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Scapple is a great new app for writers. If you were looking for an app that creates a sheet of paper on your Mac, then this is it. Scapple comes from Literature and Latte, the folks behind the amazing Scrivener, so you know that it has been designed and used by writers.

Set the app to full-screen and you have little emote than a beige sheet of virtual paper and a mouse  [Read More…]

The STATION iPhone Caddy Wrangles Desktop Detritus

You don’t want to see my desk. Trust me – it’s pretty bad. In fact, you mightn’t even be able to see it, hidden as it is under a stack of junk and gadgets.

Actually, I’m kidding. I’m a neat-freak, which is why I have my eye on the Station, a bamboo desk tidy for your iPhone and all your other crap.

$ 40 will get you this minimalist tray, fashioned from sturdy  [Read More…]

Protect Yourself On Public Wi-Fi With Cloak [Deals]

CoM - Cloak

Public Wi-Fi is becoming more commonplace these days, with smaller cities (like the one I live in) even adding it for the convenience of commuters and the like. But when you’re on public Wi-Fi — like at coffee shops, airports, hotels, or conferences — anybody can see what you’re doing online. If you visit sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and thousands of others, your privacy may be at risk.

  [Read More…]

Updated already? Shake it!

Mailbox may be the best email app out there, but it’s only on the iPhone. In Cult of Mac’s official review, we noted that one of the biggest cons was a lack of iPad support. Because Mailbox has such a distinct workflow for managing email, it’s difficult to use when not present on all devices.

The good news is that Mailbox is coming to the iPad. Orchestra,  [Read More…]

CoM - German Bundle

(Um die Details dieser Abmachung in deutscher Sprache zu lesen, klicken Sie hier.)

A bundle that contains 8 tremendous Mac apps at a ridiculously low price is rare, but one that contains those apps in German is nearly unheard of. Well, that’s what you’ll get with The German Mac Bundle – 8 killer apps (including apps like TextExpander, Soulver, and the ever-popular Parellels Desktop 8) in the German language  [Read More…]

Speaking Photo

SpeakingPhoto is a new social photography app that lets you connect in real-time with anyone you like, using photos and recorded audio to share your special moments. Competing with Vine, Snapchat, and Digisocial, SpeakingPhoto aims to be a nicer place to be; instead of the party-atmosphere of the latter two apps, this one wants to let you record and archive the “memories, notes, and stories behind milestone moments in your personal  [Read More…]

XCOM Elite Edition

Critically acclaimed real time strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, has just hit the Mac App Store with a new Elite Edition, just for the Mac.

XCOM stands for Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, and the game lives up to its name, with turn-based tactical battles on a global scale, with a solid storyline and deep role playing game systems to boot. If you’re a sci-fi gamer who loved StarCraft I and II,  [Read More…]

Now that’s pretty. Apple just posted a HD video of its new, poignant TV ad, “Photos Every Day,” on its YouTube Channel.

In the ad, a beautiful solo piano piece plays over images of people backpacking, skate boarding, running, window shopping, beach combing, travelling, and in the rain taking pictures of cityscapes, concert, crowds, dessert, dinner, gymnastics, goofing off, landscapes, jellyfish, and tourists in cars, in houses, out in nature, and from above and under beds. It ends with  [Read More…]