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gender balance TwineMobile app, Twine, is trying to do something new in the dating app space. Unlike other dating or random chatting apps like ChatRoulette, Tinder, or OK Cupid, Twine connects you with new people around you and lets you chat and flirt with them without revealing your identity until you decide to. That’s kind of a […]

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ipad-e-bookNot too surprisingly, the five major publishers originally named in the US Department of Justice’s e-book case regarding their collusion with Apple on pricing have now themselves filed a complaint at the Justice Department’s proposal to eliminate the use of the agency model in any Apple agreements with publishers for a period of five years. […]

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anchor-3  When we first took a look at Anchor back in June after it had just launched, the social platform for coworkers was a decidedly walled-off environment; just like Hotel California, you could check out any time you like — but you could never leave. At least, your ideas couldn’t. But that’s changed today, as the […]

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magnetyze-iphone5-1  It should be apparent by now that wires are an endangered species, what with the recent explosive popularity of Bluetooth for transmission of sound and data, and the growing ability to keep everything constantly synced with the cloud. The lone holdout restraining the iPhone from breaking free is the charging cable — but even […]

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rha-ma750i-1The British Isles aren’t generally known for exporting headphones; mega boy bands and cycling superstars, yes, and perhaps Marmite. But headphones? All that’s changing though, with the impact RHA has made over the past year or so. The outfit has thus far produced a series of home run hits (or batted sixes, if you’re a […]

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Et tu, Microsoft?The cloud storage wars continue with a new tweet from Micorsoft’s SkyDrive Twitter account. The service, typically offering seven gigabytes of online storage for free, just made an offer Apple’s jilted MobileMe members might not be able to refuse. In a tweet today, @SkyDrive offered anyone who could forward the Apple downgrade email to a […]

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officetime-mac-1For those whose income is based on billable time or on a per-project basis, some kind of time/project tracker app is a basic necessity. OfficeTime combines meat-and-potatoes time and project management with greatly customizable billing and reporting features, and is one of the few apps in this category available on all Apple devices — iPhone, […]

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settings_descriptionsXMBC is a cross-platform, open source media player that specializes in tons of options and ways of accessing content via local storage and the internet. The latest pre-release version of the Android client has support for Zeroconf, which in turn means the ability to use Apple’s AirPlay protocol on compatible devices. Your Android device becomes an […]

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iOS-6-Maps-640x425You know the little Location Services triangle in the top right of your iPhone’s status bar well. It floats there faithfully every day, representing modern technology’s obsession with location data. Knowing where you are and what you do on a daily basis is incredibly valuable to advertisers and merchants looking to sell the next “x […]

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nokeyboardMicrosoft’s recent barrage of anti-iPad ads have nearly all featured third-party tablets rather than boasting about Microsoft’s own iPad-killer, the Surface RT. Now that it’s desperately slashed prices on RT units, Microsoft is feeling inexplicably cocky in its latest ad, which pits the hardware and software specs of the iPad against that of the Surface […]

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