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It’s now official; Apple is holding an event on September 12 in San Francisco to launch the next iPhone. Select press members were sent an invitation to the Yerba Buena Center this morning with the cryptic but obvious message of “It’s almost here.”

Interestingly, that same invite graphic from Apple shows the number “12″ reflecting the number “5″, strongly suggesting that Apple will indeed reference the new device as the “iPhone 5″.

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Replacing your PC with an iPad for school makes sense for a lot of reasons, and it will save you money on textbooks over the longrun.

Even though PC manufacturers like Dell refuse to believe the Post-PC Revolution is already here, and that people want tablets more than desktops, evidence is already showing that students and schools are buying iPads instead of PCs.

Needham & Company released a note to investors today  [Read More...]

No computer required.



I bet you never thought you’d feel early-adopter’s remorse for a bathroom scale, right? Well, if you bought the Withings Wi-Fi-connected scale to wirelessly share your weight and BMI with the world (or just with your own suite of fitness apps) then prepare to get stressed out, and maybe to comfort yourself with a big slice of rich, delicious chocolate cake: The Withings WS30 is here.

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Facebook integration for iOS 6 will be launching in a few weeks along side the iPhone 5, which is pretty cool because now you’ll be able to share photos, update your status, or even like songs without having to open up the crappy Facebook app.

The only drawback for iOS 6′s Facebook integration is that Facebook is using it to push their “” email addresses to everyone. What it means is that  [Read More...]

There’s no mention of the next iPhone in the note, but German carrier T-Mobile has been sending out these tiny nanoSIMs for “the latest generation of smartphones” launching shortly. And since the next iPhone, which many believe will launch on September 21st, is widely thought to be the first smartphone to boast the new nanoSIM standard, it’s pretty obvious T-Mobile’s trying to put this SIM in place for the iPhone 5.

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Do you remember the GooPhone i5? It sounded like something you’d buy at a joke shop that would spurt some odious fluid down the inner cochlea of an unsuspecting victim who held it up to his ear, but it was actually a wonderfully brazen knock-off of the upcoming sixth-generation iPhone.

And hilariously, this pre-emptive copycat is already threatening to sue Apple over the iPhone 5, claiming to have patented the design.

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Earlier in this year, Apple shut down the unique device identifier or UDID as a valid way for developers to try to track users of their apps.

You have to wonder if they felt a storm coming, as today, the hacking group AntiSec has released more than 12 million UDIDs that they managed to recover from an infilitrated FBI laptop. And your device ID — along with everything you did with the  [Read More...]

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges the success of iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices in healthcare in new EHR rules.

The success of devices like the iPhone and iPad in healthcare has become so pronounced that the Department of Health And Human Services has begun to single-out the use mobile devices as part of the meaningful use requirements for electronic health records (EHR) systems. In addition to identifying  [Read More...]

It’s no secret that many of us aren’t fans of the new shared data plans being offered by Verizon and AT&T. Worse are the tactics these carriers are using to all but force us into the new plans. Consumers aren’t the only one’s disappointed, as Sprint and T-Mobile both discourage the practice and prefer to stick with the assumption that users enjoy having unlimited data with no fear of overages. Why should  [Read More...]

Imagine jotting down a quick memo, tossing it into the air and having a little magical fairy swoop by and catch it, stashing it away safely for later reference. TopXNotes is the next best thing! We all know and love our Mac Stickies but imagine them on steroids. That is what you get with TopXNotes, the most comprehensive task manager yet. Let’s face it, Stickies aren’t fail proof and those quickly jotted  [Read More...]