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Magnets crush a $10k Apple Watch Edition

Some users were outraged about the $ 10,000 cost of the Apple Watch Edition when it was first announced. But are there really enough of said disgruntled users that they’ll line up to see Apple’s glittery timepiece be obliterated by powerful…Read more ›

Steve Jobs’ business cards sell for $10k

Three of Steve Jobs’ old business cards — each representing a different phase of his career — have sold at auction for a whopping $ 10,050. Spanning the years 1984 to 1990, the cards name Jobs as President of NeXT, Chairman…Read more ›

CollegeHumor explains the $10k Apple Watch’s ‘killer app’

As soon as Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch Edition starts at $ 10,000, you could practically hear the scratch of jokes being written. This one, by YouTube’s CollegeHumor channel, is among the best so far: describing the “groundbreaking” feature…Read more ›

You can win a lunch meeting with Apple’s Eddie Cue for only $10k

Ever want to sit down with the guy at Apple who has basically been tasked to fix every disaster of the last five years? If you got more than ten grand to spare and love basketball this may be your…Read more ›

Apple: Person to Download the 25 Billionth App Gets A $10k Gift Card

With the App Store being a hefty part of Apples revenue, they do everything that they possibly can to drive purchases, even if it means giving away a $10,000 App Store gift card. As Apple has done in the past with reaching a download milestone in the App Store, they are equipped to award the 25,000,000,000th application downloader with the major accolade. QuoteOriginally Posted byApple As of today, nearly 25 billion  [Read More…]