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When we first saw Google’s Glass project, we were fairly skeptical that A) it would work as advertised, B) not make you look like some maxiod cyberborg super dweeb. We still have reservations about both of those problems, but using Project Glass looks freaking awesome.

Google just released a video this morning that shows what the UI is going to look like for people who are willing to shell out $ 1500  [Read More...]

Flickr’s iOS app, which pretty much relaunched the company into mobile after years of creeping neglect, has gotten a pretty significant update. No, it has’t yet gotten an iPad-native version, but you will like the new features nonetheless.

First up are some welcome but pedestrian changes – you can now save your own photos to your camera roll, as well as save the original, non-filtered versions of shots taken with the app. Uploading  [Read More...]

Woz: Apple’s Dangerously Close To Losing Its Cool


Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs back in 1976, believes the Cupertino company still has the ability to determine the future of consumer electronics, despite increasing competition from its rivals. He admits, however, that the company may be losing its edge, and that it increasingly needs to rely on its premium brand.

“Sometimes you need a critical mass of loyal users that will instantly buy and go this direction,” Woz  [Read More...]


It’s been over 16 months since Steve Jobs passed away, leaving Apple without its inspirational leader. Even though the company has released a number of new products and reported record-breaking sales, some of Steve’s closest friends at the company still miss him.

Apple’s chairman, Art Levinson, was a close friend and colleague of Steve Jobs, and he’s been on Apple’s Board of Directors since 2000. So when he was recently asked what  [Read More...]

CoM - Funtastic Photos

Funtastic Photos brings together all the top photo enhancing possibilities from Photoshop and allows you to apply them to your photos in just a click. And at only $ 19 thanks to Cult of Mac Deals, Funtastic Photos is easily the best value photo editor, printing, and sharing software on the market!

Here are the top features of Funtastic Photos:

Photo Editing: Over 60 1-Click Styles and more  [Read More...]



Like the Plantronics Voyager Legend we reviewed a few months ago, Jabra’s new folding-boom Motion series incorporates motion sensors — so they can do things like automatically answer calls when you place the headset to your ear, and even automatically adjust the volume.

Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the Legend’s motion-triggered activities, Jabra’s execution of this technology may be different. All the premium features are there, like tech that  [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 19.02.01

Last Friday, the BBC published part of its interview with Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, which was shown during a special episode of children’s television show Blue Peter on Saturday morning. The full interview has now been posted to YouTube, and it shows Ive talking about product naming techniques.

Ive was asked how he would design a lunchbox, a task that Blue Peter put  [Read More...]

It's really about time.

It’s really about time.

With Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Smart Glass initiatives, it’s not surprising that Sony would find their own second screen solution, this one via a PlayStation app, planned for both iOS and Android devices. The PlayStation App will allow gamers playing Sony’s newly announced PlayStation 4 gaming console to look at in-game maps, buy games from the PlayStation Store while on the go, or watch  [Read More...]


Spotify is one of the best music services available now and practically negates the need to ever buy music from iTunes. Being able to stream almost any song to your iPhone whenever you want is a dream for most people; the only problem is you have to pay a monthly fee for the app to work.

A new report claims that Spotify is trying to change all that by renegotiating deals with  [Read More...]


About a month ago, right after the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Disney held a small, invitation-only press conference in Los Angeles where they revealed their ambitious, stunning new cross-platform Infinity game universe. They invited us, of course. Only problem was, Infinity had practically nothing to do with anything Apple.

After all the fanfare, when the event was almost over, I pulled aside one of the Disney folks and asked why the  [Read More...]