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Apple recently made some minor updates in its accessories department. The company has started offering an even shorter 0.5 meter Lightning to USB cable for $ 19, which is still the same price as the normal 1.0 meter cable. We’re not sure why you would pay the same amount of money for less cable, but there you go. A shorter 0.5 Thunderbolt cable was released last month.

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John Browett

How does one go from leading the world’s most profitable retail division to a London-based clothing retailer? Just ask John Browett. He spent less than six months as Apple’s senior VP of retail. Before Tim Cook brought him on at the beginning of 2012, Browett was the CEO of Dixons in Britain. After getting fired this past fall, Browett has returned to his roots.

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It's true. We do love Mac games.

It’s true. We do love Mac games.

The Mac Game Store knows your love for Mac games. So much so, that it’s putting a ton of them up for sale this weekend, all in the name of Valentine’s Day. While we’re not above taking a crack or two at the commercialism of V-Day, we’re not about to look this gift (horse) in the mouth, either.

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If Mailbox is going to be the future of email on the iPhone, then it still has a lot of growing to do.

If Mailbox is going to be the future of email on the iPhone, then it still has a lot of growing to do.

If you’re one of the 700,000+ iPhone users waiting to get into Mailbox, then you may be waiting for awhile. The third-party Gmail client underwent a massive  [Read More...]

Now with more computer!

Now with more computer!

Bump, the free, easy file sharing app for Android and iOS, has just updated to version 3.5.6 on both the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The new version of the app will let users share any files on their smartphone or tablet with a computer. Previously, Bump users were only able to share files from mobile device to mobile device.

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Rich Notes: The Rich-Text Text Editor For iOS

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Here’s a little something that might get you formatted-text nerds excited: Rich Notes, yet another new text-editing app, lets you write on the iPad in rich text. That is, you can italicize and embolden your words right there on the page. Yes, this works with some other apps, but Rich Notes lets you use keyboard shortcuts to do it. If you have an external keyboard hooked up, CMD-B and CMD-I will do just what they  [Read More...]


planetbeing — the famed hacker who is part of the team behind the latest iOS 6 jailbreak — is now taking part in a Reddit AMA, answering questions posed to him by the community.

Although the AMA has just begun, Planetbeing has already opined on the future of iOS jailbreaking… and he says that while it’s too early to be sure, his belief is that iOS 7 will be a much tougher  [Read More...]

iOS Apps

Every week Apple picks a high quality iOS app as the “Free App of the Week” choice for everyone to enjoy for free, the catch of course is that it’s only available for a limited time. It’s not just Apple that offers temporarily free downloads though, Starbucks does too with little promo cards, and there’s a whole cottage industry of promotional sites and services that bring attention to apps as  [Read More...]

Has your iPhone ever caused trouble between you and your significant other?

iPhone use and dating don’t really mix very well. Even if you follow our Gentleman’s Guide To Using Your iPhone On A Date, you’ll still probably do something really dumb if you try to pull out an iPhone on a date. Their feelings might get hurt. Heck, your feelings might get hurt. You’re both going to walk away more sexually frustrated than ever.  [Read More...]

iPhone passcode

Earlier today we told you about a lockscreen bug in iOS 6.1 that allows someone to get past your passcode and into your contacts and photos. The process of replicating the bug is pretty tedious, but it’s still a nasty security bug Apple needs to fix.

The good news is that Apple is aware of the lockscreen flaw, and the company has confirmed that it will be fixed in a future  [Read More...]