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Kicking off this week’s must-have games roundup is Joe Danger, the motorcycle stunt game you’ll find on iOS. It’s accompanied by a wonderful platformer called Little Amazon, a unique puzzle game called Wake the Cat, a classic beat ‘em up called Take My Machete, and more.

Joe Danger — Universal ($ 1.99)

Joe Danger is the most beautiful motorcycle stunt game that you’ll find in the App Store. Joe, the world’s most determined stuntman, first made  [Read More...]

How Apple Has Transformed Digital Nomad Living


My name is Mike and I’m a digital nomad. “Hi, Mike!”

A digital nomad is simply a person whose work is location-independent because of mobile technology and the Internet.

Location independence doesn’t mean travel. If you choose to work from home, but could travel if you wanted to, you’re still a digital nomad taking advantage of your ability to choose.

I’ve been a digital nomad for about a decade, and during that  [Read More...]

Spense is an iPad-toting "Beverage Ambassador" at the Rio casino.

Spense is an iPad-toting “Beverage Ambassador” at the Rio casino.

LAS VEGAS — The Rio casino is using iPads to do what casinos do: get visitors drunk and lose money gambling.

Located just off the bustling Vegas strip, the Rio casino has a team of “Beverage Ambassadors,” who wander the casino floor with iPads taking drink orders.

The system has been in  [Read More...]



When Microsoft launched the Surface with Windows RT, it was supposed to be the answer to all of their iPad problems. It runs on cellphone chips, yet still looks like regular Windows 8. It’s supposed to be awesome. But sales of Windows RT tablets haven’t been strong, and now Samsung is saying that they’re second guessing the platform.

In a recent interview at CES, Make Abary, Samsung’s senior vice president who  [Read More...]

More Weird And Wonderful @ CES [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – The Consumer Electronic Show is winding down. Friday is the last day. There are so many weird and wacky wonderful things, it’s worth another gallery.

Elvis — an icon of Las Vegas — is posing for pictures and representing the United States Post Office, posing next to his commemorative stamp. He has the snarl down.

[Read More...]

Lock Screen Info

Here’s a neat idea that will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of this already. I know that’s what I thought as soon as I saw it.

Even though we have stuff like Find my iPhone and Find my Mac available, what about that honest person who finds your iPad or iPhone on a bus or in a restaurant and wants to return it to you. If you haven’t  [Read More...]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I always pack two cases when I’m about to embark on heavy travel with my iPhone: a battery case and my trusty Incipio Feather Ultralight case. I realize toting extra juice is a necessity I have to live with, but I haven’t yet found a serious battery case with dimensions I can live with — I simply  [Read More...]


Back in early December, Apple and Google joined forces to purchase a patent trove from Kodak, the once-reigning photography king. Kodak’s collection includes 1,100 imaging patents that can be used to diffuse litigation between big companies in the tech industry.

To keep bidding wars from escalating, Apple and Google teamed up for the purchase. After filing for bankruptcy, Kodak said that its patent trove was worth $ 2 billion, but the U.S. court  [Read More...]

We Get A “Bottoms On” With The iPotty [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I told my co-workers that I have now officially seen it all. On the show floor, a company is showing a toddler potty with a built-in stand for the iPad. Is there anything that hasn’t been turned into an iPad accessory? Apparently not.

Available from CTA Digital this May for $ 39.99, the iPotty is the  [Read More...]

Delta iPad

Delta Air Lines has released a completely new iPad app for its customers, and the Fly Delta iPhone app has also been updated with numerous features in the App Store. On the iPad, you can browse, book, and manage flights. There’s an in-app flight tracker and information to help you learn about where you’re going.

On the iPhone, iOS 6 users can finally take advantage of Apple’s Passbook to  [Read More...]