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Timebar Turns Your Entire Menubar Into A Timer

Timebar is an ultra-simple timer app for your Mac. Click! its icon up in the menubar, drag! to select a period of time and then Go About Your Life! as it ticks the seconds away by running a blue progress bar across your menubar.

But there’s more.

You can choose different alert sounds and set custom messages to show when the timer is done. You can also use Alfred or the terminal to  [Read More…]

FocusTwist attempts to turn your iPhone into a Lytro Light Field camera, complete with photos that can be focussed after you take them. How does it perform this technological magic? It cheats.

The app takes a pragmatic approach: it brackets focus. That is, it snaps several pictures of the same scene and combines them. Then, when you share the result via Twitter, people can tap on an object and it’ll snap into focus.

It’s not perfect. You’ll have to  [Read More…]


GeoTag Photos Pro just hit v3.0, and with the update comes a new, less-ugly UI. It also adds automatic Dropbox uploading, making it just about the easiest (and still most battery-friendly) photo-tagging app for the iPhone.

The iPhone makes a great camera for more reasons that just being a great camera. It also lets you edit and share your images right there from the phone, and it packs GPS for recording  [Read More…]


Over the last few weeks, T-Mobile has stolen a lot of the prepaid carriers’ thunder with its new “Uncarrier” plans. But Cricket Wireless is eager to make sure no one forgets about it.

Starting today, Cricket Wireless is cutting the price of its iPhone plans to help it compete against the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T. The new family bundle plan offered by Cricket includes two smartphone plans for $ 40 each  [Read More…]


Earlier today, we reported that the Wall Street consensus was that Apple’s profit in this last quarter probably shrank for the first time in a decade, and that results will be even more dire next quarter, with iPhone sales units being extremely low.

But Wall Street’s pessimism in regards to Apple is, as usual, nuts. For Apple to perform as low as Wall Street thinks it will next quarter, Apple would have  [Read More…]


iPhone and iPad owners who love watching video will appreciate a new update coming from Netflix to iOS. The video giant just released Netflix 4.0 for iOS that makes navigating to your favorite episodes even easier.

The update includes UI changes that make it easier to find new episodes for shows, as well as better navigation for changing the audio and subtitles for a video. There are also some little bug fixes in the  [Read More…]


Before the disastrous launch of Apple Maps, one of Apple’s biggest failures of all-time was the launch of MobileMe. Apple set a group of engineers out to rebrand .Mac and create a new cloud-based product that totally fell over the night it launched.

Steve Jobs famously met with the entire MobileMe team in the campus auditorium and fired the manger of the project on the spot. Then he told everyone, “you’ve tarnished Apple’s reputation …  [Read More…]

Kids. Can't live with them, can't manage their allowance.

Kids. Can’t live with them, can’t manage their allowance.

I don’t know if you have kids or not, but one of the more difficult things to keep track of, at least for me, is their allowance. Yeah, you might say, just write it down on a piece of paper or something. While that may seem to have merit, it rarely works out in  [Read More…]


Netflix has announced a new family plan that will allow an account holder to have four simultaneous streams. The plan will cost $ 12 per month. A specific launch date for the plan has not been announced, but Netflix revealed the news in a letter to shareholders today.

“A few members with large families run into our 2-simultaneous-stream limit,” according to Netflix. “To best serve these members, we’re shortly adding a 4-stream  [Read More…]


Photo: Eli Milchman


Last week saw popular photo-editing iPhone app FX Photo Studio go free for a day. MacPhun, the app’s developer, then extended that free day indefinitely — a result, they say, of the app’s overwhelming popularity as it’s blown through a million new downloads since going free.

Now the developer’s doing the same thing with the even-more-fantastic iPad version of the app, FX Photo Studio HD. Only this time,  [Read More…]