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Apple’s Next iPad Smart Cover Could Feature A Surface-Style Keyboard [Patent]

A patent application was published on Thursday, showing Apple’s plans for an iPad smart cover reminiscent of Microsoft’s Surface. Where the design differs from Microsoft’s iPad competitor is that Apple’s keyboard has been designed to double as a Multi-Touch gesture… Read more ›     

Sharebox: Upload And Share Files By Dragging Them Onto Dropbox Icon

Sharebox adds a feature to Dropbox that should probably already have been there: it lets you drag and drop files onto the Dropbox icon in your Mac’s menubar, and have them upload to Dropbox. The neatest part is that it… Read more ›     

Why Apple Hasn’t Missed The Boat On Virtual-Reality

When Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for $ 2 billion, Mark Zuckerberg announced that virtual reality was the natural follow-up to mobile as a platform. Following the acquisition, Cult of Mac published an article asking which companies Apple should look at buying… Read more ›     

Fnd, A Simpler, Faster, Betterer iTunes Store Search

Can we all agree that iTunes’ App Store search is truly, truly awful? That you can not only never find what you’re looking for, but you have to wait forever for the results to load? Good. Then you’re going to… Read more ›     

One Third Of iPhone Users Would Shell Out $100 For Bigger Display

Would you pay an extra $ 100 for an iPhone “phablet” with a larger display? At least 33% of you would according to new survey data published by Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt, which suggests that one-third of American iPhone users… Read more ›     

Twitter Allows Four Photos Per Tweet, Ten Free Tags

Twitter will now let you attach up to four images to a Tweet, and tag the people in those photos, all without counting towards your 140-character limit. This is a pretty obvious attempt to beat Instagram and make Twitter your… Read more ›     

Cover Your Walls With Instagrams Using The Fotobit Modular Frame

Fotobit is a 4.25 x 4.25-inch frame designed for wall-mounting your Instagrams. It’s modular, so you can slot the frames together to cover the wall with an Insta-mural, and the frames themselves are a handsome matte black or white. But… Read more ›     

480GB USB 3.0 Thumb Drive? Yes Please

I use flash thumb drives for precisely one purpose these days – taking a PDF boarding pass to the local print shop. That doesn’t stop me being impressed with Edge’s new DiskGo Sonic USB 3.0 Flash Drive, though, which is… Read more ›     

Apple Engineer Greg Christie Discusses Creating The Original iPhone

Ahead of the next round of the Apple vs. Samsung legal battle, one of the original iPhone engineers, Greg Christie, spoke to the WSJ about the development of Apple’s breakthrough smartphone. Much of what he discusses in the Apple-approved interview… Read more ›     

Facebook Now Has 1 Billion ‘Active’ Mobile Users

Following news of Facebook’s surprise acquisition of Oculus VR for $ 2 billion, Mark Zuckerberg shared some impressive numbers regarding the social network’s sustained mobile growth. Facebook has an “active” mobile user base of 1 billion, Zuckerberg announced, while the Facebook-owned… Read more ›