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88smsApart from looking pretty, the stock Android messaging app is pretty simple and basic in nature. It lacks a lot of features including pop-up notifications, and support for quick reply right from the notification bar. 88sms, a direct port of the CyanogenMod 10.2 messaging app, fixes a lot of issues the stock messaging app, while […]

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iPhone5spreorder  The iPhone 5c pre-orders went off this morning without a hitch and supply for days, but Apple has decided not to offer pre-orders on the high-end iPhone 5s. Customers looking to grab Apple’s newest smartphone as quickly as possible will be pleased to know that you can wake up at 12:01AM PDT next Friday, buy […]

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Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 4.25.32 PMEarlier today, we told you about a new video from Microsoft that attempted to bash Apple’s latest iPhones. It was poorly done, not funny, and just genuinely awful. The clip was actually part of a seven-part group of videos that made fun of Apple employees(?) of some kind making ridiculous, cliche pitches for different features, […]

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iOS 7 logo Though you should be patient and wait a week for the official release of iOS 7 on the 18th, you technically don’t have to. For the incredibly impatient who don’t mind a few inconveniences, you can get a head start and update a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the iOS 7 GM build right now. Of course there’s a catch: you’ll have to download the iOS 7  [Read More…]

infinityblade3We got a glimpse of the incredible graphics and gameplay of Chair’s upcoming Infinity Blade III during the Apple’s keynote on Tueday, but Chair released a cinematic trailer for the new game this morning that dives into the Infinity Blade mythology of the first two games before setting up the narrative of the final chapter […]

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Daddy Was A ThiefThere are a bunch of video games out on iOS for kids, from educational games to adventure games and more. Sure, you can get reviews of these games by adults, sometimes even from parents of kids who use them. We thought it’d be fun, though, to ask the kids themselves. Welcome to Kid APProved, a […]

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The RoomEvan loved it, which made us want to try it. And try The Room we did, finding it to be a gorgeous, brain-engaging, Myst-like exploration of the puzzle genre, with some amazing 3D mind-benders to solve. Here’s our video showing us solving the third chapter; we’ve condensed it a bit so that you’ll still have […]

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iOS 7 is set for public release on the 18th, making now a good time to start preparing for the major iOS update on any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But before jumping ahead with the 7.0 upgrade, you should check on compatibility and do some simple cleanup and backups with your iOS devices… so here are seven steps to prepare for iOS 7 the right way.

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earshotsredEarshots byKubxlab Category: Speakers Works With:Anything Price: $50 It’s hard to exaggerate the effect that stereo has on sound. Sure, it gives you different sounds from the left and right speakers, positioning the musical instruments or the on-screen action in 3-D space, but it also opens up the sound and makes it seem a lot […]

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The Apple parody video fad has been a bit played out the past couple years, but Microsoft thinks its got the comedic chops to take on the iPhone 5c and convince you to switch over to its struggling line of Windows Phones. The company’s WindowsPhone channel on YouTube just released a parody video depicting two stumped […]

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