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Audio accessory maker Zoom launched its iQ5 microphone this week — providing a nifty, Lightning-connected solution for users looking to record high quality audio with their iOS devices. With both 90- and 120-degree fields — adjustable using a switch on… Read more ›     

Macs Earned Apple $21.5 Billion In 2013

The Macintosh may be celebrating its thirtieth birthday today, but three decades on it’s no longer Apple’s flagship device — coming a distant third to the iPhone and iPad (although still ahead of iTunes — for now.) But just how… Read more ›     

Love chess, but don’t have the time or the sticking power to play a whole game? Then you should probably take a look at the $ 1 Mate in 1 Puzzle app, newly updated for iOS 7 and ready to puzzle… Read more ›     

Video News App Newsy Now Works On All iOS Devices

Popular free iOS news app Newsy has gone universal. The app — which delivers news through engaging video bites — first launched for iPhone and iPod touch in September 2009, with Newsy for iPad following in April the next year.… Read more ›     

The KLOQE is billed as “the iPhone case for those who don’t like iPhone cases.” As a vocal member of that group, I feel qualified to judge this case. But that;s not it. The KLOQE also promises to be the… Read more ›     

I probably wouldn’t written anything about the new Netatmo Weather Station Channel on IFTTT, but then I saw one of the sample automatic actions that it can trigger, and figured I had to show you. Once set up, you can… Read more ›     

The holidays are over, and that means you now have tons of unedited photos from ugly sweater parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s Eve festivities. So before you post that album to Facebook or start mocking up next year’s Christmas… Read more ›     

  We’ve gone on and on about the merits of Flowboard, a web-based platform that lets users easily create  media-rich stories or presentations and publish them onto its servers. Until now, the service has only been available as an iOS… Read more ›     

Today Apple released a slew of updates to its iWork productivity suite. On the web, iWork for iCloud has received an iOS 7-like makeover in every aspect except the editing interface. Browsing for documents on now looks more like… Read more ›     

Microsoft announced $ 24.52 billion in revenue the second quarter this year, showing gains across all segments of its consumer technology business, including Surface, Xbox, and Bing search. As a previous heavy competitor and sometime collaborator with Apple, Microsoft hasn’t been… Read more ›