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Chevron’s testing new gas pumps that accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes buying items quicker than ever thanks to its tap-to-pay technology that is ridiculously easy to use. But if want to use Apple Pay to purchase gas, you still have to deal with going inside the store and… Read more ›

This post is brought to you by Hulltex, maker of the Hullo buckwheat pillow. I’ve been using a buckwheat pillow for a week now and there’s no turning back. My buckwheat pillow never needs to be turned over to keep… Read more ›

T-Mobile outdoes Verizon with new family deal

T-Mobile introduced a new family plan that’s directly targeting Verizon Wireless and isn’t shying away from it. The new plan, which offers 10GB of 4G LTE data to each family member plus unlimited talk and text starting at $ 100 per… Read more ›

Iran could be big new market for Apple products

The United States and Iran finally signed an official agreement today after 20 months of negotiations, and according to a new report, Apple is already looking to move in. Apple has been in touch with potential Iranian distributors, reports the… Read more ›

Apple seeded two new incremental updates for developers today, one for the current version of OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5, and another for iOS 8.4.1, the current version of iOS available for consumers on iPhone and iPad. “The OS X Yosemite… Read more ›

Fantastic Four meet their Doom in fiery new trailer

Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four is set to land in theaters next month, but fans who attended Comic-Con last week in San Diego got a special peek at the new Doctor Doom who’s threatening to end life as we… Read more ›

The iPhone cases that will make Jony Ive cringe

Look, you wouldn’t put a “Git-R-Done” bumper sticker on a Lamborghini. So why would up muck up the chic of an iPhone with a garish or absurd case like the ones on this list? Jony Ive understands self-expression and probably… Read more ›

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s attempts to reinvent television come with a few challenges attached. One of these is the fact that if the company wants to broadcast affiliate feeds, it must somehow wade through the complex rights issues that currently exist for… Read more ›

Apple’s impressive upcoming R&D center in Yokohama will allow Apple to tap into the materials, vehicles and health expertise that exists in Japan, according to a new report. The R&D facility — which will be Apple’s biggest in Asia — will join similar offices in the U.K., China and… Read more ›

Having gotten exclusives from Eminem, Pharrell and Drake, could Metallica be the next artists to debut their new material on Apple Music? In a new interview with the BBC World Service, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich described a potential team-up with… Read more ›