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CoM - MacPhun Bundle

As the summer vacation season hits in our neck of the woods, there’s bound to be plenty of photos being taken of people having fun in the sun. Whether you’re using a simple point-and-shoot, a high-end DSLR, or even your smartphone – the photo-taking process doesn’t end once you take the shot. You’re going to want to make that shot look as great as possible afterward – and that’s  [Read More…]

You’re probably aware that iPhone will automatically detect phone numbers in web pages, allowing you to tap directly on a phone number and choose to call that number, send it a message, add it to Contacts, or to copy it to the clipboard. The tap-to-dial function is easily the quickest way to call a number found on the web:

Dial a number quickly with a tap and hold

But what about  [Read More…]


If Apple is going to update the iPad mini with a Retina Display a year after it’s debut, they need to get cracking on sourcing the 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, 7.9-inch displays that will drive them. Now a new rumor suggests that Apple has contracted good ol’ frenemy Samsung to make them for them.

According to a report from Korea’s ETNews, Samsung Display is supplying the 7.9-inch Retina Displays to Apple,  [Read More…]



Nestled amid the gentle rolling hills of my old stomping ground of Westlake Village sits Blue Microphones, little more than a half hour north of Los Angeles. There’re actually two lakes in the area: beautiful Sherwood, and the grubby man-made boating pond of Westlake Lake. Neither, to my recollection, has ever had a reported sighting of a monster.

Blue Microphones’s new USB mic is named “Nessie,” which I guess means now the area  [Read More…]

iWork For iCloud Beta Is Now Open To Developers



Apple’s new ‘iWork for iCloud’ suite of browser-based apps are now ready for testing. Developers received a notification today that iWork for iCloud is up and ready for a test drive.

iWork for iCloud allows users to edit any iWork document from a web browser. The programs will run on a PC or Mac as long you’re running Safari, Chrome, or Internet explore. iWork for iCloud includes browser-based versions of Pages,  [Read More…]


An iOS 7 concept that draws inspiration from the ‘Metro’ tile interface in Windows 8.

iOS 7 is clearly how Apple sees the future of mobile design. It’s a radical departure from anything the company has ever done before. The general aesthetic also feels a lot more like Android and even Windows Phone 8.

Whether it’s intentional or by pure coincidence, Apple’s internal nickname for iOS 7 happens to be the same  [Read More…]

Get Apple’s iOS 7 Wallpapers On Your iPhone Right Now

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.43.16 PM

Apple introduced a few new wallpapers in iOS 7. Since the software is only in its first beta, there are only two new static images to choose from. iOS 7 also supports animated wallpapers, and Apple has included two of those to try out.

If you’d like to get iOS 7′s hi-res wallpapers on your iPhone right now, then you can download them directly from here and  [Read More…]


The App Store in iOS 7 has an new ‘Wish List’ feature that’s designed to help you keep track of all the paid-apps you’re lusting after.

You can access Wish List from anywhere inside the new iOS 7 App Store by tapping on the Wish List icon in the upper-right corner. Apple’s put the Wish List icon on pretty much every page in the new App Store so it looks like they’re  [Read More…]


There are a few popular apps that already look like they were designed for iOS 7. Twitterrific 5 by The Iconfactory is one such example. Months before Apple unveiled iOS 7, Twitterrific started using the general design aesthetic Apple has now implemented across the entire OS. It’s almost like the makers of Twitterrific knew what was coming.

Following the unveiling of iOS 7 and Apple releasing the software in beta form to  [Read More…]

k-bigpic (1)

Remember when the Smart Cover for iPad was first announced, and it turned out Apple was apparently inspired by Japanese bath mats when coming up with their design? Looks like Jony Ive looked around his hotel room during a recent trip to Tokyo and let another everyday Japanese object influence the design of one of Apple’s latest products.

This time? It’s being noted that a very popular Japanese trash can  [Read More…]