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CoM - CoffeeCup

This Cult of Mac Deals offer features CoffeeCup Web Editor – a clever coding machine designed for one specific reason: making web-editing as painless as possible!

Whether you are a web design rookie or seasoned veteran, CoffeeCup is equipped with a variety of helpers, tools, and slick tricks to guide you every step of the way. Organization and efficiency are key to staying sane and producing quality work. Once you  [Read More...]

Ever wish you could connect all your Thunderbolt accessories to one single box and then just hook that up to your MacBook? No, of course not. Because you don’t have any Thunderbolt accessories. Nobody does, unless they like spending double for a hard drive or have picked up one of Apple’s nice Thunderbolt displays. Which include the dock anyway.

No, what you need is the MacDock, a neat little Apple-TV-like box which connects a  [Read More...]


Even though the iPhone 5S will probably look a lot like the iPhone 5, that doesn’t mean it won’t have some cool new features.

A new rumor claims that the iPhone 5S will have both an NFC chip along with a fingerprint sensor, and that they will work in tandem to authorize easy transactions.

According to the China Times, Apple is working with Chipbond Science and Technology in Taiwan to bring the  [Read More...]

Ultra-Simple iPhone Stand Doubles As Cable-Saver

Often, simple=good. And the Sine Cable Stand from UrbanPrefer is both simple and good. It does two things: works as a cord-wrapper for your iPhone’s power cable, and acts as a handy-dandy stand for your iPhone while it charges.

The Sine is a triangular block of plastic with a channel around its edge and a hole running through the center of the flat face. The cable is  [Read More...]


Ever needed a way to use your iPhone to control your iPad camera, or vice versa? No? How about using your iPod touch as a baby monitor, with an iPad upstairs to monitor your baby’s nap time? Or keeping an eye on a pet in the other room with your iPhone? You might want to take a picture with your iPhone on a tripod, to get a large group of people in the  [Read More...]

Save yourself a trip to your computer and invoice from the beach.

Save yourself a trip to your computer and invoice from the beach.

I use Freshbooks on the web all the time to send out invoices and request payment for various writing and freelance jobs I have. It allows me to create invoices, send them, and have people respond to me as if I have a real business with real invoices. It’s  [Read More...]


Apple’s latest ad campaign for the iPad has been somewhat underwhelming, but that’s not stopping Cupertino from bringing the same format to some new iPhone 5 ads.

Apple just unveiled the two new iPhone 5 ads called ‘Discover’ and ‘Brilliant’ that show off features like Apple Maps 3D Flyover feature, Garage Band for iOS, Yelp, Hue light bulbs, Cards, and much more.

Here’s the ‘Brilliant’ ad:


And ‘Discover’:

You can  [Read More...]

Giant piles of cash, oh my!

Giant piles of cash, oh my!

Chief investment officer of Gamco Investors, Howard Ward, today said that Apple is planning to reveal its plans for what to do with the enormous amount of cash by next month. Apple needs to respond to growing criticism over what it’s doing with its $ 137.1 billion in cash and investments, not to mention the $ 42 billion in earnings investors  [Read More...]

Aeropress Timer App For Coffee-Loving Nerds

If you like good coffee and don’t own an Aeropress, you’re missing out – the thing is just $ 30 and it’ll make better coffee than a stovetop moka pot, and it’s fun to use to boot.

And better still, there’s now a companion app. Developed by Jarrod Glasgow, Aeropress Timer is an iPhone app which combines Aeropress recipes with a countdown timer for the perfect cup, every time.

The Aeropress, made by  [Read More...]

Google Updates UI Of Gmail Web App For Android And iOS


After updating the Gmail app for iOS, Google has decided to bring many of the redesigned UI improvements over to its web and offline apps.

The Gmail web app for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire was updated today with a redesigned UI to make it look more like the iOS app, after many Gmail users requested Google make the change.

At the time of the announcement, Google didn’t release a list of  [Read More...]