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Now that former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson has been fired from his CEO gig at JC Penney, there’s a lot of talk about whether or not the man who created the juggernaut of Apple’s retail experience will return to Cupertino, to fill the very role he vacated back in 2010.

In an interview with Bloomberg, former Apple CEO John Sculley was asked about what Ron Johnson should do now. Sculley notes  [Read More...]

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Foursquare has just updated its popular iOS app to version 6.0, and as a point-oh release, it radically ups the ante when it comes to exploring the cityscape around you and finding you cool stuff in your area.

The biggest change is that Foursquare 6.0 has moved the Explore feature right to the home page, immediately bringing you recommendations on where to go as soon as  [Read More...]

Imagine dining at a sumptuous, football-field-sized smorgasbord where all your friends and acquaintances have made and brought tantalizing morsels for you. And it’s all yours to sample, as you glide past table after stacked table. On ice skates.

Now replace the food with photos, and you’ll understand the draw of Cooliris (assuming you like looking at photos; and since the toaster is probably the last remaining electric gadget not equipped with either a camera or a way to display images,  [Read More...]


Apple’s new spaceship headquarters look pretty amazing. Even though the mothership is still a year behind schedule, Apple loves the design of it so much, that they want the architectural firm who created the mothership to redesign some Apple Stores too.

Foster + Partners architecture firm has just signed a deal with Apple to work on new designs for some of its retail stores.

Foster + Partners relationship with Apple started with the  [Read More...]



Be careful where you leave your iPad. It might end up impaling some poor lady’s bumper.

That’s what happened to one unlucky iPad owner who forget they placed their iPad on top of their car. After getting onto the road, the iPad eventually fell off the roof of the car, slammed into a Georgia woman’s front bumper, and then stayed there for the rest of day.

The woman driving the  [Read More...]

Verizon CEO May Be The Reason Your iPhone 5 Has LTE

Not altruism: this is why Verizon wanted LTE on the iPhone.

Not altruism: this is why Verizon wanted LTE on the iPhone.

Speaking at a conference for the National Association of Broadcasters conference, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam mentioned that he had talked to Steve Jobs about the power of LTE in a meeting with the late Apple CEO. McAdam said that he spent some time trying to convince Jobs to add an LTE  [Read More...]

PC Sales Plunge In Worst Single Quarter Ever [Report]

Your time, dear traditional notebook, is limited.

Your time, dear traditional notebook, is limited.

PC shipments plummeted 13.9 percent during the first quarter of 2013 as compared to the same period of time last year, even more than the expected decline of around 7.7 percent. The International Data Corporation released its Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker data today, and reports that these numbers are the worst quarter ever, since the IDC began tracking the  [Read More...]

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Do you ever worry that your beloved MacBook’s sleek aluminum shell will get damaged when it’s packed inside your bag with the rest of your gadgets and gizmos. This handmade, wool felt sleeve from MyBanana aims to give your notebook a home of its own, away from sharp keys, USB cables, chargers, and all the other things you might need to pack into your bag when you’re on  [Read More...]


A lot of hullabaloo has been made over the last 24 hours regarding the comic Saga #12. To catch up the uninformed, basically there’s a popular comic that has two “postage stamp” size scenes of gay sex in it, so it got banned from the App Store.

Everyone immediately blamed Apple and screamed “censorship” but it turns out Apple didn’t have anything to do with Saga #12′s banishment at all. It was  [Read More...]

Screen Flash for Alerts in Mac OS X A little-known screen flashing feature exists in Mac OS X that provides an alternative way of being notified of system alerts, meaning that anytime you’d typically hear the general system sound effect feedback, see a bouncing Dock icon, or have a new icon badge appear, the screen will briefly flash instead. The screen flash is silent but offers unmistakable feedback that an alert has  [Read More...]