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Retina iPad Mini Shows Fewer Colors Than iPad Air

  Friday afternoon I checked out the Retina iPad mini at a local Apple reseller (spoiler: it’s awesome), and I tried it right after I’d hefted the iPad Air. And I noticed something I hadn’t heard about in any reviews:… Read more ›     

Why Does Google Hide Google Now?

Why does Google call it “Google Now”? Wouldn’t “Google Occasionally” or “Google Never” be more accurate? Google Now is clearly designed to be used “now,” or all the time, or at any time. The “now” suggests that when something of… Read more ›     

Show the Dock on an external display in Mac OS X

OS X Mavericks brought significant improvements to multi-display support for Mac users who have their computer connected to an external screen or two. One of the more helpful feature changes with multi-display support is the ability to access the Dock on any of the connected screens through the use of a simple onscreen motion gesture trick.

Swipe down twice with the cursor  [Read More…]

Apple is close to buying PrimeSense, the company that invented the 3D motion tracking technology used in the original Xbox Kinect. Whispers of the acquisition were first reported by an Israeli publication called Calcalist back in July, and the site is now reporting that… Read more ›     

The iRest: The Perfect Stand For Your iPad [Deals]

Every once in a while, an insanely great offer comes around that can’t be missed and this happens to be one of them. The iRest lets you view your iPad’s screen in comfort with excellent stability. For only $ 39.99 you’ll… Read more ›     

Markets rise and markets fall – that’s true for stocks, real estate, tulips, etc. That’s also true with vintage computers – though even in a down market there’s still some money to be made. At an auction in Germany held… Read more ›     

You can never have enough tools in your designer toolbox, and Cult of Mac Deals has assembled another deal that will allow you to add even more high-quality design elements to yours. With The Professionally-Designed Web Icon Set you’ll get… Read more ›     

The smartphone industry is dominated by two companies: Apple and Samsung. Absurdly, Canaccord Genuity recently reported that Apple and Samsung earn 109% of mobile industry profits. (That impossible percentage results when the losses of competitors are factored in.) Specifically, the… Read more ›     

Tags in OS X File tagging on the Mac is officially new to OS X Mavericks, but those who have been using the Labels feature to help manage their files in prior versions of OS X will notice it’s actually quite similar. Basically you ‘tag’ a file, and then it becomes associated with that tag, allowing for easy file sorting, searching, and management. Tagging is easy to use, and what are likely  [Read More…]

Mac Setups: The Desk of a Visual Designer

Visual designer Mac desk setup

This weeks awesome Mac setup comes to us from visual designer and Apple lover Mirko S. With a great looking desk and a very nice Macintosh configuration, here is the Apple gear and a few app recommendations that Mirko is using for his work, and why:

What Apple hardware does your setup consist of?

Core Apple hardware includes the following:

MacBook Pro Retina Core i7 – with Mac  [Read More…]