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Curvy Dock Fits Any iPhone, In Any Case, Ever

sarvi dockEvery time I use my iPhone 5, I’m less and less convinced that it even needs a dock. It’s far easier to use the phone when it’s laying flat on my desk than when it’s propped up at a steep angle. The only place I’d like one is on my nightstand, and as I don’t […]

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20130821ACCN_006_cs1e1_800xIf you’re anything like me, no matter how much evidence has mounted that Apple is indeed planning a gold iPhone 5S, you’ve had a hard time believing it. Gold in a gadget usually turns it into gaudy, undignified bling, more appropriate for a Saudi oil baron or diamond-toothed rapper than, say, the pocket of Jony […]

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keizus_on_ground11I never thought I’d describe a camera and iPhone accessory as “creepy,†but here we are. The Keizus is a quadropod (four-legged tripod) which looks like somebody ripped the skeleton out of one of those cymbal-bashing monkeys beloved of 1970s and 1980s horror flicks. Shudder. As an iPhone (and camera) support, the Keizus Quadrapod+Clamp looks […]

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Phlo For iOS Searches Across Multiple Sites

phloPhlo is a handy little Universal iOS app which lets you search a bunch of different search engines simultaneously. Just tap in your search term and then hop between various sites using the popover sidebar list. The iOS version of Phlo is the offspring of the OS X version, and your searches can be synced […]

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protexpicsProtex’s new iPad case is a big improvement on the original – aesthetically, at least. The folks at Higher Ground (the company that makes the Protex) sent me the original and I couldn’t bring myself to review it as it looked like a rubber boot with a stripper’s underwear sewn to the back. The new […]

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apple-itvEarlier this month, we reported that Vevo, the popular music platform, was in talks with Apple to make its own Apple TV channel a reality. The channel would allow Apple TV owners to access Vevo’s 24-7 music programming, and would be monetized by ads. Unfortunately, there were no other details, and you know what they […]

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asphalt-8-airborneGameloft has published a stunning new Asphalt 8: Airborne trailer today, ahead of tomorrow’s launch on iOS. As its name suggests, the latest Asphalt game is all about defying gravity and performing insane jumps that’ll give you the edge in each race — and there’s plenty of that to enjoy in the new clip. Asphalt 8 is already available to […]

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CoM - SOS-online-backup_mainframe_630x473This is #BackToSchool week at Cult of Mac Deals. There will be several new deals launching each day. Check in here each day for new deals for #BackToSchool. There will be a ton of apps, gear, gadgets, games, and more to buy just in time for the start of school, so be sure to keep […]

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screen7After releasing on Android this past July, Battle Dragons from Spacetime Games has been doing pretty well, but interested iOS gamers have been out of luck. Today that changes, as the free-to-play build and battle game comes to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the App store. It does look quite a bit like Clash […]

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