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In what must surely be the official sign that this meme is over, iOS developer Filippo Bigarella has created a tweak that makes jailbroken iPhones do the Harlem Shake.

It’s stupid, but I love it. In fact, I kind of want it on my iPhone just to beat this meme into the ground so badly that no one will ever make a Harlem Shake video again. Filippo says he’s not going to release the tweak (thank goodness), but maybe if  [Read More...]


The iTunes image preview may have gigantic typos, but HiddenApps lets yo do something really incredible without a jailbreak: hide stock iOS apps like Stocks, Newsstand, Passbok, Mail and more.

Here’s how it works. Download the free app and run it, and you can hide stock iOS apps or even disable all iAds system-wide.

Hiding apps isn’t exactly intuitive, but it works. Essentially, when you tell HiddenApps to hide an app,  [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 2.46.32 PM

Siri does a pretty good job right now of figuring out what you are saying to her, but one senior iOS architect over at Honda R&D has figured out a way for Siri to understand what you think at her. That’s right, Siri has gone psychic.

iOS architet Duane Cash has figured out a way to hook a brainwave control device to a custom Siri API,  [Read More...]


Being in business with Apple can’t be all that bad right now. Despite a report this morning that claimed Apple’s suppliers experienced weak sales in February, there are a few Apple suppliers that are hiring more employees to meet demand.

Both TSMC and Hon Hai are looking to hire 5,000 new employees, which might mean that Apple really is looking to ditch Samsung in favor of TSMC.

As reported by Reuters, the  [Read More...]

Create, Find, & Modify Notes with Siri in iOS

Make a note with Siri

Siri can create new notes, modify existing notes, and find old ones, each of which is tied to the cross iOS & OS X Notes app. This is an excellent trick to use in situations where you want to make a note or modify an existing one but you can’t spend much time fiddling with your iPhone or iPad.

For example, the next time you’re driving and  [Read More...]

Use the White EarBuds to Control iTunes in Mac OS X

Control iTunes in Mac OS X from Apple earphones

You probably know the white earbuds that come with iPhones and iPods can control music volume and skip songs on your iOS devices, even take pictures or summon Siri, but did you know those famous white Apple earbuds can also control iTunes on the Mac? Yup, the white in-ear headphones are useful far beyond iOS, and they have some equally nifty features that  [Read More...]


Apple is edging closer towards a settlement with Brazilian telecommunications firm IGB Eletronica over the “iPhone” trademark. IGB owns the brand Gradiente, which obtained the trademark in 2007 — the same year Apple announced its popular smartphone. The company has been keen to prevent Apple from using it, but it appears it’s now willing to reach a deal.

Gradiente actually applied for the iPhone trademark in March 2000, long before Apple began work on  [Read More...]

It is often said that Japan is a weird country.

Case in point, can you imagine any other country in which Domino’s Pizza Japanese president Scott Oelkers would make a commercial in which, over the course of a two minute period, he shills a new iPhone app featuring a virtual anime girlfriend named Hatsune Miku who “exists in a software called Vocaloid which enables you to create songs” that Hatsune Miku then sings.

Not that the Domino’s app does any  [Read More...]


Apple hasn’t announced the iPhone 5S yet, but Chinese clone specialist GooPhone has already created a cheap knockoff of it. And it has done a pretty incredible job. As you’ll see in the video below, the “i5S” looks identical to the real thing, and you probably wouldn’t even know it was a clone. That is, until you started using it.

Like the GooPhone i5 — an iPhone 5 knockoff — the i5S is powered  [Read More...]