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Quick Look all text files

By now you’re probably familiar with Quick Look, used in the Mac Finder and Open/Save Dialogs to view an instant preview of any file simply by selecting it and hitting the spacebar or a tap gesture in OS X. It works amazingly well to see what something is before you open it, but if you’ve attempted to use Quick Look on some text files that don’t have  [Read More...]

Kanex’s new DualRole will be pretty much essential for hotel-hopping MacBook Air owners the world over. It’s a little pocket-sized box which hooks up to the MacBook’s USB 3.0 port and turns it into three ports plus an Ethernet jack.

Yes, it costs $ 70, but you can expense that, right?

The DualRole can also be used with an external power adapter to provide more juice to those USB ports. Either  [Read More...]

Apple and BlackBerry take it to the street.

Apple and BlackBerry take it to the street.

The headline pretty much says it all: beleaguered smartphone maker Research In Motion has rebranded itself as BlackBerry, naming the company after it’s most popular product.

So now we have two fruit companies making smartphones: Apple and BlackBerry. And just like in the grocery aisle, one is going to sell by the droves, while the other will  [Read More...]

Steve Ballmer is absolutely mad, and we love him that way.

Steve Ballmer is absolutely mad, and we love him that way.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the anti-Steve-Jobs: a sweaty, tongue-lashing ogre of a corporate figurehead who exudes a sort of Ben-Grimm-like lovability through his orange, scaled outer shell. He often says foolish things, and that’s okay, because we love him anyway.

This morning, Ballmer’s talking to Bloomberg Businessweek about the just-released  [Read More...]


If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of running Windows on your Mac, you’ve probably asked yourself which is the right virtualization software for you: Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion. Both have their vigorous defenders, but which one gives the best performance?

The guys over at MacTech have put together an incredibly throrough series of benchmarking tests, comprised of over three thousand tests. The result? A 9,200 word piece they  [Read More...]

Mac Project Genesis Film

Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning

What if the history books have it wrong? What if the tool is the master of its maker? Project Genesis, a short film about a world populated only by old Apple computers, has arrived. The computers have issues. And they have spoken:

We have always looked at our world with a single point of view: with resignation, limiting ourselves to  [Read More...]

Numark Wants To Sell Half A Headphone To DJs

True story: Back when I was a university student, there was a local DJ called DJ Crap. He actually was pretty crappy, but nobody really cared, because DJ Crap had a signature gimmick: He used an old-style telephone handset to cue up his records. Come to think of it, this might be why his mixes never matched…

Now Numark will sell you a modern version of the same thing. It’s called the Redphone, and DJ Crap  [Read More...]


Apple is all about the iCloud these days, and Microsoft is also betting on the cloud with its new Office productivity suite. Today Microsoft announced the availability of Office 365, its new paid subscription service for accessing and editing your content from any computer via the Office website. Office 365 also lets you install the Office suite on up to five PCs or Macs.

Office 2013 has also been released for Windows  [Read More...]

Five years on, the iPhone's still got it.

How much longer can Apple keep milking the carriers?

Apple and the U.S. carriers have always had a bittersweet relationship. Carriers love Apple because the iPhone brings people into their stores, but carriers are also pressured by Apple to pay high subsidies so that Apple can maintain its high profit margins.

Given that there’s way more competition for the iPhone these days, Apple’s chokehold on  [Read More...]

Remember the Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev? No, me either. But if I did I’d probably recall the LED keycaps which had two distinct functions: One, to display a tiny image on top of each key and two, to send the cost of the keyboard through the roof.

Today we bring you the e-ink keyboard, which is the same kind of thing, only way more practical.

The idea of the e-ink keycaps on this  [Read More...]