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  Meteor is a $ 1 app with a brilliant, simple solution to a common problem no one seems to have addressed until now — and it’ll almost certainly unclutter your phone. As demonstrated repeatedly, the iPhone’s camera is a legitimate… Read more ›     

Hatch Modernizes The Tamagotchi Pet For Your iPhone

In the late 90s, Tamagotchi pets were all the rage. The plastic, egg-shaped pocket computers came in bright colors and housed a virtual pet you had to take care of. Fast forward to late 2013, and the only pocket computers people carry… Read more ›     

  This week’s editors choice app in the iOS App Store features the release of Clumsy Ninja, which is notable because for one, it took these guys a really long ass time to get their game into the App Store,… Read more ›     

Tim Cook caused quite a stir in the worlds of both tech and fashion earlier this year when he announced that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts would be leaving the famous trench-coat maker to head up Apple’s retail divisions. Ahrendts new position at… Read more ›     

Tim Cook admitted that the iPad mini with Retina display will be in short supply for the next few weeks, but while Wifi-only units seem to be in-stock at Apple Stores across the country, it looks like Apple is having… Read more ›     

Hide Notifications from the Lock Screen of Mac OS X

Don’t want to see Notifications and alerts on the login screens and locked screens of OS X? Me neither, and because Notifications can be fairly personal items from calendars, reminders, messages, or apps, they aren’t necessarily something you want on the lock screen of a Mac that is visible in public, like at an office or school. Thus, disabling them allows for a bit more privacy.

Disable Notifications from showing on the lock screen of Mac OS X[Read More…]

There are tons of mobile hotspots out there, but Karma has done something groundbreaking with The Karma WiFi Hotspot. With this device, you can now put WiFi in your pocket and stay connected with a lightning-fast 4G connection, anywhere you… Read more ›     

The Shivah starts with a joke: The Shivah: Kosher Edition by Wadjet Eye Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 1.99 “A goy came up to Rabbi Moishe to ask, ‘Why do rabbis always answer with a question?’… Read more ›     

Magic Mouse gestures let you use swipes and taps on the mouse itself to do things like go back a page when browsing in Safari. Unfortunately, some folks who have upgraded to Mavericks may have noticed that their Magic Mouse… Read more ›     

The HBO Go apps for Android and iOS have today been updated with support for Google’s Chromecast. The feature works on Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above, and on iPhones and iPads running iOS 6 and… Read more ›