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Vox ac30 amphones 1

amPhone by VOX Category: Headphones Works With: Anything with a jack hole. Price: $ 99

As one who aims to have a daily shred session, I have a love-hate relationship with guitar amps. I love the way they look and sound, especially the vintage ones, but they’re so big and unruly, I often find I’d rather practice without one than head to the lonely room in my house where they  [Read More...]


True to its word, T-Mobile just pushed out an update for all unlocked iPhones on their network that enables LTE, Visual Voicemail, HD Voice and more.

Users can get the update via OTA or manually updating through iTunes. The update doesn’t change the software version on your device, so if you’re worried about losing your jailbreak, this should be safe.

Here are the official notes from T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Carrier Update


Compatible  [Read More...]

the apple store vs. Microsoft store

For the past few decades, Microsoft has absolutely dominated Apple when it comes to the number of Microsoft devices sold versus Apple devices, but 2013 will be the year that everything changes.

A report from Gartner claims that Microsoft’s reign is coming to an end, as 2013 will be the first year that more Apple devices are purchased than Windows devices.

The success of the iPad and  [Read More...]

Fast Navigate the Calendar in iOS with a Tap & Hold

Using the Calendar app on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to navigate far into the future or back in time doesn’t have to be a slow process of constant taps to find a distant event or important date, and neither does jumping back to the current date once you’re far removed. Here are two quick tricks that will dramatically speed up navigation in the iOS Calendar app.

1: Fast Navigate Months & Years in Calendar

Rather than repeatedly tapping  [Read More...]


Apple’s online store has never really been suited to mobile devices. Sure, there’s the Apple Store app for the iPhone, but navigating to the actual website on iOS isn’t the best experience. On the iPhone, the desktop site is squeezed into a narrow, 4-inch display. You have to zoom in to actually interact with and read any part of the site.

Some recent changes help to improve navigating the Apple online store  [Read More...]

Mac VNC client, Screen Sharing Screen Sharing in Mac OS X allows you to set up a Mac so that it can be connected to remotely through the VNC protocol, with the full screen being both visible and usable to the connected user. As you may have guessed, this means Mac OS X has a built-in VNC client, and not only is it able to connect to Macs running the VNC server  [Read More...]

CoM - iOS Cable

There is nothing worse than going somewhere and realizing you forgot your iOS charging cable. I’ve been there – and it sucks.

I’ve seen a number of cables – manufacvtured by Apple and by others – that could serve as my alternate charging cable (for travel or for home purposes), but there’s something about the one we’re offering here at Cult of Mac Deals that is particularly appealing. Perhaps  [Read More...]

International TLD's visible in iOS keyboard of Safari Most iOS Safari users know by now that you can quickly type out TLD (top level domains) for websites in Safari by hitting the “.com” button on the keyboard, and that by tapping and holding on that same “.com” button a variety of TLD’s will be available that are relevant to your default keyboard language. That tap-and-hold menu helps you visit websites faster on  [Read More...]

iPhoto for iPad

iPhoto for iPad is a fantastic photo editing app with a ton of multitouch gesture support. When editing and looking through your photos within the app on your iPad, all it takes is a bit of learning to get these gestures down and make your time with iPhoto just that much more productive and fun.

First up, tap into a photo album in iPhoto for iPad, and drag the  [Read More...]


Real Racing 3 is set to get its first update since hitting the App Store back in February, and it’s going to be a big one. In addition to adding two new cars, users will see more than 100 new events, a new game mode, and iCloud save syncing. EA has published a teaser trailer ahead of the update’s release, which shows off the new cars.

Those cars are the  [Read More...]