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Tim-Cook-new-iPadApple is gearing up to launch its fifth-generation iPad this September, according to sources in its supply chain. The device is expected to offer a new form factor much like the iPad mini’s, as well as some backlighting modifications and better battery life. We may have to wait a little longer for the second-generation iPad […]

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iOS 7 Beta 3 Is Now Available For Download

iOS7beta3    Two weeks after releasing the second iOS 7 beta,  Apple has seeded iOS 7 beta 3 to developers along with a third preview of Xcode 5. The new beta build of iOS 7 (11A4414e) is available for both iPhone and iPad as an OTA update, or you can download it directly from the […]

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The App Store celebrates its firth anniversary this week.As the App Store’s fifth anniversary approaches, a whole host of developers have begun makes some of their most popular apps and games for iOS completely free. Some of the titles included in the sale are Infinity Blade II, Disney’s Where’s My Water?, and Traktor DJ, which is usually priced at $20. It’s unclear whether the giveaways are to […]

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16Do you like free money? Who doesn’t like free money? And free apps, music and movies are essentially free money. So listen up: Target is now giving away free iTunes gift cards with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or iPod touch. Buying an iPad will get you a $50 gift card, an […]

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Apple Moves Up To 19 In Fortune Global 500 Survey

apple-sign-logo-234Apple has moved up to number 19 in the latest Fortune Global 500 survey thanks to its financial performance throughout 2012, which saw the Cupertino company collect $157 billion in revenue. The iPhone 5 and the iPad mini have been credited for its success over the past 12 months. Apple was ranked number 55 in […]

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I love my Olloclip, but there’s one thing I find myself wishing more and more often: that it came with a telephoto lens. Well, as you can probably guess that this post is about just that – a new telephoto from the makers of probably the best add-on lens for the iPhone. The Olloclip is […]

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If you never used a reflector to help out the lighting in your photos, you’ll probably be pretty surprised at just how big a difference they can make. A reflector can kick back light into the shadows of your subject, taking a standard boring portrait and turning it into something that looks way way better, […]

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Wristlet, A Dangling Unisex Purse For the iPhone

The Wristlet looks like quite a useful iPhone wallet. Instead of going all minimal and offering a few useless slots on the back for credit cards (some of us actually pay for goods with our own cash money), the Wristlet comes on like a miniature unisex purse, only it’s a tiny purse designed mostly for […]

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CoM - StudioFrameLet’s face it: print documents are not outdated, as much as the “paperless movement†is gaining steam. But there is no question the method of obtaining print materials by messing with local print publishers is an unnecessary inconvenience. iStudio Publisher allows you to create professional looking documents from the comfort of your home or office. […]

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Six Surprising Tips & Tricks For iOS 7 Beta [Feature]

design_functional_gallery1iOS 7 is chock full of new things to discover and explore. We’ve been spending some time with it on our iPhones and iPads, and have found a bunch of surprises hidden within–features and new ways of doing things that are new, different, and just plain interesting. Here, then, are six of those surprising tips […]

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