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Apple’s entire beef with Samsung is that the Korean electronics maker keeps on shamelessly ripping off the design of their devices, so is anyone surprised that the latest roadblock in the Apple vs. Samsung case has to do with an… Read more ›     

47. Thanks for all the fish. Milliwaves. Famed author Douglas Adams is known for many things, including his legendary Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series. But did you know Adams was not only a die-hard Apple fan, but the last… Read more ›     

If you’ve wanted to order a Mac Pro at any point since it was unveiled in December, you’ve faced a long wait, with shipping times almost immediately slipping to February. A month later, and you’d think things would be getting… Read more ›     

Way back in November, we reported that Apple would start repairing broken iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s screens in-store soon, but while Apple has happily repaired iPhone 5 screens in-store for sometime, the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s have been… Read more ›     

When Apple unveiled the iPad Air back in October, they curiously decided to keep the iPad 2 around for another generation at a $ 399 price point… the exact same price as an entry-level iPad mini with Retina Display. In theory,… Read more ›     

Color iOS 7 Like Kool-Aid With Fancy [Jailbreak]

One of the things I like most about iOS 7 is the two different colors of keyboards, but unfortunately, they only come in monochrome: black or white. Enter Fancy. A new jailbreak tweak, Fancy allows you to color iOS 7′s… Read more ›     

iOS 7.1 takes another slow step closer to launch with the release of beta 4 to developers. As ever, the release notes are scant, so it’ll take some digging to really find out what has changed. There’s on bit of… Read more ›     

When Steve Jobs first debuted the original iPhone back in 2007, he promised the audience a device that was three major devices in one: “a widescreen iPod with touch controls,” a “revolutionary mobile phone,” and “a breakthrough Internet communicator.” At… Read more ›     

VLC Updated For iOS 7, Adds Dropbox Video Streaming

VLC, the versatile play-anything video app that I have installed on every Mac I’ve had admin access to in the last half decade, has gotten a great update in its iOS incarnation. VLC for iOS not only looks better, but… Read more ›     

Bpen iPhone Stylus Doubles As A Kickstand

The Bpen is a clever gadget indeed. It takes something almost useless — an iPhone stylus — and turns it into something useful: an iPhone stand. It even works as a car mount, and yet can still be used as… Read more ›