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ZinioZinio, the popular digital newsstand available to Android and iOS devices, has slashed up to 50% off its top 100 magazine subscriptions until. The deal includes titles like Macworld, GQ, Wired, Playboy, PC Magazine, and many more, and it’s valid until Monday, January 7.

If you’re unfamiliar with Zinio, it’s a terrific app that allows you to ditch traditional magazines and read your favorite subscriptions to your smartphone or tablet. It offers more than 350  [Read More...]

How Blind People Use Instagram [Video]


Just because you’re blind and can’t see what you’re taking pictures of does not mean you can’t use Instagram. Thanks to the Accessibility features in iOS, Tommy Edison is able to use an iPhone and take pictures through Instagram to give his followers a view of his world, even though he can’t see.

The process is mind blowing and seems incredibly tedious, but it’s awesome that even blind people can connect with people through Instagram. And you know what,  [Read More...]


Apple’s Newton platform was considered to be ahead of its time, even though Steve Jobs eventually axed the iPhone-like device when he made his return back to Apple. But even though the Newton was futuristic, it could have been even better if Apple had listened to Qualcomm’s advice.

During an interview with Charlie Rose, Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs said that he tried to convince Apple to put a radio chip in the  [Read More...]

Automatica, A Dropbox-Syncing Audio Dongle For Cars

Automatica is a very clever take on in-car audio. It’s a USB stick which grabs new audio content whenever it is in range of a known Wi-Fi network, and it can be managed right from your iPhone via a custom web app.

The dongle works like this: You introduce it to your home Wi-Fi network, and also to your Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, or MS account. And that’s it, if you like: The Automatica  [Read More...]


Next week sees the beginning of CES, and with it I’m hoping to see a deluge of new Lightning accessories. All of Apple’s star mobile devices have switched over to the new connector, but the accessories industry still hasn’t caught up.

I have a few adapters to make my old gadgets play nice with my new iDevices, and they work great. But the tiny new Lightning plug will not only shrink current  [Read More...]

Using QuickIO, an iOS app we reported on a couple of weeks back, you can stream your media from your Mac to your iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Today, the app was updated to include support for streaming that very same media to your Apple TV.

Even before the update, QuikIO let you send media files, including video, photos, and documents, from your Mac to an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone. You  [Read More...]


As we reported earlier, the collaboration between Canabalt developer Adam Saltsman and PuzzleJuice developer, Greg Wohlwend produced a fantastic game called Hundreds. Well, it’s out and available in the App Store right now, for a mere $ 2.99.

It’s a delightful puzzle game that teaches you how to play while you’re actually playing it, which is one of the best ways to learn anything, really. The colors are monochromatic shades of gray,  [Read More...]

Retrieving a list of preferred wireless networks can be helpful when troubleshooting wi-fi problems. The following trick will do just that, and it’s similar to a tip we covered recently which showed how to see a list of previously connected wi-fi networks using either System Preferences or a lengthy command line string, but as far as the command line goes the following command is much shorter and cleaner, and doesn’t require the use of sed and regex to clean up  [Read More...]

Facebook Messenger

Today, Facebook updated its Messenger app for both iOS and Android, adding a voice messaging capability to the app on both platforms.

There have also been reports that Facebook has been rolling out a pilot VOIP feature to the Messenger app, which will let users call other Facebook Messenger friends for free, or at least without incurring carrier voice minute debits.

The VOIP option is not available for all users, as  [Read More...]


While iOS may not be as flexible or as customizable as Android, on the whole it looks a whole lot nicer. Android is steadily improving, that’s for sure, but it’s hard to deny that iOS developers appear to spend more time making their apps prettier, even if you’re a diehard Android fan.

And that was proven when Chris Hulbert, an iOS developer, went to work at Google for three months. In a  [Read More...]