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Grovemade’s Walnut Back Adds Small Walnut Rectangle To MacBook

Grovemade’s neat iPhone bumper cases offer protection to your phone, and although they’re a bit bulky they’re light and they look great. This new MacBook Back, a self-adhesive walnut panel, offers no useful protection, but it only adds 1.8 or… Read more ›

Macally Keyboard Pairs With Five Bluetooth Devices, Plus One USB

Macally’s BTKEYPRO looks like a nice do-everything keyboard, for all your devices. The main selling point is that it can pair with and switch between up to five devices, letting you use it with your iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPad Mini… Read more ›

Gramofon, Cheap Wi-Fi Music Streaming From The Makers Of Fon

I have a Libratone Zipp speaker, and it works great – within five line-of-sight meters of my router that is. Any further and it just goes nuts, shows me a red light and refuses to play. What I need is… Read more ›

Last Chance! The StackUp iOS App Bundle: Get 12 iPhone And iPad Apps At A Great Price

The StackUp iOS App Bundle is offering 12 iOS apps valued at $ 113 for just $ 36. Several of these apps are geared towards making your iOS experience a more productive one, which is why this particular bundle caught my attention.… Read more ›

Samsung Email: Steve’s Dead, Let’s Attack iPhone

The Apple vs Samsung legal battle has been full of low points for both companies as they spare for global domination, but an email from Samsung’s VP of Sales fired off just two days after Steve Jobs’ death shows how… Read more ›

Burds Brings Puzzling Fun Amongst Fowl App Store Releases [Video Review]

One of the most popular trends in app store gaming is incorporating birds into gameplay. While developers have created games based off of angry and flappy birds, one of the newest additions Burds keeps it plain and simple. Swipe and… Read more ›

Search the Web for Selected Words & Phrases from Almost Anywhere in iOS

On the Mac, you may know that a right-click on just about anything can bring up a “Search the web” feature. When chosen, the selected term or phrase, whether from an app or from another web browser, gets quickly searched for using your default browser. This is great if you’re reading something and you want … Read More

Google Glass Sells Out In First One-Day Sale

On Tuesday, Google began selling Google Glass to residents of the United States for a 24-hour period. Costing $ 1,500 (plus tax), and coming bundled with either sunshade lenses or a prescription lens frame, Google warned in advance that numbers were… Read more ›

How Apple Should Fix iOS 7.1′s Horrible Shift-Key

Among Jony Ive’s many changes brought to iOS 7 was the tinkering of the keyboard’s Shift key which has inexplicably gotten worse over time. Streaks of successfully guessing whether the shift key is on or not should be award with showers… Read more ›

ChemCrafter Is Like Playing With Mr. White’s Chem Set On Your iPad

I didn’t pay much attention in high school chemistry class, which probably put my grades even lower than Jessie Pinkman’s, but if the study of matter and science gets your curiosity boiling, ChemLabs has a chemistry learning app that would… Read more ›