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Last Chance To Get 50% off PDFpen Pro [Deals]

Want to easily interact with and edit PDFs like never before? Then this Cult of Mac Deals offer is for you. PDFpen is the all-purpose Mac PDF editor. It has everything you need to edit all those PDFs you are… Read more ›

The iWatch Could Be On Your Wrist As Early As This Summer [Rumor]

A new report out of China says that Apple’s long-awaited iWatch could debut as early as summer this year, sometime after WWDC, and ship 65M units to start. But how far can it be trusted? A report from the Economic… Read more ›

Heartbleed Security Bug: What Apple Users Need to Know

The newly discovered Heartbleed bug is being called the Web’s worst security bug ever. It allows hackers to steal passwords and login details when users visit vulnerable sites — undetected. That’s the bad part: affected sites probably have no idea… Read more ›

Access the Calendar List View for Specific Dates Again on iPhone with iOS 7.1

The Calendar app list view is probably the single best way to quickly see an overview of events and meetings scheduled for a specific day. Widely appreciated for it’s convenience, the date specific list view was removed and obscured within iOS 7 in favor of a more difficult to access wider list view that encompassed … Read More

No WWDC Ticket? Check Out AltConf Instead

If you didn’t win the lottery for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, you’re in good company. For the third year in a row, AltConf is hosting a get-together for the rest of us. Formerly called AltWWDC, the conference will boost… Read more ›

Barcode Kingdom Is An RPG That Lets You Scan In Your Own Heroes [Review]

Back in the early 1990s there was a series of handheld games consoles made by Japan’s Epoch company. Called Barcode Battlers, they let you enter the numbers from real world barcodes to generate characters, monsters, and power-ups, which could be… Read more ›

‘Doughbot’ Shares Your Love Of Convenient Pastries

Not everything in the App Store has to be a Swiss Army knife. Sometimes, you find an app that does one thing and does the heck out of it. Doughbot is one such app. It tells you where you can… Read more ›

Hide Tags from the Mac Finder Sidebar in OS X Mavericks

The Tags feature added to Mac OS X in Mavericks provides for a simple way to group files, folders, and documents together with drag and drop quickness or keystroke simplicity, but not every Mac user takes the time to use tags, or at the very least, use all the tags that are offered by default … Read More

Baron Fig Confidant Is The Best Paper Notebook I’ve Used [Review]

Yes, we’re reviewing a paper notebook. The thing is – spoiler – this one is awesome. Forget Moleskine, which is nice marketing wrapped in faux leather wrapped around thin, porous, easy-bleeding pages. The Baron Fig Confidant is what you want.… Read more ›

Doodle Jump Race Combines Classic Doodle With Head-To-Head Racing [Video Review]

The hit game Doodle Jump was one of the first and most popular games to hit iOS in 2009. Since then many updates have been made to the app enhancing and continuing its platform hopping and monster obliterating gameplay. Just… Read more ›