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Apple Recruits Wolff Olins CEO For New Marketing Role

Apple has reportedly hired Karl Heiselman, chief executive officer of branding agency Wolff Olins, to join the company in a new marketing communications role. The former CEO and branding expert has been with Wolff Olins for a total of 14… Read more ›

Messed Up Hosts? How to Restore the Original Default /etc/hosts File in Mac OS X

The hosts file is included on every computer and used by Mac OS to map IP addresses to host names. Because users may choose to adjust, change, or otherwise edit the hosts file for a variety of reasons, it can be easily subjected to user error, leading to a variety of undesirable network problems ranging … Read More

Lyft Is Your Friend With A Car [Deals]

Forged in the fires of Silicon Valley and backed by venture capital power players comes Lyft® – a service revolutionizing public transport. You request a ride through the free iOS or Android app, then watch on a real-time map as… Read more ›

How ComiXology Became The iTunes Of Comic Books

Faster than a speeding bullet, ComiXology has scaled the ranks in the App Store in what seems like a single bound. As one of last year’s top-grossing iPad apps, the digital comics platform has sold an astonishing 6 billion comic book… Read more ›

Amazon Buys ComiXology

Oh man, I just can’t wait for this week to be over. First the entire Internet turns out to have been broken for the last two years. Then Dropbox hires Condoleezza “Cruella De Vil” Rice to help out with security.… Read more ›

Vela Lets You Search Spotify With Your Voice

Here’s how to do Spotify voice search on the iPhone or iPad. Tap the search field in Spotify Tap the Siri dictate button on the keyboard Say the name of whatever you wan to hear Tap Siri button again Browse… Read more ›

Lomo Russar+ Lens For Retro-Fetishists

There’s something totally perverse about putting a crappy Lomo lens on your Leica M-series camera. After all, the Leica might be a glorious box which makes it super easy to take great pictures, but it really is just a box… Read more ›

Lightning Cable Is Red, Flat, And Named After A Shark

I like this Hammerhead Lightning cable for two reasons: it’s red, and the cable is flat. Actually, make that three reasons – it’s called the Hammerhead, like the frikkin shark. Feature-wise, there’s nothing to it. At $ 18.99, it’s a penny… Read more ›

Time Gap Crams Every Free-To-Play Game Into One [Review]

Ambition isn’t a bad thing, but it can get in the way. Time Gap by Absolutist Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free Time Gap is a free-to-play title that tries to be all free-to-play games at once.… Read more ›

Exploring Epic MMO Elder Scrolls Online [Feature]

Elder Scrolls Online is a new massively multiplayer role playing game by Zenimax Studios and Bethesda Game Studios that attempts to compete with the behemoth of the premium subscription MMO, World Of Warcraft, on its own turf in the fantasy… Read more ›