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This is ... awesome.

This is … awesome.

Remember PostSecret? That was an app based on the PostSecret website, where people were encouraged to share secrets anonymously, with pictures and words. The app got discontinued due to potential abuses; the founder, Frank Warren, pulled it from the App Store when he thought it had gone too far.

Whisper, then, uses the same idea: allow people to post pictures with meme-like text over the  [Read More...]


Apple has made a small change to the way in which App Store age ratings are displayed to make them a little easier to find. They’re now displayed alongside app icons on iOS devices — just under the name of the developer — so they’re not so easy to miss when you’re downloading new apps.

Prior to the change, the age ratings were displayed right at the bottom of the app’s description,  [Read More...]

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Hey good-lookin’

X100S by Fujifilm Category: Cameras Works With: Uh, hands? Price: $ 1,200

First, remember one thing: this isn’t a full review of the Fujifilm X100S, even though I had to write it up there in the title to please our CMS. I’ve only had the thing for a few days, and even though Cult of Mac isn’t DP Review, a few days isn’t enough to evaluate an  [Read More...]

Could it be soon?

Could it be soon?

According to “two people familiar with the matter,” Apple is super close to closing a deal with a couple of major music labels for its own streaming music service, one which is reportedly better than the deal that the labels are getting from rival service, Pandora.

While other reports have Apple “lowballing” the record industry on royalty rates of up to half what Pandora pays,  [Read More...]


France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard says that budget smartphone buyers are threatening sales of Apple’s pricey iPhone. Consumers are becoming more frugal due to the state of the economy, particularly in Europe, Richard told Bloomberg Businessweek, and so they’re turning to cheaper options when it’s time to get a new cellphone.

“We are in a period of changing consumer behavior,†Richard said during an interview with Businessweek, adding that fewer people are  [Read More...]

CoM - NYOP Design

We’re back with another “name your own price†offer here for our Cult of Mac Deals.

That’s right. We’ve partnered with 9 of the world’s finest designers to bring you The Name Your Own Price Designer Bundle! You pay what you want for 3 different designer assets and if you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive all 10!

We’ve chosen three charities that we believe make a significant,  [Read More...]

Why Facebook Home Won’t Come To The iPhone [Opinion]

Facebook Home

Today Facebook unveiled “Home,” its new, immersive Android experience. HTC has partnered with Facebook to launch the HTC First, a smartphone designed from the ground up for Home. Other Android handset makers are in the pipeline to release Home-based devices down the road.

Home is a great idea for Facebook and Facebook lovers, and it will probably be very popular on Android after it becomes available next week. But don’t expect  [Read More...]


While tech experts have been eager to announce the demise of Apple and the iPhone, a different story has taken place in the U.S. as Apple has continued to widen its lead against Samsung.

comScore just released its latest report on the state of the U.S. smartphone market, and their findings show that Apple managed to widen increase its marketshare. Samsung saw some growth as well (1.0% ) but Apple grew about  [Read More...]

Retina iPad Price Cuts Hint At Upcoming iPad 5 Release


Whenever third-party retailers start selling an Apple device at a discounted price, it’s usually a good indication that the next product iteration is on the near horizon. While this isn’t always the case, it’s a historic trend that points towards something new from Apple.

Based on recent price cuts from big retailers and the rumor mill, it looks like the iPad will be getting a refresh soon.

Fortune notes that, “On Wednesday, Wal-Mart,  [Read More...]