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Apple Is Valued As A ‘Predictable Cash Machine,’ Says Former CEO John Sculley

Apple isn’t being valued as a creative leap company so much as it is a predictable cash machine, says former CEO John Sculley. Speaking with India’s Economic Times about the launch of his latest venture, pCell — a technology that… Read more ›

How Sonos Used Clever Software Engineering To Make A $50 Gadget Obsolete

It’s not often that a company announces that they’ve figured out a way to make people stop paying for a piece of hardware by purposely making it obsolete, but that’s just what Sonos has done. Sonos has just announced that… Read more ›

Apple Tries To Patent Android’s Gestural Unlocking System

One of Apple’s most famous patents is slide-to-unlock, a method of waking up a touchscreen smartphone that has proven to be one of the most valuable in Apple’s arsenal. Now, Apple is trying to patent a similar system that would… Read more ›

Could This iPhone 6 Be The Most Accurate Mockup Yet?

Well-known Dutch designer and concept artist Martin Hajek has created a new iPhone 6 rendering, which might just be the most accurate one to date. Hajek had previously teamed up with Nowherelse to create a stunning mock-up based on the… Read more ›

This Week In Weird: 5 Games You Won’t Believe Exist

Hundreds of new games come out every week in the App Store. A select few are the next must-play title that everyone will be talking about (and ripping off) for the foreseeable future. Most of them are perfectly decent but… Read more ›

Get Unmatched iPhone Photography With The Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit [Deals]

Apple revolutionized your iPhone’s camera with the introduction of the 5S, but you can unlock its full potential with this deal from Cult of Mac Deals. The Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit arms you with six different lenses so you can… Read more ›

Hitman GO Takes The Bloody Mess Out of Murder For Hire [Review]

The Hitman series has always alternated between vicious and silly, with a stern protagonist who will wear any kind of ridiculous costume, from ice-cream man to Mardi Gras costume, in order to murder his target. Hitman GO, a new turn-based… Read more ›

Hearthstone Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft came out on iPad this week, and I can’t seem to stop playing it. The amazingly well-balanced digital collectible card battling game has got its hooks in me and won’t let up. This is the same… Read more ›

Facebook’s Paper App Continues To Evolve With Birthdays, Events, Groups, And More

It has been nearly three months since Facebook launched Paper for iPhone, a cutting-edge experiment in what it means to use Facebook. Today Paper received its first big update in the App Store, and a few of the elements that… Read more ›

Boredom Is Impossible In The Intense New Game Unpossible [Video Review]

Enter another dimension in the new app Unpossible. Dodge all incoming obstacles as you use tilt or touch controls running your way along a 3D pipeline. Avoid hitting obstacles at all costs as speeds increase and obstacles get harder to… Read more ›