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Apple To Host iPad Event On October 15th? [Rumor]

iPad-Retina-ScreenSome Apple fans were holding on to hope that Cupertino would unleash new iPads on the world at last week’s keynote, but even though the keynote came and went without so much as a glimpse of a new iPad, we might only have to wait a month until the next Apple event. According to the […]

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Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Heading To Mac November 15th

screen07Last year, the classic PC Dungeons & Dragons RPG Baldur’s Gate finally made its way to the Mac in an enhanced port put together by Beamdog Entertainment, and from there, the iPad. We were excited about it at the time, but only because it paved the way for Baldur’s Gate II, which to this day […]

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AT&T Plans To Launch Pre-Paid ‘All In One’ Brand On June 15th


It’s no secret that AT&T is the least affordable carrier for the iPhone in the U.S. While T-Mobile has quickly rebranded itself as “The UnCarrier” and other prepaid carriers have attracted customers with their flexible plans and cheaper service, AT&T has clung to its expensive data and phone plans. All that might be ending soon though.

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Verizon To Charge Convenience Fee For Payments Made Online Or Via Phone Starting January 15th [Rant]

Good ol Verizon, always passing the savings onto its customers. If you didnt catch the sarcasm in that last statement, prepare yourselves for disappointment. Verizon apparently believes you should be charged a convenience fee for paying your bill. Yea, I know what a convenience it is to shell out hundreds of dollars to a company that has three outages in one month. Okay, so the convenience fee really only applies  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Will Be Available On October 15th. According To France Telecom CEO

According to a Mac4Ever report,Stephane Richard, France Telecom CEO said that he is expecting the iPhone 5 to be available on October 15th. Orange CEO “If I believe what we heard, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15” This comes in line with previous rumors claiming that iPhone 5 will be available  [Read More…]