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Google Maps update

Google has released the first update to its official Maps app for the iPhone. Google Maps 1.1 includes integration with Google Contacts so you can quickly search for friends’ addresses by name. There’s also a local places search for finding business around you with keywords like “restaurants” and “bars.”

Full change log:

- Search your Google Contacts; sign in to have your saved addresses show up when you search for  [Read More...]


If there’s a video game character that deserves his own endless running game, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog; he’s been dashing through crazy worlds since the early ’90s, long before titles like Temple Run even entered development. And today Sega finally made it happen.

Sonic Dash is a brand new title “coming soon” to iOS.

The title will be developed by Hardlight Studio — the team behind Sonic Jump, an addictive Doodle Jump clone. But rather than being an endless  [Read More...]

Klingg Cord Clip Catches Chaotic Cables

Klingg! That’s the sound of a grown man still unable to sever the maternal ties forged early in his life by a smothering mother. Just kidding. It is in fact the sound of my artisanal iPhone ringtones, recorded from the prayer bells of real Tibetan monks. Kidding again! Klingg is actually an iPhone accessory designed by the fictional Star Trek race… [Enough! -Ed].

Klingg is — truly this time — an earbud holder  [Read More...]

Readr iPhone

Apple’s Reading List lets you save and sync links in iOS and OS X to read later on any iCloud-enabled device, but the feature is restricted to Safari. Due to the limited nature of Reading List and the fact that it hasn’t existed for that long, third-party services like Pocket and Instapaper are widely used for saving links to read later.

Apps like Tweetbot let you send links to Pocket or  [Read More...]

Tc electronic flashback 5

The Flashback looks totally old school, but totally isn’t.

TC Electronic’s Flashback guitar pedal ($ 169) is a multitalented piece of gear. Its robust set of delay and loop features make it easy to get lost in hours of guitar playing, but when paired with a Mac or iOS device, it does something no other pedals can do.

The Good

Fun! Yessir, that’s what you’ll be  [Read More...]

Ending Soon: 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens Kit [Deals]

CoM - iOS Camera Lens

It’s understood that iOS cameras are insanely high-quality given their size. The only real knock about them is the fixed lens. Today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to “fix†that – pun totally intended – with this compact lens kit. It includes 3 versatile options that fit snugly over your iOS lens with a tech-friendly magnet – and you can get this kit for only $ 25!

  [Read More...]

Jimmy Iovine

For the past several months it’s been rumored that Apple is working on an iTunes music subscription service to compete with the likes of Spotify and Rdio. Google is reportedly also looking into some sort of music streaming service involving YouTube.

According to a new report, Apple executives recently met with a high-profile music industry executive to discuss business economics and the mysterious “Project Daisy.”

Reuters has the scoop:

Apple Chief Executive  [Read More...]

iPad stands: You really do need one. Some are happy with the Smart Cover, which is fine for typing and movie watching, but not much else. And the really smart folks use the PadPivot, which is still my go-to do-everything stand (I’m using one right now).

But if what you want is a sturdy-looking stand for an iPad, whether in portrait or landscape orientations, and whether its in a case or out, then the  [Read More...]

Hey, Apple? Can you maybe get back to us on this?

Hey, Apple? Can you maybe get back to us on this?

Some users of early 2009 iMacs who have upgraded to OS X Snow Leopard or higher are still reporting issues with a kernel issue that seems to be due to the Nvidia GeForce GT 130 graphics card that came with the machine, with nary a response from Apple proper. There’s a  [Read More...]

iPhone 5S Production Ramping Up At Foxconn [Rumor]


Rumors surrounding the iPhone 5S have started to pick up steam in recent weeks, and now a report from overseas claims that Foxconn has started ramping up production for the new device.

Japanese blog Macotakara says that Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner has started gearing up for the iPhone 5S. The device reportedly looks so much like the iPhone 5 that Foxconn is able to manufacture the two phones on the same line.

Macotakara  [Read More...]