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CoM - xscanYour Mac is a finely tuned, intricate machine. Just like a car, every aspect of your Mac plays a crucial role in your computer’s overall performance. But you need to have something that will help you get your Mac running at optimum levels. That’s where this offer from Cult of Mac Deals comes in. xScan […]

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FileMaker Announces The End Of Bento For Mac & iOS

BentoFileMaker has announced that it will discontinue Bento, its database client for Mac and iOS, on September 30. The company will increase focus its efforts on the FileMaker product line going forward, with the aim of creating “an even better experience for these customers.” You’ll still be able to purchase Bento for Mac and iOS […]

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applesamsung  Despite the cornucopia of different smartphones available to consumers, the battle for global smartphone domination comes down to just two companies: Samsung and Apple. Samsung posted record results in Q2 and even though a new iPhone hasn’t been announced Apple still managed to beat Wall Street’s iPhone sales estimates last quarter, leaving Nokia, HTC, LG, […]

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Talking CalculatorSometimes, when you’re tapping away at a calculator, it helps to hear what you’re typing in. It’s like a second stream of information for your brain, and it helps keep things more accurate. There are a variety of talking calculators on the market, and a bunch of iOS apps that do the same thing. Did […]

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Apple Now Allows You To Report iMessage Spam

iPhone-5-iMessageDo you get frustrating iMessage spam from people you’ve never met, or companies you’ve never heard of? You’re not the only one. Until now, you could either make friends with them and save yourself from loneliness on those cold winter nights, or you could ignore them and hope that they don’t text again. But now […]

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So many new filters, it's hard to choose.Developer tap tap tap just announced the details on its latest Camera+ update for iPhone and iPad. The folks behind one of the best camera app replacements out there add the ability to layer effects in editing, letting you quickly and easily add and remove a multitude of effects per photo, stacking and re-arranging the […]

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Kanex MeDrive Is A Network Server For Your iDevice

Kanex’s MeDrive looks like an essential bit of kit for anyone with an iDevice and a whole mess of media files. It’s a personal file server, only unlike most solutions we’ve seen it lets you hook up any USB drive to share and access its contents. The little white box has three holes. One for […]

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Sound Spot, An Elegantly Retro Bluetooth Speaker

I got talking to an old man with a long beard yesterday. It was almost down to his jewel-studded belt. And he told me that “back in the day” “where he comes from,” gentlemen would try to fill their living rooms with ugly black and silver boxes covered with flashing and pulsing lamps. They’d lay […]

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Cobook has updated it’s contacts/address book app, adding some long-overdue features, some neat new tricks, and – finally – a store, so you can give the company some money at last. Cobook is a kind of phone/address book replacement for the iPhone, slurping in your contacts, matching them with your Twitter and Facebook friends and […]

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Apple Maps Now Shows UK Roads In Correct Colors

motorways.jpegGood news for Brits: the new iOS 7 beta 4 has changed the colors of motorways and A-roads to match the long established scheme used in all other UK maps. Now the motorways (freeways) are drawn in blue and the A-roads (main roads, with one or two-lanes) are green. Compare this with the Google Map […]

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