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Keanu Reeves is coming to Infinity Blade III. Confused yet? So were we. But it’s all part of a special in-game event that will be used to promote Reeves’ new samurai film, 47 Ronin. In Infinity Blade III, there are… Read more ›     

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Apple a patent, describing a means of manufacturing curved touchscreens. The patent, which was filed back in November 2010, may lend credibility to the rumors that Apple is working on an iWatch… Read more › The myLIFTER is a Kickstarter project for a small-yet-powerful, Bluetooth-enabled winch controlled by an iOS app — and it’s loaded with all kinds of other ingenious features, like programmable distances and the ability to link a chain of myLIFTERS… Read more ›     

If you’ve looking for a great sounding deal during the holidays, then with no further. The Merry Mac Bundle: Beats + Media Edition features 8 killer apps that will make your Mac handle allsorts of media like a pro. And… Read more ›     

Two years after the rumors first started swirling, and months after the company began recruiting retail staff, Apple has confirmed on its official website that a new Apple Store is indeed opening in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Apple Store — which… Read more ›     

  Here’s something you don’t see often: It’s an Android phone sporting a 30-pin connector. Blasphemy! Heretical! Nonsense. PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive, which allows fast transfer of files between Android and iOS, is here to promote peace and understanding between all —… Read more ›     

Pinning, posting or tweeting one’s way through a wilderness adventure always seemed a little antithetical to me; isn’t one of the reasons for going out into nature to get away from all this artificial electronic junk anyway? Yes, of course… Read more ›     

iTunes Radio Music iTunes Radio is an excellent free streaming music service that arrived to the iOS Music app with the 7.0 update. For those unfamiliar with Radio, you can create a station from any artist or genre, and enjoy an endless stream of great songs, both new and familiar. If you’re a music fan, it’s easily one of the best new features of iOS, and it’s actually fairly social too, because you  [Read More…]

Verticon – Productivity — $ 0.99 If you need to know how how many inches are in a meter or talk to your non-American friends about the weather, Verticon can help you out. It’s a quick conversion tool that you can… Read more ›     

If you’re like me, you carry the full length MacBook Air / Pro MagSafe adapter cord with your portable Mac. And if you do, you’re familiar with how cumbersome having that large extender cable attached to the MagSafe is, either taking up tons of space as it unwinds, or just being a huge tangled mess. But check out this brilliant simple wrapping trick discovered Twitter by @JC.

The best way to wrap the full MagSafe adapter[Read More…]