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Sky Gamblers Storm RaidersApple highlights a new iOS app each week: the iTunes App Store App of the Week. Last week, it was a frustratingly compelling puzzle game, Doodle Fit 2, that Apple chose to spotlight. This week, it’s another game, this time a beautiful dogfighting flight sim called Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders from Atypical Games. It’s the […]

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Apple Purchases Embark To Help Improve Apple Maps

embarkappApple’s been launching a full court press for Maps ever since its disappointing launch last fall. The company has already gobbled up a few mapping companies but it’s not ready to stop quite yet as it just purchased the map app Embark. Embark Inc focuses on building free transit apps to help navigate public transportation. […]

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iphone 5S 128GBIt seems like every time you turn around lately, there’s some new photo leak of what sources promise to be a true look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S or 5C casing, LED flash, or colors. It’s with that caveat that we cast a skeptical eye, then, on this latest reveal, sent to us by Twitter […]

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Spoke to Tim. Planning dinner in September. Tim believes in buyback and is doing one. What will be discussed is magnitude. — Carl Icahn (@Carl_C_Icahn) August 22, 2013 Famous billionaire investor Carl Icahn took to Twitter this afternoon to announce that he and his new buddy Tim Cook are going to be meeting up for […]

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Gentlemen! MacLucky Frame’s fantastic iPad and Android game, Gentlemen!, is now available on the Mac App Store, bringing the delightful Victorian-themed dueling game to the big screen for the first time. We reviewed the game favorably when it released on iPad, enjoying the frenetic gameplay and the whimsical art style. It’s still a go-to app when […]

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BBM-BlackBerry-MessengerI don’t think I’ve ever downloaded an app that comes with an instruction manual, but it seems BlackBerry felt the need to create one for its upcoming BBM releases for Android and iOS. We’re expecting the apps themselves to arrive any day now, but the user guides have been leaked and they are already available […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 16.38.41Documents by Readdle — the free iOS app that replaces a dedicated document viewer, PDF reader, download manager, music player, and more — has today received another new update that adds even more nifty features. In addition to photo library integration, you’ll also find drag and drop file organization, and the ability to “star” your […]

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MyFlavors Auto Rips Recipes From Any Web Page

myflavorsMyFlavors for the iPad is a clever recipe app which auto-rips recipes from the web and separates out the various components, tidily parsing out and filing directions, ingredients, photos, the description and the cook time. The app is free, but requires a $5 in-app purchase to actually do more than try it out. I currently […]

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Merge All WindowsEver end up with a lot of Finder windows floating around your Mac screen? In previous versions of Mac OS X, the choice was to close them all with a keyboard shortcut, Option-Command-W, which will end all your Finder suffering in one short tap. In Mavericks beta, that still works. Yet Apple has also added […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.28.11 AMThree years ago, Tim Cook very memorably said that although Apple was selling $40 billion worth of products every year (that number has since more than quadrupled), all of Apple’s products could fit on a dining room table. That amazing quote was slightly disingenuous — many of Apple’s products are virtual, and take up no […]

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