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Resolving iTunes Error 17 When Upgrading or Restoring iOS Devices

If you’re attempting to upgrade or restore an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV by way of iTunes and you encounter an Error 17 alert, you’re probably experiencing an issue with the computer connecting to Apple’s servers. This can be caused by a variety of things and users may see it either when trying … Read More

How Apple Will Make A Thinner, Lighter 12-Inch MacBook Air [Rumor]

The MacBook Air already feels impossibly thin and light, but it’s set to get even thinner and lighter if a rumor out of Asia is to be believed. According to a leaker on Chinese forum Weiphone, Apple is planning a… Read more ›     

Mac Setups: The Multi-Mac Desk of a Web Developer

This weeks featured Mac desk setup comes to us from web developer and student Jonathan C., who uses multiple iOS devices and Macs tied together with the help of Teleport to work in unison. Let’s learn a bit more about each device and how they’re used! Describe the Apple hardware on your desk and what … Read More

Why Apple Is Disappointed With The Way We Upgrade Our iPads

Consumers update their iPhones at a fairly aggressive pace: when a contract expires, usually within two years, most consumers immediately upgrade to another one. But that’s not the way people upgrade their iPhones… in fact, it’s looking like iPads might… Read more ›     

How an Under-Appreciated iOS 7 Feature Will Change the World

  A curious download hit Apple’s app store this week: a messaging app called FireChat. It’s a new kind of app because it uses an iOS feature unavailable until version 7: the Multipeer Connectivity Framework. The app was developed by… Read more ›     

Flapthulhu Gets Even Better With Addition Of Shoggoth And New Battle Mode

Of the endless barrage of clones that emerged after Flappy Bird’s surprise success, Flapthulhu is the one that I go back to over and over again. Not only is it a clever parody of both the works of H.P. Lovecraft… Read more ›     

Captain America Doesn’t “Get” The Moon Landing, Nirvana And Steve Jobs [Humor]

In the Marvel universe, Captain America is a World War II era super soldier who happens to get frozen in ice, only to dethaw in modern times. As such, there’s a lot he’s missed out on, and in the latest… Read more ›     

Keep Everyone Energized With The PowerShare Charging Bundle [Deals]

This Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to do its part to keep everyone energized. all oyu ave to do is pick one up to make that happen. The PowerShare Charging Bundle includes the PowerShare Reactor and the PowerShare… Read more ›     

Tell Us Why Macs Rock Your World To Win Free Macworld Tickets

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple fanpeople are gearing up for MacWorld/iWorld 2014 here on March 27-29, and while we’ll be at Moscone West live to cover all the happenings of this year’s show, it’d be so much better if some fans… Read more ›     

Leitz Icon Is The iOS Label Printer Apple Would Make

Leitz’s Icon is a label printer for iOS (and other mobile) devices, and it actually looks good enough to be an Apple product – the shape is clean and pretty, yes, but it also looks dead easy to use. The… Read more ›