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Now here’s one for the record books – a special one-of-a-kind Product (RED) Mac Pro, created jointly by Jony Ive and Marc Newson, sold at Sotheby’s on Saturday for $ 977,000! The upper six figure bid makes the (RED) Mac Pro… Read more ›     

Jony Ive Talks Link Between Apple And… Star Wars?

While there are plenty of revelations about how Jony Ive’s aesthetic developed in Leander Kahney’s NYT bestselling biography, Apple fans got a unique glimpse into an informative childhood inspiration for Ive this past week thanks to a television appearance on… Read more ›     

How Apple’s ‘Blacklist’ Manipulates the Press

Yes, Apple maintains a press “blacklist,” a list of people in the media who are shunned and ignored — “punished,” as it were, for “disloyalty.” “Blacklisted” reporters, editorialists and media personalities are denied access to information, products and events. Once… Read more ›     

See the URL associated with Safari Web Content processes in OS X

Regular users of the Safari web browser will be pleased to discover a great little trick that has been added to the Activity Monitor app in OS X Mavericks; the ability to see what URL is associated with each “Safari Web Content” process ID, thereby providing the ability to quickly find exactly which web pages are consuming resources or going errant.  [Read More…]

This week in Cult of Mac Magazine: how some collectors are making serious money with old Macs. Well, that and how some are discovering that it may be sentimental value that keeps the old machines humming – as it turns… Read more ›     

Apple revolutionized your iPhone’s camera with the introduction of the 5S, but now you can unlock its full potential with what’s being offered through this Cult of Mac Deals. With The Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit, smartphone photography has never been… Read more ›     

I love my Apple TV. I hate the Apple TV remote. Oh, sure, it looks slick, but it might as well be a contact lens for all of the instantaneous ease with which it is lost. I’ve taken to just… Read more ›     

Apple has the exclusive license to liquidmetal, prompting all sorts of speculation that we would sooner or later see liquid metal iPhones, iPads and Macs. Despite this, so far, we’ve only seen Apple release one “product” using liquidmetal: the iPhone… Read more ›     

Boxer is another of the new breed of apps that let you swipe your way through e-mail and get to the Zen state known only as “inbox zero.†Mailbox was arguably the first of these apps – which also let… Read more ›     

Chances are you’ve already picked your preferred music streaming service by now, but you’ll have another to consider next year when French startup Deezer make its debut in the United States. The company has avoided the U.S. up until now,… Read more ›