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iphone5sallthreeSo Apple won’t let you pre-order the iPhone 5s and the very thought of waiting in front of an Apple Store for eight hours send spasms of dread from your eye sockets all the way down the nether regions you don’t even want to think about. Standing in an a line, any line, for hours, […]

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iOS 7 Battery Life

Some users are finding that updating to iOS 7 seems to have reduced the battery life of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Battery issues are often reported with major iOS updates, but this time around the culprits of newfound battery drain are easier to identify, because much of it relates directly to some new features and new control mechanisms built into the new iOS release. Fortunately,  [Read More…]

QuingoWe met with Morgan Belford, Game It Forward’s co-founder, when we hit PAX last month, and he told us about his company’s new game, Quingo, a free-to-play mix of trivia and bingo for iOS. The game lets players of all skill levels, including kids, play the trivia game to earn money for some great charitable […]

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iPhone-5s-AustraliaIf you were hoping to order a new iPhone 5s from the Apple Online Store tomorrow and have it delivered to your door on Saturday, then you may be out of luck. The new handset just went on sale in Australia, and no matter which color or capacity you go for, every single model comes […]

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Solstice Arena Splash ArtCalling it the “first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena),” Zynga released Solstice Arena to the iOS App Store this past June. The game garnered many awards and some fairly good reviews from around the web. Tuesday, Zynga announced that Solstice Arena was available in the Mac App Store, bringing the streamlined real-time action battle […]

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Boom! TanksIf you love tanks but find your standard-size garage and local laws too restrictive, you might want to check out Boom! Tanks, a free-to-play armored combat game by developer Codemasters. Boom! Tanks by Codemasters Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free This love letter to all things treaded and turreted tells the story […]

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The Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S? It’s not limited to just human use. As Darrell Etherington over at Techcrunch has discovered, it works just fine with a cat’s paw too. Running his Touch ID sensor through a battery of tests, Etherington discovered that it wasn’t just a fingerprint that could be used […]

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Confirmed: Apple’s A7 Chip Isn’t Quad-Core

AppleTownHall-869_575pxAs seen in the iPhone 5s, Apple’s new A7 chip is the world’s first 64-bit ARM-based chip… but it’s not Apple’s first quad-core chip. Instead, the A7 is dual-core in a sea of Android competitors boasting 32-bit quad-core processors. The revelation that the A7 chip is still dual-core comes from chip review site Anandtech, who […]

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Siri got way more helpful with the iOS7 update.Grab your iOS7-running iPhone and activate Siri. Now say one of the following… Change the brightness Adjust Bluetooth … and various combinations thereof. You’ll be rewarded with switches and sliders to adjust these settings right there on the Siri screen. Pretty good huh? This only works for certain settings: You can adjust Bluetooth and brightness, […]

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tumblr_mtb1f4Sr771qz7ymyo1_1280Boom! No, I mean it literally. This is a boom mic for the iPhone, although here is is pictured not on a boom but on the iPhone itself. Yes, for just $40, you too can make amateurish-looking movies where the mic dips into frame at just the wrong moment[1]. I guess that in theory, any […]

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