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Will The Future See Us All Using XTouch To Turn Our Countertops Into Giant iPad Controllers?

Imagine slapping your nightstand to snooze your iPhone’s alarm. Or rapping on the kitchen countertop to flip recipe book pages so your flour-coated hands don’t mess up the iPad’s screen. These scenarios could soon be real: XTouch is a new… Read more ›     

Monument Valley‘s Charm Makes Up For Its Lack Of Challenge [Review]

Monument Valley is what would happen if Fez and The Room (the game, not the movie) took place inside of M.C. Escher’s sketchbook. Monument Valley by ustwo Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $ 3.99 It has a vibrant,… Read more ›     

TYLT RUGGD: Premium Protection For Your iPad Air [Review]

The TYLT RUGGD is an iPad Air case that makes protection its priority. Its tough outer shell, triple reinforced corners, and “micro energy absorbing cushions†make it ideal for clumsy commuters who want to make sure their beloved tablet doesn’t… Read more ›     

Nest Halts Sales of ‘Protect’ Smoke Alarm Over Safety Concerns

Like Nests’s futuristic thermostat, its iPhone-controlled smoke/carbon monoxide detector looked like the perfect replacement for the antiquated systems used in most homes today. It turns out that the Nest Protect was a little too good to be true. Since the… Read more ›     

You Can Now Make Voice Calls For Free With Facebook Messenger In Any Country

Today Facebook Messenger was updated with the ability to make free voice calls over WiFi both domestically and internationally. Making calls over a cellular connection uses data. The features works similar to FaceTime Audio; which is natively baked into all… Read more ›     

Download Gold: Office for iPad Strikes it Rich

For those who thought Office for iPad was too late to the party, the numbers tell a different story. Today Microsoft announced that Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote combined have been downloaded a staggering 12 million times in one week.… Read more ›     

Apple Teams With Old Enemies to Fight Patent Trolls

Apple’s thermonuclear war on Android has thrown the company into the courtroom more times in the last five years than ever before, so in an effort to make U.S. patent laws bend to its will, Apple has joined forces with… Read more ›     

How to Record Sound on a Mac the Easy Way with QuickTime

If you need to record some simple sound or audio on a Mac, you can do so easily using a bundled app that comes with OS X, without having to download any third party utilities. That app is QuickTime, which may come as a surprise to some users as it’s typically thought of as a … Read More

Live Life, Find Love, Have A Child In Five Minutes: Hero Generations

Sure, we all love a good game of Civilization V, but we also all know that the epic turn-based strategy can really suck up our time. That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about Hero Generations, a Rogue-like strategy… Read more ›     

Vine’s Own Take On Instagram Direct Is Here

Vine has added video messaging. After today’s update, video messages (or VMs) can be sent to friends on Vine or through SMS and email. A six-second message can be sent to more than one person, but not as cleanly as… Read more ›