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The countdown for WWDC 2013 has begun. Tickets don’t go on sale until tomorrow morning, but if you’re already wanting to get into the WWDC spirit, here are two great wallpapers for iPhone and Mac, courtesy of Christian Dalonzo.


iPhone 5

iPhone 4S


Thunderbolt Display


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Sony is saying that their new Cybershot HX50V camera is the lightest, smallest 30x optical zoom-equipped camera in the world.

Seems like optical zoom is the new megapixels, at least as far as high-end point-n-shoots are concerned; it’s amazing to see the increasing zoom range camera makers are scrambling to pack into their pocketable shooters these days. For now, looks like Sony might just be the race leader.

Let’s take a  [Read More…]


Alzheimer’s disease affects over five million people in the US, making it the sixth leading cause of death in the country. One in three seniors die with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, and almost 15 percent of the folks caring for these seniors are long-distance caregivers, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Clevermind, LLC, led by the son of an elderly father who experiences Alzheimer’s, CEO Glenn Palumbo, has created an iPad app to  [Read More…]



WWDC is getting closer, which means we’re probably going to see Jony Ive’s vision for iOS 7 really soon. We know Jony’s not a big fan of skeuomorphism, so we expect to see a lot of flat UI design in iOS 7.

Rafael Justino just published his concept for what iOS 7 might look like, and while there’s still a great deal of skeuomorphism in Justino’s concept, his vision adds a  [Read More…]

More bike lanes and parking here.

More bike lanes and parking here.

Apple submitted a new proposal, dubbed Submittal 6, for it’s super futuristic circular spaceship campus in Cupertino. The revision includes new details like bike and pedestrian paths, enhancements to street areas, and parking spaces for the huge project, which is behind schedule and $ 2 billion over budget. The current move-in estimate is in the summer of 2016, a date  [Read More…]



That statement up there in the headline, that Flowboard will be “the most important free app you download this month” — that’s kind of a bold thing to say.

But it’s not hyperbole; Flowboard’s publishing tools are super-easy to use, letting you easily create electronic portfolios and presentations — heck, even magazines and eBooks — and the finished products, published on Flowboard’s site, are just as easy to share and view.

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If you dream of chilling with your homie Tim Cook in the morning and grabbing coffee but never had the chance to meet Silicon Valley’s most powerful CEO, then here’s your chance.

Tim Cook is auctioning off 30min-1hour of his time for Proceeds go to support the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, and you’ll get to hangout with Tim at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Who knows. Maybe if  [Read More…]


WWDC 2013 was just announced. Finally, Apple’s going to end this year’s drought, and show off some new stuff after going the entire first four months of the year without a single keynote or product announcement.

But now that WWDC is in our sights, what are people most excited about? There are tons of hardware rumors about the iPad, iPhone and even the iWatch but we doubt we’ll see either of those three.  [Read More…]


In a pessimistic note on Silicon Alley Insider, Jay Yarrow points out the obvious: we’re in an unprecedented drought since the debut of the original iPad when it comes to major Apple hardware releases and keynotes. When WWDC finally rolls around, it will have been 230 days since the last Apple event, the launch of the iPad mini, fourth-gen iPad and new iMac. That’s pretty much unprecedented, almost double the previous delay  [Read More…]

Speak Selection

Another accessibility option like VoiceOver and Zoom, originally created for those with visual impairments, is Speak Selection. There are times when you may not want to turn the entire VoiceOver system on, having Siri read every button and icon on the screen, but would prefer to just have your iOS device speak text you’ve highlighted on the screen.

As an added bonus for those with print or learning disabilities, you can  [Read More…]