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According to a tweet sent out by Reuters, Apple says it was attacked by a group of hackers who infected a small number of its Mac computers.

Apple says it was attacked by the same group that hit Facebook and other companies, but there is no evidence that any data left Apple. The company is working with law enforcement to identify the hackers.

Details on the story are still developing. Information will  [Read More...]

Everpix is my new favorite photo app. Or rather, photo service. Grab the apps for your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC and Everpix will upload all your photos (except screenshots) to its servers and then perform some special magic upon them. For instance, the Highlights view will only show you the very best of your pictures. It’s pretty neat.

These days, we ejaculate photographs by the gazillion into our various photo streams, diluting  [Read More...]

Question: What’s the only (non-gimmicky) photographic filter that can’t be duplicated in software? That’s right, you smart genius you! It’s the polarizer. A polarizer will do two things for your photography: it’ll increase the saturation of the colors in your pictures, and it’ll cut out unwanted reflections from glass and water. And Photojojo will now sell you one that’ll clip right onto your iPhone.

The $ 20 polarizer is simple. It will  [Read More...]


Apple could launch its $ 330 “iPhone mini” as early as this summer to boost the company’s smartphone sales in China, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. It’s expected the low-cost device could provide Apple with an additional 20% of the smartphone market, adding to the 10% it has already claimed with the iPhone 5. And with smartphone prices now beginning to stabilize in China, now would be an ideal time  [Read More...]


Apple has stopped selling the Mac Pro through its European online stores ahead of the machine’s discontinuation throughout the EU on March 1. Although the high-end desktop still appears on Apple’s website, it’s listed as “currently unavailable,” and customers are unable to order it. Some models are still available in the refurbished section, however.Apple will stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe on March 1, when new legislation is introduced that the  [Read More...]

Oooh, pretty.

Oooh, pretty.

The default black type on white screen window that comes as default in OS X Terminal is functional, but it’s really not that fun to use. Adding in color and some contrast is a good way to keep your aesthetic sense engaged, as well as make Terminal a bit more useful. In fact, there are many other themes built right in that do just that, and several you can  [Read More...]


Sprint has been racing to catch up with Verizon and AT&T with LTE coverage over the past couple of months, and while they don’t have nearly as much coverage as the two cellular giants, they’re starting to get LTE into some of the most important U.S. metropolitan markets now.

This morning Sprint activated their LTE coverage for San Francisco, however it’s not in full bloom just yet.

According to a Sprint  [Read More...]

If you made a Venn Diagram with circles for the name and the description of the Aluminum Sliding Bumper Case for iPad Mini, then it would consist of just one circle.

And there’s not really much more to add.

The case is a two-part, rubber-lined bumper which slides onto the littlest iPad. Ir protects the edges from bumps, as bumpers are designed to do, but it also adds a grip all around the  [Read More...]

Sure, it's boring, but way better than not knowing what you have when you need to.

Sure, it’s boring, but way better than not knowing what you have when you need to.

Yep, you heard it right. Home Inventory is the boringly-named Mac app that will let you create and manage an inventory of the items in your home, using your iOS device as a photo input device. Sounds cool, right? Well, ok,  [Read More...]


Everything has a downside. As Macs grab more market share, we’re beginning to see developers take the Mac more seriously (witness AutoCAD returning to the Mac after an 18-year absence, and the resurgence of Mac gaming). Unfortunately, Macs are also beginning to find themselves more often in the crosshairs of hackers and virus developers.

So it’s no surprise that there’s a flurry of activity on the antivirus front. In fact, one of  [Read More...]