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The RoomEvan loved it, which made us want to try it. And try The Room we did, finding it to be a gorgeous, brain-engaging, Myst-like exploration of the puzzle genre, with some amazing 3D mind-benders to solve. Here’s our video showing us solving the third chapter; we’ve condensed it a bit so that you’ll still have […]

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iOS 7 is set for public release on the 18th, making now a good time to start preparing for the major iOS update on any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But before jumping ahead with the 7.0 upgrade, you should check on compatibility and do some simple cleanup and backups with your iOS devices… so here are seven steps to prepare for iOS 7 the right way.

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earshotsredEarshots byKubxlab Category: Speakers Works With:Anything Price: $50 It’s hard to exaggerate the effect that stereo has on sound. Sure, it gives you different sounds from the left and right speakers, positioning the musical instruments or the on-screen action in 3-D space, but it also opens up the sound and makes it seem a lot […]

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The Apple parody video fad has been a bit played out the past couple years, but Microsoft thinks its got the comedic chops to take on the iPhone 5c and convince you to switch over to its struggling line of Windows Phones. The company’s WindowsPhone channel on YouTube just released a parody video depicting two stumped […]

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Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 6.58.50 AMHey kids! Overslept your alarm like we did? Well, don’t despair: the iPhone 5C is still available for pre-order, and still will deliver by next Friday, September 20th. Available now on Apple’s official site, the iPhone 5C is still available for September 20th delivery in white, red, yellow, blue and green, in both 16GB and […]

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CoM - gripgo_mainframe_630x473I remember when my mother used to drive around with a relatively new invention back in my childhood: a notepad that was use a suction cup mechanism to stick to the windshield of the car. She was a realtor, so she liked to have something easily accessible so she could make notes without having to […]

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juicies+gold-iphone5sOkay, we’ve had a bit of fun with the gold iPhone 5S, but in reality, it’s a pretty fantastic looking device… and hey, it can resist knife attacks, too. So there’s a lot to recommend the gold iPhone 5s. If you’re considering buying a gold iPhone 5s, you might also considering throwing a few bucks […]

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Welcome To Cult of Mac Newsstand Magazine

Cult of Mac Magazine, the Hello World IssueBehind the scenes, it’s been a long time coming, but welcome to the first issue of Cult of Mac Magazine! Cult of Mac Magazine is a weekly newsmagazine devoted to the world of Apple. Every Saturday, we’ll bring you the best of what the Cult of Mac blog does on the Web, in an iPad-friendly […]

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4Get ready for a whole new way for Facebook to make navigating through your feed on your iPhone hell! Facebook is preparing to launch auto-playing videos in your News Feed… and, yup, they’ll eventually be available to advertisers. The approach Facebook wants to take here is very Vine or Instagram-like. Essentially, videos will autoplay as […]

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cal5Readdle’s new iOS calendaring app, Calendars 5, launched yesterday, and after a day of use I can confidently state that I can find nothing wrong with it. In fact, I like it a whole lot. Why? Because it combines your calendars and reminders in one iOS7-style app, and folds in Fantastical-style natural-language entry. It’s pretty […]

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