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New cultcast site promo pic heath

We get ca-rayyy-zee on this week’s CultCast, takin’ ’bout iPhone 5S’ rumored new camera; why megapixels don’t matter; Facebook Home coming to iOS; why teens really love Snapchat; and we review the new iSteve mockumentary—it’s either way better or way worse than you heard. Plus more!

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When I hear about a game that uses miniature figurines with a videogame, I automatically think of Skylanders, Activision’s hit toy/video game that uses plastic creature figures placed on a special “portal of power” to use the creature’s special abilities in the videogame, on consoles and on iPad.

Sydney, Australia-based TableTop Interactive is going one step further to a fuller interactive experience, with mini-figurines reminiscent of tabletop games like Hero Clix or  [Read More…]

Worn leather looks great... Right up until it falls apart.

Worn leather looks great… Right up until it falls apart.

SurfacePad for iPhone by Twelve South Category: Cases Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 35

Back in February, I reviewed the The SurfacePad from Twelve South and called it the “Best iPhone Case Ever.†And had it stayed pristine and continued working like it did for the first few weeks, that would be  [Read More…]

AMD Hires Ex-Apple Graphics Guru


Perpetual PC chipmaking underdog AMD is having a rough time of it in the mobile age. The stock is in the tank, and they lost $ 146 million last quarter on $ 1.09 billion in revenue. AMD needs to figure out a way to make a splash in mobile quick if it intends on surviving.

Over the past year, there’s been some sign that AMD has been taking this threat seriously. Last  [Read More…]


The App Store has a chokehold on mobile gaming, but Apple has yet to set foot into the world of living room consoles. And Apple doesn’t need to worry about competing with the likes of Xbox—the App Store has already created an incredibly vibrant and profitable gaming ecosystem.

You can mirror a game running on your iPhone to the big screen with an Apple TV. It works, but there’s more that could  [Read More…]


Fans of hit vertical jumper The Incident will be pleased to learn that the game’s makers are about to release a new creation in the App Store called Space Age. Based on early screenshots and demo videos, it has the same delightfully retro charm as its predecessor.

Matt Comi and Neven Mrgan of Big Bucket recently announced Space Age on the Touch Arcade forums. It looks great, and they’re obviously saving the juicer  [Read More…]

gmail mailbox integration

One of the advantages of Mailbox only working with Gmail is that a lot of the conventions you’re already used to are present in this fantastic on-the-go email app for your iPhone. If you spend a lot of time on your iPhone using Mailbox, you might have wondered what it does with your mail when you archive, set to later, or add to a list.

Well, it’s really quite simple.

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CoM - WP Starter

Have you ever thought about building your own website without spending thousands of dollars…or thought about starting a freelance web development gig? What if we told you that it’s all possible without knowing how to code?

It’s true. WordPress is a full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. It’s a system that makes it easy for anyone to get a  [Read More…]

Change Calendar default alert times Forgetting a birthday or an important event never feels good, and if you have a habit of either completely forgetting dates or not remembering until it’s too late, you can adjust the default alert times settings in iOS to better correspond to your needs and level of forgetfulness.

You may have noticed that iOS has no standard alert time for events and birthdays, but through a settings  [Read More…]


Fitbug is a company that makes exercise accessories that work with iPhone apps. Fitbit is also a company that makes exercise accessories that work with iPhone apps. Their names are similar, and so are their products. It’s kind of like they’re the same company, except they’re totally not, and that’s the problem.

The confusion between the names of the two companies has really started to get under Fitbug’s skin, so it’s decided  [Read More…]