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Vine’s Own Take On Instagram Direct Is Here

Vine has added video messaging. After today’s update, video messages (or VMs) can be sent to friends on Vine or through SMS and email. A six-second message can be sent to more than one person, but not as cleanly as… Read more ›     

How to Find Wi-Fi Link Connection Speed in Mac OS X

If you need to find out just how fast your wi-fi link speed is, or rather, the speed of which your Mac is connected to a particular wireless router, you can find this data through the Network Utility app that is bundled in every version of Mac OS X. This is really the fastest way … Read More   [Read More…]

This App Reminds You ‘Whether’ You Were Hot Or Cold A Year Ago

I’m kind of obsessed with monitoring and comparing numbers like blog views and podcast downloads. It’s probably a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I made up my own word for it: “metriculous.” Whether is an app that satisfies that… Read more ›     

Map Street Addresses Right Inside Safari [OS X Tips]

When you want to look up a street address in Safari, you may still be using an old workflow: copy the address from the web page, paste it into the search bar, and then use Google Maps. With OS X… Read more ›     

Use A Sharp Eye To Spot Changes In What’s The Difference? [Video Review]

When in a rush it can be easy to misplace something important. Next thing you know you’re looking everywhere trying to spot what you’ve lost. In the app What’s The Difference the objective is to spot five differences between two… Read more ›     

Updated IFTTT Still Reigns As The Best Swiss Army Knife Of Productivity Apps

If you haven’t been using If This, Then That (IFTTT) on your iPhone or iPad, you really ought to be. It’s a really amazing way to connect up all the things you do on your devices, putting them together in… Read more ›     

How Amazon Fire TV Stacks Up Against Apple TV, Chomecast & Roku 3 [Comparison]

Amazon finally unveiled Fire TV, its much-anticipated set-top box, at an event in New York City on Wednesday. Priced at $ 99 and powered by Android, the device will take on rivals like the Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and the Roku… Read more ›     

Happy Birthday, iPad. Four And All Grown Up

The iPad is four years old today and my mom hates it. Maybe not hate. Dislikes. Loathes. I don’t know the right word but for two weeks it sat in Apple’s pristine white box, unwrapped, unlocked, setup and then discarded;… Read more ›     

Lensbaby For iPhone Hits The Sweet Spot

Lensbaby’s new iPhone lens looks awesome. Or it would, if it didn’t attach with magnets. Yes, it’s a super-strong magnet and might therefore avoid the problem suffered by all other magnetically-attached iPhone lenses: they are hell to keep aligned. But… Read more ›     

Spinning Bird Kick! Street Flapper Mashes Up Flappy Bird And Street Fighter II

Quick, think of two classic game franchises that make perfect sense as a mash-up! Give up? How about Street Fighter II and Flappy Bird? Not convinced of the brilliance of this idea? Well too bad — someone’s done it anyway.… Read more ›