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‘Do One Thing’ Promotes Better Habits A Little Bit At A Time

This new self-improvement app from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has a simple premise: Trying to do everything is hard, but doing one thing isn’t. Sounds obvious, but what you do here is select a few habits you’d like to… Read more ›

Inside Monument Valley: How ‘Impossible’ Sketches Became An Amazing Game

Monument Valley is one of the most original iOS games ever. A triumph of isometric design, it’s a trippy puzzle game in which you guide a white-clad princess through a series of twisting, turning structures, inspired by the mind-bending art… Read more ›

Here’s Good Proof That Shows Why Apple Must Release A Bigger iPhone 6

We’ve heard multiple reports that Apple will release a larger-screen iPhone 6 (possibly in two different sizes), but who really wants a bigger iPhone with a larger screen anyway? Actually, a lot of people: as much as 40% of prospective… Read more ›

Tweet Any Highlighted Text From Your Mac [OS X Tips]

If you’ve ever come across a great snippet of text you want to Tweet right from your Mac, you know the drill: you have to copy it, open Twitter, create a new message, and then paste in the text there.… Read more ›

Conquering The Fashion World Is What The iWatch Is Really About

When we think about the iWatch, we tend to think of a little smartphone that you wear on your wrist, or at least a bit of technology, but if the latest reports are anything to go by, Apple’s iWatch play… Read more ›

Never Lose A Lens Cap Again With This $10 Widget

The worst thing about losing a lens cap is having to buy another one. You can go with a generic but ugly replacement and save a few bucks, or you can buy the manufacturers official version, which will make you… Read more ›

New Family Guy iOS Game Lands YouTubers In Hot Water

The success of The Simpsons: Tapped Out meant that it was only ever going to be a limited amount of time before Family Guy got similar mobile game treatment. First announced back in December, today marks the arrival of Family… Read more ›

Apple Teams With New Ad Agencies To Counter Samsung Threat

When you’ve got $ 158.8 billion in the bank, there’s not a huge amount you need to be envious of. But while Apple is beating rival Samsung on both the quality of its products and adverts, it is perhaps losing out… Read more ›

XKPasswd Generates Secure Pass-Phrases

Apart from “correct horse battery staple,” the most secure passwords aren’t words, they’re phrases. You don’t even need crazy symbols or hard-to-determine numerals (is that an l or a 1, a 0 or an O?) – just a good, longish… Read more ›

iMacompanion Adds USB Port To You iMac’s Foot

Would you pay $ 39 for the convenience of a front-facing USB port in your iMac? If so, you’re gonna love the iMacompanion, which is simultaneously one of the neatest widgets ever, and one of the worst-named gadgets in history. The… Read more ›