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Fleksy, the developer of an innovative third-party keyboard for the blind, launched its own integration software development kit (SDK) by partnering with four other app developers to include in their software. The partners include Launch Center Pro, Wordbox, GV Connect… Read more ›     

Would Carl Icahn’s memoirs be titled “How To Lose Friends And Influence People”? It’s no secret that activist investor Icahn has been proving divisive in recent months: spearheading a campaign to get Apple to carry out a $ 150 billion stock… Read more ›     

The Room Two launched today on the iTunes App Store. As the sequel to Apple’s 2012 Game Of The Year (The Room), it has a lot to live up to. Our reviewer called it a “must download” game, and we… Read more ›     

Today Twitter updated its official Mac app (yes, it still has one) with a number of new features, including a tweet detail pane, profile header images, and image previews in the timeline. Here’s the full list of changes: More visual and… Read more ›     

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a system by which you can create amazing workflow recipes. There’s also an app in the App Store that lets you use the incredibly powerful recipes right on your iPhone. Send all your Instagram… Read more ›     

If you’ve never given the classic Fallout games a try, now’s your chance. is giving three of them away for free for 48 hours, as part of the classic games digital distributor’s Winter Sale for 2013. You can get… Read more ›     

There are tons of solutions to get iOS photos from your device to some sort of backup system, from Dropbox to iPhoto. Backing up your photos is imperative, especially on iOS, as the iCloud backup system doesn’t back up photos,… Read more ›     

Instapaper, the first service of its kind for saving articles to read later, has gone free in the App Store for the first time ever. It has been discounted before, but this is the first time it has gone completely… Read more ›     

Apple’s Remote App Can Now Control iTunes Radio

Today Apple updated its Remote app with the ability to control iTunes Radio on a Mac or PC. Previously, you could only control music in an iTunes Library. A new “Radio” window has been added in the app like the… Read more ›     

  Everything Thing Is A Remix Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson just released a new case study for his popular series that tackles whether the iPhone is a truly original idea, or just a hodgepodge of copying and improvements like pretty much everything… Read more ›