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‘Doorstep Swipe’ Gives You Some Idea Of Where You’d Like To Live

House-hunting can be stressful and annoying, especially if you’ve never done it before. But Doorstep Swipe wants to help you out there by letting you quickly look through a bunch of listings in your desired location and then reject or… Read more ›

In New Game of Thrones App, You Wait or You Pay

For each noble house in the Seven Kingdoms, the choices that leaders make often lead to tragedy and ruin. In Game of Thrones: Ascent, you play as an up-and-coming noble who, through endless decision-making and item crafting, can move a… Read more ›

Exploring Elder Scrolls Online: Be A People Person

Editor’s Note: Due to the sheer size of Elder Scrolls Online, we’re publishing our hands-on impressions in three chunks. Part one is here. What follows is part two. Queen Ayrenn is a modern monarch. She’s definitely trying to do the… Read more ›

Samsung Stole Apple’s Ideas At Crucial Time, Expert Says

How do you convince a jury you’re owed $ 2 billion in damages? If you’re Apple you hire an MIT-trained economist to do it for you. While the patent war between Apple and Samsung continues to rage, Apple on Tuesday called… Read more ›

iBeacons Will Rock Coachella Music Festival This Weekend

Kicking off this Friday, the Coachella Music Festival will become the latest event to use iBeacons to provide proximity-specific information to attendees. Coachella’s iOS app has been updated with a new Version 3.0 which enables on-site iBeacon notifications for users… Read more ›

Forget PowerPoint: Deckset Is A Markdown-Powered Presentation Powerhouse

Ever been on a plane and seen some suit squished into his chair, browning his ThinkPad’s screen with his office breath and lining up some pictures and text on a PowerPoint slide? “Jeez,” you think. “Not only is this dork-o… Read more ›

Apple Takes Delivery Of Flexible Circuit Boards For iWatch [Rumor]

Are we getting closer to the long-awaited iWatch? According to a new report, three Apple suppliers have delivered samples of flexible circuit boards for the iWatch — with the device now expected to be unveiled in September.   Notes DigiTimes:… Read more ›

Amazon Surges Past Apple In Streaming Video Stats

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service is on fire in the United States — and that growth happened before Amazon even introduced its $ 99 Fire TV set-top box. According to a new report from online-video delivery and caching solutions provider Qwilt,… Read more ›

PhotoFlip Is An Almost-Excellent Picture Note-Taking App

PhotoFlip has the beginnings of a great idea, let down by poor implementation. Here’s the idea: The app lets you add notes to the photos you have in your iPhone camera roll, without copying those images. That is, the pictures… Read more ›

The StackUp iOS App Bundle: Get 12 iPhone And iPad Apps At A Great Price

The StackUp iOS App Bundle is offering 12 iOS apps valued at $ 113 for just $ 36. Several of these apps are geared towards making your iOS experience a more productive one, which is why this particular bundle caught my attention.… Read more ›