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flipboard_ibooksThe European Commission announced today that it has reached a deal with publisher Penguin regarding the e-book price fixing charges raised by the EU back in 2012. Like the four other publishers charged with colluding with Apple to fix the price of e-books, Penguin has agreed to ditch Apple’s agency model for e-books that let […]

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Out today, TurtleStrike brings iOS and Android gamers a new, turn-based strategy game with over 80,000 combinations of weaponized, armored turtle warfare. You’ll get Tesla coils and kamikaze turtles, a missile named Big Bertha, and the chance to compete in tournaments that have real monetary rewards. Sound like fun? You bet your shell it does. […]

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Gmail Gmail recently revised the default inbox to automatically sort inbound emails into several categories that are represented by tabs across the top of the inbox: Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates. Though this may help to manage some inboxes, it can also be frustrating as some emails are improperly sorted. Additionally, many users prefer to have all new messages in a single inbox without having to click on additional tabs just to  [Read More…]

CoM - original_nyop-final-2Let’s face it: you can never have enough fonts. There are plenty of great fonts included with your computer, but when it comes to putting together something unique in terms of a website, document, or other design-oriented efforts, the morefonts you have at your disposal the better off you are. That’s why Cult of Mac […]

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bannerIf you run a small business, then you know how cumbersome it can be to keep track of tasks, invoices, sales, and estimates. A new iPad app called Exigo is here to help you out, and it promises to keep you organized. The app is broken down into five sections: sales, estimates, tasks, bills, and […]

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Send & Receive Animated GIFs in Messages on iPhone

Dancing Banana animated GIF A fun little-known feature of Messages for iOS is that it supports animated gifs, meaning you can send and receive those quirky moving web graphics that were so popular in 1996 and are currently enjoying a resurgence on the web. The only requirement for this feature to work is that both you and the recipient have iMessage configured on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, beyond that it  [Read More…]

Budget iPhone part leaks indicate that the device will have the same dimensions as the iPhone 5.Since the beginning of this year, reports have been saying that Apple is working on a cheaper, ‘budget’ iPhone. In the last several months, we’ve seen part leaks and more info point towards Apple releasing the plastic-enclosed device this fall alongside the flagship iPhone 5S. Apple has always dropped the price on the previous iPhone  [Read More…]

jjwattaYahoo announced today that it’s launching a completely redesigned Fantasy Sports app for iOS and Android, just in time for the all-important fantasy football season looming on the horizon. The redesigned app now lets you sign up for a league and draft players from your iPhone or iPad. There’s even some mock drafting help built-in […]

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Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 18.25.10Ah, summer. Isn’t it just the best time of year? But like the other three seasons, it has its drawbacks. It gets too bright too early, ruining your lie-in; bugs and creepy-crawlies decide it’s okay to come live with you; and the sun is so bright you have to find some shade every time you […]

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126566-refurbished-macbook-pro-airThere are a lot of compelling reasons to buy a refurbished Apple product instead of a new one. Not only are they cheaper and come with the same warranty, but because they’ve been gone over with a fine-tooth comb for problems, there’s an argument to be made that they are even less likely to exhibit […]

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