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Robot Arm Holds Your iPad For You

In my review, I described the Ergotron Workfit-A as a terminator arm holding your iMac. The PadDock Pivot Dual Arm Locking Tablet Stand is the same kind of thing, only it’s a Terminator arm holding your iPad. The locking stand… Read more ›     

Apple’s Brand Is Worth More Than The Cost Of The Apollo Space Program

Apple’s brand value is more than the total cost of the Apollo Space Program in today’s dollars, according to a new report by brand consulting agency Brand Finance. Apple topped a list of 500 firms — including heavyweights like Walmart,… Read more ›     

Highline, A Clever Leash For Your iPhone 5

We first glimpsed the Highline way back in 2012, when we reviewed the 30-pin-dock-connector version of the leash for iDevices. Now, back in the future, the Lightning Highline has just launched, helping to save the butterfingered and terminally distracted from… Read more ›     

Classic Japanese RPG Shin Megami Tensei Descends On iOS

As great as it when a new game, specifically designed for iOS, makes its way to the App Store, just as good is the appearance of new ports of classic games. The latter is what we have with the newly-released… Read more ›     

Burger King To Let You Buy Whoppers With Your iPhone

Want to be able to order and pay for burgers using your iPhone? Burger King has announced that it will be releasing a dedicated mobile app, featuring a Passbook-style virtual card that allows users to load on cash and then… Read more ›     

Vimeo Acquires Video Editing App Cameo

Video sharing website Vimeo has acquired Cameo, a video-making app which launched last October. Giving users the ability to create sophisticated video effects, including the ability to combine footage from multiple cameras, Cameo received plaudits from Apple, who named it… Read more ›     

Macs in the Box: The Incredible Mac Collection of Marion Stokes. Now For Sale.

Are you a Mac collector? An Apple investor? Do you like to buy old computers still new in their original packaging? If so, do we have a storage locker for you! Marion Stokes was a librarian, activist and local access… Read more ›     

Asking Siri To Tell You A Tale Sheds Light On Her Complex Backstory

Recently Cult of Mac described how among Siri’s Easter eggs is a whole back story — programmed by her creators, and accessible by asking just the right questions. Beginning life as a five-year DARPA-backed project to build an intelligent virtual… Read more ›     

Fix Your Damaged Drive And Recover Your Lost Files At The Data Rescue Center [Sponsored Post]

  This post is brought to you by the Data Rescue Center and Prosoft Engineering, Inc. Have a physically damaged hard drive or lost or deleted files you can’t recover? If you are facing data loss, contact The Data Rescue… Read more ›     

Android Wear Overview Shows How Beautifully Simple Your Future Smartwatch Will Be

Like every software platform, Android Wear’s future success will hinge on how it’s supported by third-party developers. But there’s one thing we can be absolutely sure of at this stage — and that is that Google has at least got… Read more ›