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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Brings Fishing To Your iOS Device [Video Review]

From lakes to oceans, people everywhere can be found fishing. With busy workdays and full weekends, it can be hard to find the time to go out and cast your reel. The new app Ace Fishing: Wild Catch brings the… Read more ›     

Game Of Thrones’ Sex And Murder Looks Totally Cuddly In Emoji [Video]

Everybody is making emoji video interpretations of pop culture nowadays, but with Game of Thrones season 4 premiering in just four more days we’re particularly fond of this video, Game of Phones. The clever video brings you up to speed… Read more ›     

Skyline Skaters Has A Great Game Underneath All Those Windows [Review]

Alright, so we’ve endlessly run, flown, swam, and jetpacked. Why not add skateboarding to that list? Skyline Skaters by Tactile Entertainment Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free Skyline Skaters is a new free-to-play endless skateboarder that transports… Read more ›     

Photos Show Striking Glass Design For Turkey’s First Apple Store

Some photos have leaked showing Apple’s first Turkish physical retail store days before it opens. The images were posted to Instagram by user orbaygumus, and depict a large cuboid glass structure, similar to the glass installations at Apple Stores in… Read more ›     

SITU Is A Smart Food Scale That Talks To Your iPad [Kickstarter]

Today marks the launch of an intriguing new Kickstarter project. Created by former Apple employee Michael Grothaus, SITU is a simple, attractive Bluetooth food scale which talks to your iPad. By showing you the exact nutrition content of any food… Read more ›     

Deep Sci-Fi RPG Evolution Slams Its Way To The App Store

Evolution, just released on the App Store, is looking like a badass free-to-play science fiction role-playing game with real style. Build your base to collect resources, battle with your character in real time, solve environmental puzzles, and upgrade everything–weapons, armor,… Read more ›     

Pebble Notes Puts Everything You Need To Remember On Your Wrist

Pebble Notes, a new iPhone app written by a student for students, puts important information on your wrist by sending your notes to your Pebble. So many of us rely on the notes we’ve created and stored on our smartphones… Read more ›     

Apple Publishes Chart Of Week’s Most Downloaded iOS Games

Apple has released its latest weekly list of the most downloaded games in the App Store. Unlike a near-realtime list like the iTunes chart, this list reflects cumulative total downloads over a 7-day period — in this case March 24… Read more ›     

BlackBerry Severs Partnership With T-Mobile After iPhone Feud

BlackBerry has announced that it will not renew the T-Mobile (U.S.) license to sell its products when it expires on April 25 — ending a decade-plus relationship between the two companies. “BlackBerry has had a positive relationship with T-Mobile for… Read more ›     

Nest Thermostat Goes On Sale In The U.K.

The Google-owned Nest thermostat arrives in the U.K. today. Created by “Podfather” Tony Fadell and former Apple colleague Matt Rogers, the Nest thermostat is an iOS-connected device which allows users to control and automate their indoor heating. It can be… Read more ›