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Apple’s target market could grow to $3.4 trillion by 2020

A billion dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool, Justin Timberlake? A trillion dollars! Three point four trillion to be exact. That’s how big Apple’s target market (the money it could potentially make if it had no competitors) could be…Read more ›

Apple Electric Car Tentatively Scheduled for 2020 Production

Apple is intending to begin production on their rumored electric car project “as early as 2020″, according to a new report from Bloomberg. If you were hoping to see an Apple Car driving around the streets much sooner than that, you may be disappointed, but a rough production timeline of five years is apparently in … Read More

Apple wants first cars to hit the road by 2020

If you believe the rumors, Apple is working on an electric car. Apple hopes to start making said car by 2020, according to Bloomberg. Exactly how an Apple vehicle will be made is anyone’s guess, but the company has been…Read more ›

Apple Predicted To Become Most Powerful Media Company By 2020

Will Apple become the top media company in 2020?

At a Techonomy conference today, two of the four panelists called out Apple as “most likely to succeed” at a session discussing how advertising could affect existing media companies.

While the session itself didn’t spend a lot of time on Apple, according to Techcrunch, the panel ended with an answer to moderator Dave Morgan’s question on predictiong the world’s most powerful media company  [Read More…]