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$1.3 billion L.A. Schools’ iPad dream ends after FBI investigation

The Los Angeles school board has officially shelved the $ 1.3 billion contract that would have provided iPads to every student, teacher and campus administrator in the district. The deal first stalled back in July, after which it was reported that…Read more ›

Educator behind $1.3 billion iPad deal should go to ‘teacher jail,’ says union

Los Angeles teachers union president Alex Caputo-Pear has called for L.A. Schools chief John Deasy – the man who helped orchestrate the ill-fated $ 1.3 billion tech deal designed to give an iPad to every student – to report to “teacher jail” while the program…Read more ›

Sprint Reports $1.3 Billion Loss For Q4 2012, Despite Best Ever Quarter For iPhone


Sprint has today announced its fourth quarter and full year financial results for 2012, and they don’t make for pleasant reading. Despite healthy smartphone sales driven by the iPhone, the carrier reported a loss of $ 1.3 billion for during the three-month period, which is the same figure it lost during Q4 2011. It also saw more than 1 million Nextel subscribers jumping ship.

Sprint did see an increase in revenue  [Read More…]

iTunes Store and App Store Cost Estimated $1.3 Billion To Run

Who thought Apple’s cash mountain that is the iTunes and App Store would be a break even business? Honestly I never really took Apple’s claims that the iTunes and App Store didn’t generate much profit, but Asymco blogger Horace Dediu crunched some very convincing numbers using data published by Apple during last weeks WWDC. Apple has estimated their digital store downloads have reached 15 billion songs, 130 million books, and 14 billion apps. Dediu  [Read More…]