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originalApple fans are dedicated. Every single year, they brave the elements for sometimes weeks at a time, camping out in front of Apple Stores so that they can be first getting their hands on Cupertino’s latest iDevice. Even by the standards of most Apple launches, though, the guys hanging out in front of Tokyo’s Ginza […]

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Sprint_One_Up_610x289Taking their sweet time about it, Sprint will be following the likes of Verizon Edge, AT&T Next and T-Mobile Jump with an annual update plan all of their own. The plan is called One Up, and it will be available on Sprint the same day the iPhone 5S/5C go on sale: September 20th. According to […]

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reflectorI wasn’t sure if this would be a good iOS Tip or OS X Tip, but I figure that since most of the heavy lifting occurs on your Mac, we’d post this as an OS X Tip. Ever want to record your iPhone screen? Maybe take a video of something you’re doing on your iPad? […]

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13.09.16-iPhone_5s-DrawingsAttention, all potential iPhone modders, casemakers, obsessives and tinkerers. Apple has just posted detailed schematics of its new iPhone 5S and 5C handsets to the Apple Developer Portal. Every time a new iPhone comes out, Apple ends up posting these schematics for the benefit of casemakers and accessory makers, which is a little bit rich […]

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3464cc4f966f05092fd84f71ef8b9173It’s hard to argue with the awesomeness of Grove’s Wood Print case, a maple shell for your iPhone 5 with one of your own Instagrams printed on the back. Who wouldn’t want that? Your photograph is printed direct onto the wood, giving it a kind of 1950s tiki-bar vibe (the landscapes Grove has chosen for […]

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MoCoPro.The M7 Motion Coprocessor (MoCoPro?) in the iPhone 5s is something of a mystery beast. It’s function is clear – it is an always-on low-power chip that processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass in your iPhone – but its eventual purpose is still a little unclear. So why don’t we do some speculation? […]

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Orée Wooden Trackpad

FSL3069_1024x1024I absolutely love my Magic Trackpad. It gives me all the functionality of my MacBook’s trackpad, only on a huge panel which can be placed to the left or the right of my keyboard. For a while I was even using two of them, but that deviation is now over (side note: if you want […]

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Mail icon in iOS 7 Unless it has been changed before, the default email address is always the first email account that has been setup on the iOS device. But for those who use multiple mail accounts on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, changing the default sending address is often important, since whatever is set as the default is what gets used by all other aspects of iOS when sharing through  [Read More…]

Why Moto X Users Literally Love Their Phones

motoxYou can talk speeds and feeds, specs and features, build quality, materials and engineering all you want. The Moto X is far more “human†than any other phone. It feels like a friend and an ally, a sentient being that’s loyal and thoughtful. And these endearing qualities can actually trigger emotional attachment to the Moto […]

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CoM - fantastical_mainframe_630x473Another week has sped by and we’ve had a ton of great offers that have made their way onto the Cult of Mac Deals page. Before we head into another week, we’re going to shine a spotlight on two of the offers that you may have missed. The Flexibits Mini Mac Bundle Flexibits makes some […]

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