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New iPad Pro is slower than 12.9-inch model

The new iPad Pro packs Apple’s fastest chip ever, but it turns out the tablet is actually slower than the 12.9-inch version. Both iPad Pros use the A9x processor. However, when Phil Schiller was gushing about the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s “grunt” during Monday’s iPhone SE keynote, he didn’t mention that Apple underclocked the new […]

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Alleged iPad Pro case reveals possible details of Apple’s 12.9-inch tablet

Rumors about a plus-sized 12.9-inch iPad have been circulating for quite some time, and renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has stirred them up again after posting photos of cases reportedly designed for the device. In doing so, he may have…Read more ›

Apple’s supersized 12.9-inch iPad to land in early 2015

Apple is working with suppliers to make a 12.9-inch iPad by early next year, according to Bloomberg. Although is was rumored that Apple was working on a larger iPad throughout 2013, we have yet to see such a tablet come out of…Read more ›

New Concept Makes The Case For A 12.9-Inch iPad Pro [Gallery]

Of all the Apple rumors out there, one that comes from particularly far out in left field is the iPad Pro. There have been some reports that Apple is planning to release a larger tablet, but nothing substantial. Like always,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Preparing 12.9-Inch iPad For 2014 Release [Rumor]

Bigger is always better, right? That’s been Samsung’s philosophy when it comes to smartphone screens, but the latest bits of gossip from the rumor mill suggest Apple might be looking to embrace that matra with its iPad displays. A new…Read more ›    [Read More…]

That Crazy 12.9-Inch iPad Maxi Rumor Has Resurfaced

iphone_2_retina_ipad_maxi-600x300Back in May, we reported upon a seemingly ridiculous rumor that Apple would release a 12.9-inch ‘iPad Maxi’ in early 2014. We dismissed the report pretty much outright, saying that not only did we think that Apple would avoid naming a tablet that had already been ridiculed at launch for sounding too much like a […]

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Apple To Launch 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Maxi’ In Early 2014 [Rumor]


We’ve already heard one crazy rumor about the iPhone 5S today, and now we have another, even more ludicrous one, about the iPad. Apparently, Apple is planning to launch a bigger “iPad maxi” in early 2014 which will step up the tablet’s fight against ultrabooks and other small notebooks with a 12.9-inch display.

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