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Notification Dismiss iOS 7Notifications in iOS 6 can be annoying, for sure. To dismiss them takes some funky gestures, which we tipped you on a while back. In iOS 7, however, notifications look different, and–thankfully–are a little easier to dismiss. Here’s how it works. When a notification drops down on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 7 beta […]

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Brolin-Roney1Since the original iPhone in 2007, the iPhone Photography Awards have been showcasing incredible work from professional and amateur photographers. This year’s IPAA’s are no different, and the winners are on display. Selections were made for over 15 different categories from thousands of photos submitted from 38 countries. What’s interesting about the winners is that […]

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Orbotix’s robotic ball, Sphero, has gotten so popular over the past two years, even Obama has been spotted driving one around, but it’s finally getting an upgrade as Orbotix just announced Sphero 2.0 will launch later this month. The updated Sphero 2.0 is twice as fast, three times as bright with multicolor LEDs, and it’s […]

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How do you *not* want this game?Disney’s upcoming open world sandbox game for gaming consoles, Disney Infinity, will bring all our favorite characters together from a host of Disney franchises, including The Incredibles, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Wreck It Ralph, and more. It’s an ambitious release, and will include Skylanders-style figures and collectibles into the mix. Yesterday, then, Disney revealed […]

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iPhone-5S-Coque-908x775We expect the upcoming iPhone 5S to look a lot like the iPhone 5, so its biggest changes will all be internal. We’re likely to see a faster processor and better graphics, an improved camera, and if we’re really lucky, a fingerprint scanner. This purported iPhone 5S rear shell shows the changes Apple has made […]

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white-gold-iPhone-5sAlthough we expect the iPhone 5S to look a lot like the iPhone 5, there may be one model that won’t be confused with its predecessor — a white and gold one. It’s been the subject of countless rumors in recent months, and this photo, posted to Chinese social networking site Weibo, could prove it’s […]

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fsckI saw this tip over at OS X Daily today, and it reminded me of all the times I did this as a Mac IT guy a couple of jobs back. See, every so often, the Macs where I worked would start to act weird. Nothing truly game-stopping, but little things, stuff that was easily […]

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Google-Messenger-HangoutsAfter Google announced Hangouts at Google I/O back in June, we suspected that Google+ Messenger’s days were numbered — and we were right. In a new Google+ update rolling out now on Android, Google is killing Google+ Messenger for good, while the iOS version will get the chop at a later date. “Now that Hangouts […]

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LG-Optimus-F3-9It had to happen eventually, but now that it has, it feels weird: smartphones are now officially outselling dumb feature phones internationally for the first time ever. And what made it happen? Cheap Android phones. Gartner has just put out its latest smartphone market report, and in Q2 2013, smartphone sales worldwide were up 46.5% […]

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