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Apple showcases how far iMac has come since 1998

To coincide with today’s brand new Retina iMacs release, Apple has launched a superb new mini-site comparing the latest Mac desktop with the 1998-era iMac G3. The first major release under Steve Jobs upon his return to Apple, the original iMac was also the computer which introduced Jony Ive as a creative force at Apple, as […]

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Unheard 1998 interview reveals Steve Jobs’ thoughts on Apple and higher ed

Right from the start, Apple has had one foot firmly in the education market. Today the conversation tends to be about getting iPads into schools around the world, but as far back as the 1980s Apple was cultivating relationships in…Read more ›

How The iPhone’s ‘Tri-Tone’ Message Alert Was Taken From A 1998 MP3 Player

iPhone-message-alertYou don’t have to spend too much time in a public place before you hear the iPhone’s default “tri-tone” alert — it’s everywhere, and everyone knows exactly what it means. But do you know where it came from? You may be surprised to hear that it wasn’t actually composed for the iPhone, but for a […]

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Steve Jobs In Rare Video From 1998: TV Turns Your Brain Off, PCs Turn Your Brain On

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXS5VHw7rwA We stumbled across this rare video of Steve Jobs at theCAUSE 1998 Conference in Seattle. In the short clip, Steve Jobs gives a particularly comedic and lighthearted talk about the PC and TV. The video quality is pretty awful, but whats said in the talk is very interesting. In the video, Jobs says, TV turns your brain off, PCs turn your brain on. What most dont know is that Jobs was quoting a failed campaign for the original iMac.  [Read More…]