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Ever since the iPhone was released in 2007 it has slowly made a slew of other devices and accessories obsolete. At the very least, you probably have a bit less clutter in your life thanks to it.

To celebrate the utilitarian powers of the iPhone, for our latest contest we asked readers to Instagram the things their iPhone has made obsolete. Watches, camera, Gameboys, and even graphing calculators made the list. After  [Read More...]

There's a lot you can do with this tiny launch bar.

There’s a lot you can do with this tiny launch bar.

Alfred is a great shortcut and productivity tool for the Mac that received a huge update last week. In case you don’t know, Alfred allows you to quickly perform tasks with a series of keyboard shortcuts. If you’ve used similar tools like Quicksilver or LaunchBar, then you already have an understanding  [Read More...]


This is big: Blizzard, the mega-developers behind the Starcraft and Diablo series, is planning on releasing their first iPad game, set in the Warcraft universe.

Even better? It’ll be free.

Announced today at PAX East in Boston, Blizzard’s new game is calledHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft a free-to-play collectibe card game a la Magic: The Gathering.

In Hearthstone, each player will pick one of World of Warcraft’s nine classes to construct a  [Read More...]

Apple & HP Rated Best For Customer Experience [Report]


Apple and HP have been rated best for customer experience in a study of 10,000 consumers in the United States carried out by Temkin Group. Apple took the top spot in the computer sector with a rating of 64%, while HP took second place with a rating of 62%.

At the other end of the spectrum sat Sony and Lenovo, which were the lowest-rated computer makers.

“Customer experience in the computer industry  [Read More...]

BikeSpike, a GPS Security Tracker For Your Bike

The Bikespike is a GPS-enabled cellular device which lets you track your bike. And while you can use it as an iPhone-connected bike computer, complete with speed, calorie and location stats, its main purpose is as a security device.

Clamp the Bikespike to your bike and you can do one of several things. You can set up a geofence which will send an alarm to your iPhone if it’s moved out of your  [Read More...]

CoM - Spring Bundle

Your Mac is an incredibly capable device – one that, when armed with the right apps, can take your productivity to a whole new level. This Cult of Mac Deals offer will help you reach new heights with your Mac as we’re hooking you up with 10 elite Mac apps in The Spring 2013 Mac Bundle. These apps are valued at over $ 390 – and you can get  [Read More...]


There’s been a lot of buzzing lately about Samsung’s hot new Galaxy S4 phone and its gimmicky cutting-edge new features. But bizarre air gestures aside, we’ll tell you which of its features we’d love to see Apple “borrow” for iPhone 6 on our all-new CultCast.

Plus, a new Steve Jobs movie you’ll actually want to see; and, is it possible for Apple for make a device more perfect than the iPad mini?

  [Read More...]

Apps Made By Apple

Over at Asymco, noted Apple analyst Horace Dediu takes a moment to look at the iTunes App Store from the perspective of a “break even” model, a perspective that Apple has only recently started to discuss as perhaps more than breaking-even. Dediu notes that with the quintupling of growth of the overall beast that is iTunes (including music, video, and iOS app software), an analysis of Apple’s business practices  [Read More...]

Yo, dawg, I heard you had some security issues...

Yo, dawg, I heard you had some security issues…

Earlier today, we told you about the massive security issue that Apple let slip through while adding it’s new two step authentication process. As a result, Apple shut down it’s password recovery site, iForgot, earlier today.

And? It’s back up and ready to start helping you get your password. Looks like Apple fixed the problem.

  [Read More...]

No, seriously. I'm sorry.

No, seriously. I’m sorry.

One Man Left is a game development studio most recently known for it’s multiplayer turn-based online strategy game, Outwitters, one of my personal favorite iOS games in recent memory. They’re first big hit, though, was Tilt To Live, an arcade survival game that had you tilting your iOS device to help a little triangle avoid all sorts of incoming enemies and grab all sorts of  [Read More...]