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larger iPhone concept by Martin HajekThe latest from The Wall Street Journal is that Apple is working on bigger screens for the iPhone, with experiments ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard such claims; the Journal itself said Apple was testing larger iPhones and iPads in July. It sounds like Apple is still in […]

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2K Drive Racing Game Launches Only On iOS

2k drive2K Drive, the highly anticipated racing game from the creators of titles like Project Gotham Racing, has launched as an iOS-exlusive title in the App Store. We’ve been covering the story of 2K Drive for awhile, and Cult of Mac Games Editor Rob LeFebvre got to play it over the weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo. […]

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docomo--621x414The iPhone is headed to Japan’s largest wireless provider, DoCoMo, this fall, according to a new report from Japanese business publication Nikkei. Apple and DoCoMo recently agreed on the terms of the partnership, and the iPhone will likely be officially announced on DoCoMo the same day as Apple’s September 10th unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C. Japan’s other […]

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How to Recover / Restore Deleted iPhone Contacts

Restoring deleted Contacts from an iPhone It’s never fun to accidentally delete a contact that is needed, let alone multiple contacts or even an entire address book. If you find yourself in a situation where you have deleted contacts from your iPhone that you then must recover, you can often get them back by performing a variety of tricks. We’ll cover four ways to get your address book or an individual contact  [Read More…]

iphonedealbestbuy    We’re just a few days away from learning all the details (and price) of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, which means retailers like Best Buy are scrambling to clear all their old iPhone 5 inventory off shelves. Best Buy is taking $50 off the price of the iPhone 5, in an effort […]

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Speaking of the iPad 5 and the next iPad mini, a YouTube user has post a new video online comparing the rear shells of the iPad 5 with the next-gen iPad mini. Since these are just the shells of the next iPads, not their screens or guts, you can’t tell much about the actual specs […]

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ibooksauthorabout.jpgSince it’s introduction last year, Apple’s iBooks Author app has only supported the creation of iBooks for iPad, but some new evidence on Apple’s website suggests  iPhone support might be on its way soon. Apple’s added ebook support for the iPad mini and previewed the arrival of iBooks for Mac WWDC, leaving the iPhone as […]

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We think of Steve Jobs as one of the most media savvy guys around, but as this video shows, the first time he appeared on camera, he thought he was going to puke. Way back in 1978, a very young Steve Jobs appared on local San Francisco news station KGO-TV to talk about the Apple […]

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Send Files via iMessageEver need to send a buddy a quick screenshot or file? How about sending a file from your iPhone to your friend on a Mac? Getting files from one computer to another is a fairly easy task, what with email and services like Dropbox around, but I’ve been using Messages to send files to friends, […]

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low-cost-iphone-iphone-5-bottom-1Sadly, whenever Apple is about to launch a new product, we tend to hear about violations of workers’ rights in Apple’s supply chain. It makes sense. A lot of companies bid against each other for Apple’s business in Asia, then don’t have the money to hire enough workers to fulfill Apple’s huge orders. The result? […]

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