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LG To Be Sole Supplier Of Flexible Displays For iWatch [Rumor]

Apple has chosen LG as its sole supplier for flexible displays to be used in the iWatch, according to a new report coming out of Korea. The report suggests that Apple is aiming to sell 9 million iWatch units by… Read more ›

Leaked Image Appears To Show iPhone 6 Front Panel [Rumor]

A single image showing what appears to be a larger iPhone screen has shown up on Chinese microblogging website Weibo. The photo — posted by user jiezhixc on Tuesday — depicts what looks like a current generation iPhone 5s being… Read more ›

Effect Stack, An Acceptable Image Editor For OS X

Effect Stack is an OS X image editor that costs just $ 10 and weighs in at 3.9MB. It’ll process any image your throw at it, including RAW files, and its gimmick is that you can stack effects (hence the name)… Read more ›

PopClip Extension Adds Up Numbers For You

Remember Brett Terpstra’s Total Numbers service from last week? Good, because now it’s available in and even more useful and labor-free form as a PopClip Extension. Now all you need to do is highlight a bunch of numbers with the… Read more ›

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos App Improves Navigation, Adds Enjoyment

Oh man. It looks like “fairly well designed photo-storage and viewing services” are the new black. Or something. Now Amazon is back in the game with an updated version of Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, an app with a name only… Read more ›

Hands Free: Hang Your iPad From Your Belt

Dorks of the world, rejoice. Runnur has designed the perfect way for you to carry your iPad on your belt and not look cool. Countless hours doubtless went into making sure that the Hands Free would be not only secure… Read more ›

MonsterCrafter Pro Offers Creativity, Battle, And Questionable Pet Ownership [Review]

I have a really random PlayStation 2 game on my shelf called Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color. It came out in North America in 2002, and it was basically a game in which you drew your own Pokémon and… Read more ›

Auki Steals The Crown As Best Quick Reply Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

My biggest qualm with the stock Messages app is its lack of a quick reply feature. A new jailbreak tweak called Auki was released yesterday at JailbreakCon, and it works like the Messages app Apple should have made in iOS… Read more ›

Heartbleed Bug: Millions Of Android Devices Are Vulnerable To End-User Hacks

Revelations of the catastrophic Heartbleed bug shook the Internet last week with news that over two-thirds of web servers were vulnerable to the security hole, but it turns out end-users are also susceptible to the bug, including millions of Android… Read more ›

Save Big With The FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy SII Phone Bundle [Deals]

The Samsung Galaxy SII might not be the hottest phone on the market right now, but it still has a 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, crisp 4.52″ screen, and dual cameras packed into an elegant design. And you can get… Read more ›