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‘Hush’ Lets You Show Without Telling

Maybe you’re walking down the street, and you see a squirrel fighting a feral cat over half of a hot dog. That’s awesome, and you must capture it. But what if a construction crew is ripping up the sidewalk 50… Read more ›     

Travel In Rugged Style With Journeyman Leather Messenger Bag [Review]

With a seriously rugged style, the Intrepid Journeyman messenger bag is nothing to be trifled with. The soft brown leather exterior enfolds the utterly solid yet flexible abilities of this cross-shoulder travel bag, which will find itself an asset in… Read more ›     

How to Find Wi-Fi Link Connection Speed in Mac OS X

If you need to find out just how fast your wi-fi link speed is, or rather, the speed of which your Mac is connected to a particular wireless router, you can find this data through the Network Utility app that is bundled in every version of Mac OS X. This is really the fastest way … Read More

Get Rid Of The Chrome Bell Notification Menu Bar Icon [OS X Tips]

Boy, you’d think this would be an easy one, right? Most third-party menu bar icons allow you to either drag and delete them from the menu bar itself, or at least provide a Quit or Disable function in their own… Read more ›     

Celebrate PB & J Day With Arctic Arcade Antics Of Polar Bowler

Did you know that today was National PB & J day? WildTangent Studios sure did, and they chose today to launch Polar Bowler, an arcade-style puzzle platforming game that’s available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon… Read more ›     

Check Out The Kludge-Fest Start Menu From Windows 8.1

After a disastrous Windows 8 launch that saw Microsoft go balls to the wall on touch and tile UIs, the company announced today that it’s backpedaling and resurrecting popular Windows 7 features like the Start Menu. The Start Menu’s comeback… Read more ›     

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Brings Fishing To Your iOS Device [Video Review]

From lakes to oceans, people everywhere can be found fishing. With busy workdays and full weekends, it can be hard to find the time to go out and cast your reel. The new app Ace Fishing: Wild Catch brings the… Read more ›     

Game Of Thrones’ Sex And Murder Looks Totally Cuddly In Emoji [Video]

Everybody is making emoji video interpretations of pop culture nowadays, but with Game of Thrones season 4 premiering in just four more days we’re particularly fond of this video, Game of Phones. The clever video brings you up to speed… Read more ›     

Skyline Skaters Has A Great Game Underneath All Those Windows [Review]

Alright, so we’ve endlessly run, flown, swam, and jetpacked. Why not add skateboarding to that list? Skyline Skaters by Tactile Entertainment Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free Skyline Skaters is a new free-to-play endless skateboarder that transports… Read more ›