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Last year, Apple launched it’s Labor and Human Rights page to give some transparency to the human rights controversy’s it’s been having with supply chain workers. Along with numerous explanations on what Apple is doing to make sure its supply chain workers are treated fairly, the company releases the percentage of supplier work-hour compliance every month.

For the first time since Apple started tracking its supplier work-hour compliance metric, they just hit 99% compliance  [Read More...]

Jackpod Mounts iPhone On Tripod Using Headphone Socket

Yeah yeah I know. Another damn iPhone tripod mount. And on Kickstarter no less. I hear you: “Come on Sorrel, you handsome beast you1. Can’t you pick something new to write about?”

Well, cynical but smart reader — this one’s different. I promise. And it’ll work with pretty much any camera-phone ever.

The Jackpod, which is coincidentally what Aussie superstar Hugh Jackman (height 6′ 2″, age 44) calls his pussy palace, is pretty  [Read More...]

Apple Asks Judge To Dismiss iPhone Monopoly Lawsuit


iApple has asked a federal judge to dismiss a consumer lawsuit that alleges the Cupertino company maintains a monopoly on iPhone apps because it does not allow them to be purchased elsewhere, Bloomberg reports. Attorneys who filed the suit back in 2011 also ague that Apple’s 30% cut of developer revenue is increasing the prices of iOS apps.

At a hearing in Oakland, California, on Tuesday, Apple attorney Dan Law argued that the company  [Read More...]

Pixel-Tastic Classic Nintendo Wallpapers For iPhone 5

Everyone’s favorite recalcitrant Scottish blogger, programmer and whisky drinker Matt “Legend” Gemmel has made available these fantastic iPhone 5 wallpapers, ready for your retro-tendo reminiscences.

Matt made the set of five tall-papers (what I somewhat annoyingly just decided to call the iPhone 5’s tall wallpapers) to commemorate his new-found love of Nintendo gaming on the Mac.

The pixel-perfect backdrops feature Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and Castlevania, with a bonus appearance from Mario’s poodle, Yoshi.

  [Read More...]


Sharp has this morning announced a Â¥10.4 billion ($ 112 million) investment from Samsung that will provide the latter with a 3% stake in the company. It makes Samsung the biggest individual shareholder in the Japanese display maker, and secures its access to Sharp’s LCD panel supplies.

The investment comes at a time when Sharp has been struggling. The company received a $ 4.4 billion bailout from the banks in October 2012,  [Read More...]

YouTube-iPad Google is preparing to take on companies like Spotify and Rdio with a new YouTube music streaming service, according to sources in the record industry, who have been speaking to Fortune. The service, which is expected to launch later this year, could be available for free, but there will be subscription options for those who don’t like to see advertisements.

When asked for comment on the service, YouTube said:

While we don’t  [Read More...]

Google Maps update

Google has released the first update to its official Maps app for the iPhone. Google Maps 1.1 includes integration with Google Contacts so you can quickly search for friends’ addresses by name. There’s also a local places search for finding business around you with keywords like “restaurants” and “bars.”

Full change log:

- Search your Google Contacts; sign in to have your saved addresses show up when you search for  [Read More...]


If there’s a video game character that deserves his own endless running game, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog; he’s been dashing through crazy worlds since the early ’90s, long before titles like Temple Run even entered development. And today Sega finally made it happen.

Sonic Dash is a brand new title “coming soon” to iOS.

The title will be developed by Hardlight Studio — the team behind Sonic Jump, an addictive Doodle Jump clone. But rather than being an endless  [Read More...]

Klingg Cord Clip Catches Chaotic Cables

Klingg! That’s the sound of a grown man still unable to sever the maternal ties forged early in his life by a smothering mother. Just kidding. It is in fact the sound of my artisanal iPhone ringtones, recorded from the prayer bells of real Tibetan monks. Kidding again! Klingg is actually an iPhone accessory designed by the fictional Star Trek race… [Enough! -Ed].

Klingg is — truly this time — an earbud holder  [Read More...]

Readr iPhone

Apple’s Reading List lets you save and sync links in iOS and OS X to read later on any iCloud-enabled device, but the feature is restricted to Safari. Due to the limited nature of Reading List and the fact that it hasn’t existed for that long, third-party services like Pocket and Instapaper are widely used for saving links to read later.

Apps like Tweetbot let you send links to Pocket or  [Read More...]