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iPhone 5S Apple is set to start production of the next iPhone soon, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The new iPhone is said to be “similar in size and shape to its current one”, which is consistent with rumors that have indicated the next iPhone release will be a “5S” model rather than a complete ground-up redesign.

Summer Release Possible

The report from the Wall Street Journal  [Read More...]


In case you hadn’t already heard, BlackBerry launched its new BlackBerry Z10 back in February, finally making its new BlackBerry 10 platform available to the public. The device has gotten off to a surprisingly good start for the Canadian company, with more than one million units sold during its first three months of availability.

If you’re wondering what BB10 is like, and more importantly whether it’s a worthy contender to Android or  [Read More...]


In China, the state-run press has been attacking Apple non-stop for the past couple of weeks over warranty policies that showed the company’s “unparalleled arrogance.” Apple Stores were fixing broken iPhone returns instead of replacing the devices entirely like they do in the United States. There was also an issue with Apple’s 90-day warranty on replaced parts not matching China’s mandatory one-year warranty policy.

Things got so heated that Apple CEO Tim Cook  [Read More...]


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) will reportedly land a deal for Apple’s future “A7″ processors when the Cupertino company’s current contract with Samsung expires in 2014.

Samsung has been responsible for Apple’s mobile chips since the introduction of the A4 back in 2010, but Apple has seemingly been looking to take its business elsewhere since the pair became embroiled in a series of lengthy legal battles.

The rumor comes from the Economic Daily News in Taiwan,  [Read More...]


We’ve been excited for iSteve, Funny or Die’s upcoming Steve Jobs movie, since it was announced on March 18, and with just under two weeks to go until its release, we’ve got its first teaser trailer. Check it out below.

The short clip doesn’t give away too much — it only shows Justin Long, who will play Steve Jobs, for a second or two — but it gives us a brief taste of  [Read More...]


Apple has been dealt yet another blow by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office after receiving confirmation that its famous “rubber banding” patent, which plays a key role in the company’s fight against Samsung, is invalid. The “final” decision comes after the USPTO tentatively rejected all claims in the ’381 patent back in October 2012.

While the initial ruling invalidated all 20 claims in patent ’381, three of them (14, 17, and 18) have  [Read More...]

Cyclemeter RFLKT JPG

Good news for those of you who were unfortunate enough to have dropped $ 130 on the Wahoo RFLKT (ROFL!) Bluetooth 4 iPhone HUD for your bike. One of the best iPhone cycling apps – Cyclemeter – has just been updated to support your fragile dongle. There’s bad new, too: You’ll have to drop another $ 3 on an in-app purchase to enable the new feature. Insult, meet injury.

The  [Read More...]

Apple’s Trademark On The iPad Mini… DENIED!


The iPad mini is one of Apple’s biggest successes to date, but that doesn’t matter to the US Patent and Trademark Office, which has turned down Apple’s request for a trademark on the iPad mini because it is “merely descriptive.”

According to the BBC, the USPTO turned down Apple because the iPad mini name did not create a unique meaning.

The ruling, which was handed down in July, said the “applied-for  [Read More...]

suicide - jump

Apple and Foxconn’s jumper problem might not be a thing of the past after all, as reports over the weekend broke that two workers have jumped from the roof of Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory on Friday in reaction to job cuts, lowered wages and the end of free amenities at the world’s largest gadget manufacturer.


What’s happening is a little bit confusing, and mostly comes from numerous microblog reports, but  [Read More...]

Speck Sues Counterfeit iPhone Case Maker For Millions


Speck is the Trojan of iPhone cases: you might not want to wear one, but they’re everywhere, and it’s better than going bareback. Speck’s colorful, buttony cases are pretty much ubiquitous, and one of the most easily recognizable iPhone case brands out there.

In fact, Speck is so recognizable that there are aapparently counterfeit Speck cases on the market… and Speck is so honked off about it that they are suing the  [Read More...]