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Use Quicklook In Open File Dialog Windows [OS X Tips]

Quicklook Open

I’ve been doing this quite a bit lately, and didn’t even realize it was a new thing until I did it in front of a friend the other day, and she said, “Woah! I didn’t know you could do that!” So, forgive me if you already know this, but give it a shot if you didn’t.

Ever try and browse through the default Open File window? The icons can be super  [Read More...]

samsung-galaxy-s-iii-is-the-screen-its-achilles-heel--e378eb024e Samsung has today announced its estimated earnings for Q1 2013, and it looks like the Korean electronics giant is set for another record quarter, exceeding Wall Street expectations. The company has forecast a 53% rise in profit to 8.7 trillion won ($ 7.7 billion) for the three-month period between January and March, driven by smartphone sales.

Samsung’s estimate was better than the average forecast for 8.3 trillion won ($ 7.3 billion) in  [Read More...]


Google has confirmed that it will drop WebKit for its own rendering engine called Blink in “around 10 weeks.” The company has already begun testing Blink in Chrome Canary builds — the beta version of its popular browser — but it will rollout the change to stable Chrome builds with version 28 for both desktops and Android devices.

Google confirmed the move during a Q&A video with the Chrome developer community, which  [Read More...]

Samsung Wi-Fi Galaxy Camera Will Cost Almost $600

TS520x0~cms posts 5821902581 Samsung Galaxy camera

There seem to be two ways to make a Wi-Fi-enabled camera. The first is to build an actual camera and add a Wi-Fi radio. The second is to make an iPod Touch with a decent 5MP camera module inside. Depending on your requirements, either one can be great.

But there now appears to be a third way. Samsung has taken a camera, added an Android phone, and then  [Read More...]

Keyper, A Lovely Leather Wallet For Keeping Keys

Keyper xl

The Keyper isn’t strictly a Mac-related gadget, or even an iOS-related one. But I’m writing it up for a few reasons anyway. One, it’s gorgeous. Two, leather confections are a favorite of our esteemed deputy editor John Brownlee. And three, it actually is pretty iPhone and iPad friendly because it’ll stop your keys from scratching up their screens if you toss the lot n a bag or pocket together.

The Keyper  [Read More...]

Apple 'spaceship' Campus 2

The budget for Apple’s “spaceship” campus has ballooned from $ 3 billion to “nearly $ 5 billion” since 2011, according to a new report from Bloomberg Businessweek. Five people close to the project say its cost will now eclipse the $ 3.9 billion being spent on the new World Trade Center complex in New York City.

Apple Campus 2 was presented to the Cupertino City Council by Steve Jobs  [Read More...]

Apple And T-Mobile Begin Taking Pre-Orders For iPhone 5


Apple and T-Mobile have begun pre-orders for the iPhone 5. The launch date for the iPhone 5 is scheduled for April 12th, so if you’re eager to jump the gun on the T-Mobile iPhone 5, here’s your chance.

T-Mobile is the last of the four major carriers in the U.S. to start selling the iPhone. To attract new customers, T-Mobile is selling the iPhone for $ 99 without a cellular service contract.  [Read More...]


Rovio has today announced that it will be bringing the hugely popular Facebook game Angry Birds Friends to Android and iOS. The game is very similar to the rest of the titles in the Angry Birds series, only it has a strong focus on social gaming rather than playing alone.

Angry Birds Friends lets you challenge your friends in weekly tournaments, give and receive gifts, and brag about your accomplishments on Facebook. It also lets you team  [Read More...]

This is ... awesome.

This is … awesome.

Remember PostSecret? That was an app based on the PostSecret website, where people were encouraged to share secrets anonymously, with pictures and words. The app got discontinued due to potential abuses; the founder, Frank Warren, pulled it from the App Store when he thought it had gone too far.

Whisper, then, uses the same idea: allow people to post pictures with meme-like text over the  [Read More...]


Apple has made a small change to the way in which App Store age ratings are displayed to make them a little easier to find. They’re now displayed alongside app icons on iOS devices — just under the name of the developer — so they’re not so easy to miss when you’re downloading new apps.

Prior to the change, the age ratings were displayed right at the bottom of the app’s description,  [Read More...]