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VineGifR Turns Vines Into GIFS

I have a history of losing money when I bet on my own predictions, so if you’re smart you should probably ignore this one: Vine – Twitter’s video-sharing app – will wither and die. Animated GIFs, on the other hand, have already managed to outlive MySpace and GeoCities, so it’s a safe bet (een for me) that they’ll keep on keeping on.

Which is all a rather roundabout way of introducing VineGifR, a Mac app which  [Read More...]


Cult of Mac’s favorite iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, has just gotten a sweet new update that adds link support for 1Password and Chrome, as well as embedded previews for Flickr and Twitter’s new video service, Vine.

If you prefer Chrome or 1Password to Safari, Tweetbot now makes it easy for you to specify which browser you want to open links in. If you have 1Password, you can use that app’s built-in  [Read More...]


Apple has introduced new short URLs for the App Store, making links to iOS apps and games much simpler to remember, and easier to read. Like its short URLs for the iTunes Store, you can now tell which app you have been linked to before you’ve even clicked on it. The new system has already been put to good use, making its debut during a Super Bowl commercial for the Star Trek  [Read More...]

iPad Mini Shipping Times Begin Falling To 1-3 Days


iPad mini shipping times have today been reduced to just 1-3 business days at the Apple online store, which is the shortest wait the device has seen since it made its debut back in November. The new timescale currently applies only to the U.S. and Canadian stores at the moment, but it’s expected to roll out into other territories soon.

The $ 329 iPad has enjoyed plenty of demand over the past  [Read More...]

Røde smartLav Is Not A Self-Cleaning Toilet

Lavalier: When I first heard the word I though it was a kind of horseback warrior who would also come soap your back when you were showering, but it turned out to be a handy clip-on remote mic. And now Rode (or RØDE, as it somewhat annoyingly insists on being called) has a lavalier mic which works with your iOS device. It’s called the smartLav, and it doubles as a self-cleaning toilet (kidding!)

The SmartLav  [Read More...]

Discover The Best Of Macworld | iWorld 2013 In Video


This year’s MacWorld | iWorld show wrapped up this weekend in San Francisco, and to wrap up our coverage of all of the gadgets and accessories shown off at the show, here’s a little compilation of Cult Of Mac’s video coverage of the event.

Which product from the show was your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

The XPrintServer  [Read More...]


While Apple’s newer notebooks like the MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro are certainly aesthetically pleasing, some trade offs had to be made in order to achieve such thin machines. Apple has been slowly paring down the number of ports it includes on its notebooks, most notable with the MacBook Air.

Even though these machines are becoming more and more capable all the time, the lack of connections  [Read More...]


Sunday isn’t ‘Funday’ this time around.

Despite rampant speculation that the official iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak would be released on Sunday, February 3rd, it won’t actually be made available to the public until Monday, February 4th. The jailbreak is called Evasi0n, and it will be compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0-6.1. including the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

The Evad3rs, a group of four hackers who have developed  [Read More...]

Every week Mac Games and More ( features an entertaining, downloadable computer game to play over the weekend. This week, discover that all roads lead to hidden objects and puzzles when a trip to Italy throws you into a world of magic, a kidnapping and intrigue. Download it now

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death – Collector’s Edition (hidden objects/adventure) – Your daughter has ventured to Italy but discovers something other than  [Read More...]


The show floor at Macworld typically houses a familiar array of gadgets and accessories. There’s plenty of cases, docks, and attachments for your iPhone and iPad that are all essentially the same. Perhaps the most unique product at Macworld, however, is the Double, which Double Robotics describes as “wheels for you iPad.”

The Double is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. At first glance, it almost looks like  [Read More...]