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Let me paint a scenario for you. You’re a creative type. Maybe professionally or as a hobby or maybe you’re just the go-to person in the office. You need to pull a rabbit out of your hat—again— and you’ve got nuthin‘. Like less than nuthin’. What you need are some creative resources to browse through and use for your project.

Most of us have a few things stashed away to use, but  [Read More...]

Why I Stopped Pirating Music

After nearly a decade, my iTunes library weighs in at almost ninety-four gigabytes. A lot of serious music nerds would sneeze derisively at that, but it still represents over 13,000 songs that would take me, from start to finish, a full 48 days to listen to back to back.

I’d be lying if I said most of these had been acquired legally. Most of these albums were acquired on Bittorrent in my  [Read More...]

Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is a new music app called MUSaIC, that promises to help you rediscover your all those albums you forgot you had. We’ve also got a great new photography app called Etchings, which turns your photos into etched illustrations; a big update to Dolphin, one of my favorite third-party browsers on iOS; and more.

MUSaIC — iPhone ($ 1.99)

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Play Chess online against friends or random opponents in Mac OS X

You can now play Chess over the internet with friends or random opponents with the help of GameCenter. If you already have a GameCenter account from the iOS world you don’t need to do much, but if you’re new to Gamecenter just be sure to have iCloud set up first and then follow these quick instructions:

Launch Chess, found in /Applications/  [Read More...]

Mac Setups: The Managing Directors Home Office

Managing Director Home Office

This weeks featured Mac setup is the home office of Adam M., the Managing Director of a Canadian property consultancy. Adam works from home when focus is essential, and he’s got the hardware to support it:

Mac Pro with 2.55GHz Quad Core, 6GB RAM Dual 27″ Apple Cinema Displays MacBook Pro 13″ for traveling and going to the office iPad 2 with 3G Bluetooth wireless keyboard

Not shown is  [Read More...]

Control iTunes from Menu Bar in Mac OS X with Significator

Want to control iTunes without flipping to the app and disrupting your workflow? Maybe find a new song or skip the current one? The Mac menu bar is the perfect place for those kind of actions, so do yourself a favor and grab Significator.

Significator is a great looking app that lets you control iTunes right from the Mac OS X menu  [Read More...]

Is Apple Haunted?

Trip Chowdhry, the Managing Director of Equity Research at Global Equities Research, told a financial writer a few months ago that Apple’s biggest challenge without founder Steve Jobs is that Apple lacks a “unified force.” In order to become unified again, Apple would need a “supernatural person” overseeing things.

But according to Thai Buddhists, they may have exactly that — the reincarnated spirit of Steve Jobs himself, who they say is living  [Read More...]

Let’s say you want to program, oh, everything. Websites, responsive-design websites, iOS games, and iOS apps. Then let’s through in, just for kicks and giggles, Ruby and PS6. Cool?

This is hours and hours of classes. If you take classes the “traditional” way in a classroom, getting through all this will take a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for in-person classes (I teach them myself), but I’m also a big fan of  [Read More...]

The wonderful role-playing game that is Bastion kicks off this week’s must-have games roundup, accompanied by Blast-A-Way, an awesome new puzzle game from Illusion Labs; Dragon Island Blue, the closest you’ll get to Pokemon on iOS right now; and Granny Smith, a platform game that features a granny on rollerscates. Need I say more?

Bastion — iPad ($ 4.99)

You may have already played Bastion on your Mac or Xbox 360, but  [Read More...]

At this point, despite Tim Cook’s claim that Apple is “doubling down on secrecy”, we’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see when it comes to the new iPhone. If we Apple fans were peeping toms, the iPhone 5 would be like spying on a girl we have a date with Friday night and, instead of seeing her merely undress, witnessing her actually take off her skin and dance around her bedroom as a  [Read More...]