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You just know Al Gore is going to order up three of these bad boys and hook them up to his new trashcan Mac Pro – just for checking the weather reports (spoiler – getting warmer). And the good news is that you can too: these 31.5-inch 4K displays from Asus are now available for […]

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IncredimailIncredimail, the new mail client for iPad that’s been attracting a lot of attention since its launch, just got another new update adding some nice new features. In addition to the ability to share links and photos on Facebook, the update adds pinch to zoom, enhanced archiving, and improved personal signatures. Here’s the full list […]

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Sense+, A Smoke-Detecting Dock For the iPhone 5

You should probably have a smoke detector in every room, and you should also test it regularly, thus making a mockery of Nina Simone’s song Don’t Smoke in Bed. However, some of us live in apartments in which the landlord can’t even provide a toilet that flushes properly, and so the hope of him fitting […]

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Exif Manager for iPhone and iPad does one thing – it lets you view and sort your photos by various metadata attributes. Want to see all your pictures in descending order of shutter speed used? You can do that. The native Photos app has no way to check on metadata, which can make anything but […]

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Pure For Flickr Looks Like A Native iOS 7 App Already

Pure is an iPhone Flickr app which looks ready for iOS 7 already. As the name suggests, there’s a focus on plain and simple design, and the lack of button-shaped buttons makes even the cleanly-designed official Flickr app look cluttered. However, you mightn’t be switching to Pure just yet, as it lacks a fair bit […]

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CoM - DragonI have done a lot writing in my day, and there are times when I want to just let the words fly freely faster than I can possibly type them. When I’ve worked on my talks for seminars or wanted to work out some thoughts on a major piece of writing, I have given the […]

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breatheriPhoneAnyone who’s ever worked from home knows that sometimes you just have to get out away from your home office and change things up. If you don’t like hanging out at coffee shops, or paying for a co-working space though, there’s a new iPhone app called Breather that offers short-term access to clean, classy office […]

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Apple Investor Call Q3According to its investor’s page, Apple, Inc. will conference call with investors on July 23, 2013, discussing its financial performance for the fiscal third quarter of 2013, which ended June 30. The call will be live streamed on Apple’s web page for anyone to listen in, and should cover revenue and sales figures. We can […]

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kanyewestmouseKayne West totally loves Steve Jobs. In fact, Yeezy proclaimed that he’s going to be like the  ”Steve of  Internet,” because writing rhymes and wearing flashy clothing is the same thing as creating the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iTunes, and all that. Needless to say, Mr. West is fascinated by the mystique and charisma of […]

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Cydia-iPhone-5Earlier today, we showed you a screenshot of what appears to be iOS 7 in some sort of jailbroken state. While the screenshot doesn’t confirm that iOS 7 has been fully jailbroken by any means, it’s a good sign that jailbreaking will live on in the post-iOS 6 era. OpenJailbreak, a new project led by […]

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