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Amateur Photographers Mac setup

This weeks great Mac setup comes to us from Bob C., an Electrical Design Engineer and amateur photographer who uses his Mac setup for image editing and management. There’s a fair amount of audio equipment mixed in as well:

MacBook Pro 15″ Retina – Core i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Apple Cinema Display 24″ connected to the MacBook Pro iPad iPhone 5 Full-sized Apple Keyboard Apple Magic  [Read More...]

How Google Could Solve Mobile’s Biggest Problem

We simply couldn't get a Turkish SIM card to work with our Android phone. While trying to make it across Istanbul during a storm, we had to ask our driver to use his phone to get directions.

We simply couldn’t get a Turkish SIM card to work on my Nexus. While trying to make it across Istanbul during a storm, we had to ask our driver to use his phone to get  [Read More...]



Noise-cancelling headphones are suddenly all the rage. It certainly seems as if every big player in the audio game has at least one model that features active noise-canceling, usually accompanied by other luxury features — and with a corresponding luxury pricetag. Even manufacturers who’ve only recently begun making cans, like Logitech UE and Klipsch, prominently feature active noise-canceling in their model lineups.

It may even seem as if the technology has  [Read More...]

CoM - Spring Bundle

Your Mac is an incredibly capable device – one that, when armed with the right apps, can take your productivity to a whole new level. This Cult of Mac Deals offer will help you reach new heights with your Mac as we’re hooking you up with 10 elite Mac apps in The Spring 2013 Mac Bundle. These apps are valued at over $ 390 – and you can get  [Read More...]

Every week Mac Games and More ( features a casual, and engaging game for your Apple Mac computer to play over the weekend. This week, put on your mommy shoes, travel to a mysterious town and find your missing son. Download it and try the free demo now

Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville Collector’s Edition (hidden object/adventure) – This hidden object adventure game might sound like there’s  [Read More...]

CoM - Touchfire2main

Portability and ease of use makes the iPad the perfect product for staying connected – whether you are on the move or in the comfort of your bed. At its core, the iPad is essentially the screen portion of a Macbook with touch capabilities. But there hasn’t been a true keyboard that acts like an external keyboard – one that you can use that keeps the iPad the tablet it  [Read More...]

Will Apple Get Used?


Apple was caught last year selling Apple Certified refurbished hardware on eBay using the pseudonym Refurbished-Outlet. Allegedly.

The prices and details of these products were generally the same as refurbished products sold on the site. The products come with a one-year warranty and mobile devices contain a new battery.

But this week it emerged that Apple is lowering the prices on eBay, sometimes by quite a bit. For example, Apple normally  [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 13.58.50

This week’s must-have apps roundup features three awesome new games that’ll keep you entertained this weekend, plus three new apps that’ll transform your photographs and help you explore the world around you. We have the latest releases from Sega and Google, the awesome 8 Ball Pool from Miniclip, and more.

Sonic Dash — Universal ($ 1.99)

If there’s a video game character that deserves his own endless running game,  [Read More...]


Gorgeous. Etsy shop owner Peter Morris has rejuvenated an old Atari 2600 by turning it into an iPhone speaker dock, replete with 6 equalizer settings, an FM radio and a 3.5mm input jack. It’s one of a kind, but if you get in quick, you can buy it for the pricy-but-still-tempting sum of about $ 230.

Source: Etsy Via: TUAW

Oh Lord, the end is clearly, nearly nigh. Why? Because Kickstarter is now hosting a project to make aluminum notebook covers. No, not covers for your notebook computer. Covers for your hardcover paper notebook. The pull quote at the top of the pitch page says it all:

5052 Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy notebook & journal covers to keep your corners and pages straight.

I don’t think even Sheldon Cooper would be OCD enough to care  [Read More...]