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Confirmed: Apple’s A7 Chip Isn’t Quad-Core

AppleTownHall-869_575pxAs seen in the iPhone 5s, Apple’s new A7 chip is the world’s first 64-bit ARM-based chip… but it’s not Apple’s first quad-core chip. Instead, the A7 is dual-core in a sea of Android competitors boasting 32-bit quad-core processors. The revelation that the A7 chip is still dual-core comes from chip review site Anandtech, who […]

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Siri got way more helpful with the iOS7 update.Grab your iOS7-running iPhone and activate Siri. Now say one of the following… Change the brightness Adjust Bluetooth … and various combinations thereof. You’ll be rewarded with switches and sliders to adjust these settings right there on the Siri screen. Pretty good huh? This only works for certain settings: You can adjust Bluetooth and brightness, […]

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tumblr_mtb1f4Sr771qz7ymyo1_1280Boom! No, I mean it literally. This is a boom mic for the iPhone, although here is is pictured not on a boom but on the iPhone itself. Yes, for just $40, you too can make amateurish-looking movies where the mic dips into frame at just the wrong moment[1]. I guess that in theory, any […]

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iOS-7-Could-Save-Your-LifeIt’s not just you: iOS 7 has seemingly killed off support for unlicensed, third-party Lightning cables. We’re seeing numerous reports from users that iOS 7 has blocked support for knock-off Lightning chargers. When you plug them in, iOS 7 will warn you that the cable is unlicensed and may not function properly, and will then […]

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AW1_11_27-1.5_WH_frt34rThe Nikon AW1 might look look as awesome as the Nikonos, Nikon’s previous waterproof camera (pictured below), but it is the first interchangeable-lens camera I can remember since that iconic design that can be taken underwater without a housing. And having tried out underwater photography with an iPhone and a blurry-lensed case this summer, I […]

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iOS 7: The Cult of Mac Review Roundup

iOS7We’ve already brought you an iOS 7 review roundup from everyone else, but you may have noticed that the Cult of Mac team published our own iOS 7 review today, too. It’s split up into separate parts to make it easier to digest, and this handy roundup will help you find each part and what […]

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A Visual Walkthrough Of iOS 7 With GIFs

iOS7The new interface of iOS 7 has become one of the most polarizing Apple software releases since the iPhone came out six years ago. Some users think some of the UI elements look childish and boring, but there are a ton of new details and feature that make using iOS feel new again (for better […]

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ios6_ios7_home_screensThe first thing you’re going to notice about iOS 7 is how drastically different it looks. Apple did a complete renovation. The familiarity in terms of usability is still there at a fundamental level, but the OS has taken a 180 in terms of aesthetics. Whitespace is everywhere. Animations are funkier. Colors are trippier. The […]

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IMG_3647The new Instapaper is here for iOS 7, and it’s flatter. Betaworks has simplified the app’s layout to fit the design aesthetic of iOS 7, and it looks great. The biggest addition to Instapaper 5.0 is article filtering by date, length, read time, and popularity. Videos have finally been sorted into their own folder with […]

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Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.39.40 PMTwitter has released its big iOS 7 update in the App Store, and it’s a doozy. The design of the app, including its icon, has been redesigned look more at home on iOS 7. Twitter notes that users on iOS 6 and iOS 5 can continue to use the app. Source: App Store Via: Twitter […]

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