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Will the Apple Watch make you thin and attractive? Yeah, if you believe the advertising. Model Christy Thurlington is the perfect hand model: she runs marathins for mother’s in Africa! Even the hand models in Apple’s Youtube guided tours are… Read more ›

How to turn your $399 Apple Watch gold

  Lusting after the gold Apple Watch Edition but don’t have the funds for Jony Ive’s $ 17,000 timepiece? You could take out a second mortgage on the house, or sell a kidney. Or you could do what artist Casey Neistat… Read more ›

Jony Ive and his BFF Marc Newson launched Apple into the luxury market this week with the Apple Watch that straddles the line between gadget and fashion accessory. Earlier this week, Apple’s dynamic designing duo sat down with Vogue’s Suzy… Read more ›

Sail through Apple Watch setup with these handy tips

You’ve got your Apple Watch, you lucky devil. Now it’s time to tweak it to make it as personal as possible with these Apple Watch setup tips. Although Apple walks you through many of the basic steps, there are plenty… Read more ›

Tweak your Apple Watch notifications

Notifications are why we all got an Apple Watch, right? We want to be able to know what’s going on in our digital lives all the time, but we want to do it faster, without having to pull out an… Read more ›

How to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Using Apple Pay on Apple Watch is ridiculously easy. Once you get everything set up, all you have to do is double-click the side button and then hold the Watch face up to a terminal. Apple’s also made it super-easy… Read more ›

Customize your Apple Watch settings

Getting your Apple Watch set up is fairly basic, but to truly make this your own personal device, you’ll need to dig into the Apple Watch settings. You can do all of these things on the Apple Watch itself, but… Read more ›

Organize apps on your Apple Watch Home Screen

Apps on the Apple Watch appear as a honeycomb on the Home Screen. It’s fun and easy to use, but it quickly fills up with a dizzying array of icons. Here’s how to tame it. The Home Screen is accessed… Read more ›

The first wave of Apple Watch are finally here just  in time for Friday’s big release. The Apple Watch App Store went live yesterday with over 3,000 apps that are sure to delight users, as developers try to create the… Read more ›

How to sync and play music with your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn’t come with much onboard storage, but you can still add your own playlists to the watch and listen to your favorite tunes with some Bluetooth headphones or AirPlay speaker. To get the songs you want you’ll… Read more ›