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How to Hide Apps & Icons on the Apple TV

Hide app icons on the Apple TV

Apple TV makes rearranging the app icons easy enough, but you can also hide services, icons, and apps that you don’t want visible at all. This is useful as a way of tidying up the Apple TV home screen of apps or services you never use or aren’t interested in watching (ESPN, HBO, Hulu, whatever), and it’s also a great way to limit access for  [Read More…]

In-App Food Ordering Comes To Yelp For iOS

yelpreviewBeing able to find a great restaurant in any city from your iPhone is pretty great and all that, but when you’re starving, the only thing that matters is injecting that food straight into your digestive system as soon as possible. Rather than drooling on your way to a restaurant you found on Yelp, you […]

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See Timestamps For iMessages In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Messages Timestamp iOS 7 betaIn previous versions of iOS, the date and time stamps of iMessages you sent and received were printed right in the app, above the iMessages they pertained to. Not so in iOS 7, with only a date stamp showing up at the top of each segment of messages that come in on a particular day. […]

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appleIauctionWe’ve seen a couple of vintage Apple I computers auctioned off over the past year or so, each with an astronomically huge price tag. Another rare Apple I was sold at a Christie’s online auction today but this time the auction failed to reach its expected price. The winner of the auction purchased the Apple I […]

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blueant-q3-bluetooth-headset-1    When I first tested the BlueAnt Q3 headset, paired with my iPhone 5, I was surprised by how poorly it performed. I couldn’t get over how bad the audio quality was, and I was surprised a top-notch company like BlueAnt could release such a dud. Investigating further, I decided to snoop around online […]

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applecarpatentUsing your iPhone while driving is a huge no-no unless you want to die in a fiery crash of metal and flesh. Rather than putting all of its hopes behind Siri though, Apple has dreams of replacing all of your dashboard controls with a touchscreen interface. According the the U.S. patent filing No. 8,482,535, Apple […]

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mapsiphoneWe already know that companies can track our location in real-time through a smartphone’s GPS and serve deals or ads relevant to your location, but what if your iPhone could predict where you’re going to go in 24 hours? A group of researchers have created an algorithm that uses location tracking data on people’s phones […]

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budget_iphone_leak_colorsWhen the first colorful shells for the so-called budget iPhone first started leaking, they seemed like they were probably fake. Surely, Apple would find some other way to skimp on their new low-end iPhone build price than by casing it all in cheapish plastic in a Froot Loop pallette of colors. But it’s starting to […]

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bigpicThere’s a fair few accessories that put an iDevice charging cable on your keychain, but I think I like Bluelounge’s Kii the most, in that it’s actually housed in a key. It’s pricy, though: $20 will get you the 30 pin model, but if you have an iPhone or iPad with a Lightning connector, it’ll […]

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Notification Center OS X Mavericks betaIn the new OS X Mavericks beta, there’s a new Notification system in place that mimics much of the way iOS handles notifications. Your iOS notifications, in fact, can push right to your Mac desktop as well. Much like iOS, each app that uses Notification Center can be set to a fine-grained level of customization, […]

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