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New 21.5-inch iMacs Are 10% Faster Than 2011′s 27-inch iMacs

We’ve been waiting a month to see Apple’s beautiful new iMacs in the wild, and while the 27-inch models won’t ship until late next month, the new 21.5-inch units are not available in stores. Along with a sleek new body, the iMacs also feature Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors which should make them markedly faster than last year’s iMacs.

Geekbench scores have already been compiled for the new 21.5-inch iMacs. When compared  [Read More…]

Apple Dominates 2011’s Most Read WSJ Articles

2011 was not only a big year for Apple product releases and company developments, it was also a major period in which Apple-related events dominated the headlines like never before. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal proclaimed 2011 to be “the year of Apple, Inc.” According to the esteemed publication, eight of its ten most-read corporate articles this year were about Apple or its late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The WSJ, however, says this category  [Read More…]