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Game of phones: 2014 was the year Apple dethroned Samsung

Of the smartphone stories which played out in 2014, two of the biggest were the triumph of Apple’s iPhone 6, which sold a massive 10 million+ units in its opening weekend alone, and the faltering of Samsung, which fell from…Read more ›

Overtime got worse for Apple’s supply chain workers in 2014

Apple has been getting tougher and tougher on its supply chain. Just yesterday, for example, Apple banned suppliers who used ‘bonded servitude’ as a way to keep workers on assembly lines. Overall, under Tim Cook’s conscientious leadership, conditions just continue…Read more ›

Xiaomi sold a whopping 61.5 million phones in 2014

Call it a ripoff artist that rides on Apple’s coattails if you want, but Xiaomi continues to go from strength to strength in its position as the world’s third-largest phone manufacturer. Having recently announced a new valuation of $ 46 billion…Read more ›

Rewind: The best TV ads of 2014

A great TV commercial will often be remembered for a lot longer than the product it’s trying to sell, so it’s no wonder companies spend hundreds of millions every year in pursuit of that one ad that will be a huge success.…Read more ›

The 10 greatest games we played in 2014

We’ve argued on many occasions before that 2014 was a superlative year for iOS games. But it was also a fantastic twelve months for video games in general, as the last generation’s consoles were pushed to their max, and the…Read more ›

Why Apple’s IBM partnership was the biggest tech news of 2014

2014 will go down as one of the biggest years in Apple history. The stock hit record highs. The company’s first wearable was revealed. And Apple dropped $ 3 billion on its biggest acquisition ever. But of all the huge news…Read more ›

Pictures from 2014 that got us talking

Photography’s impact on society doesn’t come down to single, striking images like it once did. Instead, the power today comes from conversations: What we talked about in 2014 often began with pictures and videos that were seen and shared over…Read more ›

The best smartphones money could buy in 2014

Smartphone innovation may have stalled in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from updating and improving upon their best devices. This year, we’ve seen big changes to devices like the iPhone, the Galaxy Note, and the LG G — as well…Read more ›

Our favorite iPhone and iPad accessories of 2014 [Deals]

Over the past 12 months, we have featured sweet gear for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Today we highlight some of our favorite iOS accessories from 2014. Read on to get your device equipped today with extra long charging…Read more ›

The 10 best Cult of Mac GIFs of 2014

We love GIFs here at Cult of Mac and 2014 did not disappoint in providing us with twelve months worth of hypnotic images that deserve to be watched, over and over and over. We already highlighted the most GIF-able moments…Read more ›