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There are a couple of different ways to protect your MacBook from abuse, but this is a new one to us. A Reddit user decided that he was tired of the dings and scratches on the front of his 2008 MacBook, so he grabbed a can of Plasti-dip and gave it a nice plastic coating to cover everything up.

It’s either the most brilliant way to cover up your MacBook’s scars, or  [Read More...]


Rumors are swirling that Apple, a company which has been having a rocky time on Wall Street lately despite reporting their most profitable quarter ever, might announce a decision to issue a stock split tomorrow at their next shareholder meeting, to be held tomorrow.

The source of the rumor appears to be a tweet from investor and analyst Douglass Kass, who says that :

High above the Alps my Gnome is  [Read More...]

Mwc day 2 12

This little feller balances using gyroscopes five times more accurate than those in your phone.

Mwc day 2 05

This head looks, like, totally stoned.

Mwc day 2 01

Connect wisely to transform for easier work.

Mwc day 2 10

Meggings! Oh, Vodafone…

Mwc day 2 03

All he’s missing  [Read More...]

CoM - iOS Camera Lens

It’s understood that iOS cameras are insanely high-quality given their size. The only real knock about them is the fixed lens. Today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to “fix†that – pun totally intended – with this compact lens kit. It includes 3 versatile options that fit snugly over your iOS lens with a tech-friendly magnet – and you can get this kit for only $ 25  [Read More...]


Dropbox is a great service, and I use it both professionally and personally. I share files with friends, presentations and documents with co-workers, and I upload my iPhone photos as well as a secondary backup to PhotoStream, which can be touchy at times. Problem is, I need to ask people if they’re Dropbox users, get the email they’ve associated with the service, then log in to Drobpox and create a shared folder  [Read More...]


Want to hear a good argument for the possibility of Apple launching an iRadio service? According to a couple ofnew report, 2012 is the first time since 1999 that piracy is down, and the music industry has actually grown. And music streaming services like Rdio and Spotify can take all the credit.

The first report is by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which says that the global recorded music  [Read More...]

Mophie juice pack helium 5

Amen! A charging case designed for the iPhone 5. Mophie’s new Juice Pack Helium ($ 79) is one of the first of its kind that work with longer iDevice, so if you find your i5′s often running in the red battery zone by noon each day, read on for the full review. This sleek and slim charging case might just be exactly what you need.

The Good

I  [Read More...]

Did you know you can get detailed information about what is stored on your iOS devices right from iTunes? The little colorful bar shown at the bottom of iTunes can reveal more specific info about storage capacity, including count totals for each respective category. This can be useful info to know if you’re looking to free up storage space on your iOS gear.

Get more detailed storage information about iOS devices from iTunes[Read More...]

Instagram Hits 100 Million Active Users Mark


What was once an iPhone-only social network has quickly become one of the world’s largest social behemoths. Instagram’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, announced today that the photo-sharing network just surpassed the 100 million active users mark.

Compared to its parent company Facebook, 100 million active users doesn’t sound like much. But when you consider that Twitter just hit the 200 million active users mark last year, Instagram’s got something to be proud of because it’s  [Read More...]

AssistantEnhancer iPhone

Apple continues to add new capabilities to Siri, but there are still a lot of things the digital assistant can’t do. You can’t use Siri to control third-part music apps like Spotify, toggle settings, or search the App Store.

A jailbreak tweak called AssistantEnhancer takes Siri to the next level by doing all these things and more. It’s the new crown jewel of Siri tweaks, and it contains a ton of  [Read More...]