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Why Apple Should Stop Making iOS Apps



When you open a new iPhone and boot it up for the first time, you’ll notice that Apple has already installed a bunch of apps for you.

It’s a great idea, because it lets you use apps right out of the box. Even the newest, most confused user can tap on an app icon and start trying various things.

Here’s the problem: Most users don’t replace the default apps with third-party  [Read More...]

Fun Game: The Grimm Version of Cinderella

Every week Mac Games and More ( features a fun, casual game to try out for free that you can play over the weekend. This week a very familiar tale verges off into dark and strange territories. Will it have a happy ending? It’s up to you. Download it now

Detective Quest – The Crystal Slipper, Collector’s Edition (adventure/hidden objects) – How’d you like to ride a griffon and a unicorn? This  [Read More...]

Ending Soon! The iOS App Design Course Bundle [Deals]

Picking up a new skill is a very popular new year’s resolution. And this Cult of Mac Deals offer will go a long way in helping you pick up a skill that can bring both pleasure and profit – designing iOS apps.

The iOS App Design Course bundle is just $ 79 for a limited time, and if you have beginner level knowledge of Photoshop and a desire to learn iOS app  [Read More...]

iTunes Sharing icon iTunes Home Sharing is a great way to share music libraries and playlists with others, but if you don’t want everyone to be able to sort through the shared library, you can easily require a password in order to access the shared playlists. This is perfect for situations where some content may be explicit and not appropriate for everyone to hear or see in your iTunes library, and it’s  [Read More...]

Holga iPhone Lens Kit For iPhone 5 (via

Holga iPhone Lens Kit For iPhone 5 (via

The entire camera world is in a state of flux at the moment; point-and-shoot cameras are being replaced by smarter phones with good-enough cameras, and accessory manufacturers know that us photo-crazy iPhone 5 owners are lacking the plethora of lenses, apps, and cases we once had available to us on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

  [Read More...]


This year is likely to be another big one for Apple — even if we don’t see that much-anticipated television set. One new product the Cupertino could have up its sleeve is an internet radio service called “iRadio.” It’s reportedly been negotiating the necessary deals with the music labels, and one analyst expects the service to be integrated into iTunes within the next 12 months, competing with the likes of Pandora.

BTIG  [Read More...]


Corning has today announced its third-generation Gorilla Glass, and as you’d expect, it’s significantly tougher than its predecessors. Gorilla Glass 3 boasts a new feature called Native Damage Resistance (NDR), which promises to provide three times the scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass 2. It’ll be on show at CES next week before making its way to the next generation of smartphones, tablets, and more.

If you’ve got a relatively recent smartphone, tablet,  [Read More...]

And so it begins… iHome has kicked off the CES Lightning accessory announcements with a typically indigestible press release containing roughly one zillion new gadgets.

If you want to hear about the Bluetooth headphones and alarm clocks, and all the other stuff, then visit the link below. For the neat new do-everything iDL100 alarm dock, read on.

The first thing I packed for this year’s CES was my 30-pin-to-Lightning-adapter, so I can hook up my  [Read More...]

As Samsung improves its cellphones by adding proper cameras, so it is tweaking its cameras to make them more like pocket computers. The new mirrorless flagship NX300 adds better Wi-Fi connectivity and a massive 3.3-inch, 768,000-dot 16:9 touchscreen.

The camera is also improved over the NX210. It has a 20MP APS-C sensor, hybrid AF (which adds the way-faster phase-detection autofocus found in SLRs to the existing slow-but-accurate contrast-detection AF), and a new processor capable of  [Read More...]

Forbes Magazine Comes To Newsstand On iPad


Forbes Magazine has today made its debut on Newsstand, and it promises to provide you with the “ultimate Forbes experience combining all the original magazine reporting on business, technology, and investing with the dynamic interactive content from” Users can buy single issues as and when they wish, or commit to a monthly or yearly subscription.

This isn’t the first time Forbes has been available digitally on iOS; users have been able  [Read More...]