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Cult of Mac has long had a thing for standup desks – for years, publisher Leander Kahney has written posts great and small at an Ikea kitchen table propped up on canisters. His DIY version outlines the basic problem: a… Read more ›     

The menu bar of OS X has two default color choices, simple grey, or translucent, which varies a bit based upon the wallpaper used. Neither of these looks are really anything to write home about. That’s why the third party mod ObsidianMenuBar is a nice alternative, it gives your Mac a black menu bar. It’s … Read More

Red Bull TV Ramps Onto Apple TV Lineup

Apple TV got an extra shot of adrenaline this morning with the addition of Red Bull TV to the device’s channel listings. As the first branded-content channel to be added to Apple TV, the channel  offers viewers action-sports videos produced… Read more ›     

Here’s A Sneak Peak Of iOS For Your Car [Video]

  Last week Steven Troughton-Smith treated us to the first screenshots of iOS in the Car, an upcoming feature that integrates your iPhone with a vehicle’s in-dash system. Now the developer’s digging though iOS 7.0.3 has  resulted in a video of iOS in the… Read more ›     

Future MacBooks Could Be Powered By The Sun [Patent]

A new Apple patent awarded this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office suggests future MacBooks could be powered by the sun. In its filing for an “Electronic device display module,†which was first submitted back in 2010, Apple describes… Read more ›     

Obsorb is hard. Orbsorb by Montgomery Guilhaus and Rebecca Guilhaus Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free (introductory price) It’s not that it’s complicated or the enemies move too quickly or even that its controls are tricky. But… Read more ›     

Macminicolo has been around for nine years, plugging Mac Minis into its data center and letting you use them as your own. Thy can work as servers, or just as 24/7 automation machines. Now, the folks at Macminicolo have launched… Read more ›     

Incipio Cashwrap

In Germany, bank cards come with NFC chips that let you make small payments just by tapping your wallet onto the POS machine. You pre-load the chip with money from your bank account (only small amounts are allowed, because if… Read more ›     

Cortex Camera fixes one big deficiency with the iPhone’s camera: low-light noise. Or more specifically, the iPhone has no way to avoid cranking the ISO when shooting in low light. With a regular camera, you can just choose a longer… Read more ›     

The Disk Utility app bundled with Mac OS X has a command line equivalent which offers advanced users the ability to perform disk maintenance from the terminal, including disk verification and repairs. This allows for a variety of helpful troubleshooting abilities, including the possibility to remotely issue disk repairs though SSH, or through Single User … Read More