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Calendar icon Calendar is one of the most useful features of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and many of us wind up managing our schedules entirely through the app. But even if you’re just a casual Calendar user, you’ll still get some great use out of these five tips aimed at improving the speed of your interactions with Calendar app. You’ll learn to quickly move appointment and event times, change the  [Read More…]

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 3.01.30 PMMobile payment startup Square has updated its Register app with several new features. Both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app can now record and track payments, including checks and gift cards. On the iPad, merchants can reconcile their cash drawers using the app’s clean interface. The portable SM-S220i printer can now be used to […]

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Brrrrapapo!My kids and I have been watching episodes of Adventure Time, Cartoon Network’s disturbingly funny cartoon show. The adventures of Finn, Jake and a cast of crazy characters is compelling television, and hilarious on many different levels. Legends of Ooo – Adventure Time originally launched for iOS last year in June, and while it provided […]

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haffidthethiefThe number one rule when it comes to stealing an iPhone is to turn off Find My iPhone and restore iOS to factory settings. Every good thief knows this, but there are so many clueless ones who don’t, the latest of which is a charming douchebag from Dubai named Hafid. Hafid likes to cruise around […]

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KI_top_08  Kii by Bluelounge Category: iPhone Cables Works With: Any iPhone or iPad Price: $19.95-39.95 We’ve all been there: out of juice on the road and with no charging cable on hand. You can, of course, carry around a 30-pin or Lightning charging cable with you, but that takes up space. There’s something to be […]

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Joining its buddy Microsoft, Nokia has decided to start attacking Apple’s products head-on with a new ad campaign for the Nokia 925 that bashes the iPhone 5’s camera. The new ad starts by noting that more pictures are taken on the iPhone everyday than any other camera, but Nokia’s all about quality instead of quantity, […]

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Push or Fetch emailYou have a couple of options when setting up your email accounts on an iPhone or iPad, Fetch and Push. While Push is only available to more modern email accounts like Gmail, most of us have at least one account that can utilize this email service. But what’s the difference, really? And how do you […]

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Nexus-w-iPadFor a long time after its launch, the iPad was by far the best-selling tablet on the market, and no matter how hard they tried, rival devices didn’t stand a chance of stealing its market share. But that’s all changed, according to the latest figures from IDC. Android-powered slates saw a staggering 163% increase in […]

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When Pigs FlyAdventure games are fantastic fun, but they tend to be a bit outdated. Even the newer ones seem to think that hunting for tiny little pixels in confusing images and combining bizarre objects together is the way to go. Brazillian developer Pigasus Games thinks it’s high time we play adventure games that don’t force us […]

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iPhone-3GS-backThose with older iPhones and iPods are now being contacted regarding a possible payout over faulty liquid damage indicators that caused some customers to lose out on free AppleCare repairs. Apple agreed to pay $53 million in a class action lawsuit earlier this year, and those who may be eligible for damages should be receiving […]

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