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Welcome back, AppShopper. I mean, AppShopper Social.

Welcome back, AppShopper. I mean, AppShopper Social.

Alternative iOS informational website, AppShopper, was pulled from the App Store last December due to a conflict with new App Store rules that went into effect at that time. The team behind the app, who also run the fantastic website, AppShopper, have spent the hiatus working hard on a new app that is both compliant with Apple’s current App  [Read More…]


The future of computing might be in wearable computers like Google Glass and the rumored Apple iWatch, but you’re still going to have to wait before getting to try them out.

Google has never commented on a launch date for Google Glass, but Eric Schmidt says it’s not that far away. In an interview for BBC Radio 4′s “World at One” today, Schmidt says that he thinks the consumer version of Google  [Read More…]


Motorola’s patent trove weakens.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC)  has officially ruled in favor of Apple against Google’s Motorola Mobility in a patent case that began in 2010. The last patent Motorola was using to sue Apple for infringement has been ruled invalid by the ITC.

Motorola sued Apple for allegedly violating six of its patents three years ago, and today’s patent was the last of six patents to be thrown out  [Read More…]

Change the Photo Slideshow Speed on iPad

The iPad’s Photo slideshow feature, and the accompanying Picture Frame, are both great ways to show off pictures stored on the device. You’ll find the images change fairly often though, and that’s because the default setting is set at 3 seconds. This can be adjusted to be considerably longer, or shorter, depending on your preferences, and those adjustments are made through individual feature settings, not through where you start the slideshow, however.

Change the photo slideshow timer on  <a href=[Read More…]


Yahoo! has been undertaking something of an iOS App Store renaissance lately. First, they made their Flickr app into a bonafide Instragam challenger; then their new Yahoo! Weather app effortlessly fused beautifully wrought weather information with the best photographs on Flickr; and now Yahoo! has updated its iOS app with natural language summaries of all the news likely to be of interest to you.

The new Yahoo! app borrows a lot  [Read More…]

When you play dirty, sometimes you get caught with your pants down.

When you play dirty, sometimes you get caught with your pants down.

Apple and Samsung aren’t on the best of terms. Since Apple won a $ 1 billion patent lawsuit against Samsung in U.S. court last year, the two have been at each other’s throats in the media. Samsung’s Galaxy TV ads depict Apple customers as mindless sheep. Apple’s Phil Schiller  [Read More…]

Disk Utility icon The newest Macs ship with a Recovery partition rather than a separate external reinstall disk, and if you’ve ever rebooted a newer Mac, iMac, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with an SSD from the Recovery partition to reformat the drive, you may have noticed that by default the “Security Options” button is greyed out in the Disk Utility options, seemingly preventing a standard “secure” erase procedure. The precise  [Read More…]

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 4.21.15 PM

Apple has added a small but notable option to the iTunes Store. You can now choose to download movies and TV shows later. When you make a purchase, a new dialog box asks if you want to download the media now, or store it in your purchases list.

While the feature itself isn’t anything new—you’ve been able to download previously purchased items for awhile—the option to postpone  [Read More…]


VoiceOver is the name of the amazing text-to-speech feature in iOS and Mac OS X that allows those with visual impairments to use their Apple devices right out of the box, without needing help from a sighted person. On the iPhone or iPad, it empowers those with a visual disability to become more independent and function on a day to day basis in a world that isn’t really set up for them.

  [Read More…]


It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest here at Cult of Mac, so let’s start the week off with a little bit of fun. We’re looking for a few talented (or not-so talented) readers to voluntarily decapitate themselves and replace their head with an iPad. It’s gruesome and beautiful at the same time, plus we’re giving away five free copies of FX Photo Studio Pro to best entries.

To win  [Read More…]