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Get Beautiful WordPress Themes From Themify [Deals]

CoM - Themify 2

Have you ever wanted to start a blog? Do you have an idea that you’d like to get on the web but don’t know where to begin in terms of design? Have you ever wanted to get a website up and running? Perhaps you’re looking for a new theme to change up your current design?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions…keep at it because thanks to  [Read More...]


The fast-looking STM Impulse.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again — simply because we enjoy repeating things: STM makes a %@$ # great bag. And they’ve just unveiled a revamp of their flagship bags in the form of a new family of gear they’re calling the Velocity Collection. Which is actually pretty damn apt for this line of fast, light, grab-and-go bags.

The most lust-worthy model from the  [Read More...]


The popular jailbreak tweak Zephyr has today been updated to squash a number of incompatibility issues with iOS 6, and to bring the iPad’s four-finger gestures to the iPhone. It now allows you to close apps and swipe between the ones you have running without touching the home button.

Just like the iPad’s gestures, you can now use a four-fingered swipe to the left or right to switch between apps, and a four-fingered pinch  [Read More...]

Froggy love, anyone?

Froggy love, anyone?

If you’ve got a hankering for a Missile-Command-styled arcade action game on your iPhone or iPad without engaging any emulation or lame vector graphics, Ballpit Monster’s Frog Orbs might be the game for you. Plus, if you’re in the mood for some holiday-themed fun, you can grab a special Valentine’s heart hat for your frog, along with a staff shaped like, you guessed it, a heart.

  [Read More...]

Simple, elegant, audio.

Simple, elegant, audio.

Ever since we reviewed this sweet menu bar internet radio app for the Mac, we’ve used it to tune into thousands upon thousands of stations just ripe for the listening. It was one of our 15 top apps of 2010, and one of the essential apps in the Freelance Mac App Bundle that came out back in June of 2011.

Now Radium is back with a  [Read More...]


You know about Magnetyze, right? It’s a system that lets you charge an iPhone 4/S or Galaxy S3 without the need for a cord. Pop your iPhone into the provided case, then drop the case on the magnetic charging base and your iPhone will charge (and sync) — it works kind of like the MagSafe power adapter on a MacBook. It’s really cool on the S3, because the Magnetyze case replaces the  [Read More...]

An iWatch concept

An iWatch concept

Rumors have started to pick up regarding Apple’s foray into wearable technology. Over the weekend, both The New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is working on an ‘iWatch’ product.

Now a third report on the mysterious device has surfaced, and it speaks to the level of focus Apple is giving the top secret project.

According to Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. has a team of about  [Read More...]

Fashion! It’s something we all either dread or avoid, right? Ok, maybe not all of us. But what of those among you who have no clue how to dress up for a fancy date or dinner or night out? How will you ever find out?

iPhone apps, of course! Whether you’re gearing up for a fancy night on the town for Valentine’s Day or beginning a more thorough process of bringing your wardrobe up to date, here are three apps  [Read More...]

iPhone 5 fireplace

Don’t let your iPhone snuff out the embers of your love.

“I was only checking Twitter,†I exclaimed in shock, as she threw my iPhone across the room, shattering it against the brick wall.

“It’s either me, or the iPhone,†she emphatically declared.

I didn’t know what to say. I had only checked Tweetbot while she was looking at her menu. It had finally come to this. Now I had  [Read More...]

Sensu brush 1

The idea was simple, create a brush and stylus combo tool that gives users an authentic painting experience on the iPad. Born on Kickstarter, the Sensu artist brush for iPad ($ 40) cruised well past its $ 7,500 funding goal, sitting pretty at just under $ 66,000 by the end of its funding deadline.

I now sit here with the product of that idea and Kickstarter cash, and after days of  [Read More...]