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Last year, Apple was hit with an antitrust case from the U.S. Department of Justice over the pricing scheme of e-books in Apple’s iBookstore. Since that time, 11 executives at Apple have already been deposed over the issue, but the Department of Justice is demanding that Tim Cook be involved, and they just got their way.

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote granted the Justice Departments request to get Cook to testify on  [Read More...]



Last year, Twitter acquired a small music discovery service called We Are Hunted. The site was shutdown, and now Twitter might be ready to use it in a big way.

A new report claims that Twitter will launch its own music discovery app for iOS called Twitter Music. If things go well, we might even get the app as soon as this month.

CNET reports that the standalone music app for  [Read More...]




There has been an ungodly amount of talk in recent months about how Apple is losing its edge to Samsung. Even some of Apple’s most faithful analysts have said that Samsung is more innovate now than Apple, but is that really true?

In the Cult of Mac chatroom this afternoon, we found this video of Gene Munster saying Samsung is innovating faster than Apple. Some of us agreed with him,  [Read More...]

If you’ve ever needed to gather a collection of website URL’s for later use, but didn’t want to bookmark everything or add them to Reading List, try tossing more ephemeral temporary links into an open note within the Notes app that is now bundled with Mac OS X. Not only will the links be synced between all your Macs, but they’ll also be sent across to your iOS devices too, allowing for simple and quick access to the temporary link  [Read More...]


Google CEO, Larry Page, just announced that the godfather or Android, Andy Rubin, has decided to step away from Android and pursue other projects.

Rubin was a co-founder of Android Inc., which was eventually purchased by Google in 2005. As the Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google, Rubin has been responsible for turning Android into the most widely used mobile operating systems today.

Page announced the change  [Read More...]


Ever wanted to pick up an awesome Mac or iOS accessory after it’s been funded on Kickstarter, but had no idea where to find it? There’s a good chance you’ll get it at BiteMyApple, a new online store that sells the coolest and most innovative Kickstarter projects as soon as they hit retail.

BiteMyApple currently offers more than 40 gadgets and accessories that were designed for Mac and iOS devices — all of which  [Read More...]

Here at Cult of Mac, we’re huge fans of Philips Hue LED lightbulbs and Minecraft. Any hack, then, that mashes together the two and we’re in… especially if there’s a father delighting his ten year old, Minecraft-obsessed son at the end!

Which is why Jim Rutherford’s Hue/Minecraft hack is so awesome. It uses the Hue, Minecraft and an iPad to make the lights around you correspond to the game’s pixellated day cycles.

It’s not a very complicated hack: essentially,  [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 14.41.35

It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing an advert for the iPhone. They’re on billboards in the street, they’re there when you switch on the TV, and you’ll also find them in newspapers and magazines. But believe it or not, there’s one company that spends more — a lot more! — on advertising its smartphones than Apple does.

That company is Samsung. In 2012, Samsung outspent Apple  [Read More...]


ActoTracker is a free Mac app that automatically tracks all of the activity on your Mac. You might show up at the office on Wednesday having completely forgotten what you were working on Monday. You might wonder what specific website you went to while researching that lit paper, and not have a record of the history stored in your browser. With ActoTracker, you can pull up this kind of information, and much  [Read More...]


Tony Stark is essentially Marvel’s answer to Steve Jobs, if Steve Jobs looked like Robert Downey Jr., was kidnapped by the Taliban, had a nuclear reactor installed as a replacement heart, and built himself a set of power armor.

In every other way, though, the two are exactly similar, which is what makes it natural that Steve Jobs’s greatest creation — the iPhone — is now capable of “suiting up” in Tony  [Read More...]