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Do you know what a hookworm is? It’s a filthy parasite which hides in your intestine, secured by a its hooks, and feeds on your blood. Ugh. They affect around 600 million people in the world, and can’t be detected with the human eye. Why the hell am I telling your about this in the cult of Mac? Because an enterprising Canadian doctor has hacked his iPhone to diagnose the presence of these  [Read More...]

Plants vs Zombies 1.3.16 APK+DATA

Given the success of the original Plants vs. Zombies game, which first landed on iOS almost three years ago, I’m surprised we don’t already have a sequel. But there is one on the way. PopCap has announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be launching early this summer.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, we don’t know much about it. You see, PopCap, which is now owned by EA, made  [Read More...]

A 4K Ultra HD TV from Samsung.

A 4K Ultra HD TV from Samsung.

Apple is gearing up to send its much-anticipated “iTV” into mass production during the second half of this year, according to sources in the Cupertino company’s supply chain, who have been speaking to DigiTimes. The set will reportedly boast a 4K “Ultra HD” display with a 3840×2160 resolution, and it’ll be controlled by voice and motion.

Apple is already  [Read More...]

One of the curses of being an innovator is every time you innovate, someone comes along and says they had a patent on it first. Apple knows this dilemma well, and the latest patent infringement claim Cupertino has to defend itself against is in China over Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.

According to a claim by Zhizhen Technology Co., a Shanghai company, the patent they have for voice recognition software as applied to its “Xiao i Robot” software was filed  [Read More...]


Apple is on the hunt for a new iOS Communications Application Engineer who will be responsible for implementing new features into FaceTime and iMessage, “taking the revolutionary iPhone to the next level.” The position is based at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, according to a new job listing on the company’s website.

As is always the case, Apple’s advert is very vague about what exactly its new engineer will be tasked with.  [Read More...]


I used to use a sleeve-style case with my original iPad, and I loved it. Sleeves protect the iPad while you carry it, and let you experience the full slimline awesomeness of a naked tablet when you take it out to use. Then Apple made the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover and that was it. The only time I change cases now is if I need something rugged, or if I’m  [Read More...]


For some reason, ComScore just hasn’t gotten around to adding mobile users to its measurements on how much traffic websites get until today. Now that mobile traffic is being accounted for, Apple has quickly gone from the 11th most popular website in the world to 8th.

ComScore just released its latest rankings for websites and Apple benefited the most from the addition of mobile audience scoring by adding 54% more unique viewers to its  [Read More...]


T-Mobile CEO John Legere kicked off the company’s press event in New York City today with an aggressive yet entertaining onslaught against rival carriers. He called for the likes of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to “stop the bullshit” with traditional subsidy models, which T-Mobile has now abandoned in favor of its new “Uncarrier” plans.

“Carriers are really nice to you… once every 23 months,” Legere quipped during his blunt presentation. ”This is the biggest crock of  [Read More...]

Give Your Mac A Checkup With xScan [Deals]

CoM - Xscan

Your Mac is a finely tuned, intricate machine. Just like a car, every aspect of your Mac plays a crucial role in its overall performance. This Cult of Mac Deals offer is for an app that will help keep your Mac running in tip-top shape. That’s because we’re featuring xScan – the same software many professionals use to diagnose technical issues with Mac operating systems.

xScan has been specifically designed  [Read More...]

Hand-Cranked Sun & Cloud Camera Is Always Ready To Go


Tempted as I am by the likes of the amazing Fujifilm X100s, I know that I’ll keep coming back to my iPhone 5 camera thanks to its combo of convenience, quality, connect-ability and apps. But the Sun & Cloud camera has just the right balance of price to quirky novelty to get me interested.

The main gimmick is that the Sun & Cloud doesn’t need a battery — it’s powered by  [Read More...]