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Blackberry Messenger May Be Coming to iOS

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According to “multiple trusted sources,” Research in Motion is poised to bring its extremely popular Blackberry Messenger (lovingly shortened to BBM) to both the iOS and Android platforms. Boy Genius Report reports that it could come to Android within the year, and iOS would follow after due to Apple’s more restrictive app-approval process.

The report also mentions that the software might actually come to both of these  [Read More…]

Big Retail Push Planned for iPad 2 Next Week

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The biggest names in retail will be in lockstep with Apple next Friday as the iPad 2 becomes available nationwide (March 11th). From the looks of ads that have turned up just 24-hours after Steve Jobs debuted the second generation Apple tablet at his company’s media event yesterday in San Francisco, retail heavyweights like Best Buy and Walmart are believed to be planning to carry the iPad  [Read More…]

Apple iPad 2 smart cover in action (video)

With the new iPad 2, Apple announced new covers for iPad 2 which you’ll absolutely like. The iPad 2 smart cover is made for iPad 2 such that it attaches magnetically and aligns perfectly to protect the iPad display. Once you close it, the iPad goes to sleep. Open it and your iPad goes awake at that moment.

iPad 2 smart cover will be available with the iPad 2 pre-orders. It comes in  [Read More…]

iPad 2 VS Old iPad

If you intend to buy a new iPad, you will need to see a comparison between old iPad and the newly iPad 2. Although the screen resolution didn’t improved and we didn’t get the ultra-speedy Thunderbolt connector on board, but we got more new amazing features, lets check out Engaget table which shows the difference between old iPad and iPad 2.

In case you missed the Apple Media Event, you can check out the below  [Read More…]

End Of The Line for iPhone 3G : No iOS 4.3 Support

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Taking a close look at the details released about iOS 4.3, it is understood that the iPhone 3G will no longer receive further iOS updates. Apple’s website Apple – iOS 4.3 Software Update, lists the compatible devices as the 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G and 4G. This means no support for the verizon phone either.

With all the complaints about iOS 4.x on the 3G, it  [Read More…]

Watch Apple’s iPad 2 Media Event : Streaming Online

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So you missed all the big announcements at the Media Event? Don’t fret, Apple has just posted the streaming video of the event online for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t heard, Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the event and as usual hosted the keynote.

Things discussed at the Keynote:

Apple Releases iTunes 10.2 Apple Announces iPad 2: A5 Dual Core, 2 Cameras, Thinner Apple  [Read More…]

iPad 2 Supports HDMI via Adapter, Also Works with iPhone 4

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Apple currently only has one product that includes an HDMI port and that is the Mac mini. With today?s announcement of the iPad 2, however, Apple is finally bringing HDMI to iOS by way of an adapter. This is great news for anyone who?s ever wanted to watch a movie or do a presentation on a larger screen.

Using Apple?s Digital AV Adapter with an iPad 2,  [Read More…]

iPad 2 vs. The Competition

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Yesterday’s iPad 2 announcement threw down the gauntlet to the host of tablet challengers, many of which haven’t even gotten their product to market yet. How does Apple’s second tablet compare to the first generation of its rivals? We pulled the specs for the new iPad and its closest competitors: the large-format Android tablets – Motorola’s Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the LG Optimus Pad  [Read More…]

Jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 possible with SHAtter exploit?

Few hours ago, after the announcement of iPad 2 and its specs, iPhone hacker p0sixninja of Chronic Dev Team posted on his Twitter that they’ll focus on the jailbreak of the new iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 once they get it.

We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that at least SHAtter is still in iPad2

For those who don’t know, SHAtter is an exploit found in October 2010. The team wanted to release it to  [Read More…]

iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom vs. HP TouchPad vs. BlackBerry PlayBook Comparison