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Owners of the Big Jambox are in for a treat. Just head over to the MyTalk page and administer a new firmware update. You ill be treated to two whole hours of extra battery life (in addition to the 15 you already enjoy) plus a host of genuinely hand new features.

AAC support gives a bigger range for anyone using an iDevice running iOS 6.1.x (and is what allows the extra battery life). You also get  [Read More...]


Do you ever worry that federal agencies might be hacking into your smartphone to read your text messages and listen to your calls? Then you’re probably up to no good, but you can sleep easy if all of your dirty business deals are carried out through iMessage on your iOS device.

Apple’s iMessage encryption is so good, not even federal agencies are able to crack it.

An internal Drug Enforcement Administration document,  [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.52.25 PM

App Store links mysteriously disappeared from Google search this week, making it more difficult to find iOS apps with a simple web search. Some suspected Google may have killed them intentionally, but it turns out that a technical issue is to blame for the glitch.

Google says it’s now working with “the team” to get it fixed.

Although most App Store links weren’t removed from Google’s search  [Read More...]

Mission Control

When you activate Mission Control, it will show you all the windows for currently running apps, as in the screenshot above. If you click on a window that’s in a different Desktop Space, your Mac will swoosh you over to that window, taking you out of the Space you’re currently in.

To avoid that from happening, you can force Mission Control to only show you windows from open apps in the  [Read More...]

Bookmarks in Notes

Bookmarks are a great way to return to the websites you’re most often interested in. However, there are a ton of times when you just want to remember a specific website once, maybe to show to another person or do some research with. There are a ton of online bookmarking services, like and Pinterest, but they have a whole social networking layer that maybe you just want to skip.

  [Read More...]


Remember when your phone seemed neat because it could actually tell you where you were on a map? That seems pretty quaint now that the gyroscopes and compasses and magic location beetles [1] not only tell our photons where they are, but how they’re moving and even which direction they’re pointed in.

And now that same quantum leap is about to happen in the world of personal fitness trackers. Oh boy. It’s called  [Read More...]


Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, brings us a crazy new rumor about the much-anticipated Apple television today following recent meetings with supply chain sources in China and Taiwan.

White claims that the “iTV” will finally launch during the second half of 2013, and that it’ll come with a miniature device called the “iRing”, which the user will wear on their finger to act as a pointer. The device will  [Read More...]


Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is one of my favorite Sega games on iOS, and it’s making its way to the Mac thanks to Feral Interactive. The game will be available to download from the Mac App Store tomorrow, April 4, with support for Game Center and iCloud game syncing.

If you’ve not played Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, you’re missing out — particularly if you like games like Mario Kart, because it’s one of the  [Read More...]

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Android may have a larger share of the smartphone market than iOS, but Apple’s Safari browser is still king of the mobile web. According to the latest market share data from Net Applications, Safari accounted for 61.79% of the mobile web traffic throughout March.

The latest figures show that Safari has actually gained more market share, jumping up from the 55.41% it saw in February. That’s despite Apple’s  [Read More...]

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Looking for a Retina iPad? Here’s a killer deal: Best Buy is having a clearance of up to 30% off third-gen iPads, meaning you can now buy a 16GB Retina iPad for less money than it costs to buy the entry-level iPad mini.

Right now, you can buy:

• 16GB iPad WiFi + Cellular for $ 405.99 (was $ 579.99) • 32GB iPad WiFi + Cellular  [Read More...]