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Slickwraps: Get $50 Credit For Only $25 [Deals]

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Everyone’s gadgets look the same these days. That’s because they generally look so good out of the box. But why not personalize your gear a little bit? Make it really your own and let your personality come through every time you bring out your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other tech gadgets for all the world to see.

Cult of Mac Deals has an offer that will help you do just  [Read More…]

SafeSleep Mode Disable

Warning – this tip is fairly advanced. Use it at your own risk.

There’s a feature that debuted back in 2005, called SafeSleep. Basically, it’s a hibernation mode designed to save the current state of your running Mac, so that it can start up exactly the same way you left it when you put the Mac to sleep, even if the battery runs out and it shuts down completely.

In  [Read More…]


A new Mac malware has been found in the wild that allowed attackers to steal data and install unauthorized apps on a compromised machine. What makes this malware different than other recent Mac malware, though, is that it breezes right past Gatekeeper… and the people behind it might have been gunning for the life of their malware victim.

Known security researcher and privacy activist Jacob Applebaum discovered the malware — which  [Read More…]


The winner of Apple’s $ 10,000 App Store gift card has revealed how he saved up apps to download to his iPhone in an a bit to become the 50 billionth downloader. Brandon Ashmore, 21, from Mentor, Ohio, held his downloads until Wednesday night to try to give himself a better chance of winning the contest.

He still thought it was a joke when Apple called to tell him he had won,  [Read More…]

Although Apple doesn’t like to talk too much about it, they admit right on their official website that all of the glass used in their iPhone and iPad displays are made by Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass.

Corning’s always looking to make their glass stronger, thinner and more useful to Apple, though, which is why they’ve just announced Corning Lotus XT Glass, which looks to be a prime contender for use in the upcoming iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPad  [Read More…]

Apple’s iOS Devices Receive Pentagon Approval


Apple’s iOS devices have today been cleared for use on United States military networks by the Defense Department, Bloomberg reports. The move comes after Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 and the latest devices from BlackBerry gained government clearance earlier this month.

The Defense Department said in a statement today that it has approved iOS devices — including the iPhone and the iPad — running Apple’s latest iOS 6 operating system. These will join the 41,000  [Read More…]

A Harry Potter Spell Can Be Used To Hack Your Mac!


Inside every Mac — the one I’m writing this one, the one you’re reading this on, the one next to you at the cafe — is a little chip called the SMC, or system management controller. If you’ve ever had a problem related to your Mac’s performance or power supply, resetting the SMC is usually the first thing people suggest.

For most of us, worrying about the ‘security’ of our SMC is  [Read More…]

U.S. Air Force Gives Thumbs Up To iPads


Next time Maverick, Goose and Ice Man enter the Danger Zone, they’ll be flying about 40 pounds lighter, thanks to the U.S. Air Force’s recent decision to replace bulky flight bags with iPads… a move which could save the government $ 50 million in the next ten years.

With more and more commercial airlines ditching flight bags for iPads, the Air Force is following suit, purchasing up to 18,000 iPads for  [Read More…]

Clean Up Your iTunes With Tunes Cleaner For Mac [Deals]

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It’s not unusual for an iTunes library to get out of control. Duplicate songs, unnamed tracks, missing album artwork – it’s tough to keep things clean and organized as a music library grows. Chances are, like me, you are another Mac user who has some issue with their iTunes library. But Cult of Mac Deals has an offer that’s going to help.

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Siri Relationships

If you’ve tried to use Siri to call or text someone, you know it’s pretty simple. Just say, for example, “Call Joe Smith,” and Siri will call the person named Joe Smith in your Contacts App.

But did you know that Siri can also identify people via their relationship to you? You can say, “Call my brother,” or “Text my daughter,” and Siri will call or text that person, provided you’ve  [Read More…]