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Shops! — Utilities — Free ($ 1.99 for full unlock) I have reason to believe that some of the people reading this have some shopping to do. And if you’re looking for a way to organize what you need to buy,… Read more ›     

Google Brings Chrome Apps To The Mac

Today Google brought its Chrome apps to any Mac with the Chrome web browser. These apps are not the same as Chrome OS, and essentially act as web apps that can be launched from a launcher in the Mac’s dock.… Read more ›     

Assassin’s Creed IV launched on consoles this fall and offered all the ship-on-ship action gamers required. Developer Ubisoft, not one to let a good idea go un-reused, has now released Assassin’s Creed Pirates, a sidestory about one man’s rise from… Read more ›     

Get Walking Directions in Maps for iPhone

Maps icon Many urbanites and city dwellers get about by walking, the oldest form of transportation in existence. If you’re one of us who often gets about a concrete jungle by propelling your legs in a forwardly direction, you’ll be pleased to know that the popular mapping applications in iOS have you covered. Both the default Maps app from Apple and Google Maps offer walking directions, though using each is slightly different.

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Throughout 2013 Apple has turned Apple TV into more than just a hobby by beefing up its lineup of channel offerings, but it looks like the company isn’t quite done yet with its new additions for the year. Apple added… Read more ›     

How to find the best wi-fi channels to use

Just about every semi-technical person has setup a wireless router at home or in the office, and in that process has wondered which broadcast channel would be the best to use. Sure, some wi-fi routers make it simple and will recommend a channel on their own, but often it’s left up to the user to decide. Let’s face it, most people have absolutely no  [Read More…]

The Elder Scrolls Online, from Bethesda Software, is coming April 4, 2014, and not to the hot new consoles, oh no. The hotly-anticipated online sequel to one of the hottest role-playing games of the past few years is coming to… Read more ›     

Every time I think I’ve found my favorite pair of gaming headphones, Steelseries sends me another one to try out. H Wireless Gaming Headset by Steelseries Category: Headphones Works With: Mac, iOS, Android, PC, Gaming Consoles Price: $ 299 This time,… Read more ›     

For a recent Sotheby’s auction to benefit Bono’s Product (RED) charity, Apple’s Jony Ive and Marc Newson designed a handful of unique products, including a red Mac Pro that sold for 977K and rose gold Earpods that sold for 461k. The winners of… Read more ›     

Developer Crytek, known for top-shelf console and PC games like Far Cry and Crysis, is coming to the mobile space with its first free-to-play game for Android and iOS, The Collectables. The game is published by mobile powerhouse DeNA, using… Read more ›