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I crossed the 3-million Google+ circles line this morning. It’s weird and thrilling to have so many “followers,†and to be sandwiched in circle counts between Paris Hilton, who has a couple hundred thousand more circles than I do, and… Read more ›     

There’s very few things worse than running out of power on your smartphone and tablet when you’re on the go. With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can charge your iPhone or iPad anywhere, anytime. The Keychain Power Bank… Read more ›     

Voice turn by turn navigation and directions are incredibly convenient and easily one of the best features of Apple Maps, but rather than fumbling around with your iPhone while driving, you can rely entirely on Siri. This makes turn-by-turn almost entirely hands free; you give Siri a voice command to start the directions, and then … Read More

Use Text Edit As A Quick Outlining Tool [OS X Tips]

I use TextEdit all the time to jot down notes, phone numbers, and any time I need to just get some info down super quick. I forget, sometimes, that it’s a fairly robust text editor (hence the name, I suppose),… Read more ›     

Finger prick testing could soon be a thing of the past for people with diabetes, thanks to new smart contact lenses being developed by Google that measure glucose levels in your tears. The lenses have tiny chips and LEDs embedded… Read more ›     

For the musician on the go, in the studio, or on the stage, this Cult of Mac Deals offer is designed to meet all your mobile sound needs. iLoud is the first portable Bluetooth speaker designed with musicians and audiophiles… Read more ›     

BlackBerry and Windows Phone might be having a hard time trying to break up the monopoly on mobile software held by Android and iOS, but that hasn’t stopped the Chinese government from having a go with a platform of its… Read more ›     

1981′s Qix is one of those games that just won’t die. It’s come out in its original form no fewer than four times, most recently in the Nintendo 3DS handheld’s retro-game marketplace Virtual Console in 2011 (in Japan, anyway). I’ve… Read more ›     

Feeling Stressed? All Glory To The ‘Relaxatron’

Relaxatron — Entertainment — Free People keep telling me I’m too highly strung, which is probably why I keep finding relaxation apps to write up. It might also be why I just yelled at my TV for 15 minutes for… Read more ›     

You can hit Command-F to find anything on your Mac, or you can hit Command-Space to invoke Spotlight, which took over for Sherlock as the built-in searching system many moons ago. In Windows 8, you can use the Search “charm.”… Read more ›