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You know when you unplug your iPhone and your $ 20 Lightning cable goes slithering to the floor? I hate that, and it used to happen to me all the time in the morning when I set free my phone from its charging cable, and each time it happened, I thought to myself, “there’s gotta be a way to prevent this.”

MOS (Magnetic Organization System) by Category: Accessories Works With: Any  [Read More...]

Focus Point Beats Native iPad Photos App In Every Way


The iPad is great for photographers, but the built-in Photos app sucks. You can’t change the viewing order. Making albums and moving photos is a multi-tap pain in the ass, and navigating is confusing even for the experienced user.

That’s where Focus Point comes in. It’s a photo-viewing app that’s been around for a while, but the latest update adds enough new goodies to make it worth a look.

It’s probably  [Read More...]


If you own a Retina MacBook Pro, here’s a nice little perk to upgrading to OS X 10.8.3: you’ll get about 20 minutes more battery life per charge.

The Mac Observer ran the update through its paces and here’s what they found:

We decided to also run tests on our 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (rMBP). We privately tested each beta build of 10.8.3 on both MacBooks as they  [Read More...]

What if you tok Twelve South’s neat Plugbug Mac charger extension and shrunk it down to work with the iPad charger? You’d get Scosche’s CoverCharge, that’s what. Just like the Plugbug, the adapter slides onto its host and adds an extra USB port.

This is one gadget I’ll be buying as soon as it ships. Just this last weekend I went on a two-day bike “tour” with a friend and I took along  [Read More...]

Okay, this is rad. YouTube user HM231 had no use for his car stereo’s old, crusty audio cassette slot, so what did he do? Hollow it out and mount a 30-pin connector inside it so he could slide in his iPod instead to pump up the jams. Rad!

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Unlike its 3G network, T-Mobile's LTE offering should be compatible with the new iPhone.

T-Mobile will begin selling the iPhone 5 on April 12th, but the model that they’re selling isn’t exactly like those found on other carriers. T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 is actually a tweaked model A1428 iPhone that Apple sells for AT&T, except it comes with AWS support.

Engadget was able to speak with an Apple representative at the event and from what  [Read More...]

nmap for Mac OS X

Nmap is a powerful command line network discovery utility that lets you review network inventory, host response and uptime, and perform security auditing through port scans, OS and firewall detection, and more. Though it’s free (and open source) and ships along with many versions of linux, it doesn’t come standard with OS X installations, and thus must be installed separately. Nmap is generally fairly advanced, but it  [Read More...]


Updating your apps on iOS isn’t hard, but for some reason, I suck at remembering to. There are always about nine update notifications waiting for me in the App Store, and I always think I’ll get around to it in a minute, but never do.

One of the best new reasons to jailbreak though, is an app called Auto App Updater. Like its name says, the app makes it so you never  [Read More...]

iPhone 5 T-Mobile will begin to offer the iPhone on their USA network starting April 12. Unlike other US carriers, the iPhone comes to T-Mobile without the annual contract obligation, and instead includes a financing plan that usually brings the total cost of ownership down when compared to most other competing networks. T-Mobile also becomes the first US carrier to offer high definition voice calling with iPhone 5, dubbed “HD Voice”, a  [Read More...]


For Apple to really compete with Samsung in terms of global smartphone marketshare, many analysts believe Apple will have to release a cheaper iPhone to appeal to customers in India and China.

As talk of a cheaper iPhone has ramped up over the last few months, Apple is also planning to increase its presence in India by tripling the number of exclusive authorized reseller stores in the country from 65 to 200 by 2015.