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Jony’s Way Or The Highway: Key Software Exec Greg Christie Leaving Apple

A key software executive within Apple is reportedly leaving the company due to a fallout with design chief Jony Ive. Greg Christie has been getting a lot of attention lately in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial for his role… Read more ›

Soothing Sounds Accompany Action-Packed Gameplay In I’m Aquarius [Video Review]

With busy schedules it can be easy to be consumed by the stress of our everyday lives. Sometimes sitting down and playing a good game can be a great way to escape from it all. The new app I’m Aquarius… Read more ›

Make Siri Search the Web with Google or Yahoo Rather Than Bing in iOS

Did you know that Siri defaults to searching the web with Bing, rather than Google? Yes, the results that Siri returns when the assistant says “Here’s what I found on the web” are brought to you by Bing, but they used to be brought to you by Google. That change arrived quietly in iOS 7, … Read More

Dropbox Announces Mailbox For Mac To Fix Your Inbox Woes

At an event today in San Francisco, Dropbox made several announcements about Mailbox, the popular email app for iOS that it bought a little over a year ago. Things have been busy around Dropbox since then, because Mailbox is coming… Read more ›

Dropbox’s New Carousel App Wants To Be A Better Photo Stream

Alongside Mailbox for Mac and Android, Dropbox announced an entirely new app today at an event in San Francisco. It’s called Carousel, and it’s coming to the App Store and Google Play later today. Think of it like a Photo… Read more ›

iPhone 6 Will Come In 2 Sizes, But Only 1 Will Be Available Before The Holidays [Rumor]

As ever, take this with a grain of salt, but a new rumor from Taiwan’s Industrial & Commercial Times claims the iPhone 6 will come in two flavors: a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. But one of those devices… Read more ›

‘Doorstep Swipe’ Gives You Some Idea Of Where You’d Like To Live

House-hunting can be stressful and annoying, especially if you’ve never done it before. But Doorstep Swipe wants to help you out there by letting you quickly look through a bunch of listings in your desired location and then reject or… Read more ›

In New Game of Thrones App, You Wait or You Pay

For each noble house in the Seven Kingdoms, the choices that leaders make often lead to tragedy and ruin. In Game of Thrones: Ascent, you play as an up-and-coming noble who, through endless decision-making and item crafting, can move a… Read more ›

Exploring Elder Scrolls Online: Be A People Person

Editor’s Note: Due to the sheer size of Elder Scrolls Online, we’re publishing our hands-on impressions in three chunks. Part one is here. What follows is part two. Queen Ayrenn is a modern monarch. She’s definitely trying to do the… Read more ›

Samsung Stole Apple’s Ideas At Crucial Time, Expert Says

How do you convince a jury you’re owed $ 2 billion in damages? If you’re Apple you hire an MIT-trained economist to do it for you. While the patent war between Apple and Samsung continues to rage, Apple on Tuesday called… Read more ›