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Get A Course That Will Have You Coding In No Time [Deals]

The best online courses are the ones that provide you with all the dirty little details. This HTML5 Crash Course starts with the first principles of HTML and builds your skills as you go through to the end. Let’s be… Read more ›

If There Will Ever Be An Uber For Drones, Hopefully It Looks This Good

Imagine a world where you can summon a drone from your iPhone like an Uber car. Flying minions help you navigate traffic and find where to eat. It’s a futuristic kind of reality that feels pretty cool and scary at… Read more ›

Reeder 2 For Mac Now In Public Beta With Support For Feedly, Feedbin, And More

It has been months since I opened Reeder, my longtime app of choice for RSS. I don’t have anything personal against Reeder, it’s just that RSS has lost a lot of its appeal for me. Twitter is where I mainly… Read more ›

‘SwipyCalc’ Has Extra Space For Especially Large Digits

I know that your iPhone already has a calculator in it, but here’s a specialty app for people who suffer from the curse of Man Thumbs. SwipyCalc is a basic calculator that gives all the screen space to the numbers.… Read more ›

Fixing a Scratched iPhone or iPad? Find Device Model Numbers in Settings

If you ever need to identify what model number an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is, typically the easiest thing to do is just flip the device over and look on the lower back panel. Alongside the trampstamp of regulatory details, FCC ID, IC, and the various symbols, you’ll find the devices model number. But … Read More

Use Strategy Or Get Stumped By New Puzzle Game Sinkers [Video Review]

A good challenge every now and then is great to keep your mind fresh and alert. While many developers release new games every week, only some are able to give players the difficulty their minds ask for. Sinkers is a… Read more ›

PayPal Debuts Biometric And Smartwatch Integration With Samsung

Fancy being able to use fingerprints to enable payment verification on PayPal for making purchases? Having announced that feature with the Samsung Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress back In February, PayPal finally debuted that integration today — letting users… Read more ›

Make A More Secure Passcode On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]

Sure, a simple passcode with four numbers will keep most casual folks out of your iPhone, but if you want it to be really secure, you should think about using an alphanumeric password, like you would on a website or… Read more ›

Ethical Decision Making iOS App Is Like A Conscience In Your Pocket

Got a tough, possibly life-changing ethical decision to make? Why not make your iPhone part of the decision-making process? A recently released app called Ethical Decision Making lets you work through your options by prompting you to identify the people… Read more ›

New Patent Suit Confirms Apple’s Status As Most-Sued Tech Company

Technology group Kudelski has become the latest company to file a patent lawsuit against Apple. Kudelski’s OpenTV and Nagravision subsidiaries are claiming that Apple is infringing on five of its U.S. patents in pretty much every product under the sun… Read more ›