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The iPhone 5c Could Have Been A Modified iPod Touch

In the past, when anyone has talked about the possibility of a low-cost iPhone aimed at the budget market, most have assumed that Apple would essentially take the iPod touch — currently the cheapest iOS device, after subsidies, which saves… Read more ›

How Facebook Is Killing Your iPhone’s Battery Life (And What You Can Do About It)

Does your iPhone battery constantly drain from 100% to nearly 0%? You might think the battery is to blame, but there could be a far more dastardly culprit: Facebook. Over at, an ex-Apple Genius with much experience trying to… Read more ›

Got A Golden Ticket? Apple’s WWDC Invites Are Hottest Thing Going

Four days after Apple finally announced the dates for its World Wide Developer Conference the tickets are all gone. Thanks to a new lottery system, this year’s rush to get WWDC 2014 tickets didn’t feature a crippled website that sold… Read more ›

Coming Soon To The iPhone 7s, 0% To 100% Battery Charging In Under A Minute?

Sick of waiting for your iPhone to finish charging? By 2017, your iPhone could completely charge from 0% to 100% in just 5 minutes, in a portable, consumer-friendly package that will make long charging times a thing of the past.… Read more ›

Gadget Watch: The Week’s Awesomest Apple Gadgets

Each week we pull the best Apple-related gadgets from the Cult of Mac and collect them here for your perusing pleasure. Cover Your Walls With Instagrams Using Fotobit Modular Frame Fotobit is a 4.25 x 4.25-inch frame designed for wall-mounting… Read more ›

Hop From Rooftop To Rooftop In The Endless Runner Skyline Skaters [Video Review]

New York is known for its architectural beauty and intense surroundings. With so many buildings, lights and more there is plenty of action to take place. In the new app Skyline Skaters you can become a part of that action,… Read more ›

How the iPad Helps Create Spectacular Bollywood Dance Numbers

Apple has already shown us how the iPad is used to explore the deepest oceans and tallest mountains, but in for its newest segment of the ‘Your Verse’ campaign the iPad has gone totally Bollywood. Famed Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan… Read more ›

Why iPhone & iPad Apps Name Say “Cleaning…” and What to Do About It

You may have noticed that some iOS apps will turn dark as if they’re being launched and simultaneously rename themselves as “Cleaning…”, seemingly out of the blue and at random. This is demonstrated happening with the attached iPhone screenshot, showing the Instagram app going through the process. So the big question for many users is, … Read More

Sound Step Lightning: An Electrifying Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]

In our multi-device, multi-user, multi-tasking world, you need a speaker that lets you control the music right from the palm of your hand, helping you discover, share and enjoy new sounds on the daily. Cult of Mac Deals a speaker… Read more ›

Spring Cleaning: Use Spotlight To Find Huge Files [OS X Tips]

I’m kind of a stickler for a clean hard drive, especially since I started using Macbook Airs a few years back, what with their tiny little SSD units. I’ve moved most of my music to the Cloud and my iPhoto… Read more ›