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Those looking for a great alternative way to browse their photos on an iOS device might think about Cooliris, an app which has been around in various forms (I think I first saw it as a browser plugin) for some time. Cooliris’ gimmick is its endless wall of photos which you can almost throw around […]

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gqVkI26With iOS 7, Jony Ive designed an icon grid that was meant to give developers some guidance on how to proportion their icons so they would look “harmonious” on the new iOS 7 homescreen. As you can see above, though, Jony Ive has been using a similar mental grid to design Apple’s physical products for […]

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Time Zone Support Mavericks BetaCalendar, previously iCal, has had Time Zone support for a while now. The Mac I’m using that runs OS X Mountain Lion let’s my turn on Time Zone Support in the Advanced tab of the Calendar preferences, so I can be sure to be on time for meetings when I travel away from my current […]

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Apple Found Guilty Of E-Book Price Fixing

flipboard_ibooksFollowing a lengthy trial, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote has today ruled that Apple conspired to raise the price of e-books. Another trial for damages will follow at a later date, Reuters reports. “The decision by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan is a victory for the U.S. government and various states, which the judge said […]

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iPhone-4-iPad-2Apple has asked the International Trade Commission to postpone an import ban on the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 while a court considers its appeal. The ban is set to go into affect on August 5 — just under four weeks away — but Apple has argued that it will “sweep away an entire segment of […]

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Maclocks-security-alertApple made it super easy to upgrade the RAM in its latest 27-inch iMac — so easy that hotels, schools, and corporations are now trying to prevent guests from stealing the RAM from their machines. But thanks to the new iMac lock and security kit from Maclocks, it’s no longer an issue. For just $50, […]

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Yahoo!-Mail-iPhoneYahoo! has rolled out a new update to the Yahoo! Mail app for iOS that introduces support for multiple accounts and Yahoo! Small Business email. If you have more than one Yahoo! Mail account, you can now set them all up inside the official Yahoo! Mail app and quickly switch between them when you need […]

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Scott Stefan’s Kickstarter project is an odd one, but more on that in a second. In order not to bury the lede, I am obliged to tell you what the product is right up here in the first paragraph (or “graf” as “we in the biz” call it). It’s called the MaCool, and it’s a […]

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Evernote for Mac – my favorite I-don’t-quite-hate-it-enough-to-delete-it everything bucket – has gotten quite a big feature boost Not only does it now integrate Skitch, it lets you highlight text files and view files inside the note editor. The most immediately useful addition is this one: “View your Office and iWork documents directly in the note […]

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Tea, An App Dedicated To The World’s Finest Beverage

I might be a lapsed Englishman, but there’s something that can never be bred out of me wherever I dwell: my love of a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, even the Brits are getting lax when it comes to brewing God’s favorite beverage [1], relying on teabags instead of loose leaves and even (the horror!) […]

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