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The first trailer for the upcoming documentary from Sir Alex Gibney, Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine, debuted online today after the film was first screened at the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year. Gibney caused controversy with… Read more ›

Apple Music makes no impact whatsoever on Pandora

You couldn’t blame the folks behind non-Apple streaming music services being worried when Apple Music was announced — but according to Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews, there was nothing to worry about. Pandora’s Q2 revenue came in better than expected at $ 285.6 million, largely… Read more ›

For many of us, when our Wi-Fi connection drops out it’s time to freak out. Whether you work from home or in a sprawling office, common things like fluorescent bulbs, microwaves, even an inconveniently placed wall can disrupt an internet connection… Read more ›

Google brings 360-degree storytelling to iOS

Looking for an innovative, immersive app experience to entertain your buddies with this weekend? Then you may be interested in 360-degree animated film app Spotlight Stories, which just landed on iOS after a couple of years as an Android exclusive. Using… Read more ›

Tony Fadell: I volunteered to save Google Glass

When Tony Fadell was put in charge of Google Glass earlier this year, we wrote that the father of the iPod had been “tasked with saving Google Glass from extinction.” According to a new interview with the Nest co-founder, that’s… Read more ›

Cult of Mac’s Photo Famous series introduces you to the groundbreaking photographers featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6″ ad campaign.  Michael Mainenti is in the developmental stages of a photography career, a point when he should be looking at… Read more ›

In my mind, the original iPod basically came out yesterday. Which is why it’s more than a little surreal — yet strangely amusing — watching kids who weren’t even born in 2001 react to it like they’re archeologists uncovering the relics of a… Read more ›

Apple’s plans for HomeKit to become the de facto platform for the connected home is taking longer than expected to happen because of the company’s obsession with security, according to a recent report. At the moment, only five HomeKit-compatible accessories… Read more ›

Apple could opt to include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor in its new Apple TV remote, according to a patent application published today. Unlike the iPhone and iPad, however, this sensor wouldn’t be used for unlocking your device, but rather… Read more ›

The overwhelming majority of mobile podcast listening is done on an iPhone, most of it on Apple’s own Podcasts app, which is why it’s no wonder Apple would be interested in figuring out a way to monetize the service if… Read more ›