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Steve Jobs called Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 iPad demo ‘stupid’

Is it any wonder that Steve Jobs — who transformed Apple from an incredibly leak-heavy company during the 1990s, into one of the most secretive tech companies in existence — hated word getting out about his future products? While bloggers…Read more ›

2009 iMac Users Still Complaining Of Kernel Panic, Unresolved Since Snow Leopard

Hey, Apple? Can you maybe get back to us on this?

Hey, Apple? Can you maybe get back to us on this?

Some users of early 2009 iMacs who have upgraded to OS X Snow Leopard or higher are still reporting issues with a kernel issue that seems to be due to the Nvidia GeForce GT 130 graphics card that came with the machine, with nary a response from Apple proper. There’s a  [Read More…]

How Verizon Almost Put Siri On Every Android Phone Back In 2009

Apple Siri event

Siri wasn’t always baked into iOS. It started out as a standalone iPhone app that launched in the App Store almost three years ago. Three weeks after it went live to the public, Apple showed interest. Siri was bought by Apple a few weeks later for hundreds of millions of dollars. The personal assistant was then reborn in the iPhone 4S in October 2011.

Many don’t know the fascinating  [Read More…]