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Where Is My Flight — Utilities — Free Where Is My Flight is a pie-simple tracker with a single box. You put the flight number in there, and it tells you where and when to find it. If you’re the… Read more ›     

While no one puts baby in the corner, you can ignore that time-honored advice and actually put the Dock in the corner on the screen of your Mac. While the traditional tools for moving the Dock around will let you… Read more ›     

6 Beautiful Abstract HD wallpapers

It has been a little while since we have done a wallpaper roundup, but for those who are bored with their existing device backgrounds we’ve got six beautiful high resolution choices to pick from to spruce things up. They’re all following a loosely abstract focused theme, which makes them particularly good for iOS 7 devices, one of which is a new wallpaper that arrived in the recent iOS  [Read More…]

I don’t know why characters in endless runner games are always in such a big hurry. Galaxy Run by Spiel Studios Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 0.99 Sure, Runbot was fleeing the secret lab that created him.… Read more ›     

This holiday, why not treat yourself and your loved ones with Other World Computing (OWC)‘s massive catalog of great-quality Mac, iPhone, and iPod products and services. With a range of computer expansion products such as memory/speed-boosting drives, tablet stands, cases,… Read more ›     

LEGOs have been morphing Apple products into dinosaurs and miniature cities for as long as I can remember, but rarely are the Apple/LEGO mashups as useful as the twist a pair of advertising professionals from Norway put on this Macintosh Classic.… Read more ›     

When will the iOS 7 jailbreak arrive? Although earlier reports suggested it might already be in the chamber, and proof that exploits had already been found, the iOS 7 jailbreak still remains elusive. That should not be a surprise. We… Read more ›     

Heard of DoubleU Casino? Panda Jam? Farmville 2? Did you even know there *was* a sequel to that old chestnut? Do folks even play these things? Looking at the Facebook Games Of The Year, it’s pretty clear what kind of… Read more ›     

Weather apps have a depressing tendency to be iPhone-only, as if iPad owners have never idly wondered whether it was raining outside or not. Yahoo’s gorgeous, Flickr-integrated Weather app was one of these, but no longer: version 1.5 of the… Read more ›     

Think the Ashton Kutcher-starring Jobs, and the forthcoming Aaron Sorkin biopic are the only Steve Jobs-related projects doing the Hollywood rounds? Think again. A new movie called The Answer has just finished filming — based on the best-selling 1946 book… Read more ›