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ku-xlargeI never make actual phone calls – they’re for people who don’t know how to use the internet. But I used to, and I remember one thing: real telephone handsets are way more comfortable to use than cellphones, especially for long calls. Which is to say, the POP Desk handset will look great next to […]

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iPhone 5s First Impressions: Touch ID

iPhone-5s-touch-IDYou’ll be blown away by the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s the first time you use it. You’ll be prompted to set it up when you first start up your iPhone, and you’ll have to scan your fingerprint numerous times at different angles before your iPhone is happy with it. Once […]

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Why Louis C.K.’s Kids Aren’t Getting iPhones

Talk show host Conan O’Brien asked comedian Louis C.K. why his his kids won’t be getting “phones with the apps.” Louis C.K explains — pretty convincingly — why smartphones are “toxic” and bad for your soul. It’s pretty funny.

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Kindle For iOS7 Is The Best Kindle App Yet

kindle iOS7There were so many app updates tumbling out into the new iOS7 app store on Wednesday that we didn’t have time to cover them all, but the update to the iOS Kindle app is definitely worth a look. I do most of my reading on an actual Kindle device, but I love the fact that […]

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imageSAN FRANCISCO — The gold iPhone 5s is rarer than, well, gold. If you wanted to snag a gold-colored iPhone 5s this morning, you had to start lining up outside the Apple Store at 7:30 p.m. the night before. Apple had only 20 or so at the flagship Apple Store, which was a lot compared […]

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uploadToday Apple released a major update to the Apple TV that was originally predicted to arrive alongside iOS 7 on Wednesday. Version 6.0 of the set-top box’s software includes some big additions, including iTunes Radio, shared Photo Streams support, and AirPlay from iCloud, which is essentially Apple’s answer to the Chromecast from Google. iTunes Radio […]

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iPhone 5s First Impressions: Camera

iPhone5scameraOne of the big new features of the iPhone 5s is the updated camera. Oh, but it’s still only has a 8MP sensor you say? True, but Apple has managed to make the sensor larger and increase the size of each individual pixel so more light hits your sensor, meaning your really crappy night shots […]

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A guy literally bows before the Apple Store during today's iPhone launch.Samsung, the Korean company that makes TV ads mocking Apple fans for waiting in lines, sent its own employees to the Apple Store for today’s iPhone 5s/5c launch. A Samsung video crew was spotted at the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City by CNET. The reason for the espionage? Understanding why Apple […]

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CoM - borderlands2_mainframeGaming on the Mac got a whole lot better once Steam (by the fine folks at Valve) entered the equation. With the addition of this gaming portal, game development for the Mac rose to new heights, with games like Portal and others that were previously not as easy to port over to OS X becoming […]

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Welcome @Tim_Cook To Twitter

timcooktwitterTim Cook made a public appearance at the Palo Alto Apple Store this morning for the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c, and it looks like he may have finally taken to a Twitter account he created back in July to share about the experience in his first tweet ever. Visited Retail Stores in […]

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