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Digital Negative For iPhone Is As RAW As It Can Get

Digital Negative is a new iPhone app which promises to save photos in Adobe’s DNG format. That is, it promises RAW images from your iPhone’s sensor. Leaving aside the debate of whether or not this is a good idea (more on that in a second), can an App Store app really get access to the raw, unprocessed data from the sensor? The answer is no, but to the developer’s credit, it goes just about  [Read More...]


As Apple has become more successful over the last few years, Hon Hai Precision Industry’s (Foxconn) financial fortunes have been more tightly bound to Apple’s than ever before.

If things are going well for Foxconn, then Apple’s probably doing pretty well too, so investors were happy to hear that Foxconn just posted its most profitable quarter ever thanks to improved production efficiency of the iPad and iPhone 5.

Bloomberg reported this  [Read More...]

A communist country pointing the finger at Apple for being tight-lipped? That's the pot calling the kettle black.

A communist country pointing the finger at Apple for being tight-lipped?

The Chinese Communist Party is continuing to attack Apple in the press, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. After China Central Television (CCT) ran its big hit piece, the government’s newspaper has also decided to throw dirt on Apple now. The first  [Read More...]

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Independent Asymco analyst Horace Dediu has done some number crunching on the iTunes Store for an upcoming report titled “iTunes Business Review.” What he has found so far is interesting: the iTunes Store has actually started to generate a profit for Apple in recent years.

Apple has never considered the iTunes Store as a money maker but rather a more break-even endeavor that helps sell hardware with high  [Read More...]

iPhone camera icon As we all know, any time a photo is taken with the iPhone camera, a little shutter sound accompanies the snapping of the picture. That sound effect is all software, and so though you might expect there to be a simple settings change to toggle that sound effect off, well, you may be disappointed to learn there just isn’t such a setting.

Instead, you will need to hit the  [Read More...]


T-Mobile is set to hold a press conference tomorrow about its new, contract-free wireless plans, and it so happens that the carrier recently entered an agreement with Apple to officially sell the iPhone in 2013. Since the iPhone 5 hasn’t been made available on the network yet, T-Mobile has been waiting for the right time to showcase the device.

According to a new report, the iPhone will be front and center at  [Read More...]

A picture is worth… $ 1. That’s what Printic will charge you for a single, Polaroid-shaped print, sent to your (or anyone else’s) door and ordered from the easy comfort of your own iPhone.

There are (probably literally) a zillion apps in the App Store that’ll send you printed pictures, but Printic has a great tune in its promo video, and I like the schtick of sending you Instagrammatical, Polaroid-esque prints, so it gets a mention.

Actually, there’s another  [Read More...]


Did you know that Google’s former head of Android worked at Apple for a few years in the early 90s? Andy Rubin was a manufacturing engineer at Apple from 1989-1992. He still has his old business card, and it looks awesome with the retro Apple logo and unofficial title, “Bad Example.”

Since he moved away from Android to work on other stuff at Google, Rubin has been posting a lot more to  [Read More...]

I don’t really care about measuring the wind – I prepare for a bike trip using WeatherPro, which tells me how bad the wind will be, not how bad it is right now. But the Vaavud wind meter is notable for another reason: it communicates its wind-speed readings to your iPhone wirelessly, yet uses no electronics whatsoever. How? Read on…

It’s all done, as you might have guessed, using magnets. Frickin’ magnets! How do they work?

The Vaavud plugs  [Read More...]

Soulver is pretty much the best calculator app on the Mac and iOS, mostly because it doesn’t tie itself to the UI of old pushbutton calculators. But Llumino will probably win the award for the best-looking calculator app in the App Store, coming on like a 1970s flashing disco floor and, uh, a pushbutton calculator.

Llumino turns your iPhone into a beautiful calculator. Functionally it’s as basic as you can get, with standard arithmetical operations, a plus/minus button and  [Read More...]