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6 Awesome Cosmos Inspired HD Wallpapers

In appreciation of Cosmos Day (also known as the Sunday that airs the Cosmos TV show), we’re bringing you six space-themed Cosmos inspired wallpapers to send your desktop and mobile backgrounds into another world. Each of these was crafted in the good old photoshop alternative of Pixelmator using NASA imagery as a starting point. Each … Read More

Watch Woz Deliver A New Mac To A Little Girl In This Heartwarming Video

Getting a new Mac delivered to your door is always an exciting experience… but imagine opening the door and seeing, not your postman, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at your door? You’d lose your mind, just like the girl in… Read more ›     

Apple’s New Patent Wants To Make Texting And Walking A Little Safer

Sick of colliding with lampposts and the elderly whilst walking and texting? A new Apple patent for ‘Transparent Texting’ might be right up your alley, using your iPhone’s video camera to pipe through a live feed of what’s happening in… Read more ›     

Mac Setup: The Desk of a Systems Engineer

This weeks featured Mac setup is the desk of systems engineer Dave B., let’s get right to it and learn a bit more! Tell us a bit about the hardware in your Mac setup MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display – 2.5GHz CPU, 8GB RAM Dual Samsung 24″ LED Displays at 1920×1200 Apple Wireless Keyboard … Read More

Disable the Chrome Notification Bell Menu Bar Icon in Mac OS X

Longtime users of the Google Chrome web browser may be puzzled to discover the appearance of a mysterious Chrome Notifications menu bar icon, appearing as a little bell icon along with the other Mac menu bar items. Unlike removing some of the other OS X menu bar icons though, you can’t simply drag it out … Read More

How Google’s ‘Powered By Android’ Requirement Could Backfire

Google recently started requiring Android handset and tablet makers to add a very specific “Powered by Android†graphic to the boot animation when you power up an Android phone. It’s part of the revised Google Mobile Services agreement for new… Read more ›     

Add The Final Touch to Your Designs With Over 900 Hand-Drawn Icons [Deals]

This Cult of Mac Deals offer features a must-have set of icons for all your designing needs. With three different sets of icons available, you have the necessities to make any webpage unique and give that hand-drawn personal touch. The… Read more ›     

There’s Just No Getting Around Apple Buying Yahoo

Apple should buy Yahoo. This is neither a new idea, nor one acceptable to the Apple fan base. But since people briefly talked about it last year, it’s become an increasingly good idea — maybe a necessary one for Apple’s… Read more ›     

Get A Better Typing Experience With This iPad Keyboard Case Combo [Deals]

Your iPad is a trusted and essential tool for staying up to date on information, responding to emails, researching for work or school and much more. Now it’s time to take your iPad productivity to the next level – and… Read more ›     

These Are The Best Products At Macworld/iWorld 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – Moscone North has been packed with exhibitors for the last three days as they peddle their latest wares to the Apple faithful. We combed through all the booths and while there were a ton of underwhelming products, Macworld… Read more ›