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Do any of these sound familiar?

The Strunch The Cocoon The Take It In The Trance The Smart Lean

Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the exact same dirty thoughts; but no: they’re not fun “adult poses” to enjoy with another human or similarly-sized biped. They are in fact some of the new postures that chair-maker Steelcase has noticed in hours of actually watching how we slump in our seats.

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Over the weekend, a fascinating little post over on the Panic weblog revealed that the Lightning AV adapter meant to send video out from a connected iPhone or iPad over HDMI had an interesting little secret to it: it’s not a converter so much as it is a tiny ARM-based computer with a tiny SoC and 2GB of RAM!

The guys at Panic had a theory that this meant that the Lightning AV Adapter booted  [Read More...]

Wacom: We’re Working On Our Own Multi-Touch Tablet

Wacom is readying a pressure-sensitive tablet of its own. The source of this “rumor”? Wacom itself, via its Facebook page. And being from Wacom, it’ll have a pressure-sensitive pen, plus multi touch and some more mystery features.


We’ve heard you shouting out loud for a Wacom mobile tablet for creative uses. Well… we’re listening. We’ve read your email and spoken to many about an on-the-go dream device.

It will come. This summer.  [Read More...]

Mac Setup: The Mac Pro Desk of a President

The Mac Pro setup of a CEO

This weeks awesome Mac setup is truly that, awesome. Coming to us from Ben K., he is the president of a company and uses all the power shown in this triple-screened Mac Pro workstation to get the job done.

We pulled this one from our Facebook page submissions so we didn’t get a traditional hardware list (yet), so we’re going to have to take a  [Read More...]

Ever had a song or album kept on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and wished you could play it on through the speakers of a Mac, Windows PC, or even a surround sound system on an Apple TV or XBMC media center? Whether it’s at your own house or at a friends, instead of copying the music over to a computer (which may not be allowed because of DRM anyway), you can just use AirPlay to stream the audio directly  [Read More...]

Ending Soon: The Mac Essentials App Bundle [Deals]

CoM- Essentials Bundle

Got a new Mac? Trying to get the most out of it – or perhaps the one you’ve had for a few months? There are countless tools out there than can help – but rarely can so many of them be found in a bundle such as this: The Mac Essentials Bundle.

Cult of Mac Deals has assembled 9 apps that can take your productivity on your Mac to the  [Read More...]

Should Google Take Podcasting Away from Apple?


Apple has demonstrated muted contempt for podcasting, with its passive-aggressive stewardship of the content and its apathy about the low quality of its own Podcasts app. 

I believe podcasting is the future of all audio and video media — the future of radio and television — and I’ll tell you why below.

So if Apple doesn’t want to own the future of TV and radio, maybe Google should take over the leadership  [Read More...]

Every week Mac Games and More ( features a casual, amusing Apple Mac game to play over the weekend. This week, it’s a well-tuned and perfectly pitched third installment of the Maestro series. Download it and try the free demo now

Maestro Music From The Void – Collector’s Edition (adventure) – This terrific adventure game is the third chapter in a series after Maestro: Music of Death and  [Read More...]

CoM - Designer Freebie

We’ve got a great offer for you at Cult of Mac Deals today – not only because it is jam-packed with hundreds of high-quality vector files, PSD files, icons and more. It’s because this bundle – dubbed The Premium Designer Freebie Bundle is available at no cost whatsoever!

Here’s what you’ll get in this stellar free bundle (Regular price in parentheses):

15 High-Quality iPhone and iPad Website Templates  [Read More...]

Why Apple Needs to Fix Its Podcast Problem



Apple treats podcasting like an unwanted stepchild. 

I think this is a huge missed opportunity for Apple — and for audio and video content creators.

Here’s what Apple is doing wrong, and how they could do it right.