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Apple Scores Patent Victory Over Samsung In Japanese Court

Apple didn’t infringe on Samsung patents, and therefore won’t have to pay any damages, a Tokyo District Court said Tuesday. Apple had been accused of infringing on data communication patents belonging to Samsung, which featured in Apple’s iPhone 4s, iPhone… Read more ›     

Here’s How The iOS vs. Android War Is Playing Out Globally

Want to know how the iOS and Android battle is playing out around the world? Mobile technology firm dotMobi has created an infographic dividing 101 countries around the world into either the Apple (black) or Google (green) camp, based on… Read more ›     

Apple Patents Graphical Interface For The Visually Impaired

Apple was granted a patent on Tuesday related to a GUI modified for disabled users of iOS devices and MacBooks. Entitled “Devices, Methods & GUI’s for Accessibility using a Touch-Sensitive Surface,” the patent describes several methods for allowing a person… Read more ›     

New Footage Shows Demolition On Apple 2 Campus Site [Video]

A new high quality video was posted online Monday — showing the demolition of a building on the site of Apple’s forthcoming Campus 2. The video was uploaded to YouTube by an anonymous user under the name Apple Internal. It… Read more ›     

iOS 7 Adoption Figures Put Android To Shame

85% of iOS devices are running iOS 7 or later, Apple claims. Refreshing its iOS usage numbers on Monday, Apple measured usage of its most recent mobile OS for a seven‑day period ending March 23, 2014. Next in line, unsurprisingly,… Read more ›     

Surprise! Digital Content May Actually Cost Less After U.K. Tax Change

Following a change to VAT (value added tax) legislation in the United Kingdom, there have been a lot of reports suggesting that Apple customers in the U.K. may soon have to pay more when buying from iTunes and the App… Read more ›     

‘Origami Club’ Takes The Guesswork Out Of Making Tiny Paper Animals

I’ve always been interested in origami, but it’s been hard to find directions that consistently make sense. It’s all dashed lines and dotted lines and arrows pointing in vague directions, and it’s supposed to be relaxing, damn it. But Origami… Read more ›     

Photographer’s Pouch, Velcro-Backed Felt Pockets That Stick In Any Bag

The Photographer’s pouch is a boiled-wool pocket that will stick inside any camera bag thanks to the velcro strip on its back. And of course you’re not limited to cameras, or even camera bags – anything that will fit fits,… Read more ›     

Apple Wants To Refund Parents For All Those Smurfberries

Has your child bankrupted you in Smurfberries? Had a child who maxed out your credit card on in-app purchases? Good news. Apple is now writing to some iTunes account holders, telling them they may be liable for a refund. Here… Read more ›     

Support Jailbreaking With The Official Team Evad3rs Skin

Between their jailbreak solutions for iOS 6 and iOS 7, the hacker collective known as Team Evad3rs has done a lot for OS X device owners. Despite what they’ve done to help liberate people’s iOS devices, though, Team Evad3rs has… Read more ›