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Google Glass = Jailbroken


That didn’t take long. Google Glass won’t be available to the general public for at least a year, and it’s already been hacked. For Apple’s iOS, “jailbreaking” refers to essentially rooting the OS to gain complete access. Developers can then use that access to create system-level tweaks that Apple won’t let in the App Store.

Android is a little different, because rooting the OS isn’t something Google discourages or combats. Since Google  [Read More…]

Hidden Radio Looks Great, Sounds… Fine [Review]

The Hidden Radio is probably the best-looking speaker I have tested.

Hidden Radio by Hidden Radio Category: Bluetooth Speakers Works With: Anything with Bluetooth Price: $ 150

The Hidden Radio was an early Kickstarter success, blowing past its original $ 125,000 goal to hit almost a million bucks. I was, apparently, the first gadget writer to post about it, and a the end of last summer — shortly after the speakers started  [Read More…]

Apple has started to run a new iPhone commercial on TV titled “Photos Every Day”, focused entirely on the devices camera and iPhone photography.

The ad centers around people taking photos with an iPhone throughout daily life activities, then performing simple edits, cropping pictures, using Instagram, and other pretty typical fair for the many of us who rely on the phone as a primary point-and-shoot camera.

iPhone Photos Every Day ad

Dialog  [Read More…]


Although it’s been almost over a week since the carnage of the Boston Marathon Bombings and the related manhunt and shootout came to a close, but there are still a lot more questions than answers about what happened and why.

A new report from, though, has filled in some of the blanks in regards to the three hours on April 18th in which the Tsarnaev brothers carjacked a Cadillac driven by  [Read More…]

Using the Delete Key on a Mac, including Forward Delete and deleting full lines of text The delete key on a Mac keyboard functions like a backspace key on a Windows/PC keyboard, deleting a character a time backwards from where the cursor is located. Pretty straightforward, but many newcomers to the Mac platform are confused as to why there isn’t a forward delete key… well it turns out there is forward delete  [Read More…]

CoM - Casetagram

If you’ve been hunting for a truly unique way to customize your iPhone 5 then look no further because with this exclusive promotion you’ll be able to fully customize a case with all of your special photos. Whether you want photos of family, friends, adventures, long nights, hikes, trips, beach days, and other good times, you can put all of these wonderful memories on a sleek case for one of  [Read More…]

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 16.24.42

Android may have the edge over iOS at the moment, but by 2015, there’s a chance Apple’s platform will have stolen the crown. And it’s all thanks to customer loyalty.

According to new research from Yankee Group, iPhone owners are more loyal to their devices and therefore less likely to stray to competing platforms. There’s a large percentage of Android users, however, who have plans to switch when  [Read More…]

Swype VP Confirms Talks With Apple


After spending several years in beta testing, the popular Swype keyboard made its official debut on Android earlier this week, and at the moment it’s only available on a small number of platforms. But there’s a chance that we could see Swype’s typing technology on iOS in the future.

Swype vice president Aaron Sheedy has confirmed that his company has held talks with Apple, sparking speculation that suggests the pair are working  [Read More…]


Earlier this week we wrote about a Charitybuzz auction that will get you coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. At the time, the auction had reached $ 5,250, but its estimated value was just under ten times that amount at $ 50,000.

Just a few days later, the auction has received 68 bids and reached a whopping $ 295,000 with 18 days still to go.  [Read More…]


Alongside its weekly App Store refresh this week, Apple introduced a new page that helps App Store users “learn more about in-app purchases.” The guide explains what in-app purchases are, how they work, and most importantly, how to prevent your kids from spending a small fortune on them without your permission.

In-app purchases have become a big issue for some users, especially parents who don’t really understand them, or how to prevent  [Read More…]