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Navigate Calendar Faster in Mac OS X with Gestures & Continuous Scrolling

Most users who want to see another day, week, or month in the Calendar app of OS X rely on using the mouse cursor to click the forward and backwards buttons, but that’s actually slower than relying on the lesser known continuous scrolling feature that’s built into the Mac Calendar app, which behaves much like … Read More

Master Design With The Name Your Own Price Learn To Design 2.0 Bundle [Deals]

Wouldn’t it be great to have everything you need in one package to learn about the elements of design? Further to that, wouldn’t it be great if you could name your own price for that package? Well, Cult of Mac… Read more ›

Older Macs Must Upgrade To Keep Using iChat Logins For AIM

Come July 1, Mac users running various older versions of OS X won’t have the ability to use their and addresses to log into the AOL Instant Messaging service via iChat. Apple says that users who want to… Read more ›

This Jailbreak Tweak Will Supercharge Your iPhone’s Power Button

If you’re the owner of a jailbroken iOS device, a new tweak can give you a wealth of better power down options… and even graft iOS 7.1′s new power down slider onto stock iOS 7, or give you back iOS… Read more ›

Catena Enables Lessons Onscreen, Encouraging Ingenious Usage. Sagebrush. [Review]

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a sucker for a good word game, and here’s a new multiplayer offering with an interesting idea behind it. Catena by Fusee Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: Free… Read more ›

Cult of Mac Magazine: Rock Harder With Your Mac

Apple has turned even the most modest weekend strummer into a guitar hero. This week in Cult of Mac Magazine, our games editor and disco band frontman (!) Rob Rob LeFebvre takes you on a magical mystery tour of Garageband’s… Read more ›

Former Apple Ex Jean-Louis Gassée: To Survive, The iPad Will Have To Become More Mac-Like

Wall Street consensus is that when Apple announces its Q2 2014 quarterly earnings on Wednesday, Apple’s year-over-year iPad numbers won’t look good. On the low end, at least one Wall Street analyst says that Apple will have sold 23% fewer… Read more ›

Apple Is Beating Google When It Comes To iOS Game Exclusives

One more way that Apple is challenging Google is by pushing for exclusive games on iOS, claims a new report. The Wall Street Journal reports that as Android’s influence has grown, Apple has been offering games developers promotional perks —… Read more ›

The AWS Course: Be The Best Host Out There With Amazon Web Services [Deals]

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard method of creating scalable, manageable Web Application Services. Today Cult of Mac Deals is offering a course that will give you an in-depth walkthrough on how to utilize the wide range of cloud… Read more ›

Find an Interesting Spot? Share a Maps Location with Someone Else from OS X

The Maps app in OS X makes it simple to share locations with others, even if the location isn’t defined and just in the middle of nowhere. This is a great trick for many reasons, whether to share a nice spot you found in the city, share with your partner where you left the car … Read More