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pikePlace01Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes Category: Mac Games Works With: OS X Price: $19.99 I’ve just spent the last several hours knee-deep in the drek of post-magic Seattle, mixing and fighting with dwarves, trolls, mages, and deckers, and I’m here to tell you it’s utterly wiz. Shadowrun Returns is out now on Steam for Mac […]

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Apple Has Opened A Boston Office To Supercharge Siri

Apple-Patents-the-Siri-Icon-2Apple has opened a new office in Boston that is working on beefing up Siri… and probably means that Cupertino wants to move away from relying on Nuance to provide Siri’s voice-recognition technology. The new Boston office appears to be largely staffed with speech and voice recognition scientists, many of whom used to work for […]

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Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 6.47.30 PMAfter being offline since last Thursday, Apple’s Developer Center is back and operational. Certain parts of the portal are still coming back online, but Apple’s system status page reveals that many aspects are accessible again, including the centers where developers can download iOS and OS X betas. Last Sunday, Apple said that an intruder had […]

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59d1b9e394a91b6028763240f94f0a1a_largeSupermechanical, the startup behind Twine, has a new Kickstarter campaign for a smart kitchen thermometer called Range. The device plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack and helps you cook by telling the temperature and creating recipe graphs. It looks like a cool product, and it has 34 more days to reach its $90,000 goal. By directly […]

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If you plan on selling a Mac or transferring it to a new owner, you will want to take a few very important steps beforehand rather than just handing the machine off as is. We will walk through exactly what you should do before ever changing ownership of a Mac, including backing up all of your files and data, deauthorizing the computer through iTunes, securely erasing all data so that no future owner can access your old stuff, and finally,  [Read More…]

waterproof-overview.jpgSurvivor+Catalyst byGriffin Category: Cases Works With:iPhone 5 Price: $$70 Just in time for beach season, Griffin’s ruggedized, waterproof iPhone case – the Survivor+Catalyst – arrived at CoM’s Spanish HQ (aka my apartment). And after a month or so of using it and abusing it, I can say its the best rugged case I have used. […]

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chromecastvsappletv  Buying a $35 dongle to magically stream all the video of the internet to your TV sounds pretty awesome, and based on early impressions Chromecast does a decent job, but how does its content stack up against the Apple TV and Roku? Danny Sullivan created the chart above to break down the content you’ll […]

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altec-lansing-the-jacket  You can’t get Altec Lansing’s new The Jacket iMW455 Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone from anyone other than Verizon, which explains the red and black skins the Jacket comes with. Don’t like red or black? No problem — because, like a moulting lobster, The Jacket’s special trick is its ability to swap skins. The speaker comes with […]

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New Picture Of The Budget iPhone’s Rear Shell Appears

iphone-lite-mini-leak  We’ve seen tons of leaked photos claiming to be the rear shell of the budget iPhone, and here’s the latest one we can add to the pile. The photo was posted on Weibo and looks pretty similar to images we posted two days ago. The latest batch of leaked rear shells have legal notices […]

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The man, the myth, the sweaty legend: Steve BallmerIt’s been no secret that Microsoft’s would-be iPad-killer has been a complete disappointment, but now its ever-optimistic CEO, Steve Ballmer, is admitting to employees that the Surface is a flop. Ballmer held a ‘rally the troops’ event on Microsoft campus yesterday where they go over the company’s quarterly earnings and boost morale, but according to […]

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