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One of the more useful features of modern browsing, the AutoFill function started on the desktop, then made its way to the iPhone and iPad a while ago. It lets your iOS device hold all the form data, populating the oft-repeated fields with your personal info like your name and address. That way, you don’t have to type it all in all the time, which is brilliant on a mobile device with  [Read More…]

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The ThinEdge bumper from MyBanana promises to be the world’s slimmest “frame case” for iPhone 5, delivering minimalist protection that doesn’t spoil your handset’s sleek and sexy form factor. It adds just 1mm of thickness to the sides of your device, which is just enough to protect its aluminum edges from dings and scratches.

ThinEdge by MyBanana Category: Bumpers Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 35

The ThinEdge extends  [Read More…]

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Want to know why Steve Ballmer wakes up in a sweat at night, screaming at the shadows and clutching his hogshead-sized heart? Look at this chart of year-over-year growth rates of Windows PCs since the iPad came out, put together by the ever nuanced Horace Dediu at Asymco. When the iPad debuted, it immediately killed the PC industry as we know it.

In fact, as Dediu makes  [Read More…]

This is the NeXT Computer that Tim Berners-Lee used to create the world wide web.

This is the NeXT Computer that Tim Berners-Lee used to create the world wide web.

CERN has given us many things in our day, most notable among them recent proof of the existence of the so-called ‘God particle’, the Higgs Boston… one of the most elusive objects in particle physics. But like the Higgs Boson, most of CERN’s  [Read More…]

The 9 Best People With iPads For Heads [Gallery]


The iPad is one of the most magical devices ever created. It can store billions of books, photos, songs, and movies. It can entertain you with games, and help you boost your productivity with thousands of apps. It also doubles as a great head replacement.

Last week we put out the call to see what it would look like if Cult of Mac’s readers replaced their heads with iPads. The results were absolutely incredible. Some of you guys went  [Read More…]

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That historic “grab a cuppa joe with Tim Cook” auction, which still has a couple of weeks to go and has already broken records, has had a little bit of a set back: credit card fraud that has set the auction back by thousands of dollars.

Right now, the current high bid for an hour long cup of coffee and chat with Apple CEO Tim Cook  [Read More…]


The Google Search app for iOS was updated earlier this week to bring Google Now to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. but it seems that the service isn’t yet supported in all territories. As is often the case, however, the jailbreaking community has a solution.

GoogleNowEnabler is a new tweak that promises to activate Google Now on your iOS device no matter where you live.

GoogleNowEnabler is available to download now  [Read More…]

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Although I’m still stuck on the old version, Instacast by developer Vemedio is my go-to podcast manager on the iPhone and iPad… but on the Mac, I’m still using iTunes like a sucker. But hey, what’s this pretty shiny thing? Instacast Beta for Mac? GIMME.

I haven’t done much playing around with it, but the Instacast Beta for Mac is up to the standard you’d expect  [Read More…]

Infuse player

When the VLC iOS app was pulled from the App Store in 2011, a little part of me died inside. I own a large collection of movies in different file formats, and VLC is my go-to media player for files that aren’t supported by QuickTime and iTunes. While there’s hope that VLC will return to the App Store, I’m not holding my breath. And I don’t really care anymore because I’ve found  [Read More…]