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Apple is known for placing its fair share of Easter Eggs into iOS and OS X, but this is the collest one we’ve seen in a while. You know the new Voice Memos icon Apple introduced in iOS 7 Beta… Read more ›

Apple Watch is more waterproof than you might think

Apple describes the Apple Watch as “splash and water resistant but not waterproof.” However, where is the line between the two crossed? Further than you might think, according to research from some early Apple Watch owners who were eager to… Read more ›

If you regret the band you chose for your Apple Watch when you ordered it online, don’t sweat it: Apple will allow you to return it within 14 days for another band. But there’s a few caveats. According to a… Read more ›

The Apple Watch and everything it will do is not a new idea. Watches for years have been able to store data, give us directions, offer a means to communicate at a distance and, yes, show us our heartbeat.  It’s… Read more ›

Android flaw lets hackers steal our fingerprint data

A security research firm has uncovered a flaw in Android that allows hackers to steal copies of our fingerprints from the Galaxy S5, and possibly other devices. Samsung says it is already investigating the issue, which will be demonstrated at… Read more ›

Apple rejects iOS apps that support the Pebble watch

Apple has begun rejecting iOS apps that support Pebble, the immensely popular and more affordable alternative to Apple Watch. One developer received an email to say that their app, SeaNav US, was no longer welcome in the App Store because… Read more ›

The Force Touch technology seen in the Apple Watch and new MacBook is pretty great and all, but imagine being able to go further than the relatively simple haptic feedback Apple currently offers — by having your future Mac trackpad… Read more ›

iFixit teardown reveals what makes Apple Watch tick

The first wave of Apple Watch preorders have already been dropped off on customers doorsteps in Australia. We’ve already seen a ton of unboxing videos going through the Apple Watch packaging, but the folks at iFixit are wasting no time… Read more ›

Greg Pabst and his neurologist were trying to get a handle on his adult onset epilepsy when the doctor’s mention of the newly announced Apple Watch gave Pabst an ah-hah moment. The doctor was discussing tools for Pabst to chart… Read more ›