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Scan every book you own, super fast.

Scan every book you own, super fast.

The Bookcase is a three-dollar pocket database for your book collection, one that takes its role very seriously and might be best suited to people with a professional requirement to manage a large library.

Any digital tool designed to track physical objects needs an easy way of entering object data, and The Bookcase makes use of your iOS  [Read More...]



Apogee is the first name that pops into my head when I think “mobile, Mac-powered music-making studio.” Today, the company has revamped three of their user-friendly recording devices — the One, the Quartet and the Duet, upgrading their capabilities and making them all iPad-compatible.

The battery-powered One microphone has three input options — a built-in condenser mic, and XLR input and a 1/4-inch jack — and now has the ability to record simultaneously from  [Read More...]


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was created (OK, so it wasn’t that far away, but Wisconsin, apparently home at the time of developer Raven Software, is an alien world). But now this classic first-person shooter available at the Mac App Store — so you can experience how much fun your PC friends were having a decade ago.

Yes, it’s an old game  [Read More...]

Invert the screen colors in Mac OS X

Many Mac users noticed that the old Invert Display keyboard shortcut disappeared from OS X Mountain Lion (and beyond), only to be replaced with a different Command+Option+F5 keyboard shortcut that summons Accessibility Options, from which you now have to manually invert the screen by checking a box on or off. If you want to get the good old fashioned Control+Command+Option+8 inversion keystroke back on  [Read More...]


Following Verizon and Apple’s quarterly earnings reports, AT&T has just released their numbers for the last quarter, and the iPhone 5 made it another banner period for Ma Bell: they activated 8.6 million iPhones last quarter, with 16% going to new AT&T customers.

Here’s the breakdown of AT&T’s numbers this quarter:

• $ (0.68) diluted EPS in the fourth quarter compared to $ (1.12) diluted EPS in the year-ago period. Excluding  [Read More...]

The first video clip of Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs movie just hit the Internet this morning. We were actually impressed with Kutcher in the preview, which isn’t saying much, but still.

This movie could be slightly better than we are expecting it to be, except according to Steve Wozniak himself, that scene in the preview never actually happened.

Over at Gizmodo, Woz jumped into the comments section of an article and stated that the scene is all wrong:

Not  [Read More...]

Apple Siri event

Siri has enjoyed mild success since her debut on the iPhone 4S. She’s not the world’s greatest personal assistant, but she gets the job done most of the time, which is better than a lot of other voice recognition options out there.

Now Amazon is preparing to do battle with Siri thanks to a new digital assistant they just bought. Her name’s IVONA, and we’re pretty sure it’s not the  [Read More...]


Before his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was the biggest shareholder of Disney stock thanks to the fact that Disney acquired his company, Pixar, in 2006. But before Disney and Pixar merged together, things weren’t always so rosy between Steve and Disney.

Steve Jobs and Disney CEO Bob Iger eventually had a great relationship, but in the early days, Steve Jobs wasn’t afraid to release an atomic bomb of cruelty on Disney. He would  [Read More...]


Even though Apple has tried to slowly ween itself from being dependent on Google for Maps, YouTube, Search and other fun stuff, Google has managed to become one of the top developers for iOS.

In 2012, five of the six most used apps in the U.S. were made by Google and Facebook just barely beat out Google Maps for the number one spot.

According to a new report from comScore, Facebook, Google  [Read More...]

Fetch Email Settings

Sometimes, it takes a bit for an email to come through on your iPhone via the Mail app. That might be due to the way that your iPhone checks mail servers. Here’s a quick way to find out what type of email access your iPhone is doing, and then what kind of fix might be in order.

First up, find out whether your email provider uses the Push method  [Read More...]