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Steve Jobs opera will focus on his tenor at Apple

Steve Jobs’ life is about to get yet another retelling — this time in the form of an opera entitled “The Revolution of Steve Jobs,” coming to the Santa Fe Opera as part of the company’s 2017 season. Written by composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell, the production will supposedly “examine Jobs facing his […]

A lot of products promise to help you lose weight without requiring you to do any extra work. And here’s another one. Thin Ice is a line of smart clothing, and its creators say that it will melt fat by tricking your body into thinking it’s colder than it is. And that’s it; that’s how […]

Apple may launch five additional Beats radio stations

Apple’s creation of the Beats 1 radio station has been one of the best parts about the company’s new Apple Music streaming service, but it might not be Apple’s only station for much longer. As part of the deal Apple signed with major labels ahead of launch, Apple Music has the option to expand its […]

We hear all the time how technology makes our lives better. But many such advances leave the world’s 285 million visually impaired people in the dark. Not so with this invention: A South Korean startup has developed a smartwatch with a face that has four sets of six dots that represent braille characters. The dots […]

MadeWorn made a name for itself putting insanely detailed engravings on expensive Rolexes for celebrities willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the custom timepieces. Now the Los Angeles-based company has put founder and artist Blaine Halvorson’s touch on the Apple Watch — and it looks absolutely crazy. The intricate, hand-carved engravings on the […]

Are you tired of your Instagram feed being low on sponsored posts from companies trying to sell you things? If so, here comes the best news you’ve ever heard. The company has opened up its advertising code to make it easier than ever for partners to get ads all up in the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app. […]

Good Samaritan returns lost iPhone for military widow

A Marine widow has had her stolen iPhone returned to her after revealing that it contained the text message and photos from her late husband, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Nepal. “This is probably the happiest I’ve been in the last three months,” said Haley Johnson after she recovered the handset. Johnson’s […]

Apple Music has its share of big-name supporters from the world of music, but Oasis’ Noel Gallagher isn’t one of them. The outspoken musician — who has taken issue with just about every topic under the sun at some time or other — criticized Apple Music for its Beats 1 radio station and its “Connect” […]

How to listen to Beats 1 shows you’ve missed

Apple Music now offers replays of several Beats 1 shows through a feature called Beats 1 Replays. These full replays aren’t particularly easy to find, but here’s how you can locate them and catch up with shows you’ve missed in their entirety. Up until now, Beats 1 listeners could either listen to a show live or […]

A new video mockup shows how Force Touch might work on the iPhone 6s, the less-expensive Apple smartphone expected to hit shelves next month. Given that we’ve already seen how Force Touch is implemented on the Apple Watch and MacBook, this neat conceptual video shows some of the many ways we may use the technology […]