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With the iPhone 5S shaping up to be pretty much an identical device to last year’s iPhone 5 except a marginally faster processor and (fingers crossed!) some cool new fingerprint sensor technology, eyes are on the so-called “budget iPhone” as 2013′s new hotness.

Although the ‘budget iPhone’ will address the mid-market, it’s still an exciting device, rumored to be the first iPhone to come in an iPod-palette of colors. Otherwise, though, we  [Read More…]

I play the street life Because there’s no place I can go Street life It’s the only life I know Street life And there’s a thousand cards to play Street life Until you play your life away

So go the lyrics to Randy Crawford’s fantastic Street Life, which is not – as far as I know – the official song of AT&T and Goal Zero’s new “collabo†Street Charge.

Street Charge is  [Read More…]

Lumu iPhone Lightmeter Connects Via Headphone Jack

Hands up anyone who knows what a light meter is? You at the back… Speak up… No, it’s not a way to tell how much electricity you use to illuminate your home. Fine, I’ll tell you: it’s what we used to use to measure light and set the exposure on our cameras, back before they were so good at doing it themselves.

Oddly enough, this weekend I found myself in need of one.  [Read More…] Tells You All About… iOS Fonts

IOS Fonts is the most concisely-named website of the day. It shows you all the fonts available on your iOS device, lets you search them and even preview your chosen text in them. I love it… And yet I’m struggling to find any practical use for it.

The site works great on iOS of course, and presents you with two columns (one on the iPhone). On the left, the source and controls;  [Read More…]

PhotoStation 2.0 brings layer support to the powerful but unintuitive photo editing app. Now you can use bezier clipping paths to adjust and fine-tune your image selections on multiple layers, letting you make edits that you usually expect to do on the desktop.

If you want to separate objects from backgrounds in your photos, vector clipping paths are the way to go, at least if accuracy and readjustability are your priorities. Vectors  [Read More…]

Clipless is not a foot retention system for bicycle pedals. Or rather, it is, but this version isn’t – it just has the same name. Today’s clipless is instead a magnetic gizmo that sticks your iPhone to your clothes… Or anything else.

It works like this: you take a disk shape magnet and slip it under your clothes. Then you take the second part and stick it to the front of your  [Read More…]


This somewhat blurry image of a game controller built by Logitech is believed to be one of the first Apple-approved controllers for iOS 7 that will join the “Made for iPhone” program. It’s built for the iPhone 5, and it’s been designed to meet Apple’s new guidelines for Mac and iOS game controllers.

The image was obtained by Kotaku, which “can’t tell you who gave it to us or where it was seen,  [Read More…]


Simon & Schuster has confirmed it will be launching a paperback edition of Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography on Steve Jobs this fall, featuring a younger Jobs on its cover. The book, which will also be updated with a new afterword, will be available on September 10.

The book’s new cover features an image of Jobs taken by Norman Seeff in 1984, the year Apple launched the first Macintosh. The Apple co-founder obviously  [Read More…]

Com - iStack3

Whenever you’re able to load up your Mac with a slew of useful apps, it’s something you should take advantage of – and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is no exception.

Right now you can get $ 517 worth of Mac apps for just $ 29.99 with The iStack Mac Bundle 3.0. That’s 9 powerful Mac apps to add to your digital toolbox for a fraction of what it  [Read More…]

CoM - Dragon

I have done a lot writing in my day, and there are times when I want to just let the words fly freely faster than I can possibly type them. When I’ve worked on my talks for seminars or wanted to work out some thoughts on a major piece of writing, I have given the reins to Dragon Dictate.

This Cult of Mac Deals offer has a huge savings on  [Read More…]