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Apple’s hard-to-meet high standards and its low price expectations have earned it the nickname “Poison Apple” with Asian suppliers, who say they are feeling the affects of decreasing demand of the iPhone. Several have told Reuters that they are trying to reduce their reliance on Apple amid increasing competition from companies like Samsung.

Suppliers have enjoyed lots of success off the back of Apple’s iPhone sales, with each device  [Read More…]

Remember when we used to switch resolutions on our computers? No, probably not. That’s because only old people experienced the pain of doing such a thing manually – these days our monitors are built in to our computers, and the pixel-mapping is done by the OS.

Unless you have a new Retina MacBook Pro that is. Now there might actually be a reason to switch resolutions. But who wants to dig around in System  [Read More…]

iPhone WhistleCase: You Can Guess What It Does

Hooooo! That, apparently, is the sound of an iPhone whistling. At least, that’s the sound of an iPhone whistling when its inside the WhistleCase, a combo tweeter and phone protector that actually looks cool enough to buy and use.

Why whistle? The site makes the case (sorry) for safety and for sports. I like the latter, as I’m such a pussy I never find myself in dangerous situations – unless you count the  [Read More…]

Cult of Mac reader Derek Stein put me on to this hot hot leather case for the iPhone 5. It’s similar in intent to the TwelveSouth SurfacePad I re-reviewed on Friday in that it’s a simple wraparound leather cover. The differences are that it looks less functional and much longer lasting.

The case is called the Kanams and comes in a delicious variety of browns. It uses an  [Read More…]

It’s funny: Back in high school I had a project called “Mount Julie” (which Julie never knew about), and now here in 2013 we see a new project called “Mount July.” Coincidence? Probably…

Anyhow. Mount July will be a set of camera filters for film, stills and video which will add Instagram-like effects, using old-fashioned analog glass filters.

From the site:

BK-7 multi-coated precision optical glass provides crystal clear transparency with a low  [Read More…]

Google’s Awesome Future: It’s In the Cards


We learned a lot about Google Glass this week. In doing so, we also learned a lot about Google.

It’s tempting to look at Google’s vast range of products and research projects and conclude that the company has more ideas than vision. (The difference is that ideas tend to be disconnected, whereas vision involves a coherent strategic direction.

Where is Google going? Does Google even know?

A closer look suggests that Google  [Read More…]

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 2.18.55 PM

Abstergo is derived from a Latin root that means “to wipe away.”

Jailbreaking is great for fine tuning the iOS experience. Abstergo is a new and excellent jailbreak tweak that does just that, and it’s available in Cydia now for $ 2. Developed by Joshua Tucker and Andrew Richardson, Abstergo improves Notification Center by adding some subtle features. It won’t blow you away, but it will make  [Read More…]


As the web becomes a place where more and more people spend their time reading, learning, and earning, learning to code for the web is a skill that is gaining traction with the masses. No longer is the idea of coding for the web considered an arduous thing to learn. Not only that, but the means that we are able to learn on the Internet give us even more options  [Read More…]

CoM - iBug

Looking for a toy that is both fun, creepy, and lets you use your cherished iOS devices all at the same time? Then this Cult of Mac Deals offer will be right up your alley.

This little robotic bug looks and moves just like a real insect, but is completely controlled by your iOS device. That’s right – you can control this creepy crawler with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod –  [Read More…]

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have signed up for Mailbox, Orchestra’s amazing new email client for the iPhone, you know how great it is. It allows you to re-think how you deal with email on a daily basis. Mail messages can be archived, set to remind you at a later time or day, or placed in lists you create yourself all with a swipe of your thumb or finger. Mailbox turns email into much less of a  [Read More…]