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Amazon Surges Past Apple In Streaming Video Stats

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service is on fire in the United States — and that growth happened before Amazon even introduced its $ 99 Fire TV set-top box. According to a new report from online-video delivery and caching solutions provider Qwilt,… Read more ›

PhotoFlip Is An Almost-Excellent Picture Note-Taking App

PhotoFlip has the beginnings of a great idea, let down by poor implementation. Here’s the idea: The app lets you add notes to the photos you have in your iPhone camera roll, without copying those images. That is, the pictures… Read more ›

The StackUp iOS App Bundle: Get 12 iPhone And iPad Apps At A Great Price

The StackUp iOS App Bundle is offering 12 iOS apps valued at $ 113 for just $ 36. Several of these apps are geared towards making your iOS experience a more productive one, which is why this particular bundle caught my attention.… Read more ›

5 Things To Know About The Making And Future Of Office For iPad

Office for iPad hasn’t been in the App Store for very long, and it has already done surprisingly well. Microsoft recently bragged that Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote have been downloaded 12 million times combined in a week. Microsoft won’t… Read more ›

The Tao WellShell Measures Your Isometric Fitness Strength, With Your iPhone’s Help [Kickstarter]

The Tao WellShell is probably unlike any iOS-connected fitness device you’ve ever encountered. It doesn’t simply track steps, or heart rate, or weight, or any of the other standard metrics tracked in dozens of other connected fitness devices. Instead, this… Read more ›

Steve Ballmer’s Last Act Was To Unleash Office For iPad Unto The World

Steve Ballmer. A total doofus, right? The man who said the iPhone was destined to be a failure, who thought the iPad was a dud, who stood in the way of Office being released for the iPad long after it… Read more ›

Klout App Gets Big Update In Line With Klout’s Recent Personality Change

  If you’re a Klout user, you’ve probably noticed the service’s huge switch in February; instead of simply measuring your social-media popularity and throwing you free goodies when you ranked up, Klout now actively guides you on your way to… Read more ›

Comcast Reassures Us About The Obvious: A New Apple TV Is Coming

You may have heard that Comcast wants to buy Time Warner. In a proposal published today that pitches the merger to the FCC, Comcast drops a hint about Apple’s future plans for the TV. Although by no means a definite… Read more ›

Last Chance To Get 50% off PDFpen Pro [Deals]

Want to easily interact with and edit PDFs like never before? Then this Cult of Mac Deals offer is for you. PDFpen is the all-purpose Mac PDF editor. It has everything you need to edit all those PDFs you are… Read more ›

The iWatch Could Be On Your Wrist As Early As This Summer [Rumor]

A new report out of China says that Apple’s long-awaited iWatch could debut as early as summer this year, sometime after WWDC, and ship 65M units to start. But how far can it be trusted? A report from the Economic… Read more ›