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birdseye-1  The words “fun” and “email” probably don’t belong together. But of the small handful of email apps available for the iPad, Birdseye is certainly the most fun. It’s also the most dynamic, with some cool tricks that should come standard with the stock iPad Mail app. Birdseye’s interface is so streamlined it makes the […]

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angrybirdsstarwars2Rovio announced this morning that the next game in its blockbuster Angry Birds franchise will be Angry Birds Star Wars II. Following up on the success of the original Angry Birds Star Wars, the new game will be based off the events in Star Wars episodes I-III. So far, details on the new game are fairly light, […]

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Though the iPad Picture Frame feature is nice, having it appear on the lock screen can be a problem. For one, it’s very easy to accidentally tap which is just frustrating, but perhaps more important is the potential privacy issues caused by Picture Frame defaulting to show the entire Photo app Camera Roll. This means that even with a lock screen passcode set, tapping that flower button may wind up displaying some pictures you don’t really want to share with  [Read More…]

Until Apple can get the cable companies to play ball, its TV set will remain a rumor.Apple has been trying to get a TV streaming service off the ground for quite some time. Instead of requiring your expensive cable subscription, Apple’s approach would likely be internet-only and rely on individual deals with the networks. In order to entice the networks, Apple has proposed an interesting business model for advertising. According to  [Read More…]

3phonecomp2Uber is a popular car service that is on a mission to make taxis obsolete. It pioneered the idea of using your smartphone to summon and pay for a car, and now Uber has expanded to 35 cities and 14 countries. Today Uber added a long-awaited feature. You can now split fares between multiple passengers […]

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Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone the Easy Way

Moving all contacts from an Android to an iPhone may sound complicated, but it’s actually really easy. What you’ll need to do is sync the entire address book from the Android device to Google’s cloud Contacts service, and then use Google Contacts service to transfer them to the iPhone. The result is that you’ll have the same contact list synced between both devices, which is great for permanent migration and transferring the contacts over to iOS, but also for temporary  [Read More…]

Following up on the release of the first full trailer for the new Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, Open Roads Studios has released a new Instagram trailer. It’s only 15 seconds long of course, but it’s packed with scenes of Ashton doing his best Steve Jobs death stare while reciting parts of Apple’s famous “The […]

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IMDBappIMDB released a new update for it’s iOS and Android apps today that includes a new feature that will allow iOS users to purchase movie tickets via the app. The free update also comes with a tie-in to the Amazon Mobile app that allows you to choose to buy a movie in IMDB and then […]

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hemlis_ui_mocksApple swears that it can’t read your iMessages, but with the NSA monitoring just about everything you do on the internet these days, complete security is rarely guaranteed. is a new messaging app from a group of Swedish developers, including a co-founder of The Pirate Bay. The main focus of is privacy, although […]

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Resize Any Image With PhotoZoom Classic 5 [Deals]

CoM-PhotoZoomClassicImage editing software can be mysterious and clunky. Not PhotoZoom Classic 5. It’s preloaded with sweet presets specifically designed for different types of photos and graphics, and even lets you create resize profiles – so if you have a preferred resize method you can select it with a single click. Even our non-artistic types (cough […]

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