy to ease the transition — publishing a 900-word guide on “Converting to Android from iPhone”.   “Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android,” Schmidt… Read more ›     

Working Abacus Case For iPhone 5

There are two things that I love about this iPhone abacus case. One is that it’s an actual working abacus. The second is that I learned that you can stain and dye 3-D-printed plastic as if it were wood or… Read more ›     

It would be next to impossible to ever label an iPhone thief “thoughtful” — but a recent story coming out of China took a turn for the strange when the thief in question painstakingly wrote out eleven pages of contact… Read more ›     

HTC has today announced a new HTC One variant that gives Android fans with a penchant for gold a nice alternative to the iPhone 5s. The new device is identical to the original on the inside, but its aluminum panels… Read more ›     

Marvin is an ebook reading app for the iPad that gathers together all your EPUB ebooks in one place. The idea is that you can keep your book files in your Dropbox and access them from anywhere. It’s EPUB-only, which… Read more ›     

When the topic of Apple expanding into wearable computing comes up, few people are likely thinking that a logical starting point is a new hearing aid. But according to numerous reports, that is exactly the direction Apple is heading in.… Read more ›     

Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost formed Studio Neat after a successful Kickstarter campaign funded a simplistic iPhone tripod mount that conveniently doubled as a stand. That was back when the iPhone 4 was Apple’s latest. The smartphone landscape has changed quite… Read more ›     

  Infinity Blade came out nearly three years ago, but even though its been one of the most successful iOS games ever thanks to its impressive graphics and rich gameplay, Chair has only made the game available for free once,… Read more ›     

Tap on screen to switch between home screens in iOS

Just about every iPhone and iPad owner knows that you can navigate between pages of icons on the iOS Home Screen by using a left or right swipe gesture (if you don’t know this, well, now you do). But if gestures aren’t your thing, there is another lesser known option to flip home screens, and all it takes is a simple tap.

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