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Look, folks, it’s Valentine’s day coming up this week, and you know what that means. Either you’re a full-on V-Day fan and you’re out to get the best gift and/or date for your significant other, or you’re one of those haters who sees this as nothing more than a crass attempt to pry even more money out of your pocket in the service of an outdated social ideal.

Either way, though, you can  [Read More...]

Let’s get this over with quick, ok?

Greenlight Capital is suing Apple in an effort to get Apple to send back more of its $ 137 billion cash reserves in the form of shareholder dividends. Apple took this fairly seriously, and issued a press release explaining where they were at on the issue, including the fact that the Cupertino-based company has already given shareholders $ 10 billion of a planned $ 45 billion in  [Read More...]


I have a love-hate relationship with Spigen’s line-up of Glas.T screen protectors.

Glas.TR by Spigen Category: Screen Protectors Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 34.99

On the one hand, they just feel great. If there’s any truth to the notion that screen protectors are to smartphones what prophylactics are to sex, the Glas.t feels like wearing nothing at all. The extra millimeters of glass help protect your screen from scratches, but still  [Read More...]

CoM - Instacanvas3rd

Ever post an Instagram that receives dozens or even hundreds of likes? If so, that sounds like it would be the perfect piece for your living-room that everyone is sure to love. With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can hang “insta-memories†on your wall with the professional-grade canvas options provided by InstaCanvas – and you can do that starting at only $ 28!

Get your 12″× 12″  [Read More...]


We’re huge fans of Orchestra’s email inbox management app, Mailbox, here at Cult of Mac. Less popular around here? The extraordinary queue that Orchestra forces you to sit in before they’ll let you into the app.

The reason Orchestra has set it up this way is to prevent demand from crushing their servers, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying (for more info on Orchestra’s rationale, see this article). When we  [Read More...]

Fastest way to type Emoji Emoji characters are a great way to have more expressive conversations and bring some fun into messaging, but tapping the globe icon on the iOS virtual keyboard to select a character isn’t exactly fast. Accessing the Emoji icons is even harder if you’re using an external keyboard with an iPad or iPhone since your fingers have to leave the keys to tap the screen, but it doesn’t  [Read More...]

evasi0n jailbreak

Apple released iOS 6.1.1 today. Interestingly, the software was only made available as a critical update for the iPhone 4S. All of Apple’s other iOS devices are still on iOS 6.1. There were bugs in iOS 6.1 relating to cellular connectivity and battery life, but the concerns were specifically related to only the 4S.

Jailbreakers will be pleased to learn that Apple has not yet patched the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak in 6.1.1.  [Read More...]

iOS 6.1.1

iOS 6.1.1 has been released for iPhone 4S users only. The update is small but important, and is thought to resolve some ongoing network issues that the iOS 6.1 update brought for certain iPhone 4S devices on certain cell carriers, particularly in Europe. Users effected by the issue reported that after updating some iPhone devices to iOS 6.1, they could no longer place phone cals, send and receive text  [Read More...]


Apple CEO Tim Cook will be rubbing shoulders with the Obama family at the U.S. State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 12th. First Lady Michelle Obama has apparently invited Cook to sit in her box while President Barack Obama gives his speech.

Cook “will be joined by military families, those championing immigration reform and those whose lives have been touched by gun violence,” according to the San Jose Mercury News.

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Why You Have To Wait To Use Mailbox On Your iPhone

 Mailbox wait list

Few apps have managed to generate as much hype as Mailbox, a new email client for the iPhone. The company behind Mailbox, Orchestra, first teased the app late last year. Mailbox made its triumphant debut in the App Store this past week. Our own John Brownlee gave it a glowing review and called it, “a flawless execution of a great idea that will completely change how you deal with email.”  [Read More...]