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sprng-closeup-660x572If you’re like me, you love Apple’s EarPods, but you wish they fit just a liiiittle better. Apple has done a great job of creating a design that fits just about any ear canal fine, but the EarPods don’t stick like a pair of expensive in-ears. Ohm Industrial Design has a new accessory out called the Sprng […]

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6e02184bb273966aea0cc9dee677174d_large.jpgShuttr by Muku Category: Photography Works With:Anything with Bluetooth Price: $29 Possibly the most ridiculous omission from the iPhone’s camera app is a self-timer. If you want to take a selfie, or a group shot with you in it, or even a shake-free photo in low-light, then you’ll have to download a third-party camera app […]

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Apple Seeds Apple TV 5.4 Beta 4 To Developers

appletvAlong with the new beta for iOS 7, Apple has also seeded a new beta version of Apple TV 5.4 to developers. Developers can download the new beta from the iOS Dev Center or via the direct links below: Apple TV Software beta (3rd generation Rev A) Apple TV Software beta (3rd generation) Apple TV Software beta (2nd generation) 

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CoM - AdobeCreativeCloudI remember trying to wrap my head around the Adobe suite a few years ago, and at first I used trial and error to make things happen. Needless to say, things didn’t happen. Then I picked up several books on the software suite, but they only provided some marginal help…at best. I’ve given up on […]

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Kutcher-JobsJOBS, the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, gets its second official teaser trailer today, ahead of the much-anticipated cinema debut on August 16. It’s entitled “American Legend,” and you can check it out below. The new trailer isn’t hugely different to the first one — in fact, it features a lot […]

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Translucent Menu BarIt looks like this has been possible since, oh, Mac OS X 10.5 or so, but I hadn’t come across it before. I’m guessing that might mean that some of you haven’t, either. If you’re one of those amazing folks that have seen this already, then feel free to check out all our other OS […]

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iphone_5S_vs_iphone1We’ve already seen a whole bunch of iPhone 5S components over the past few months — they’ve even been shown off in hands-on videos — but these high quality images show the changes Apple has made to it Retina display when compared to the iPhone 5 model. While both devices have a 4-inch screen, and […]

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ku-bigpicApple’s earbud redesign year was a contentious thing. I thought the new EarPods sounded as crummy as the old ones, but unlike the old ones, at least they weren’t like shoving pieces of glass into your cochleas. On the other hand, our supreme commander Leander thought they sounded as good as $150 dollar Beats. Which, […]

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Last Nail In The Coffin: Zynga Is Killing

OMGPOP_LogoRemember Draw Something? It was this wonderful, flash-in-the-pan game by the utterly charming developer OMGPOP, and had the misfortune of being such a success that it caught the evil overlord attentions of Zynga, who promptly bought the company, killed a game an ex-OMGPOP had privately made for his wife, and then ran the company into […]

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Tasket Syncs Google Task And iOS Reminders

Tasket is a service that syncs your Google Tasks list with your iOS Reminders list. It performs this magical feat pretty much flawlessly, using a Microsoft Exchange server to do the syncing, and letting you add and remove tasks from pretty much anywhere. The service, by developer Andrew Dalgleish, is in beta. From a user’s […]

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