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3DS Max Tutorial: Animation And Modeling Has Never Been So Easy [Deals]

Animation and modeling are very tough to learn on your own, so this Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to make the process that much easier. With The 3DS Max Tutorial, animation and modeling have neever been easier. Designed for… Read more ›     

Why Android Wear Will Rule the Smartwatch

The announcement of Android Wear, and smartwatches from LG and Motorola, was greeted by the public as: “Oh, look — a new kind of gadget!†But the wearable revolution in general and Google’s Android Wear initiative in particular, is barely… Read more ›     

iOS 7.1 May BeThe Most Stable Version Of iOS Yet

Do you have a lot of reliability issues with your iPhone or iPad? You might want to make haste to upgrade to iOS 7.1. According to a prominent app monitoring firm, iOS 7.1 is the least crash prone and most… Read more ›     

Patent Troll Blackberry Says Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard Is “Deliberate Copy”

Blackberry — which recently celebrated the notable achievement of a zero percent marketshare in the smartphone space — has turned into a patent troll now. In suing Ryan Seacrest’s Typo iPhone Keyboard case (which gives the iPhone a physical QWERTY… Read more ›     

Wendy’s Joins Burger King With New Mobile Payment iPhone App

It looks like paying for burgers using your iPhone is the next big trend in fast food. Following Burger King’s announcement last week that it would be releasing a dedicate mobile app, Wendy’s has followed suit, unveiling their own iPhone-based… Read more ›     

LG Tackles Phillips Hue With Its Own Smart Lighting System (At Half The Price)

We’re big fans of the Philips Hue line of smart lightbulbs controllable with a slick, full-featured iOS app, but there’s no doubt it’s a pricey proposition for most people, with a single Hue bulb costing as much as $ 60. If… Read more ›     

This Seismograph Looks Like An Earthquake, But It’s Actually iOS 7.1 Hitting The Net [Chart]

From a tectonic perspective, any time Apple releases a new version of iOS, it’s like an Earthquake hit the internet. But you might be surprised by how high on the Richter Scale an Apple iOS release is. This chart by… Read more ›     

AviiQ High-Quality Headphones: Experience Music The Way You Want To Hear It [Deals]

All those cheap, five dollar replacement headphones you’ve picked up after you lost or broke your last pair add up – and they don’t sound all that great, either. It’s time to stop wasting your money and save money through… Read more ›     

Incredible Jailbreak Tweak Aria Brings iOS 8′s Music Player To iOS 7 Today

Want to supercharge your stock music player? If you’re on a jailbroken iPhone, check out Aria. It’s a new Cydia tweak that adds a number of new improvements to the stock in iOS 7.1, including the ability to see… Read more ›     

How To Nest Folders Inside Other Folders In iOS 7.1 [Video]

Thanks to a glitch in iOS 7, it was possible to put folders inside of other folders. With iOS 7.1, Apple fixed the glitch, but lo and behold, they seem to have missed an even bigger glitch that makes it… Read more ›