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Java Security Problem

A new potentially dangerous Java security vulnerability has been discovered that could allow malicious code to run on a Java-enabled computer, be it a Mac or Windows PC. Most Mac users will be safe from the vulnerability because OS X Mountain Lion does not include Java by default, and OS X Lion includes an older version of Java that is not vulnerable to the exploit. That said, if you  [Read More...]

I’m not that fickle in the rest of my life, honest. When it comes to news reading apps on the iPad, however, I’ve had many loves. First came Flipboard, which grabbed my attention with its well-designed layouts of web links and images shared by people in my social network circles.

Then I found Trapit, which added both AI and editorial curation to my newsreader, though it is a bit lacking in the  [Read More...]

Disable iTunes Store access and prevent purchases of apps and content

One of the best ways to kid-proof (and generally fool proof) an iPhone or iPad is to turn off in-app purchases. That’s great for the iOS world, but for the desktop you can do something similar by disabling access to the iTunes Store completely, this will prevent unintended purchases of apps, music, movies, books, or anything else, by blocking access to the  [Read More...]

Save Image as Other Image Formats with Preview in OS X

Preview is a great basic image editing app bundled with Mac OS X, but recent versions from OS X Lion onward have simplified the available image Export Format options down to JPEG, JPEG 2000, OpenEXR, PDF, PNG, and TIFF. Or at least that’s what you see on first glance, but it turns out you can still access all the traditional image format  [Read More...]

I personally purchased MacJournal for $ 40 six months ago and was extremely pleased with the value. If I only knew I could have landed 10 additional applications for $ 10 more a little down the road…

The Mac Hype Bundle includes 6 apps that cost $ 40+ individually which is the first 6 reasons you should dive on this deal. If journaling isn’t your thing (and it should be if want  [Read More...]

You may be able to finally beat Bizarre Bazaar.

Subatomic Studios has released its first update to Fieldrunners 2, the popular sequel to the original tower defense game for the iPhone. Version 1.1 of Fieldrunners 2 is now available in the App Store, and the update brings an easier Causal mode, new map updates, Game Center integration, Endless mode, and more.

Change log:

• Beat those hard levels with an easier Casual mode! • Amazing new  [Read More...]

As iPhone 5 repair parts have slowly leaked in over the past few weeks, a few people have quitely gathered and assembled them to see what the finished product might look like when Apple announces it on September 12.

iResQ just posted a gallery of all the parts they have so far, and how they look when assembled, so that we can get a good idea of what the iPhone 5 is  [Read More...]

Facebook’s on a roll lately. Just a week after they released their hyper fast speed update to the native Facebook app, the world’s biggest social network has also given some improvements to the lesser used Facebook Camera, adding notifications, likes, improved photo management, comments and other UI improvements. It’s actually a pretty usable app now!

Facebook Camera was a weird app. It was released right after the social network purchased Instagram for  [Read More...]

Trying to sell one of these? You’re not the only one.

Apple’s lengthy battle with Samsung came to a close last Friday when a jury decided Samsung was guilty of infringing six of Apple’s patents, and that it must pay more than $ 1 billion in damages as a result. Not only was this a huge blow to Samsung, but it appears it’s also hit the Korean company’s customers, too.

One used  [Read More...]

The Veldstraat in Ghent, the location of Apple’s first Belgian retail store.

Apple has reportedly started work on its first retail store in Belgium, which will be located in the city of Ghent in the Veldstraat shopping center. The store is expected to open in late 2012 — in time for the holiday season — or in early 2013.

Belgian Apple blog Apple Nieuws Vlaanderen reports that it has received “numerous tips” about  [Read More...]