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Serious Eats Hits The iOS Newsstand

seriouslyY’all know Serious Eats, right? It’s the one place on the internet where you can go to be entertained, educated and properly fed. I’m a fan of cooking, but I generally avoid recipes on the web because it’s hard to gauge their quality until it’s too late. Serious Eats is solid every single time. And […]

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Coque-iPad-5-BlancCan’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us with the iPad 5? Here’s what it will likely look like… face down! We begin Monday morning once again with yet another Far East parts leak, this time of the purported back casing of Apple’s fifth-generation iPad. We’ve seen this part before. Way back […]

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markmindmapMind Maps are a great way to brainstorm and visualize ideas. And plain text is a great way to hammer out lists. And Markdown is a perfect tool for quickly adding hierarchy to those lists as you write them. If only there were a way to combine these three things… And guess what? The fairy […]

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CoM --AviiqThere are a couple of offers going on at Cult of Mac Deals right now that you might want to check out as your weekend comes to a close. macTuneup 7 macTuneUp 7 aims to make sure your Mac is always running like new so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Containing […]

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Why Google Should Open-Source the Moto X

motoxThe good people at Motorola will probably clock me in the head with a Droid Maxx battery for saying this, but shouldn’t Google open-source Moto X technology? After all, why did Google buy Motorola in the first place? In addition to the original assumed justification, which is protection from patent lawsuits, Google presumably bought Motorola […]

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How Apple Can Leapfrog the Moto X

motoxdesignedbyThe most vocal and active iPhone and Android fans scoff at the notion that Moto X is the new iPhone. But it’s true. The iPhone used to represent the most elegant, innovative and fun-to-use smartphone for everybody. That status has now been taken by Motorola’s new “Google Phone,†the Moto X. iPhone fans reject this […]

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Play On With The Back To School Gamer Bundle [Deals]

BTS Gamer Bundle“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.†– Proverb I’m looking forward to school starting up again. But I’m coming from a different perspective. You see, I’ve got school-aged kids and while I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve had together this summer, it’s safe to say that all of us are ready for […]

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editorialEditorial might just make you ditch your computer altogether as a writing machine. It’s a new iPad text editor from Ole Zorn, the man behind the incredible Pythonista app (Editorial actually features a built-in Python editor). Editorial could just be used as a really polished, really well-designed text editor, but it also has customizable, Automator-style […]

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Ashton Kutcher (left) plays Steve Jobs in new biopic Jobs.You might think it’s too soon for a movie about Steve Jobs. After all, the Apple co-founder walked off the world stage just 676 days before Friday’s premiere of Jobs, the movie about him that stars Ashton Kutcher. I had that same uneasy feeling sitting through the interminable 122-minute Jobs, a PG-13 movie that frequently […]

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Remote Parental ControlsParental controls are a wonderful thing, letting you filter internet content, restrict your kids to certain apps, and even keep them from accessing the Mac during times they should be sleeping or doing homework. Did you know, then, that you can manage the Parental Controls in OS X from another Mac on your network? This […]

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