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You’re just 12 weeks away from a new career as a programmer with the Interactive Coding Bootcamp, now just $ 39 at Cult of Mac Deals. This comprehensive training program covers everything you need to know about back-end and front-end development.… Read more ›

6 smart ways to protect your precious Apple Watch

Some purists will recoil in horror at the idea of covering up their new Apple Watch in any way, but based on the broken Apple Watches we’re already seeing, perhaps a little protection isn’t such a bad idea. Whether you… Read more ›

Apple Watch’s hidden port can be used for charging

Apple Watch owners may have noticed there’s a tiny port hidden inside the groove of the bottom band connector. Before the watch’s release there was some speculations whether the port just be used for diagnostics, but the Reserve Strap have… Read more ›

You’ve seen the latest Star Wars trailer like 50 times, and you’re probably still wondering, “Who is that guy under the sick mask?!” Ok, well there are a couple awesome masked characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but the… Read more ›

Massive LEGO Star Wars ship destroyed in high-def slo-mo

16 hours to make, mere seconds to destroy this huge LEGO model of Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer from Return of the Jedi. If there’s anything more symptomatic of our consumer culture — aside from the iPhone and Apple Watch… Read more ›

How to restore an erased Apple Watch from backup

If you forget your passcode on Apple Watch, or you’ve entered an incorrect one too many times, you can use the Apple Watch app on the iPhone to enter the passcode one more time. If you still can’t quite remember… Read more ›

How to Disable Gatekeeper from Command Line in Mac OS X

Though most Mac users will want to keep Gatekeeper enabled for security purposes, some advanced users find that Gatekeeper is overly zealous in preventing third party apps from being used in OS X. While it’s easy to turn off Gatekeeper through the System Preferences on a Mac, another option is to disable Gatekeeper by using … Read More

How to add your own custom band to Apple Watch

Got an shiny new Apple watch but hate the band it came with? You could order a new one from Apple’s website and wait a few months for it to come it. Or if you bought the Apple Watch with… Read more ›

Although it’s poised to win the smart home war eventually, Apple’s HomeKit is still half-baked. Case in point: hardly any smart home accessories officially integrate with it yet, let alone Apple’s own products. Despite its parent company’s rivalry with Apple… Read more ›

Apple TV remote is getting a trackpad this summer

Apple has been gearing up to launch a redesigned Apple TV to go with its rumored streaming service, and a new report claims the new black box will also include a redesigned TV remote with a trackpad. According to the New York… Read more ›