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iTunes 10.7 Available for Download to Prepare for iOS 6 & iPhone 5

iTunes 10.7

Apple released a minor update to iTunes today for both Mac OS X and Windows. Versioned as iTunes 10.7, the update is intended as a compatibility release for the upcoming iOS 6, and devices that will run iOS 6 such as the new iPhone 5 and iPod touches.

Download iTunes 10.7 directly from Apple

Unchecking the boxes and clicking the giant blue Download button is sufficient to get the update,  [Read More…]

How To Bring Back “Save As” In OS X 10.7 Lion (Almost)

Save As, we miss you I’m with Shawn Blanc. I miss “Save As” too.   I miss it so much, that since upgrading to Lion, I’ve stopped using TextEdit, and I switched to free rich text editor Bean instead – simply because it still supports the “Save As” command. So where did “Save As” go? In a lot of Apple’s own apps, it’s been replaced by “Duplicate”. It’s  [Read More…]

Run Mac OS X Lion 10.7 in a Virtual Machine on Top of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Install Lion in a VM over Snow Leopard If you don’t want to deal with dual booting between Lion and Snow Leopard, another option is to run Mac OS X Lion in a virtual machine atop an older 10.6 Snow Leopard installation. This is not supposed to work with 10.6 without a quirky configuration, but it does, and it’s easy to do. For the record, this also works in OS X  [Read More…]

Apple Updates Java for Mac OS X 10.6 &10.7

Apple has released an update for Java on Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 the updates are available now via Software Update on your Mac. Check out all the exciting details about these updates after the break. According to Apple: Mac OS X Lion Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Update 1 delivers improved compatibility, security, and reliability by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_29. Please quit any web browsers and  [Read More…]

TinkerTool for Mac OS X Lion is a Must Have for Customizing 10.7

TinkerTool for Mac OS X Lion If you are a fan of Mac tips and tricks and customizing OS X, you absolutely have to get TinkerTool for Lion. TinkerTool is broken into 12 main sections covering Finder, Dock, General, Desktop, Applications, Fonts, Font Smoothing, Login Items, Safari, iTunes, QuickTime X, and Resume (OS X Lion’s Restore feature), each section has a handful of options ranging from UI tweaks to behavioral changes.  [Read More…]

Fix Fan Noise & Overheating After Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with SMC Reset

Fix fan noise and overheating with Mac OS X Lion A fair amount of users are reporting that upgrading to Mac OS X Lion has caused their Macs to run hotter in general and their fans to constantly engage, creating excessive and unusual fan noise. For users who have just performed an upgrade from 10.6, this is usually because of Spotlight and the mdworker & mds process combination, which irons itself  [Read More…]

Change the Password in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Without Knowing the Current Password

Change password of current user in Mac OS X Lion There are a few ways to reset a password in Mac OS X 10.7 but both of those methods require reboots. This approach is different, it lets you change the password of the user currently logged into Mac OS X Lion, without knowing the user password, and without a reboot: Launch the Terminal, located in /Applications/Utilities/ Type ‘whoami’ at the command  [Read More…]

Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet & AirDrop On Unsupported Macs Running OS X 10.7

Enable AirDrop on Unsupported Macs Running OS X 10.7 AirDrop is the extremely easy local peer-to-peer file transfer tool that is built into Mac OS X 10.7, it allows you to easily send and receive files wirelessly over a network just by dragging and dropping. It’s a great addition to Lion, but it’s not supported on all Macs (some 2008 model MacBook, MacBook Pros, some Mac Pro’s and Mini’s, etc), and  [Read More…]

Disable the Internal Screen on a MacBook Pro or Air in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

MacBook Pro with internal display disabled Some MacBook Pro or Air users may want to disable their internal screen when the laptop is connected to an external display, this is generally achieved in two ways but since Mac OS X 10.7 the internal screen is more persistent and wants to stay on. To disable the internal screen for OS X Lion based laptops, launch the Terminal and  [Read More…]

Delete iTunes in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Delete iTunes from Mac OS X If you’ve been using the iTunes betas and want to downgrade back to a stable iTunes build, or you just want to remove iTunes for another reason, here are two ways to delete the app under Mac OS X 10.7: the easy way using the GUI, and a quick way for advanced users using the command line. Delete iTunes[Read More…]