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How to Disable iMessage on the iPhone Completely

iMessage is the fantastic free messaging service from Apple that lets iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac users send each other endless free text messages, pictures, and videos. Because iMessage skips the standard SMS/text protocol from cellular carriers and relies on data transmission instead, it can often help you reduce your phone bill by cutting … Read More

Gmail Finally Lets You Attach Photos You’ve Backed Up To Google+

Google has made it super simple to share the photos you’ve backed up to Google+ directly from Gmail on the web. When composing a new email message, users can click the insert photos button to directly insert “Auto Backup” images… Read more ›

Twelve South’s BookArc Möd Is A Gorgeous Mid-Century MacBook Stand [Review]

Some materials have integrity. Consider aluminum, Jony Ive’s material of choice, and then compare it to plastic. Under the skin, plastic feels wholly artificial, a lump of congealed and polished chemicals; in feel and smell, there’s something unnatural and slightly… Read more ›

Leaked Assembly Line Photos Could Reveal Big Battery Life For The iPhone 6

Hot on the heels of this morning’s leak of the alleged front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, a new photo has appeared of what they claim to be the iPhone 6′s battery. The image seems to support a larger… Read more ›

Review Roundup: Small Camera Bags With Space For Your iPad

This week we look at lightweight, easy-to-carry camera bags that are perfect for carrying a mirrorless camera, an iPad and a couple of other bits – because the days of crushing your shoulders with a giant backpack filled with DSLRs… Read more ›

iPhones More Popular Than Ever Among Teens

Established tech companies like Facebook may be losing their cool factor for today’s youngsters, but apparently the same isn’t true for Apple. According to a new Piper Jaffray survey, young people are more loyal to Apple than ever — with… Read more ›

LG To Be Sole Supplier Of Flexible Displays For iWatch [Rumor]

Apple has chosen LG as its sole supplier for flexible displays to be used in the iWatch, according to a new report coming out of Korea. The report suggests that Apple is aiming to sell 9 million iWatch units by… Read more ›

Leaked Image Appears To Show iPhone 6 Front Panel [Rumor]

A single image showing what appears to be a larger iPhone screen has shown up on Chinese microblogging website Weibo. The photo — posted by user jiezhixc on Tuesday — depicts what looks like a current generation iPhone 5s being… Read more ›

Effect Stack, An Acceptable Image Editor For OS X

Effect Stack is an OS X image editor that costs just $ 10 and weighs in at 3.9MB. It’ll process any image your throw at it, including RAW files, and its gimmick is that you can stack effects (hence the name)… Read more ›

PopClip Extension Adds Up Numbers For You

Remember Brett Terpstra’s Total Numbers service from last week? Good, because now it’s available in and even more useful and labor-free form as a PopClip Extension. Now all you need to do is highlight a bunch of numbers with the… Read more ›