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Tea, An App Dedicated To The World’s Finest Beverage

I might be a lapsed Englishman, but there’s something that can never be bred out of me wherever I dwell: my love of a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, even the Brits are getting lax when it comes to brewing God’s favorite beverage [1], relying on teabags instead of loose leaves and even (the horror!) […]

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Leaked Benchmarks Show A New MacBook Pro Is Coming

MacBook-Pro-with-OS-X-MavericksAlthough Apple beefed up the MacBook Air line at WWDC last month with new ultrabooks packing Intel’s Haswell processors, they have yet to upgrade the venerable MacBook Pro with the same technology. That’s a bummer, because Haswell can greatly improve battery life without sacrificing speed… surely the kind of tech you’d want in a Retina […]

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MorningStarAlpha_5The folks at Industrial Toys have been busy. Their upcoming scifi first-person-shooter game continues to garner advance praise and anticipation from everyone, with good reason. The CEO of Industrial Toys is none other than Bungie (Halo) co-founder, Alex Seropian, and the team is an all-star cast of amazing talent working together to bring a core […]

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CoM - ClarifyYou know how painful it can be when a customer or team member doesn’t understand your instructions. This Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to help you solve that problem…with Clarify. Clarify makes it easy to communicate with images. It is screen capture software that offers a faster, simpler alternative to screen recordings. Create annotated […]

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CoM - summermacbundle-4The summer season isn’t traditionally associated with productivity. It’s a time where we relax, go on holidays, and spend more time in the great outdoors. But this is also a great time of year where you can make your Mac more efficient through the use of apps that can take your productivity to a new […]

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tumblr-update  Important new features have popped up in Tumblr’s iOS app, just a month and a half after the blog-platform powerhouse was snapped up by Yahoo. The new features all have to do with making it easier to wade through Tumblr’s morass of noise and commentary to find relevant or interesting material. The most obvious […]

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sennheiser-momentum-onear-1  Sennheiser must have thought what I thought: That their amazing-sounding Momentum headphones perhaps appeared a tad too Teutonically severe (in the case of the red-and-black version) or stuffy (in the case of the brown version) to appeal to everyone (read: women). So the Germanic, family-run company gave the Momentum a big fashion makeover, dressing […]

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plantsvszombies2PopCap’s highly anticipated sequel to mega-hit Plants vs Zombies has hit some rough patches lately as the launch date has been pushed back to later this summer. But if you can’t wait a second longer we have good news – you can download the new game right now. Rather than unleashing Plants vs Zombies 2 […]

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No, really. You're done. Honest.Well, that’s exciting! Apple and Amazon have apparently settled their differences over who can use the “App Store” name, making it possible for one or both companies to use it in their business. US District Judge, Phyllis Hamilton, ordered today that the case be dismissed, as requested by both Cupertino-based Apple and Seattle-based Amazon. The […]

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Microsoft is continuing it’s anti-iPad ad campaign with a new TV ad that attacks the iPads multitasking capabilities. The ad pits two baseball scouts against each other as they use an iPad and Windows 8 tablet to  armed with an iPad and Windows 8 tablet to see if a certain prospect is worth signing. The […]

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