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Come Get Some! Duke Nukem II Now Available For iOS


Duke Nukem II, the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up first developed for PC, is back to celebrate its 20th anniversary on iOS. This is original Duke Nukem at its finest — only it’s been optimized and improved for touchscreen devices.

The game comes with 32 action-packed levels that let you relive this 1993 classic all over again. It offers VGA graphics with 256 “eye-popping” colors, kick-ass weapons, and amazing interactive environments. There’s also new artwork and  [Read More...]

Iphone diy box

You could easily make your own iPhone amplifier dock from a shoebox. Or better, an old wooden wine case. Or best of all, you could get out your clamps, drills, router and hot glue and go medieval on some pile of wood’s ass. If you choose the latter route, then you should download the plans (totally SFW) from Renee at Red Bird Blue – her amazing creation is what  [Read More...]

Is Apple Working On Building An iRobot?


One would think that the self-evident answer to the question posited in this post’s headline would be “No,” followed by a pregnant pause, a licking of the lips and then followed it up with the words “You idiot.”

And, in fact, that probably is the answer. But if Apple’s not working on a robot, then why the heck is Apple hiring one of the country’s foremost robotics experts, John Morrell?

Now,  [Read More...]

AT&T Expands Its LTE Coverage To 14 New Locations


Last night AT&T broadened its horizons by expanding its LTE connectivity services to 14 new locations. This announcement was made in a sequential series of press releases on the carrier’s official website, but you can see which locations are now supported in the list below.

The announced locations to receive the LTE service include:

Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Arkansas Fort Smith, Arkansas Fresno, California Palm Coast, Florida Lakeland-Winter Haven Florida Fort Pierce, Florida Mount  [Read More...]

What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

What Your Instagram Filter Says About You3

What’s your favorite Instagram filter? We all have one. Mine is X-Pro, and I almost never use anything else (except for no filter, which – according to Statigram – is my second most used “filter.”)

But what does this excessive use of one particular look say about me? Or – less importantly – about you? Luckily, there’s an info graphic for that, and it tells you your  [Read More...]


I love my Wacom Bamboo Stylus; it’s by far the best stylus I’ve owned for the iPad. And although I wouldn’t exactly call it big, I wouldn’t want to carry it around in my pocket all day. Fortunately, Wacom has a new, smaller and super cute version of the Bamboo for that.

Called the Bamboo Stylus mini and measuring just 1.85 inches, it’s the perfect portable stylus for those on the go.

  [Read More...]

They look so similar, right?

They look so similar, right?

Randolph Divisions makes the HearPod, a digital hearing aid. The company has owned the “HearPod” trademark since 2007, and it recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple in Hawaii District Court. Apparently “HearPod” and “EarPods” sound too much alike.

Apple also owns a trademark for its EarPods, but it doesn’t own the or domain names—Randolph Divisions happens to own the latter.

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CoM - Krome

There’s nothing worse than having to carry too much in your pockets. Keys, pocket change, a wallet, and now…your iPhone. That’s why Krome has developed the perfect case to consolidate your daily belongings. Not only does the Krome CargoCase sport a durable polycarbonate shell with an aircraft aluminum hinge to keep your iPhone in pristine condition, but it maintains all your valuables in one, safe location.

And Cult of Mac  [Read More...]


In case you hadn’t already heard, BlackBerry launched its new BlackBerry Z10 back in February, finally making its new BlackBerry 10 platform available to the public. The device has gotten off to a surprisingly good start for the Canadian company, with more than one million units sold during its first three months of availability.

If you’re wondering what BB10 is like, and more importantly whether it’s a worthy contender to Android or  [Read More...]


Despite all its problems with the ‘iPhone’ trademark in Brazil, Apple is trying to get its devices in as many Brazilian hands as possible by slashing prices on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The Online Apple Store in Brazil has just issued some pretty huge price cuts on the iPhone for customers in Brazil so that it sells closer to the unsubsidized cost of units in North America.

Customers can now pick  [Read More...]