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First, AntiSec leaked a ton of iPhone and iPad UDIDs to the public, claiming they hacked them off an FBI laptop. The FBI responded and said there was no way the UDIDs came from them. Then Apple jumped in and said that they totally didn’t give anyone 12million UDIDs. But 12million UDIDs were still leaked and people are still wondering how the heck AntiSec got them.

A few theories have been bouncing  [Read More...]

The wait is nearly over.

Apple has begun prepping the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for the iPhone 5′s grand unveiling on September 12. Now that the Cupertino company has sent out invitations for the much-anticipated event, it has started decorating the venue with its logo, while exterior banners are expected to go up later today.

These images, obtained by Andrew Stern, were sent to 9to5Mac, and they show that Apple’s  [Read More...]

Whether you love her delicious looking meat dresses or not, there’s no denying that Lady Gaga is one of the biggest names in music right now with a bevy of singles that have launched her into superstardom.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Lady Gaga wants to do something new with her next album that she’s working on. Earlier today Lady Gaga revealed that her next Album, Artpop, won’t just be  [Read More...]

It’s not a Wacom, but it’s close. And it’s much, much cheaper.



It seems so simple: Press harder, get a thicker, darker line. But drawing on the iPad has been – in pressure sensitivity terms at least – little better than using an Etch-a-Sketch. Now, at last, we’re seeing the first pressure-sensitive styluses for the iPad. Very, very soon you’ll be able to buy the new Bluetooth 4 Pogo Connect for  [Read More...]

Apple will be holding its highly anticipated iPhone 5 event this coming Wednesday, and the new iPhone is expected to go one sale Friday, September 21st. According to a new rumor, Apple will finally drop the iPhone 3GS and make the iPhone 4 its cheaper, entry-level model.

The 3GS was introduced back in 2009, and the phone is still offered 3 years later for free with a two-year carrier contract. With the  [Read More...]

Cultcast site promo pic

The new iPhone 5 is almost among us, dear friends, and on this episode of the CultCast, we’ll tell you everything we know about it, ponder what Apple will actually be naming it, and tell you how to hang on to that unlimited data plan your carrier wants to move you out of.

Plus, looks like there’s a new HD tablet in town, and this one is looking pretty fern good,  [Read More...]

Apple cut its order for memory chips slated to go into the upcoming iPhone 5, according to a report at Reuters this evening. Citing a “source with direct knowledge of the matter,” the report says that while the South Korean chip manufacturer is still on the list as an initial supplier of memory chips for the new iPhone model, but that Apple continues to decrease its reliance on Samsung as a chip  [Read More...]

Twitter for Mac’s future isn’t looking very bright. The app hasn’t received an update in over a year, and it doesn’t look like Twitter will be updating it ever again.

Word on the street is that Twitter has an update technically in its pipeline, but the social network probably won’t pull the trigger. Twitter for Mac has basically been sent to its grave.

Well-sourced TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler tweeted the news earlier,  [Read More...]

Steve Jobs unveiled Genius to the world back in September of 2008.

Apple has been working on beefing up its iTunes experience for quite some time, and now it looks like the Cupertino company is looking to create a Pandora-like internet radio service. Users would be able to create stations for favorite artists or songs, and Apple would presumably use its Genius algorithm to stream related music. The service would be free  [Read More...]

The Arctic. A tribe of mystical, peace-loving Eskimos. A greedy, visionary corporation named Toxi Co. (get it?). A freak accident unleashes goo that mutates all in its path, including a massive polar bear named, you guessed it, Fatty Sparkles.

Can’t you picture this on your television or movie screen? How about as a turn-based multiplayer digital board game? I bet you can see it both ways, and that’s what developer, Lantern, is  [Read More...]