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Carry your 15-inch MacBook Pro in style with this gorgeous saddle bag

It’s no secret that Booq, the creators of high-end computer bags and backpacks, draws its design inspiration from snakes. Cobra, Python, Viper and Mamba are just some of its product lines and if we get past our terror of snakes,…Read more ›

Modbook Pro X converts the Retina MacBook Pro into a 15-inch tablet

Do you still dream of the day when the iPad and MacBook finally converge in beautiful harmony? Are you also really jazzed about the Apple’s big ass iPad rumors? Well if you’ve got a measly $ 4000 laying around, Modbook is ready…Read more ›

15-inch Retina MacBook Pro looks set to get a speed hike

We may be on the verge of receiving a refreshed 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro line, according to a leaked pricing chart apparently from Apple’s Chongqing, China store. The chart shows three different configurations of the MacBook. The first of these…Read more ›

Retrospective 50: A Bag Where Your DSLR And 15-Inch Macbook Pro Can Live In Harmony [Review]

Think tank retrospective 50 1 2

“OMG—it’s huuuuge…” That’s what my friend said when she first saw me holding the Retrospective 50 camera bag from Think Tank Photo ($ 240). My ego properly boosted, I heartily agreed with her.

But besides being the size of a japanese automobile, the Retrospective 50 (R50) is a continuation of functional, understated, vintage-looking camera bags from Think Tank. And unlike the other smaller bags in the Retrospective line,  [Read More…]

The MacBook Pro Will Be Killed In April By The 15-Inch MacBook Air [Rumor]

Source claims the 15-inch MacBook Pro will become the MacBook Air’s next victim.

The MacBook Air has become increasingly popular since Apple overhauled the ultraportable and introduced an 11-inch model back in October 2010. The company also dropped its price, making it more affordable for the average consumer and paving the way for the death of the white plastic MacBook. But it seems the MacBook wont be the Airs only  [Read More…]

Apples 15-Inch MacBook Air Set To Begin Shipping In March [Rumor]

Apples MacBook Air has been an incredibly popular machine since the company introduced solid-state drives as standard and reduced its price tag back in October 2010. But for some, it just doesnt come big enough. However, dreams of a 15-inch model are about to come true, according to sources in Apples supply chain. And itll be here by March 2012. DigiTimes reports that upstream suppliers have recently started shipping a small  [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Nearly Done Testing Ultraportable 15-Inch MacBook

According toMacotakaraApple is nearly finished testing an ultra-thin 15-inch MacBook which could be an extension of the MacBook Air family. Citing an Asian source, Macotakara claims Apple has already finished testing an LCD component for the ultra-thin notebook. However, it isnt clear whether or not this ultraportable will be featured alongside the rumored MacBook Pro update next year. The report claims that a 15-inch non-ultraportable MacBook Pro without an optical disc drive is also in  [Read More…]

Apple Working On a Mysterious, Ultra-Thin 15-inch MacBook [Rumor]

Hot on the heels of the new MacBook Air, Apple looks to already be working on a mysterious, ultra-thin 15-inch Macbook to add to the mix. Not much is known about what this upcoming notebook from Apple will be like, but the MacBook Pro line hasnt seen a refresh sinceFebruary. Could it be an Air-style MBP?   MacRumors received word of a new notebook reaching the final testing stages at Apple:  [Read More…]

iFixit Tears Down the Latest 15-inch Quad-core MacBook Pro

Click the image to open in full size. Apple updated the MacBook Pro line only a few hours ago and the repair wizards at iFixit have already done a complete teardown of the 15-inch model. The construction and many of the components are similar to the previous version, but Apple has made a few important upgrades that makes this a more capable machine. This is the first MacBook Pro to incorporate a quad-core processor  [Read More…]