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Snugly In Your DSLR's Hotshoe: Satechi's Smart Trigger.Unless you like sprinting to beat your camera’s timer, as the family photog, you know often you just end up being left out of the family memories. Smart Trigger by Satechi Category: iOS/photography accessories Works With: iPhone, iPod Price: $45 The Satechi Smart Trigger can offer some help there. By connecting to your DLSR, it […]

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Yahoo Acquires iOS Video App Qwiki For $50 Million

yahoo-logoYahoo’s spree of buying startups continues as the company announced today that it bought the New York-based startup, Qwiki – a video app that combines pictures, music and video to create shareable stories. Although Qwiki operated out of San Francisco a few years ago but the company relocated to New York and will move into Yahoo’s New […]

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Panorama WallpaperFile this one under super cool! In previous incarnations of iOS, you’ve always been able to set a photo from your camera roll as the image that shows up on your iPhone or iPad screen. You can place one image on your lock screen, and one as your wallpaper, or the same image on both […]

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screenshot-eddieOne of our picks for the top games of 2012 is The Walking Dead, Telltale Games’ brilliant video game translation of the award-winning comic book and TV show. It’s getting a sequel, of sorts, in the form of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a transitional piece between Seasons one and two of The Walking Dead […]

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Bleep bloop. Twee. Pew pew.Egadz is a glitch musician, using video game sounds and samples to create original electronica music. He’s been at it for a while, with a number of releases–some from as far back as 2002–to his credit. Today, however, Egadz has released an mobile game, with a version on Android, iOS, and Windows 8, based on […]

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I believe I can fly.The first update for Warner Bros’ Man of Steel iOS game is here, and it’s got new story content and a new Superman suit to purchase. The new Skin suit from Krypton gives Kal-El a boost to his power, health, and defense. No more kneeling before Zod! The game itself is a 3D action brawler […]

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PaulDeneveApple just hired one of the biggest CEOs in fashion to work on some “special projects” under CEO Tim Cook. Maybe to add a touch of fashion to an upcoming iWatch? According to a report from Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano, former Yves Saint Laurent CEO, Paul Deneve is heading to Apple to work as a new […]

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angrymountianlionApple has released an important security update via the Mac App Store for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion users. It’s important to install these updates right when they come out to keep your Mac up to date with the latest bug fixes and malware patches. You can download the update now in the Mac […]

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iconJuly 1st has come and gone, and Google Reader is dead. The beloved RSS aggregator has been an invaluable tool for legions of news junkies throughout the years, but it wasn’t popular enough for Google to keep it running. You can look at Google Reader’s death two ways: as either a misfortune, or an opportunity. […]

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A5X inside, but nothing else new.Apple is starting to give more attention to the Apple TV, as the recent additions of content like HBO Go and WatchESPN prove. Negotiations to stream cable content via the Apple TV have been underway, and Apple is almost ready to close a deal with Time Warner Cable. Former Hulu executive Pete Distad has also […]

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