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Don't worry - they've got this.If you’re like many of us in the tech journalist business, you rely on your RSS feeds to keep track of what’s going on in the blogosphere. That makes this transition time after the demise of Google Reader, a fantastic service (not an app!) that had great APIs to work with any third-party RSS reader […]

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Another supposed holiday; another super-useful tool from Brett “I just built this” Terpstra. This one is called GrabLinks, and it does just that: Fire the bookmarklet off inside your browser and you can quickly grab a bunch of links and save them out in Markdown. Nerdy? Sure. Useful? Hell yes. The bookmarklet is pretty clever […]

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It's about time.Apple issued a statement today designed to provide more transparency about its participation in US government surveillance requests, following Facebook and Google’s own revelations. Apple and other tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google asked the US government last week for permission to present more details of the secret orders they have received to disclose […]

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Mmmmm, apples. Iceland is so cool. Or weird. Or both. The land that brought us Bjork and her oddly compelling musical artistry has a new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that–quite literally–takes a bite out of Apple. The short ad begins with a poor, sad, white guy in a nice warm vest sitting on a mountainside […]

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gunmonkeysYou know what the world needs? More free energy sources. Also? We need more games with monkeys in. Luckily, Gun Monkeys, the new platformer-shooter from Size Five Games, has both. Lovingly narrated by British actor Kevin Eldon, Gun Monkeys involves a plot wherein you’ll need to send a bunch of monkeys to the distant future […]

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iblazr External LED Flash For All iDevices

On-camera flash is usually a terrible idea (with just two – maybe three – exceptions I can think of). It lights up your subject, sure, but it totally kills the mood that made you want to take a photo in the dark in the first place. But if you’re a fan of shiny, overexposed faces, […]

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xcom-enemy-unknown-logo  For those XCOM: Enemy Unknown, inarguably the best turn-based, squad-level strategy game on the Mac, is now available from the Steam store — with some big differences from its Mac Store sibling. Unlike the Mac Store version, which bundles the original game along with its two small DLC packs, the Steam version lets you […]

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Instagramicon1Instagram for iPhone has received a minor update in the App Store that brings a long overdue feature. You can finally shoot in landscape mode when taking stills or video. In the past, shooting in anything other than portrait wasn’t supported within the Instagram app. Now the orientation will adapt like the regular iOS Camera. […]

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Seamlessly Transfer Files With DiskAid [Deals]

CoM - DiskAidHave you been looking for unbridled file transfer between any computer and your iOS devices, without the authorization limits imposed by iTunes? Want to be able to do it anywhere and anytime? Now you can…with DiskAid. DiskAid is iPhone file transfer software for PC and Mac, giving you access to the iOS file system via […]

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Changing between different font sizes shown in Messages on the iPhone

The default font size for messages and texts on the iPhone is fairly small, and while it may look fine to many users, it’s simply too tiny to be easily readable for others. iOS makes it easy to change the text size though, offering a wide range of options that are suitable for just about everyones visual preferences. We’re emphasizing the  [Read More…]