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It was only yesterday that we found out that music streaming apps like Spotify and Rdio are helping kill music piracy, as the music industry reported that global revenue rose in 2012 for the first time in 13 years.

Well, according to a different report that crunched some serious numbers, Apple’s iTunes Store played a big part in the music industry’s growth, by accounting for 60 percent of global digital music revenues.

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If you paid a couple thousand dollars for your Mac, but you’re currently not taking advantage of its hidden features, then you’ve wasted a lot of money. Your Mac has a ton of useful capabilities – don’t let those features go to waste. Especially when they’re going to directly benefit your life by saving hundreds of hours over the course of a year.

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We say “might,” because we haven’t tested it yet; but sandwiched between the hard exterior shell of Incase’s new Chisel case and the iPhone it protects is a second, soft case with a secret ingredient called Poron XRD — a material we’ve found almost unbelievably excellent at absorbing impact energy.

The Chisel’s secret sauce is cool, but it also has another trick that lets you remove the hard, outer half of  [Read More...]

Back in November, we reviewed PanoPerfect, an iPhone app that let you easily share panoramas right from your phone. Today, the developers behind PanoPerfect, HalfPeeled LLC, released an all new iPad version of PanoPerfect, along with a web client.

In addition to the iPad and web apps, the original iPhone application has also been cleaned up, with a complete UI redesign, new notifications tab, and a ton of other bug fixes.  [Read More...]



This small Bluetooth speaker looks remarkably like the iconic Jawbone Jambox, arguably the most popular ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker on the market right now. And just like the Jambox, it can be used to stream music and make calls. It even comes in what looks like the same colors — or very similar colors — the Jambox comes in.

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Heads up! If you use Amazon’s Kindle app for the iPhone or iPad, don’t hit update! The new 3.6.1 update will, if installed, delete your entire book library from your device. Amazon’s working on the problem, and for a problem of this magnitude, expect a quick fix.

Update: And it’s now been fixed!</a<

Apple's Spaceship campus won't be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Apple’s Spaceship campus won’t be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Steve Jobs pitched the idea of an Apple spaceship-like campus in the summer of 2011. He said that the project would be completed by 2015, but there have been a couple delays that have pushed the project back a little farther.

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At today’s Apple Shareholders Meeting, CEO Tim Cook admitted that Apple was “looking at new product categories” but that the company had no interest in just “pressing a button or two” to have Apple make the most products.

Asked during the Q&A section of the meeting how Apple plans to counter Android’s growth, Cook said that while it was within Apple’s power to have the most products in a category, it  [Read More...]

Aah, the iMessage ellipsis.

Aah, the iMessage ellipsis.

After texting on the iPhone for awhile, you get used to seeing the “…” bubble mid-conversation. Whenever someone with iMessage is typing to you, the ellipsis bubble appears in that thread of the Message app. It helps you know that whoever you’re talking to is about to respond, and it also gives people away when they choose to start an iMessage and then stop.

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Unlike the desktop browsers, there are no obvious “History” menus in Safari on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to help you navigate through webpages you visited earlier that you may want to access again. But that doesn’t mean there is no browsing history feature, instead it’s just slightly hidden, and accessing the browsing history in Safari is super simple though it may not be immediately evident given how it’s accessed in iOS.

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