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Glympse is a clever — and potentially lifesaving — feature that we’d love to see in more smartphone-connected cars.

It started out as a free app that can broadcast the user’s location to selected contacts, Facebook friends or Twitter followers. But it’s become a valuable tool for drivers of smartphone-connected Fords and Merecedes-Benzes, allowing them to broadcast their location without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Now BMW and Mini  [Read More...]

Hero 001

It’s handsome, in a functional kind of way.

Here’s a little something that might get you formatted-text nerds excited: Rich Notes, yet another new text-editing app, lets you write on the iPad in rich text. That is, you can italicize and embolden your words right there on the page. Yes, this works with some other apps, but Rich Notes lets you use keyboard shortcuts to do it. If you have an external keyboard  [Read More...]

Not too long ago, there were a couple of iMessage service outages. When that happened, I (and many other folks, I bet) wasn’t able to send out my iMessages. The little red exclamation point would show up, mockingly, and I waited for the service to go back online to send them again.

Luckily, there is a way to easily turn that iMessage into a regular SMS text message, thereby avoiding any service  [Read More...]



The ugly tan leather and stitching is still there, but Apple has a new feature for its Find My Friends app that users will find pretty useful. Apple just updated Find My Friends so that users can setup up geofences and receive a notification once a friend leaves a designated area.

Users have always been able to create location-based alerts, but Find My Friends 2.1 now lets users adjust the sensitivity of  [Read More...]


Last week Apple launched its new ‘Why You’ll Love iPhone’ webpage that many viewed as a defensive effort to combat the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Today, Apple unleashed a similar website, only for the iPad.

The “Why You’ll Love iPad” webpage on gives potential customers a number of reasons why the iPad and iPad mini are the best tablets on the market, including it’s apps, precision design, brilliant  [Read More...]


A new report suggests that the next iPad mini will be getting a new touch panel supplier, and guess what? It’s not Samsung.

According to David Hsieh, NPD DisplaySearch Greater China’s VP, the next iPad mini will have touch panels that came, at least in part, from Innolux.

According to the Taipei Times:

South Korea’s LG Display Co and Taiwan’s AU Optronics Corp (å‹é”光電) are the major touch panel suppliers for  [Read More...]

How to Hide Apps on the iPhone & iPad

Want to hide an app or two from appearing on the iOS home screen? Maybe you want to hide all apps downloaded from the App Store, but keep the defaults visible? Or maybe you just want to hide a stock app that shipped with your iPhone or iPad like Safari or iTunes? You can do all of the above or any of the above, and none of it requires any funky tweaks or downloads to do.

Hide apps  <a href=[Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 3.22.48 PM

Hot on the heels of word that Apple was launching a new campaign to try to woo video professionals back into the embrace of Final Cut Pro, Apple has released Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.8, adding new features and shoring up some weaknesses.

Here’s what is new in the update:

• Support for Sony XAVC codec up to 4K resolution • Option to display ProRes  [Read More...]

Safari Bookmarks saved within Safari will sync between all of your other iCloud equipped devices, assuming you have iCloud configured correctly do so. This means a website you bookmark on your Mac will sync over to an iPad, and something bookmarked on your iPhone will sync back to your Mac, iPad, and Windows PC, and vice versa. Bookmarking syncing is incredibly useful, and if you haven’t enabled it yet be sure to  [Read More...]

Looks like even Steve Wozniak wants Apple to release a Siri API to third-party developers, and he has a pretty good idea how it would work: a lot like AppleScript, basically. For example, to do something in Foursquare, you’d launch Siri, say “Foursquare” and then anything you said after that would be parsed through the Foursquare app. Sounds good to me… maybe with iOS 7?