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The highly anticipated Evasion jailbreak was released earlier today for all iOS 6 devices, including the iPhone 5. The release saw incredible success with over 100,000 downloads in the first 10 minutes of availability. As we said in our official guide to jailbreaking with Evasi0n, this really is one of the smoothest jailbreaks of all time.

But every jailbreak has its initial quirks, and the main issue with Evasi0n is how  [Read More...]

A new contextual menu feature available in the OS X Finder make sending files out from a Mac faster than ever before, and perhaps even better, this trick can be used to send a file or document to multiple client recipients, be they on nearby Macs and iPads, or far away iPhones and iPod touches. The only requirement for the sender and the recipient is for iMessage to be set up on their device, which these days just about every  [Read More...]

video snap

Sometimes when you’re shooting a video with your iPhone, you might want to snap a quick still photo of whatever you’re recording, right? You might think you’d need to stop recording the video, tap on the toggle button to switch the iPhone back to still photo mode, and then snap, but you’d be wrong (I was, when I thought that.)

Turns out you don’t need to do anything so convoluted. Here’s  [Read More...]

Ending Soon! Stay Organized With iDocument [Deals]

CoM - iDocument

There’s nothing worse for your productivity – or your sanity – than trying to find that elusive document you need right at that moment. This Cult of Mac Deals offer will set you up so that you never come across this again – thanks to iDocument. And you’ll get this document organization tool for just $ 25…but only for a limited time!

The intuitive design of iDocument makes document  [Read More...]


In the United States, Apple vigorously protects their treasured founder, Steve Jobs, from the sort of jackals and graverobbers who want to steal his likeness, name or other rights to make a quick buck. Let’s hope Apple has the same pull in Turkey, because someone there has managed to slip a “Steve Jobs” trademark through the Turkish patent office.

According to a report by Patently Apple, a businessman by the name  [Read More...]

How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 with Evasi0n

The Evasi0n jailbreak utility has been released to provide and untethered jailbreak to all iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 devices. This is also the first jailbreak to be available for iPhone 5, making it a particularly exciting release for those who have been waiting for an iPhone 5 jailbreak.

Jailbreaking with the Evasion tool is surprisingly easy, but if you’re new to jailbroken devices and  [Read More...]

Evasi0n Jailbreak iPhone 5

The Evasi0n jailbreak has been released for all devices capable of running iOS 6, including the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. You can download the free Evasion tool for Mac, Windows, or Linux. The jailbreaking process takes all of five minutes in most cases, and once completed, you have full access to Cydia.

Ready to get your jailbreak on? Here’s how to jailbreak your iOS 6 device with Evasi0n  [Read More...]

A new jailbreak is waiting in the wings.

Now that you’ve jailbroken your iOS device running iOS 6, it’s time to check out some tweaks and apps in Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store. There’s a lot of stuff to try in Cydia, and sometimes it can be hard to weed out of the very best tweaks from the rest.

We’ve gathered some jailbreak tweaks you need to take  [Read More...]

Evasi0n jailbreak

The first iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak has been released by a group known as The Evad3rs. The tool is called “Evasi0n” and runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, allowing for any device running iOS 6.1 to be quickly jailbroken by following a few simple steps.

Those interested in Evasi0n will find the jailbreak compatible with iOS 6.1 running on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod  [Read More...]

VineGifR Turns Vines Into GIFS

I have a history of losing money when I bet on my own predictions, so if you’re smart you should probably ignore this one: Vine – Twitter’s video-sharing app – will wither and die. Animated GIFs, on the other hand, have already managed to outlive MySpace and GeoCities, so it’s a safe bet (een for me) that they’ll keep on keeping on.

Which is all a rather roundabout way of introducing VineGifR, a Mac app which  [Read More...]