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The new MacBook is the biggest revolution the MacBook line has seen in a decade, yet it’s not with out its haters. A mobile processor. One USB-C port. A 480p front camera. And a $ 1299 price tag. “Just who the… Read more ›

The shiny new watch on Tim Cook’s wrist wasn’t the item that tipped Apple’s hand as it bets on the future of computing. The really big development was what wasn’t in the room: multiple ports on the new ultrathin MacBook.… Read more ›

Google today announced its new Chromebook Pixel, which is just as pretty as its predecessor, only more powerful and less expensive. It’s powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, and just like Apple’s new MacBook, it… Read more ›

A Chinese workers’ rights group released a new report today that sheds light on the deplorable working conditions in factories that assemble the iPhone 6. According to China Labor Watch, on February 3, 2015, Pegatron assembly line worker Tian Fulei… Read more ›

Tim Cook eased some of our worries about Apple Watch’s battery on Monday by revealing you’ll get at least 18 hours of use from it. But if you’d like a wearable that looks just as good, and comes without the… Read more ›

Cult of Mac Deals is pleased to offer The Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle, a unique collection of 8 elite software titles that have never before been offered together as a bundle. But, if you want it, you had better hurry. This… Read more ›

The Green Button in OS X window bars used to maximize windows to fit the Mac screen, but since OS X Yosemite the Green Button now sends windows or apps into full screen mode by default. This can be modified one-off by Option+Clicking the maximize button, but a better solution for some users is to … Read More

Apple is diving into the luxury market for the first time ever with the exorbitantly expensive gold Apple Watch Edition. The pricey new timepiece has been met with criticism from Apple fans and haters a like, but according to Condé… Read more ›

Apple is suffering one of its worst iTunes outages ever today as users across the globe have been unable to access the App Store, iBooks, iCloud and iTunes for more than eight hours this morning. In an official statement released… Read more ›

Next iPhone to Have Force Touch Technology

Apple will introduce Force Touch technology on the next models of iPhone, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Force Touch is able to determine soft touches from hard presses on the devices screen to be able to perform different functions. The technology was first introduced with Apple Watch, and now resides … Read More