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How Amazon Fire TV Stacks Up Against Apple TV, Chomecast & Roku 3 [Comparison]

Amazon finally unveiled Fire TV, its much-anticipated set-top box, at an event in New York City on Wednesday. Priced at $ 99 and powered by Android, the device will take on rivals like the Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and the Roku… Read more ›     

Happy Birthday, iPad. Four And All Grown Up

The iPad is four years old today and my mom hates it. Maybe not hate. Dislikes. Loathes. I don’t know the right word but for two weeks it sat in Apple’s pristine white box, unwrapped, unlocked, setup and then discarded;… Read more ›     

Lensbaby For iPhone Hits The Sweet Spot

Lensbaby’s new iPhone lens looks awesome. Or it would, if it didn’t attach with magnets. Yes, it’s a super-strong magnet and might therefore avoid the problem suffered by all other magnetically-attached iPhone lenses: they are hell to keep aligned. But… Read more ›     

Spinning Bird Kick! Street Flapper Mashes Up Flappy Bird And Street Fighter II

Quick, think of two classic game franchises that make perfect sense as a mash-up! Give up? How about Street Fighter II and Flappy Bird? Not convinced of the brilliance of this idea? Well too bad — someone’s done it anyway.… Read more ›     

Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Wallet, A Camera System In Your Pocket

Photojojo’s new iPhone Lens Wallet is a safe place to store the entire Photojojo lens lineup, and it’s small enough that it can live in your daily murse/purse. It even holds a tripod, and can be bought either empty or… Read more ›     

Is Monument Valley The Most Visually Stunning iOS Game Of The Year?

The year might only be three months old but there’s already a contender for ‘most visually striking iOS game of 2014.’ Launched today, Monument Valley looks to combine the gameplay of hit indie game Fez with the brain-twisting art of M.C.… Read more ›     

Pebble’s Latest iOS Update Unbricks The Smartwatch

When Pebble’s last iOS update essentially bricked the smart watch, leaving it capable of only (shock horror) telling the time, we knew that something needed to be done in a hurry. Fortunately Pebble realized that too, since the company has… Read more ›     

Logitech’s Tiny X100 Bluetooth Speaker Comes With A Great-Looking Hole

Logitech’s cool-looking X100 “donut” speaker has a few things going for it. First, it’s small. Second, it’s cheap, and third, it has a hole in it that looks totally satisfying to stick your finger in and wiggle it around. The… Read more ›     

Spotify Adds Browsable Albums Collections, Dark Theme

Spotify seems to have solved one major problem with its apps. Until now, the music streaming service has been focussed on playlists, forcing you to organize your music in order to “save” it for later. Compare this to Rdio, which… Read more ›     

Lensbaby’s Swirly Soft-Focus Magic Comes To The iPhone

Perhaps it’s a consequence of my straight-shooting photojournalism schooling, but I’ve never been overly enthusiastic of Lensbaby’s blur-crazy lens effects (even when I’ve worn my commercial photographer hat in the past, we’ve just never used them). That said, iPhoneography is… Read more ›