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eBay Redesigns iPhone And iPad Apps

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eBay has released a pretty big update for its iPhone and iPad app. If you’ve used eBay on iOS before, you know that it’s not the greatest experience in the world. Today’s update hopefully makes it better.

Besides a visual redesign, eBay has added several nice features, including multiple item checkout, quicker registration, bug fixes, and more.

eBay for iPhone

- New and improved look and feel  [Read More…]

Intel Chose To Not Power The Original iPhone


For years there have been rumors saying that Intel will make mobile processors for the iPhone, and we’ve explained why that won’t happen multiple times. It’s just too late for Intel in a world that is dominated by ARM.

The CEO of Intel stepped down today, and he has revealed a juicy factoid: Apple approached Intel to provide processors for the original iPhone some six years ago, and Intel said  [Read More…]

Adding text to images is a fairly simple process to begin with that is made even easier with Preview, the basic image viewing app that is bundled on all Macs. Most people don’t think of Preview when they think of making adjustments and edits to pictures like this, but it works just fine, and because Preview has shipped with every version of OS X from the dawn of time, you’ll never have to download a third party app to just  [Read More…]

RunKeeper on the Pebble is like having your own personal trainer.

RunKeeper on the Pebble is like having your own personal trainer.

The Pebble smartwatch was a runaway success on Kickstarter, and backers have been receiving units in the mail for the past several months. Nearly 70,000 Pebbles have been shipped, and today the watch’s SDK has been updated to allow two-way communication between the Pebble and mobile apps. Pebble is encouraging devs  [Read More…]


A new piece of Mac malware has been discovered. The virus installs itself as “” and silently takes screenshots to then upload to shady servers. It doesn’t appear to be very widespread at the moment.

The malware was uncovered on an African activist’s Mac at the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual event dedicated to “exploring how best to challenge authoritarianism and promote free and open societies.”

Once installed, runs in the background and  [Read More…]


Even though the iPhone has thousands of apps that help you organize your thoughts and ideas, nothing works quite as well as a traditional paper notebook. At least that’s the thinking that went into DODOnotes, the first iPhone compatible paper notebook.

DODOcase, the company behind one of our favorite iPad cases, has come out with a new product for iPhone called DODONotes. It’s basically just a notepad with a little die-cut tray  [Read More…]

Apple introduced an update to iTunes versioned as 11.0.3 which adds a few user interface refinements and some minor features. The update can be downloaded from the  Apple menu by selecting “Software Update”, or by going directly to the App Store or iTunes to update. The two most notable changes are cosmetic in nature, and include a revised MiniPlayer and the addition of artwork to the songs view, here is how to access these additions:

The Revised iTunes MiniPlayer  [Read More…]


For the past six year that I’ve owned an iPhone, not once have I thought about buying a dock. What’s the point? You’ve got your cable right there anyway, and unless it adds some great functionality to the iPhone, I’ve never seen much point in them. But the Projectone from Karas Kustoms has changed my opinion on the usefulness of iPhone docks.

Projectone by Karas Kustoms Category: iPhone Dock Works With: iPhone  [Read More…]

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If you have a mid-2012 MacBook Air, Apple has released a small firmware update that addresses “a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause a system to fail to recover from crash.”

The update itself is just 1.69MB, and can be downloaded here

CoM - MacMate

Let’s face it … you can never have enough storage. With all of the media we’re using these days and essential backups we’re trying to keep, the more storage we have the better off we’ll be. The “cloud†is becoming increasingly useful for this – and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to give you the opportunity to have a whole lot of it with MacMate.

This 2  [Read More…]