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Well done, Apple.Apple just sent out an email announcing that it has a new System Status page for developers who want to track what’s going on with the still-down Dev Center after it was apparently hacked a couple of days ago. The email apologizes for the “significant inconvenience” caused by the downtime, and assures developers that it’s […]

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anker-astro-3  That’s right, $50 nabs you the Anker Astro 3, an external battery with three USB ports and 12,000 mAh, which is — in theory — enough juice to completely charge any iPad. Why the in theory disclaimer? Because although the Astro 3’s 12,000 mAh capacity exceeds the 11,560 mAh capacity of the battery in […]

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Hello, Cyto!You may know that Starbucks, perhaps the most ubiquitous coffee shop in the US and beyond, gives out free iTunes stuff each week. Sometimes it’s songs, sometimes TV show episodes, and sometimes Apps. This week, Starbucks is giving away Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure, a cute little regularly $0.99 game that sees you flinging a little cell-like […]

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tile-1  We were impressed enough with Tile’s unique take on the Bluetooth-enabled tracking device to realize that its little gizmo was going to take off like a Saturn V rocket. Indeed, Tile has now become the most successful Selfstarter campaign by blowing past Lockitron, who created the open-source crowdfunding alternative after their smartphone-connected door lock […]

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aoc-16-inch-monitor  AOC’s new USB-powered, 16-inch LCD display may be a godsend for travelers who occasionally need a little extra MacBook screen real estate. The AOC screen plugs into a USB 3 port (and only a USB 3 port), and just like any other external monitor can either mirror or augment a MacBook’s screen. The screen’s […]

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PlantsVSZombies-freeIf you had to guess which of EA’s retail partners made it the most cash last quarter, you’d probably say Best Buy, GameStop, or another game store. But you’d be wrong. EA’s biggest partner last quarter was actually Apple, which helped it reach $90 million in sales on smartphones and tablets. “Our quarter was notable […]

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readytochromecastGoogle’s secret weapon in the TV wars could hardly be more simple: It’s an inexpensive little dongle called Chromecast that’s designed to change the way you watch TV. Chromecast does that by turning almost any smartphone, tablet or PC into a remote control on steroids. Rather than limiting its audience to those with Android devices, […]

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Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.38.49 PMToday Google unveiled its second-gen Nexus 7 tablet. The 7-inch, ASUS-made device packs a stunning 1,920 x 1,200 display. That translates to 323 pixels per inch, which is up considerably from the first Nexus 7’s 216 ppi. It’s also a higher resolution display than what Apple offers with the iPad mini, the company’s only flagship product that hasn’t been […]

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Google-Play-Games-appAt its Android event in San Francisco this morning, Google just announced Google Play Games, a new social gaming app that will go head to head with Apple’s Game Center. The app brings all of your achievements, social connections, and public leaderboards together in one place. The Play Games platform was first announced at Google […]

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Google Makes The New Nexus 7 Official

New-Nexus-7-launchThanks to Best Buy and Sam’s Club, we’ve known what the new Nexus 7 looks like, what’s inside it, and how much it costs since early this morning — but at an Android event in San Francisco just now, Google’s Sundar Pichai has finally made it all official. As expected, the new Nexus 7 will […]

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