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  I remember a few tech bloggers going nuts over Vine when it hit the street back in January. I wasn’t convinced; it seemed too limiting, felt too gimmicky. Vine turned out to be a more creative tool than I’d imagined — at least for others. But the concept never really hooked me enough to […]

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Have you ever wondered if you can keep your entire iTunes Library on an external drive, freeing up disk space and providing for a portable music and media library? The answer is yes, you can, and it’s actually pretty easy to offload an entire iTunes collection to another drive, whether you’re using a Mac or Windows PC.

iTunes library on an external drive

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The year is 2013 and we have all kinds of way to share content between mobile devices, but there still isn’t an easy, frictionless way to send money to someone wirelessly in a secure manner. Then there’s AirDrop, Apple’s new sharing platform in iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks that’s as easy as dragging and […]

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The arrival of iOS 7 has not only demonstrated a whole new look to Apple’s mobile platforms, but also new opportunities for exceptional design. So if you’ve got a great app idea for this beautiful new platform, but your design skills leave a lot to be desired then Cult of Mac Deals a deal for […]

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How To Drive Your Friends Crazy With iMessage [GIF]

The iMessage dot indicator lets you know when the person on the other is ignoring typing you, which can be a wonderful thing. It can also be one of the most annoying things in the world when you see someone start to type and then stop, or supposedly “type” for a long time. Here’s a […]

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In addition to using Yahoo! Weather data, the new Weather app in iOS 7 also borrows some of its look from the stellar Yahoo! weather app that came out prior to the release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system. One new feature that the built-in Weather app from Apple brings to the table is a […]

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Some users have noticed that certain older iPhone and iPad models feel slower after updating to iOS 7. We’ve offered a variety of tips to speed things up, but one persistent issue that has we’ve been contacted about regards the mysterious keyboard lag and typing delay that seems to only apply to older devices, where there is a sizable delay between tapping a key and the character appearing on screen.

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If you don’t know what the upcoming fifth-gen iPad is going to look like by now, you just haven’t been paying attention. We’ve seen leaks on leaks of both the next 10-inch iPad and the second-gen iPad mini, each of which sport a slimmer, more streamlined design. More photos of the iPad 5 in Space […]

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  Foursquare released an update for its iOS app today that includes an updated look and feel, as well as a new real-time recommendations feature. Using your iPhone’s location data, the app now serves up recommendations such as what to eat at a restaurant or sales coupons for a store you’re already shopping at. Users […]

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Warner Bros. / DC Comics-owned Vertigo has published this amazing ongoing series called Fables since 2002. Written by Bill Willingham, the stories all revolve around the idea that all the characters in fairy tales are real, and they’ve been banished to upstate New York until they can reclaim their ancestral homelands. One of the most […]

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