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moto-x-7Motorola has finally revealed all most of the details of the Moto X after months of leaks, and while the handset looks great and is customizable to a fault, what we really want to know is how its specs stack up against the best smartphones out there. Specs aren’t everything, but it is important to […]

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Eye-Fi Mobi: Finally, Eye-Fi Gets It Right [Review]

IMG_2417.JPGMobi byEye-Fi Category: SD cards Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Price: $50 I have used a variety of Eye-Fi cards in the past, both top-end, RAW-compatible Eye-Fi branded cards, and SanDisk’s licensed versions. And all of them have sucked. But the folks at Photojojo insisted I try out the new 8GB Eye-Fi mobi, a card […]

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If the DoJ gets its way, the iBookstore will be shut down.Earlier today, the U.S. Department of Justice proposed serious remedies for Apple to abide by now that the company has been found guilty of conspiring to fix e-book prices. When the ruling was issued last month that Apple was guilty, the outcome of the suit was unknown. How would the government punish Apple (for something that […]

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4 Essential Tips for MacBook Air Owners

The MacBook Air just might be the greatest laptop ever made, it’s extremely light, powerful, has an amazing battery life, and somehow packs all of that into an affordable package. To get the absolute most out of this wonderful Mac, you’ll want to run through these four (well, technically six) essential tips, which cover what I routinely recommend for every MacBook Air owner.

MacBook Air

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Unless you're super broke right now, I suppose.Double Fine’s Brütal Legend is out on the Mac App Store, and to celebrate, the publisher has dropped the price to a mere ten bucks. Considering that this game still retails for $15-$20 online, at least, this is a great deal. Did I mention it also has Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 5.27.13 PMCocktail is a popular OS X utility that has been around for years. It’s a simplistic app that lets you clean up and optimize your Mac’s system. The developer behind Cocktail, Maintain, has finally released a version that is fully compatible with Mountain Lion. A Mavericks edition is also in the works. Cocktail is a […]

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See me adding The CultCast? See?It’s fine to listen to one podcast at a time, one episode at a time, of course it is. You’re more than welcome to just download and tap your way through your podcasts on a one by one basis. I’m not judging. Sometimes, though, it’s great to queue up a whole bunch of sweet podcasting […]

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Blitz Block RoboI play a lot of iOS games on iPhone and iPad. There’s so many games out there, so much content, that it can be extremely difficult to find something you’ll like without having to download a ton of apps, try them out, and then discard them as they don’t quite scratch the itch you’re needing, […]

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Instagram Any photo taken in Instagram will automatically post directly to your Instagram feed, sharing the picture with the world (or at least whoever follows you). But what if you want to take a picture or two with the Instagram app, apply those fancy filters, and not actually share them with anyone? That’s not an option directly within the Instagram app itself, but you can use a neat little trick on the  [Read More…]

The Most Trippy MacBook Engraving You’ve Ever Seen

GInWzlcWe’ve seen our fair share of cool MacBook decals and engravings over the years, but holy crap this one might take the cake. as the most trippy MacBook engraving ever. Your retinas can get lost for days swimming through this weird Illuminati vortex. The redditor who created it said he designed it using Illustrator and […]

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