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Lion gets another beta release.

Apple has seeded a new OS X Lion build to registered developers this morning, less than two weeks after the previous build was seeded through the Apple Dev Center. This one comes with build number 11G45.

The last seed came with build number 11G36, which suggests the new one includes a number of tweaks and changes that quash issues ahead of the software’s public launch.

Apple states  [Read More...]

Almost all of your friends probably own smartphones by now. If they don’t own an iPhone they probably have an Android phone, which is fine because it seems like everyone nowdays could use a personal computer in their pocket.

Smartphone adaption rates have been ridiculously high in the US and other companies over the past five-years. Flurry, a mobile application analytics company, decided they wanted to know just how fast iOS and  [Read More...]

Every morning, I scrape myself off of the bottom of my hangover’s hobnailed boot and try to make it down to the gym. About two-out-of-five times, I’ll oogily succeed and manage to douse myself in the pool until I’ve either done fifty laps or turned the water fifty proof, whichever comes first.

If only there was a way to be better motivated, I’ll often think to myself. Which is why I’m intrigued  [Read More...]

Apple just won their trial against Samsung on Friday, but they aren’t wasting any time listing the Samsung products that they will seek to have banned in the US. It looks like Apple is only going after eight phones, including the popular Galaxy S II.

Here are all the phones currently on the list:

Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S2 (AT&T) Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Galaxy S  [Read More...]

Ten Best Strategy Games For The Mac [Feature]

When people think computer gaming, they may not think Macintosh right away. However, there are a host of games both new and old, expensive and cheap, indie and triple-A for the Macintosh platform. The following list, then, is of the best strategy games the Mac platform has to offer; all of these received an over 80 score on Metacritic, a gaming review aggregation site. Most of them are playable on modern Macs,  [Read More...]

Popular cloud storage service Dropbox has introduced two-step verification in order to provide greater security for its users. After the ‘epic’ hacking of Wired’s Mat Honan digital life, online security has become a hot topic once again in the tech community.

Like Google, Dropbox now allows all of its users to login with a password and additional code sent via text. An authenticator app can also be used on the web or mobile  [Read More...]

There’s a new icon on the Apple TV tonight, and it’s kind of a sweet surprise. The 2012 iTunes Festival will be in London, with apps available on iPhones, iPads and Macs for free streaming of the event.

Looks like Apple decided to get an app onto the Apple TV as well, ahead of the September 1st launch date.

Twitter user @Erin_Allen noticed the new update, saying “What’s this new icon on  [Read More...]

You’ve read plenty of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 on Cult of Mac by now, but what about the big picture?

Our friends at have put together a handy infographic detailing all of the marquee iPhone 5 rumors and the likelihood of each one actually making its way into the phone next month. Some big tech and Apple blogs were consulted for the making of this graphic, including Cult of Mac. Here’s  [Read More...]

Fan favorite (and BAFTA award-winning) point and click adventure game series Broken Sword is getting a sequel, called The Serpent’s Curse, and it’s being funded in part via Kickstarter. It’s a new adventure for Mac (and PC) starring series regulars George and Nico being developed by series creator, Charles Cecil, and his company Revolution Software.

The Broken Sword series has garnered many awards, including four BAFTAs, the Pocket Gamer Gold Award, and  [Read More...]

Get your Mac games right here.

Mac gaming portal, GameAgent, today announced a new version of its web portal. The new update will launch in September of this year and include information on over 150 Mac games, as well as some new game discovery features.

GameAgent will also launch a new tool, called Mac Match, which will compare your Mac’s system profile to available Mac games, allowing you to know what will  [Read More...]