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Fun Game: The Weight of the New 13th Astrological Sign Rests On Your Shoulders – Can You Bear It?

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a fun, downloable game to try out for free that you can play over the weekend. With this week’s selection, become an astrology fanatic and unveil the mystery of the 13th zodiac sign. Download it now

Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer (hidden objects/adventure) – The new astrological sign you’ve just discovered is The Serpent, which makes you the newfangled Serpent Bearer. This means many  [Read More…]

Fieldrunners 2 HD Coming To The iPad This Thursday, September 13th

Great news for fans of the popular tower defense game Fieldrunners. Subatomic Studios has announced the highly-anticpated release of�Fieldrunners 2 HD for iPad!

The fully-optimized iPad version of the critically acclaimed sequel will launch in the App Store this Thursday, September 13th. Not only will the game look great on the iPad’s Retina display, but new weapons and surprises are included to keep you on your toes.

The news follows  [Read More…]

Apple Confirms January 13th iPhone 4S Launch in China

Following more than eight weeks of rampant speculation, Apple today confirmed that the iPhone 4S will arrive in China, the world’s most populous nation and the largest mobile community on earth, next Friday, January 13th.

�Customer response to our products in China has been off the charts,� Apple CEO Tim Cook said in Wednesday morning’s formal announcement to the press. �With the launch in China next week, iPhone 4S will be available in over 90 countries  [Read More…]

UK Carrier Expects The iPhone 5 To Be Announced on Tuesday, September 13th [Report]

UK wireless carrier O2 has just seemingly confirmed an early September reveal of the iPhone 5.


Several MacRumors readers noted that O2 is informing its employees that it will be carrying out a three-week long campaign to swap out old iPhone 4 signage for new iPhone 5 displays.

Here�s the text of the notice:

�The following is to advise that we are removing the old iPhone unitary between the 22nd  [Read More…]