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Minigore-2Minigore 2: Zombies, the wonderful dual-stick shooter from Mountain Sheep, is now free for a limited time to celebrate Minigore’s fourth anniversary. It’s arguably one of Mountain Sheep’s most enjoyable titles on iOS, and that’s saying a lot when you consider the same studio is also responsible for Bike Baron and Ice Rage. Minigore 2 sees the return of John Gore, who […]

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iBooks-iPadThe ongoing iBooks antitrust case between Apple and the United States Department of Justice took a very interesting twist this morning when the DoJ and 33 state attorneys-general laid out plans to remedy Apple’s wrongdoings and restore competition to the market. The DoJ wants Apple to terminate all of its deal with book publishers, and […]

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Apple-Store-app-giveawayApple has today begun giving away free content via the App Store app for iPhone. Its first giveaway is for Color Zen, “a new and addictive kind of puzzle game” for iOS which is available free for a limited time “exclusively for Apple Store app users.” To access the free app, simply open up the App Store […]

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Browse Other Backup DIsksOn my Macbook Air running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, when I click on the Time Machine backup menubar item, I see the option to browse other backup disks. That’s a pretty cool option, if I need to switch between different disks to backup my Mac, maybe to make a secondary backup for redundancy. In […]

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Samsung Blames Korean PR Partner For Developer Bribes

facepalm_bear_2-1920x1200Samsung has admitted that a Korean PR agency did offer money to app developers to promote a competition on the popular developer question and answer website Stack Overflow. The electronics giant insists that this is “clearly against” its cooperate policy, and says that it cancelled the plan as soon as it was made aware of […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 7.32.08 AMFor iOS users, the Pebble Smartwatch has largely existed as an exercise in frustration. While Android users can tie the Pebble Smartwatch into their smartphone’s central nervous system in all kinds of ways, the feature set of the e-ink proto-iWatch has been comparatively worse. Case in point? Pebble Smartwatch owners who have an iPhone in […]

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Quip Brings The Word Processor Out Of The Dark Ages

Quip is an odd new app that looks like it could be incredibly useful. It’s billed as a word processor, but it combines text editing with instant messaging, change tracking and sharing – plus it has a very cool interface. Oh, and it works on your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac (in the browser). […]

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netflix_profiles_whos_watching_610x343Netflix has begun to officially roll out user profiles today, meaning you can now share an account with your family and friends without all their horrible movie choices clogging your Instant Queue.  The new feature allows users to add up to 5 profiles to your Netflix account so that each person leeching sharing your subscription […]

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CoM-AirFiDemoI’ve got plenty of headphones lying around the house — and I mean a lot. I’ve got some in-ear style ones, earbud style ones (which generally came from a variety of iDevices), and a couple of pairs — “over ear” headphones — that cover my ears completely. The thing about headphones is that each type […]

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