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Do you think Siri instantly forgot all those strange questions and requests you asked it the moment you pressed your home button then you’re wrong. Siri remembers. Well, Apple does; the Cupertino company has this week confirmed that it stores every Siri request you make for up to two years.

Apple has been fairly quiet about what it does with Siri data since the feature made its debut on the iPhone 4S  [Read More…]

Alfred Clipboard Snippets

Alfred 2.0 is an amazing customizable app launcher, email sender, system commander that is free for the basic uses and only £15 for more advanced features in an Alfred add-on Powerpack.

One of these latter abilities lets you store and retrieve anything in your Mac’s clipboard history. Anything you’ve saved to the clipboard is accessible from within Alfred. Better yet, you can even store persistent snippets, turning Alfred into its  [Read More…]


We’ve all seen those fake iOS devices that are being made in China, but did you know that Apple’s App Store is being cloned there, too? A service called KuaiYong, which means “use quickly” in Chinese, according to MIC Gadget, lets iPhone and iPad users download and install pirated iOS apps without jailbreaking.

The service has been around for almost a year, so how has it gone unnoticed for so long?

The  [Read More…]

Slugline is a new app for screenwriters from Stu Maschwitz (movie maker, visual effects superstar and guy named Stu). It’s a Fountain-based app for writing movies and outputting them in industry-standard Final Draft format, but in use it’s more like a simple plain-text MArkdown editor.

And that’s because Fountain is to screenplays what Markdown is to HTML (and everything else) – a human-readable plain text syntax which is easily converted into other formats  [Read More…]

Evernote has just updated Skitch for both the Mac and iOS. And what an update! The headline feature is PDF annotation (premium account required, 30-day trial for new users), a feature which could make the app useful to more than just bloggers marking up screenshots.

Skitch’s PDF support is tuned for giving feedback. Open a PDF (you can choose from any PDF already stored in your Evernote, or open from another app) and  [Read More…]

Got one of Fujifilm’s shiny new X100S rangefinder-style cameras? Or another of the company’s digicams with the fancy X-Trans sensor inside? Then go hit up your Software Update and install the new Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update.

Supported by Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.05

Fujifilm X20 Fujifilm X100S Fujifilm X-E1 Fujifilm X-Pro1

The X-Trans sensor is notable in that it doesn’t lay out its red, green and blue pixels in the standard  [Read More…]

Ka-chunk, ka-chunk. Ker-Ching! That’s the sound of micro budgeting, and doesn’t it sound like fun? That’s because it is – with Cents, a super-simple new iPhone app for tracking your daily expenses.

Quickly switch between weekly and monthly totals. Add custom expenses with only one tap.Configure pre-set expense buttons for quick usage (we challange you to find a faster app!). Customize amount and icon for each button.See and track your most frequent expenses.  [Read More…]

French startup, French minister. Hmmm.

Once you get on Apple’s bad side, it’s hard to climb back into its good graces, and AppGratis is starting to learn that the hard way. After pulling AppGratis’ app from the Apple Store last week, Apple has also decided to kill push notifications on the app for users that still have it installed.

This is the first time we’ve seen Apple kill certain functionality on an app after  [Read More…]

Makes me hungry just looking at them.

Makes me hungry just looking at them.

Personal social networking app, Path, just released a new icon set into its sticker shop today, called “Iconic Bites.” While the stickers are adorable little bite-sized, pixel-chic representations of food and such, what really makes them cool is that they were created by none other than Susan Kare, the designer of the original Macintosh system icons.

The Path blog  [Read More…]


The exotic Iron Patroit armor, featured prominently in trailers for the movie.

The release of Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS is almost upon us, and Gameloft sent us a sneak peak of the 18 different Iron Man armor suits available to the player in the game.

These gorgeous images augment the trailer Gameloft released of their endless runner (the category of game Iron Man 3 falls into) last month. The  [Read More…]